I shaved my eyebrows so I can try EYEBROW TATTOOS

Naomi Jon

Naomi Jon

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    hope you have a great day lil broccoliiiis

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    1. Jenna Frazier

      I am SHOOK how amazing these brow tattoos looked. Nothing like this ever looks good. This is so realistic & would really help people that need eyebrows for one reason or another.

    2. HelloXO

      Girly, did no one teach you to use alcohol to remove temp tats, rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer works best

    3. Celeste Brown

      Me (a person who shaves her eyebrows already): WHERE ARE THE TATTOOS FROM?!?!?!?!?!? I am so lazy. But I hate my brows. These would be perfect for me.

      1. Celeste Brown

        Oh. She literally says at the beginning. Ebay. I must learn to listen 😎

    4. LETTY QUINI 915

      I love these eyebrows I ordered 1 set of I think 32 eyebrows and omggg I ordered a lot moreee they look so natural these eyebrows are safe to wear in the hottest weather . I use baby oil to take them off rub it with a cotton ball. No complaints I loveeee them.

    5. Jennie Mitchell

      I've already been shaving the tail of my natural brows so I could shape it the way I want, but between you and Mykie (Glam & Gore for those who don't know), I really want to shave them all off! You 2 beautiful women just not giving a 💩 and asking about why they're a big deal anyway makes me feel better about doing it! I'm gonna do it!!! 🤣💗💗💗

    6. Hanna .S

      Ich würde niemals mein Augenbrauen rasieren😂😅

    7. malin 0988

      diese teile für die nase hat kim lianne mal probiert und musste ins krankenhaus weil sie das nicht mehr rausbekommen hat😂

    8. Palesa Sengwayo

      Naked brows 😂

    9. Stephanie Nicole

      I don't like thick eyebrows on myself, but on others..its ok. The worst part of shaving..anything..is the grow back. It itches like the Sahara desert 😅😅. How long do they last? Yes...we ALL was t cake!! Lol lol

    10. jimins jitties

      Her : softer than a vagina Me: uhh....looks at my mum who's next to me if she heard that

    11. Nikki

      Fingernail polish remover will always get fake tattoo off :)

    12. Wanna Beth

      You're so chaotic and I am livinggg for it i am so grateful to experience the craziest shit through you

    13. Krystal Lee

      If you shaved your eyebrows for us.... you deserve a like.

    14. Kimberly Lott

      Wow thank you for doing the tattoo eyebrows! They look great! Much love 💖💖💖

    15. Tash O’Donnell

      Baby oil takes temporary tattoos straight off 😂❤️

    16. Just Shade

      Ok but can you imagine accidentally putting them on completely uneven __ - 👁 👁

    17. D E

      I love you so much

    18. Carlie Michalak

      What actually were those nose things for?

    19. Yowundae Banks

      Where did you get your towel rack from

    20. Fabrizzio Bandoli

      Giirrrrlllll!!!!!! OMG!! Im laughing so much that I had to stop watching to recompose myself.

    21. Kay X

      Omg, how have I not stumbled upon this channel. So funny!

    22. Sophie Loafy

      The intense music is killing me

    23. Doracantfindmybrain XOXO

      I’ve never seen Naomi’s boyfriend, because she said she does have one, never seen him though lol.

    24. Chloe Hopkins

      Can you link the ones you used?or does anyone know which ones she used? X

    25. Wolfmaedchen

      Just imagine standing behind her in the supermarket cue and then watching her casually peel off her eyebrow 😂

    26. elizabethwatson71

      Why did you have them half brow look?

    27. TreaVahn Hubbard

      Use alcohol

    28. Sheiarawr Domingo

      They DID look really big on their own, I was like uh Oh she’s about to have some [ Zoom Out brows ]LOL It did turn out very nice looking though 😃

    29. lily blaze

      U got perfect nose , never stick anything in your nose mama said.

    30. lily blaze

      Ahh cute kitty.

    31. lily blaze

      Oiled cotton ball , lotion gently rub away🍀🌺❣️

    32. lily blaze

      Not stupid to exited then u forget protocalls😂💅

    33. TATA Taehyung

      I accidentally clicked her vid and i LOVEEE ITTTT!!! Shes so funnyyyyy

    34. Lyra Grace Catalan

      ii really like her .. she's cute

    35. wxlfie

      Is it just me but does her eyebrows look thicker than the tattoos?

    36. Lilly Teusch

      5:05 thats what i do everyday too im like really blundering 13:00 that gives me flashbags. A gernan DE-newsr (kim lianne)did this and she couldnt get it out she needed to go to hospital

    37. Tipaté Créole


    38. eturntity

      ok but you look so good w no eyebrows what

    39. Opalite.Alienite

      Honestly, she looks so good with no eyebrows.

    40. HeresFrank Betches

      You really remind me of Juno Birch

    41. Keriana Lewis

      Ur personality is fun asf and ur funny and entertaining so I’m subscribing so I can watch u during my insomnia hours😂🤷🏽‍♀️

    42. Miss Riley

      I love that your chanting crowd sounded so confused 😂

    43. Vasilia Kofidis

      0:05 what yall doinnnnnnnnnn

    44. Kay Suzz


    45. Kitten

      Can you try the chain thing when you have chain over your nose i think it would look really cute since you have two nose pirceing on both sides

    46. Lea Maus

      Ich muss wirklich sagen das du früher sooo hübsch warst aber heute nein einfach nur nein 👎🏻

    47. 박 fυиđα

      Now you really look like Perrie Edwards with these brows

    48. mnika voli

      "you know,it's not easy living your life as an idiot" -Naomi Jon, 2020 This is a mood I can relate girl ...

    49. Olivia :3

      My eyebrows haven’t grown back in years

    50. Denise

      Hi,did you know the last of us part 2? You look soooo much like Abby !!!!

      1. mnika voli

        Naomi. You have two nose hoops now. Are you gonna get your septum done to make it a full set?

    51. Julia Rkn


    52. Nikissilly Myhre

      youre adorable! i am constantly being clumsy and causing self harm. most people call me grace(less). love your channel!

    53. Laura C

      Saw the worst ad of a monkey being tortured and experimented on before this video. Literally made me cry 😢 I try to watch ads for you Naomi but I just couldn’t with that one


      Dieses eine was du für deine Nase benutzt hast ist gefährlich, das ist bei einer anderen DE-newserin stecken geblieben. lol

    55. Lisa Lum

      Use oil to remove transfers. Baby oil works fine.

    56. Mia Young

      Can you drop the link to these

    57. Emily

      Hier ist der deutsvhe kommi den du gesucht hast🤗😂😂🙋‍♀️

    58. celixxne

      Kim Lianne lost these nosethings in her nose and the doctor couldn't find it😳😂

    59. Joey Riddle

      I tried these a while back, and I was super impressed at the little 3D hairs... but the color was awful and they offer no other choices Plus removal is a B$$$$$

    60. funneh nurd :3

      baby oil, really any oil will take off the fake eyebrows super quickly without causing any irritation to the skin.

    61. Agnesius Zuckerguss

      Ich hab einfach vor ein paar Tagen dein TikTok gesehen 😂

    62. Martina Ventura

      Mykie who?

    63. laskin riubn

      "it's not easy living your life as an idiot" Same

    64. Glam goth8

      I've been shaving half my brows since 2012 sis

    65. hende._y Ayãr

      " It's not easy living ur life as an idiot " I RELATE LMAO

      1. laskin riubn

        gosh watching you pull the eyebrow tattoos off hurt but luckily you didn't have eyebrow hairs

    66. Mary Parker

      Naomi. You have two nose hoops now. Are you gonna get your septum done to make it a full set?

    67. martine øvrelid

      shave them

    68. martine øvrelid

      shave them

    69. jessica kim

      8:15 makeup brushes be like

    70. Peachy Roses

      vincent is so cute 🥺