I Sold My G Wagon *Emotional*

Ryland Adams

Ryland Adams

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    1. Ryland Adams

      I hope you guys enjoy this video! Thanks to Arthur for getting me another car! follow him on snapchat @Art_m323 and thank you Catie Turner for letting me use your song at the end of this video to say goodbye to Daddy G --> de-news.net/online/video-e9Kh3Clashw.html Lastly, any name suggestions for the new car would be greatly appreciated! have a good week :)

      1. Grahsee Lowber

        Name it sugar as in sugar daddy

      2. Gus S.R

        A ver cuando vienes a Madrid, España. Nos encantas.

      3. Gus S.R

        Ryland eres super divertido y natural. No como Shane que cansa siempre con lo mismo. Saludos desde España.

      4. Aiden Blackburn

        Have you asked your doctor about the chance that it might be chiggers?

    2. Awonya

      ryland talking about cars like phones: "i want this one to last me a while" *next year's model comes out* "ughh i need a new one"

    3. Gracie Blondin

      Shane: "Why are u justifying to them..... THEY DON'T CARE!!" Lol

    4. Nightt xox

      One of the first g wagon lines i remember is : 'Ryland's gonna piss out of his eyes'

    5. lila bear

      rip black g wagon

    6. Kolby Botka

      how this make me crie

    7. Summer Hansen-Baird

      You guys should get a tesla. It's better for the environment :)

    8. Tatum W.

      Omg name your new car mamma G!!! Yaaasssssss

    9. Sophia Garrett

      Can you imagine the person who ended up with ryland's iconic G Wagon

    10. jessica godfrey

      Ryland is the cutest, omg i love him

    11. Vöxtur

      “ I guess I just don’t care that much” lol

    12. Claire Wagenblast

      Water bottles don't get recycled if you recycle it with the cap on

    13. Virginia Duran

      Legit This video had me crying at the end ( 19:51 ). Goodbye Daddy G.

    14. Paula

      12:33 wessst covinaaa caALIFOORNIAA

    15. Laotoole 92

      Um... Shane all cars have air bags

    16. Discredible Mischief

      well when ryland says he couldnt sleep bcuz of an itch i may have lyme disease which is caught bg a tick from the grass or woods in cooler months or summer and oohhhh my fucking good it is terrinle i can barely move qnd when i try key word (tryyyy)i cant get comfy and i barely sleep and whem i wake up everything is stiff and when i try to get out of bed its hell it took me 45 mins to get out of bed yesterday its so annoying the symptoms are major muscle and joint pain, fever and or headache, (which i dont have a fever or headache)and you get a big round rash that indicates you have lyme disease which i dont also have either but its still most likely lyme disease and its hell its literal physical annoyance and pain if ppl who have it or had it will understand ive been dealing with it for 4 days and i have to wait till saturday and its currently thursday to even know if i have lymes disease or something as problematic and theeeen if it is lymes i have to wait for a prescription and theeen it takes 3 ish or a couple more weeks to fully recover-.-all of this money and time and pain spent bcuz of a tiny ass tick like reallly?😧

    17. Joshua Hurtado

      Next Shane Dawson's video GOING TO AREA 51 WITH GAS MASKS!

    18. Turkey Man

      For some damn reason I cried lmfao

    19. Rosa Lora

      Ok but why am I crying

    20. Memøries

      omg im crying over daddy G soo sad but me happy for u

    21. Adrian Kwiatkowski

      Catie turner at the end! Great song!

    22. Ravi Asmara

      Idk why, but i really want Aurther to part of their squad.. 😁

    23. Bxddie Tingz

      Next video: I sold Shane *emotional*

    24. Hello Saniyah is bored so please help bc I need it

      NAME IT HONEY G- (I found this from another comment Sasha something but anyways thanks for the idea

    25. Saffron Mitchell

      I wasn't expecting to but as soon as he showed the montage of the G wagon with the music i actually got emotional

    26. Evan Ferland

      I’m not good with changes two ryland lol

    27. bbg Dunks

      Shane loves to interrupt ryland

    28. djmonkeydoo2

      You’re so cute Ryland haha xxx

    29. Mikayla Delgado

      Ryland u can name your new car mommy g

    30. The Names Keira

      I actually teared up at the end with the slideshow of all the merories :( XD

    31. pikachuwu

      Me: •clicks video• Ad: *looking for a new car?*

    32. princess myia aka kidnapper

      times are hard *cough cough*

    33. Isabella Power

      I’m dead

    34. Connie Nix

      The new g Wagon looks amazing. Love the lights inside the car, so many colors. :)

    35. Clare Cook

      I cried omg what’s happening to me

    36. doses and mimosas

      Shane is like you’re drunk aunt who always has you drive her around cause she “just doesn’t like to drive”

    37. Gãçhã ØwØ

      Good to know Ryland is still posting!

    38. _Lexully _

      *plays Northern Downpour*

    39. Jeanne J

      Daaamn arthur👀

    40. Kaitlyn

      no one: ryland: *makes a montage for his car* this is why i love ryland

    41. Deseray Cannon [Student]

      Watching for like the 3rd time 😂

    42. PotatoPlays

      I ate soup *emotional*

    43. Obvi Chloe

      Small youtuberrrr, gotta start somewhere right??? 🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩🤪🤪🤪

    44. Bryan Khu

      Daddy G is a sheeeeee!!!!!?????

    45. backyard noise06

      this is too much of a "white people problems" video

    46. Ilznidiotic

      LOL, watch the 2020 model be the alpha and omega of all cars. I'd seriously have waited for that one. It'll be out in, like, two months.

    47. Cookie Unicorn


    48. Chubby Peasworthy

      18:24 am I the only one who saw that as a hint???

    49. Kristina K.

      Omg I love Shane . “ So here’s the thing..... we’re all gonna die....... that’s it.” #icanrelate

    50. Unicorn Lover 2008

      Call your new one missy G it sounds good like something Rylad would say

    51. Jazmine Alvarado

      ok so this has been annoying me since i’ve started watching ryland , it it is that he always moves his hands a lot like make this 👌of just wiggles his fingers or moves his hand in general when he is showing something , but yeah it’s really annoying. Anyone else thinks it’s annoying ??

    52. freyaaa hanley

      Ryland had to have cried editing this

    53. Megan Simmons

      "I guess I just dont care" -Shane MEEE

    54. chey chey2233

      Im a huge fan of both of u and shane but when will we see more of shane I miss him so much

    55. Mazzy G

      Shane’s skin looks luminescent hennyyyy!

    56. Christa Ready

      you should try vetrycyn on it... its a probiotic... it works great for all work care!

    57. Leah Korb

      I’m getting emotional over a car. Does this happen when you get a new one? I don’t drive.

    58. Mia Hooton

      I hate gay poeple no one cares about them

    59. ᴇᴀʀʟ ᴘʜᴀɴᴛᴏᴍʜɪᴠᴇ

      At the end of the vid, I may have cried

    60. ᴇᴀʀʟ ᴘʜᴀɴᴛᴏᴍʜɪᴠᴇ

      “Here’s the tea, Root Beer is at my door, Turns Out it was DE-news WE STAN DE-news” -Shane

    61. TheTea Spillers

      I cried so much at the end

    62. Valerie Rose

      Name the car Artie after Arthur!!

    63. the diamonds

      My mood

    64. K L

      Dear Shane, I don't know if your just sweating uncontrollably or if your just the Queen of Dewy Skin, but honey.. Your skin is looking FLAWLESSSSSSSSS.

    65. Misha Rogerson

      Y'all have *definitely* lost touch with reality 😭

    66. Tatyana Jenna

      Call her Mommy G

    67. Syren King

      Guys, the amount of love and support between Shane and Ryland is GOALS!

    68. Lizzie

      Shane needs to shut up he keeps getting more snatched and that’s the tea

    69. lirpA neerG

      Shanes skin is looking so good! Looks like someones keeping up with a skin routine!

    70. sky lopez

      He know he got that rash from tana 😭😭😭💀