I Spent $1,000,000 On Lottery Tickets and WON



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    I didnt think i was going to win that much... looks like im buying an island
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    1. MrBeast

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      1. v1ily

        Hi jimmy

      2. Yezon60fps /:

        Beast is a beast

      3. MOVED the lord anmazook


      4. Sabko


      5. Nora T


    2. Mason Carver

      9:04 Chris that’s kinda sus

    3. TheWaffle_Sir


    4. KDrop

      Can i please have $50,000 to help my family?

    5. Peyton Erzar- Tyndall

      I love you

    6. gayslayer 69

      An Island? Wait what

    7. Taine Heke

      I love you mr be@st

    8. Distortion 99

      So how did they win again?

    9. Consti

      he must really trust these people with this..

    10. en jel

      When you cant win the lottery, but you can buy an island.

    11. MAI Gaming

      I thought he would say I am going to give it away to charity

    12. _ Tygerz _

      Mrbeast now: buying an island! Mebeast in 20 years: *buying megalovania for copyright strikes*

    13. Hailey Plays games that nobody asked for

      Where In The world dose he get all his. Money 💰

    14. Ali Ahwal


    15. Peyton Erzar- Tyndall


    16. SUVR

      LoL, you're seriously crazy...wkwkwkwk

    17. Naim Yadiy Ys

      "To be honest,this channel wouldn't be the same without Chris and Chandler" Trending comment

    18. Ho scale Athearn Genesis Fan 135!

      This is clickbeat but I love Mr.Beast

    19. Ralph El-kassis

      9:03 AND 9:30 they good?

    20. Alison Lewis

      I love y'all but you really need to social distance or at least wear masks. Think of the people that could be endangered because of these

    21. Triona Bason


    22. Basically tik tok On youtube

      LaST tO TaKe tHeIR hAnd oF thE isLanD WinS iT

    23. Sam & Lindsey Helfrich


    24. Eveline Aldef

      This is soo fuunnnn 😍😍😍😍

    25. Deano Mac

      Imagine being this mans friend ...

    26. Aikou JR

      5 hours late gang : 👇

    27. Jefferson Xu

      I know i aint help with the scratch off but let me join to compete for the island lol.... HELP

    28. Nicu

      damn I would need only 60k to buy an apartment

    29. Ben

      Mrbeast is too bored with his money cmon give me ur money

    30. T Loading

      oh nah 9:05 did he kiss him thats wild lls

    31. D* C*

      This just goes to show that the lottery is a scam you never actually win and when you do it’s just the money you’ve already spent in the past So you’re never really getting ahead. This is just a government way of paying tax without you knowing it

    32. tank games

      Pls feature this comment on a vid

    33. Wynics_ on_YT

      You won -300,000 dollars congrats

    34. Jonathan david Pizarro mallqui

      OMG it's all I have to say

    35. U.w.U Im sry

      To be honest this channel wouldnt be the same without Jimmy

    36. CappyBrew

      total drama island lol

    37. Heather Soman

      If you pause at 3:41 jimmys face xDD

    38. minecraft player

      The millionaire who has shorts everywhere. I love this guy

    39. Peyton Erzar- Tyndall

      Can I have $500

    40. A i d a n • 32 years ago

      I hope tyler wins

    41. Bambang Seto

      When jimmy say he gonna buy privite island is very very mind blowing

    42. Siim - Rasmus Lindau

      4.8 M views in 5 hours, damn.

    43. wahyu putra Nugraha

      I think . You allready do this before.. long ago.. or i just see the future? Before

    44. Denis Bernal

      U should do that with viewers

    45. Evan Veres

      Casually says he went to the bank and withdrew 70k

    46. Purple Spaget

      tbh mr beast might just be money laundering

    47. Andrew Reyes

      how do you buy a private island?

    48. a

      donate to lebanon

    49. Jessica Boley


    50. ales gaming8


    51. Dinesh Thapa

      MILLION OML I've never even got a thousand DOLLAR lol

    52. Juanito Rodriguez

      *Chandler And Chris Have the Luckiest Jobs in The World*

    53. king sora

      Oooooh boi private island competition!

    54. Sagar Sultania


    55. Alexandra Paniagua

      Hola a todos

    56. Atx-Jonathan

      Damn me needing a car lol

    57. Sabrina & JohnnyAngel Rojas

      *2050* Mr. Beast: “Im buying this country”

    58. Cloaked MaZa

      9:04 did Chris just kiss Karl?

    59. Dakota Mc

      Who would love to have there own island

    60. jeimielle

      Wow,1,000,000 dollers!!!!!!

    61. LILKASTOR_13

      This is where TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND begins

    62. Fear Alex

      Who else realized Tyler oleveria was there

    63. Sauced Mar

      Beast really just bought an island

    64. Saanvi 555

      Everyone else spending their money to buy a house, travel,pay for college Mrbeast- LOttErY tIckEtS

    65. Alexandre J. W. Klaus

      how much you think hell earn in 3 vids? gotta be more than 1.8 mil or he loses money!

    66. Yushiro Tanabe

      This really tells us that lottery tickets aren't worth it for most people

    67. Black TV

      MrBeast is the one of the best people on earth.

    68. Samuel Camargo


    69. Soft Gt

      So...Tyler Olivera u workin there now?! 😂

    70. Gwapo Saberon

      Pls give me iphone11 15pc plsssss 😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏😁