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    Today Carter Sharer went back to the old Faze house where @Lizzy Capri has been living to steal something. His plan is to work with @Stove's Kitchen and @Ryan Prunty to sneak into the old faze clan house and look for the old safe in the closet that was left behind by someone int he faze clan. Will they steal it successfully and make it out without getting caught? #CarterSharer #Stole #FazeClan
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    1. Lawrence Rampersad

      I showed let stove and Ryan in team far like how it was

    2. West Side

      carter gets angry at stove and ryan for going back to the old RAR house but he broke into the old FAZE house only a couple of days earlier.


      Hype House

    4. Leo Ruiz

      That cougt u

    5. Dhelasiska Ariana

      Is no one gonna comment that this house looks like the HYPE HOUSE?

    6. Ameer Borman

      did he just rob

    7. Lucas Lam

      Don,t even no why they all ways steel

    8. Dj Simmons

      And like no cap I am in subscribing like why u have to kick stove and Ryan off like now Team rar is soooo lame bro like for what

    9. Dj Simmons

      3:19 Carter says act natural then acts sooooooooo unnatural and runs up the stairs and says gogogogogogogogogogogogog

    10. L Chao

      I know that house race come on his mate used to live there and I’m a cousin of him

    11. Anthony Schz

      Go to faze Jarvis‘s room because he’s insane bro

    12. Brittney Sturkie

      Sroy but how old are you Stove

    13. Antoinette Lujan

      You are mean an bad

    14. AstroZ

      Bruh really cater you broke in and your saying that stove and Ryan did something illegal and you are yo

    15. Maddy Taylor

      Who else was like oop when Carter cursed

    16. Rishaan Garag

      His father was a tablet maker and the new

    17. Duaan Jacobs

      This is the new hype house

    18. serenity world

      I'm not trying to start stuff but i think Ryan and Stove should not be kick off

    19. serenity world

      What if faze rug watch this

    20. 5ksubswithonlygaming content

      For a second there I thought he said I stole the FaZe house

    21. Logan Weber

      Oof Ryan is so loud lol

    22. DJ DR3Y3S

      Faze clan watching this: -_-

    23. Ayrton Thomas L. Yu

      o one like this

    24. Aryah Phiakeo

      Your saying stove and Ryan were trespassing and doing illegal stuff but you trespassed and stole stuff you can be arrested

    25. Andrea FitzGerald

      “Love the staged footage man”

      1. Sam Kuhner


    26. Hyperr Tricks

      Frazier is faze Kay

    27. Katia Saito

      You guys talk too loud when you sneak somewhere like do you even know how to sneak in

    28. Katia Saito

      The house you where shopping for is the new hype house

    29. Sophia Grace

      You can officially call your selves robbers now lol🤣

    30. Trevon patterson

      Are you guys going to open the safe now

    31. Lamboman 58

      Carter is the person that painted Lamborghini so he could kick his friends out

    32. Midnight-Moon -gamming

      Which part is gone wrong? You got it

    33. Jacob Russell

      Just look at the title and think about it

    34. XY Dan

      Stealing is wrong

    35. Happy Time

      This is like try to turn on the wifi when iam in my parents room

    36. KENDRA Scott


    37. Avii Cado

      Ist the hype house living there

    38. Stephen Sanderson


    39. Pray Putt


    40. Streamzkid

      FaZe finds out carter is gone

    41. Darsh vlogs

      And the. Please clean house is it there box

    42. Nadia Doshchak

      Carter why arnt you opening the safe

    43. RazzorRyo Art

      You know it’s not nice to steal

    44. Melba Gutierrez

      You should be in jail

    45. Kelvin Dobre


    46. Z_lox1

      That house use to be the clout house

    47. life Vlogs

      That's the hype house

    48. Rafael Jimenez

      You cussed2:52

    49. H1P3R LAZER

      All the faze videos in this house 😢

    50. Cookie crunch

      And why are you breaking in the house your just as bad like stove and Ryan

    51. Javier Dorado

      Don't still it

    52. Veronica Babineaux

      I agree with Brody.

    53. Veronica Babineaux

      Carter I wanna know if u actually have proof that it wasn't Ryan and stove look at the security cameras also would ur best friends really do that to u just paint ur 400,000 dollar Lamborghini?

    54. Ximena Murguia

      Hype house

    55. Derpy Cayla

      Easier if you just asked liz to look around less or a risk

    56. lindsey salmeron

      Carter shouldn’t be kicking them out of team rar and said he wants them to come back why would they come back to people who don’t trust them and make them feel horrible by something they didn’t do

    57. Avery Froid

      Doesn’t the hype house live there noW

    58. Iwona Golanska

      The hype house Lives there not liz

    59. mary campbell

      thats the new hype house though

    60. Mason Merrill

      Who still watches this

    61. Retro God

      Im telling faze

    62. D D

      Wow impressive

    63. RAWAN SALEH 226

      We had more tour of the hype house

    64. Mohaib Shazad

      and i subscribed and i say hi to lizzy and steven olso grece

    65. Mohaib Shazad

      hi carter can you do a video that is the pause chaling pls

    66. Jolieana

      I don’t like his videos no more

    67. Mr. Gamer

      Bruh Carter, you are saying that ryan and stove were doing "illegal stuff" when you yourself are stealing things

      1. Hafsa rashid

        Yeh ur right that's not fair

    68. Mitchell Gillespie

      They didn’t spray paint your car 🚘!!!

    69. Linda Mccullough

      This is so Crazy!!!