I Tried FBI Academy

Michelle Khare

Michelle Khare

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    I traveled to Quantico to see if I could pass the FBI Academy. Follow my Instagram to see everything we don’t show on DE-news! instagram.com/michellekhare
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    Thank you to the FBI for allowing us to be their FIRST DE-news collaboration!
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    1. Michelle Khare

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      1. Random Person

        Next, try med school or a day in the ER shadowing a doctor.

      2. Kaby Hallyhock

        Whats your job?

      3. Kaiden Stephenson

        Keep it up

      4. Marco Hovland

        You should do like a flight attendant training but like crash landings with smoke and fire and flooding.

      5. jeff buchanan

        ABSOLUTELY RIVETING!! I'm an ex corrections officer and this was intense for me. Maybe you could go to a corrections academy. One big difference in prison. No weapons and you're out numbered 250/1. Great video!!

    2. carolina lopez

      Girl you are crazy you have done EVERYTHING

    3. Raven Rose

      Just watching this made my heart race😨

    4. ximena v

      She should do " i train like a stripper " tbh

    5. Annabel Hall

      Amazing strength and determination. was she flirting with the instructor???

    6. Marta Wiśniewska

      I have an awkward question How do girls deal with the trainings/actions while on their period?

    7. Kristopher Marin

      I think you should do a real case with the fbi and go on a case call

    8. Sir Exicuter

      I wish the DE-newsr reads this ... I really do. I wish to join the fbi sa but am not a US citizen and am willing to put my life on the line and train but as I said am not a US citizen I really wish to join.. could you if your reading this.. could you please check if I have any way to get in there being a non American citizen .. i wish to work there am just turning 21 could you help because I dont know anyone else there much that can actually find a helping hand for me. My name is Godwin Thank you if your reading this

    9. Just Rust

      I feel like the taser would have been a much better option with all of these

    10. Marjorie De Ocampo

      Hello random person scrolling down the comments :D Have an wonderful and fantastic day

    11. 梦中说孟

      You are excellent, this is a meaningful experience.

    12. Lovely Tumulak

      Next challenge... surfing!!!!!!!!!!!! SURFING SURFING SURFING SURFING SURFING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SURFING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




      Thank you for the inside story of FBI training through this excellent video but your second name khare surprises me.

    15. LAZ

      i love fbi

    16. Nicole Fenner

      You should do swat

    17. sunflower

      this inspires me! she is so skilled, and it was so fun to watch! her vidios could take my mind of anything!! keep doing what you do. you have gained a new subscriber.

    18. Bianca Santos

      I’d be thanking every god out there if I got to get out of running a 1.5 mile💀

    19. EasyMD

      У нас россии задержания происходят очень быстро. Ты просто получаешь ботинком в лицо и тебя кладут на землю.

    20. Russel Velez

      Challenge: Bharatnatyam classical dance

    21. poopowewe

      I think this scared me more then it scared her. :D

    22. h o n e y. p e a c h

      *me struggling to clean my room*

    23. Dave muller

      FBI didnt mention firearms Safety rule #4 always be sure of your target and whats beyond it?

    24. Liam Hoel

      You should be a race car driver

    25. Joseph Sullivan

      You would try coast guard bootcamp

    26. wubbys wednesday’s

      i’m so happy she did this! i’ve been wanting to do this for a long time! so i’m glad i can watch and take notes

    27. offical Cherry cloud

      Is she an actor? I think i saw her in a movie/ she looks like raven (from the 100 movieon Netflix )

    28. Cavalo Festeiro

      The first minute of the video looked like a movie

    29. CIS • Jeffrey Bergen

      So now that you have the FBI training, do you work as an FBI agent now?

    30. xiaolintraditional90

      If they could have this as an obstacle course or game or something, it would be so fun!

    31. DAVID FN


    32. thepup1

      what about swat?

    33. simplyeden

      wait- *why doesn't have 10 million subscribers?*

    34. 엠마Emma

      watching this I Tried series, she is literally such a strong and amazing person! wow.

    35. TUTU vines

      Indians like hear

    36. courtney rabongo

      Your such a completions 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    37. Stelyus Silveira

      Incredibly awesome!!! Such a great video!

    38. Abinaya Ajjuthan

      Can you try CIA Training

    39. Powerful Lord

      you are definitely not a law enforcement material but I thank you for this video, I have learnt some good valuable points from what those trainers said in this video and I will use it on my daily patrol. thanks

    40. Ana Menino

      Awesome video, I loved it!

    41. Lauren Bailey

      You know, if DE-news doesn’t work out for her in the end she can always become an FBI agent, a marine, a runway model, a police officer, a fire fighter, a Victoria secret model or a pop star lmao

    42. Hugh Avery


    43. Lakshmi C Subhash

      Can you try to become a kpop star

    44. KataLovesResets

      I really can't nor want to hold a gun in my entire life. Nor even if someone tries to kill me... I hate guns.

    45. Frank Dakey

      I truely enjoyed this video! Great content and keep up the great work special agent

    46. Peanut Button

      Anyone else watching this unable to do 1 push up?? 😂😄😅 No? Just we?😅😅😅😅

    47. jazmine barbouruuyytd

      Guy: you think your strong enough? Michelle: shut up Edit: when she shot the guy eith the axe or hammer she looked soooo serious

    48. its xX_gacha_abbigail_xX

      god I am so late, but I am literally learning from this and maybe I'll join haha just kidding XD but I am really so hyped up right now

    49. I think moto moto likes you Hi

      Walmart brand Mia khalifa

    50. Tammy Cummngs

      I can’t even do 2 push-ups

    51. Adriana Chavarria

      Thanks for making this video now i really want to be a FBI agent

    52. Little Chef

      you should try to do CIA or SWAT training

    53. Katelynn Boyd

      Hey, you should try training as a detective.

    54. Nathan Nynas

      You should do a wildlife firefighter

      1. Nathan Nynas

        Whoops I sent that twice

    55. cassidy beck

      Love your videos.

    56. GαεlLαzεrYT

      Michellle could you try SWAT Academy ?

    57. martha daniel

      I think I'll try something like this... Try new things every month. Challenge accepted Michelle

    58. Isaac Gonzalez

      I was expecting a "how many donuts you can eat in 1 minute test as well." Of course, that number would have to be higher than a regular police officer.

    59. Daniell Lovell

      Think I’m in love

    60. Sejr Lindberg

      that other girl kristen I think already looked like a hardcore FBI agent. I mean like TV shows FBI.

    61. Nyjasa

      What about the male range? you just put up the female one, talk about sexism

    62. Lenell Davis

      Just here to remind myself it’s possible to pin a large man into submission WITHOUT killing him.

    63. Hayley and Darcy

      i wanna see yo do trick rideing on horses

    64. B A K A


    65. B A K A

      At 31:28 if I was in there, I just pull my gun to the air and shoot and say “SHUT THE FUCK UP” (Sorry for my bad English tho sjjssj)

    66. B A K A

      It has to be a tv series

    67. Ishan Rathnayaka

      As a girl, you are superb

    68. Arlo 2

      there is a tips in this vid :V

    69. kenzie chao

      this got me thinking..how did spencer reid pass this test😭