I've been keeping a tiny secret. (no I'm not pregnant)

Simone Giertz

Simone Giertz

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    1. 1,000 subscribers with 0 videos

      Plot twist she is pregnant 🧐🤔

    2. GOLD117on

      I think you may be the most interesting person I’ve ever seen. Seriously you’re the man... or like woman or whatever.

    3. Bibi L

      I love you❤️

    4. Joice Oliveira

      She's so cute

    5. joeyk86


    6. Irina Wilson

      soooo happy to see you again simonee!!! I have a cat but I love you anyway

    7. NT4XT

      Scraps is the coolest! Thank you.

    8. christopher Lucy

      San Francisco SPCA has a lovely cat section too..They let u visit when I stopped in years back now😻in the mission section..

    9. bob loblaw

      Damn I had no idea she had all that 🎂 🎂 5:53

    10. Origins .0000

      Getting a dog is the best way to meet girls. Good move.

    11. sweetpea

      Didn't even notice she had a leg missing off the bat. Pets are WAY better than humans at adapting to changes, Scraps seems to be a very happy doggo regardless of her handicap :)

    12. Zeke Black

      What is this madness?? I have no idea how this jumped on my feed?? But why its not on every channel 24-7 i have no clue?? 😂this chicks funny as hell? She makes critters? Wish she could fix these two silly dogs over here...lawrd...stay silly chick, and the interview would have gone better if your staff had stayed long enough to hear the reply...😂❤

    13. Natalie May

      this is the most prECIOUS THING OMFG

    14. marleysmovie

      Tri-pawd. :)

    15. Arbaaz Patwari

      that dog backpack is pretty awesome

    16. eccentricdrea

      Your a bad a$$ builder girl! Who deserves a cute hairy partner in the shop. 😆😁 love you. Love everyone of your videos.

    17. Jessica Templeton

      this makes my heart happy. congratulations

    18. AngryCoder

      Her hair looks a little messy, try grooming her body everyday once-twice with a small comb

    19. Bob Maplethorpe

      These youtube channels are like having one-sided friendships.

    20. mikea hiooi

      seems to be good

    21. Meowser

      simone giertz is my queen

    22. Jess Stuart

      Commander Scraps doesn't seem to let missing a leg get in her way! BOOYAH Commander Scraps!!!!

    23. sh*t hookGaming 100

      Someone's in the back 0:18 ,top left corner😆😆

      1. mikea hiooi

        Fuck yeah dude!

    24. Eternal Being33

      Abortion time.

    25. ZTFab

      I so hope the name Scraps is a callback to the movie Airplane II: The Sequel!

    26. Bettie Turner

      I don't believe that dog has had any professional workshop training

    27. Florida girl

      This is my first time watching you AND YOUR THE BAST

    28. Florida girl

      This is my first time Ching you and YOU OR THE BAST

    29. Bob Blum

      I thought I noticed a pregnant pause there just before the actual announcement... Congratulations on the new teammate! Scraps seems to have a good character and should fit in well. Keep us updated on her progress, please! 🐕

      1. mixio hili

        I love U Simone

    30. isthis myrealname

      Idk my dog ate fast I couldn't stop him. He ate everything including bricks. Would break any normal man's wallet but to love a dog makes you more than normal

      1. mixio hili

        You have the cutest dog ever!!!!

    31. Twostones00

      That is a lucky dog, SMILE,

    32. yroohj gouy

      The tri-pedal Canis shopicus. Loving and faithful to the end.

    33. yroohj gouy

      The tri-pedal Canis shopicus. Loving and faithful to the end.

    34. Cereal Experiments

      Good Doge!

    35. John Fisher

      Simone is floor gang

      1. yroohj gouy

        I prefer a dog and a cat over either due to a past discovery. Dogs are good foster parents and become, as part of a multi species collaboration awesome team captains. Cat’s

    36. therealpbristow

      Thankyou so much for bringing me today's happy thing! =:o] (And sorry I'm so late... DE-news kept your secret *extra* secret!)

    37. Alessandro Pizzi

      If you made a Back scratching machine?

    38. Tim MacDonald

      Fuck yeah dude!

    39. Sam Rosenthal

      Scraps... All I can think of is the dog from 'Airplane 2.' Adorable, regardless.

    40. Scott J

      I love Scraps TwT

    41. Jacob Johnson

      I’m a simple man. I see a dog, I create three hundred seventy two separate accounts to like the same video multiple times.

    42. Chris McGraw

      She’s sooooo cute! And the dog is too! 😜

    43. Full Modern Alchemist

      I might steal that budding has-been moniker. That was pretty good! Also It’s awesome that you adopted that cute fuzzy tripod. My friend growing up had one with a front leg missing. He was named kickstand. I hate that these things happen but I love when someone like you comes along and gives these dogs a good loving home.

    44. Katie On The Daily

      You have the cutest dog ever!!!!

    45. JS MD

      I love U Simone

    46. Jeremy Bailey

      OK so your dog recycles and has a missing leg. I know I'm going to hell for saying this but you have a garbage disposal with missing parts.

    47. Sarah Schmitt

      I Love the ad timer

    48. Sarah Schmitt

      Missing leg means straight shot to pink tummy

    49. bilishu aliss

      The markings on her stump look like a paw print to me ;_; so cute.

    50. Aram Salinas

      WHAT?.... disappointing ha ha ha it would be great... to populate the world with new people from your genes... people like you is what this world need!

    51. Dani Gorddard

      You got a cute lil Tripod doggie!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    52. Thomas Chase

      I prefer a dog and a cat over either due to a past discovery. Dogs are good foster parents and become, as part of a multi species collaboration awesome team captains. Cat’s bring them the‘treats’ you might less appreciate [I regret not knowing she’d bring another rabbit to the foot that day in retrospect-lost slipper opportunity]. Some consideration for dog age is required and cats will sometimes pick on everyone else for being less clever as a cat might.

      1. bilishu aliss

        and neurological problems when she got old. Thats all, i am really happy for you :)

    53. Thomas Chase



      Bionic limb✊🗣️ Bionic limb🗣️ Bionic limb ✊ Prosthetic, prosthetic, prosthetic

    55. mtdk1987

      If there ever was a dog that could have a fantastic life on three legs, it's got to be one owned by creative workshop-mastermind Simone Giertz

    56. alida flus

      The tri-pedal Canis shopicus. Loving and faithful to the end.

    57. NCOT Technology

      Well this video has shown me that my sister's Westie is dumb as rocks. Heel? Nope. Sit? Not a chance. Pay attention to any form of clicker? *runs off*. It's like that kid who doesn't quite understand when other humans are trying to talk to it. My cats are better trained, the click click of a laser pointer will summon one from *the other side of my neighbour's garden*.

    58. Mortigus

      Robot leg when?

    59. schmudge

      Dog gonnit !, "Heated Backpack". So That's what the Astronauts actually wear up there in space.

      1. alida flus

        Palladiums are the best boots. Excellent choice!

    60. Elisa Barquet

      I love how it only took her 40 seconds to reveal the "big secret" instead of ranting about useless things and finally revealing it at the end💗

    61. Annalie Kelsall

      Your puppy is so well behaved and incredibly cute!

    62. Jim Cheney

      Great video Simone. Just now followed the Commander on Instagram.

    63. alyssa w

      My 8 month old puppy just got back from having his leg amputated. I’m so discouraged for him because he just wants to play all the time and be with his mom & sister. He has to rest though

    64. Elle Hesse

      I love love love your sweet secret. Thank you for adopting instead of buying. So many babies in need of a good home. ❤❤❤

    65. Jack Mc Govern

      now im waiting for the bionic dog leg video

    66. Robin Westergren

      its like my job, im a caretaker of demented old people. happy to help:)

      1. Robin Westergren

        I've been pregnant all night

    67. mixio hili

      and neurological problems when she got old. Thats all, i am really happy for you :)


      Cute Doggie. Must have a scrappy shop dog, and treat it great! Mine is 12 now, and doing great. His coat has gotten really nice. He is my best buddy!

    69. michael montgomery

      Did anyone else catch her aside about the channel winding down? What do you mean? Are you leaving us? Have I missed something?