I went on a break for 30 days & THIS HAPPENED - LWIAY #00107



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    Good to be back gamer
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    1. Delaney Lovick

      6:12 Me: *nervous chuckle in Australian*

    2. Teen Player CS

      Lol his ad for tuber sim came up on this vid as like an actual ad😂

    3. Teen Player CS

      Hey pewds according to matpat that bread will be the death of you😅👍🏽

    4. Shiney McShine

      Mr. Pewds, You hitting the Whoa... is Cringy as FAuCK! P.s. I love you ^w^

    5. Jan Flare

      Am i Dreaming???

    6. Jordan Swieringa

      Is secret phase “ m__h i_ _e__te_ _o _ci_n_e”

    7. BlackN 444

      Quem é brasileiro?

    8. Sadat Hasnayen

      It's coronavirus

    9. Movies FUN HD


    10. CoL Meh

      Nice mask right there

    11. Elijah Pyle

      I missed you😭😭😭😭

    12. Kadyona Marie


    13. مومو مومو

      دهر دهرك

    14. crystal shark

      Фу аш противно сама в афиге г полное бе 😖😓😓😓😓😓😓😓🤮🤮🤮🤮

    15. Yumeko Pusheen Unicorn


    16. Luis - Horror Gamer

      Everyone: "Pewdiepie: is anyone gonna care that I'm back? Number one on trending" Everyone now: Pewdiepie: "is anyone gonna care that I'm back?" Unknown on trending

    17. Warning. I Speak the Truth.

      Mask don't help against the virus at all. You know that right? 1:23

    18. Ur Mom

      The thumbnail is just two pictures of pewds after and bevor but for me its just better lighting

    19. Ray Sahl

      Thank God. My DE-news saviour is back.

    20. Spicy Nugget

      Pewds: You have to say the secret word. Me: *Panicking because I forgot the word.*

      1. Jordan Swieringa

        Spicy Nugget same

    21. Emery Grace

      i was talking w my friends and said I like pewds and they got mad at me for liking someone who said those things about corona and i was like... whet?

    22. Eulogy466

      I didnt even notice he came back it was a pretty nice month tbh

    23. Ryan Mans

      pewdiepie: breathes media: he is making fun of people with covid 19

    24. NothinG But EverY thinG


    25. Jude Gibby

      Havana u nana

    26. Smellysgalaxy Hernandez

      Yes because you are cool

    27. Ryan Dunsford

      Facemask and gloves are proven to to do jack shit and they don't actually work their propose.

    28. Humzah Aslam

      The Queen is prince harrys grandma not mother😂😂

    29. Alex Latus

      I've not been on youtube for a month too😐

    30. Ad Astra

      1 month later is so stupid the way he uses masks

    31. COVID 19

      A muzzle won 't help baby.

    32. Leonardo Watch

      Omaigod i was waiting for comeback

    33. Stratos Watcher

      The coronavirus isn´t something to joke about. People could potentially die if they don´t take it seriously.


      New headphones

    35. antonia reyes

      My friend once,in the boys locker,he talked about the coronvirus.and then he starts pulling out a mask and says he got it from Asia.he kept complaining that Asia is not in China.but he said he said he was joking.

    36. DrakeX64

      LWHY = Last week hacked you

    37. Alexisa9 :P

      Cut the beard

    38. Xxgoku2019 CS

      Bommers be like 1:19

    39. Maya Kinney

      Corna virus memes

    40. Maya Kinney

      don’t say I’m late but I’m late lol 😂 I thought you were still on break and I wanted to cry 😭 because I don’t get my Dailey dose of internet

    41. Charlotte Lines

      just rewatched this and i realised 9:13 is a cake day icon in pewdiepie theme and he didn't even recognise it... smh

    42. Chocolate føxi

      Yay The king returned

      1. Chocolate føxi

        Lol pewdipe ad came when I started to watch this Lol

    43. Dj LG

      Pewdiepie: after one month a LONG break I'm back Coryxkenshin: hold my koolaid

    44. Linda Liu

      Ok I watched this video the day it came out and I remeber there being a new secret word, but i can't remeber what it was? and when I came back to re watch this vid i couldn't find it? or maybe it was another video

    45. Kozy Drawing

      Now the biggest DE-news star and the biggest TikTok star need to collab

      1. C P

        Imagine collab wit charlie dipoopie. Gay

      2. C P

        Nope. Cringe

    46. GameMite

      2:05 "Cooking, aM nOt rEaDiN dAt"

    47. Mahbubur Rahman


    48. Mr Vicious

      Last seen online 1 month ago

    49. Mr Vicious

      HES BACK


      why he puts alot of 3m face masks pewds:so my face is protected from coronavirus

    51. Nate Benitez

      PewDiePie sucks😤😤😤😤😤😤

      1. GangsterWolfAva ¡

        You suck lol

      2. Brody Sinclair


    52. Silly Gaming

      Break time!

    53. geo 777

      You posted from the other chanel Karl Rock

    54. Jafrin Khan

      Nope pewds it's not ok, it's not ok to joke about the virus, stay in ur lane

    55. Tik Tock

      You are big bog because you are not win to t series

    56. Danzyy_official VEVO

      If pewdiepie was a poo that’s why he named himself pew coz he’s poo jokes 💩

    57. Mynameisnotimportant !

      China and the rest of the world: new year yay it`s 2020 Coronavirus: i am about to end the whole future of these countries career.

    58. Khloe Cudal

      Are u sponchbob

    59. Benamin Phillips


    60. Wyatt West

      Your accent change

    61. Deathknight Reaper

      Me who play Jentai games: Ah yes. I'm simply perfecting my craft here! I may have loss in the yandere route, but I wont give up! I will get the ending I dessire!

    62. Shadow Shock-Wave


    63. Baz Tu Patron

      Bro I didn't know you came back from your break, now I have to catch up on three weeks of content,,,,, nice

    64. Shahirah Ramlee

      omg welcome back

    65. IrBe

      Corona-chan. How sweet.

    66. Kay Evans

      When the corona virus is just around the corner but felix escapes on time restoring balance back to youtube

    67. its AOX

      1:20 dabbing is illigal in 2020 my man

    68. Tula Granath

      Gårds veckaaaaa

    69. Tula Granath

      Hi pews kan du prata lite mer svenska i dina videos. Det är jätte kul att förvirra amerikanet🤣