I Won Every Round As Impostor In Among Us



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    These are my best impostor rounds in Among Us so far!
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    1. jacksepticeye

      You're not subcribed? Kinda sus

      1. Lunar_swarm

        I an

      2. Harper Smith

        Bro saw green

      3. TheSmartTiger


      4. andrew lee

        i am subscribed to my fav youtuber :)

      5. Galaxy-Gamer

        oh noo how did ya know :< i better subscribe now then me for jack XD *subscribed* *slaped notifcation button* *DING* now i aint sus no more i hope...

    2. Aahil Mirza

      anyone see the happy wheels easter egg

    3. BrewDiePie

      Thats really not a good look for you pal buddy boi. FIX YOUR FACETOPBUSH.

    4. Chase Esse'el

      All vents in MIRA HQ are connected. I feel like venting could make your life so much easier as imposter.

    5. Rad Metal

      Jack next time toy with your enemies don't be too subtle.Get in your crew mates heads don't give them break.Keep pushing them to the absolute limit until they eventually break.

    6. HENNY BOI!

      jack you legend

    7. Nicholas Jensen

      That haircut and glasses make Sean look kinda like the professor from casa de papal

    8. Mr MasterMan

      He looks like Ayanokoji

    9. Mr Boops

      i watch jack and yub and i saw i need more of them together

    10. Cooper Thorpe


    11. edwin bray

      what is with your hair good god

    12. Breezykay

      Are we not talking about how happy wheels showed up on cams

    13. XxOliverxX 0-0

      Me away for 3 months of not watching jacksepticeye me:why does jack look like one of those people who reads books to the elderly

    14. Cameron Burkhardt

      Jacks big brain

    15. Burrito BlueBird


    16. Dezz Nuts

      Only ogs Remember him playing happy wheels

    17. Kaleb Ricks

      If there's two imposters you only have to worry about killing 6 people, 2 people will remain

    18. Stormy Night

      Did anyone else notice how weird Sean’s hair is but like, it looks good i mean like👌👌.😂😂

    19. Benjamin McMahon

      Jack is so innocent that he can talk you out of your inheritance, your will, and even convince you that your sus yourself. Props to Impostor Jack.

    20. XxKid TheoxX

      Looking for some among us gameplay click here 👇🏾 @​

    21. RAY ToxicR

      Sean you know I love you but the hair aint working

    22. MyBookishBehaviour

      Is that gloom.... as in cassie???

    23. laudlau84


    24. Goat Chexs

      For some reason I feel like "Somebodies trigger happy" could be a meme. How he says it! 😝

    25. sandblossom598 games

      I love lauren and gloom sm! gosh you have such cool youtube friends

    26. Heck

      22:27 this man is terrifying


      he be lookin like the school bois in the 1900's... best of love jack... but that is a very interesting choice of hair.. even for you.

    28. Charles

      i love this among us game

    29. Tiago Carvalho

      I like Among Us videos because they're pretty fun, especially because it introduces a lot of new creators to the viewers but I feel like they're better when they're less tense and more silly because, like most games, it's better when you don't take it too seriously. When people get angry during discussions, try too hard to get someone to vouch for them, watch taskbars, or stay in groups, etc it's too hard for killers, too slow, and too serious I think. I love the excitement of seeing you feeling glad you got away with a kill or something but it's not as fun when the game is almost won on tasks and you're stressing from the lack of kills with tasks getting done so fast.

    30. Lx quid

      Cory upload please I love you vids Cory and upload

    31. Kate O'Riordan

      Wow Jack has gotten so much better at being imposter since the last time I watched him play this!

    32. Dakoda Leach

      Did anyone else notice Happy Wheels pop up on cameras at 11:46?

    33. Zboysub 123

      Why are ther videos in cams about jacksepticeye

    34. Landon TSeleie

      11:45 did y'all see it?😂

    35. BRIXLE

      11:46 Any one catch that happy wheels reference ??

    36. Heck

      How did Jack get to be such a sociopath actor Also there’s no way he got imposter that many times in a row right

    37. Heck

      0:18 how did nobody see that

    38. Ethan Trivedi

      Yoo my boi YuB playin with the big bois now. I feel like yub’s. Channel has grown soo much in the past year but I don’t think it actually has. But this just kinda makes this video immediately top tier cause yub is in it

    39. Smiley meme

      Tabs play please

    40. Just a Simp

      None of my friends wanna play among us with me and now they're avoiding me cause I asked 😢✌️

    41. Laryssa Leite

      wooooow bijuu??? and lauren??? *fangirling intensifies**

    42. Kaz

      Is it just me or does scrub sound like Ryan Reynolds Sorry if I spelt his last name wrong

    43. Nick Oakes

      you go, jack

    44. nikkole roessing

      Which map is this??

    45. IDKAnymore

      Is scrub, scrubby?

    46. C

      11:45 happy wheels

    47. Qwan Darius

      Sub to qwan Darius

      1. Qwan Darius

        I vented

    48. TerrariaHunter 8

      At 11:46 if you pause we see the old cringy but yet funny jack

    49. Nitin Muppala

      11:46 anyone notice that og happy wheels vid

    50. Liam Barnes

      Can we talk about Sean’s hair in this vid

    51. Sniper The gamer

      Hello Jack

    52. Lunar_swarm

      Not possible

    53. Ty1er D

      11:46 we not talking about this??

    54. FBI

      I like ya cut g

    55. Jerry - Brawl Stars

      2:09 omg that was such a bad kill what was gloom thinking!?!?

    56. General 71

      Bro I love greaseball. Such a gamer.

    57. Hueberry

      2:35 jack turns into a animatronic

    58. Dalton Zimmer

      Good ass video

    59. Andrew Boyle

      OMG I have a count got hacked and I was really sad and entire video of you two days now even at night time so I haven’t got any sleep ☺️

    60. Dylan Neibch

      18:00 Henry Stickmin Cameo

    61. max camobell

      anyone know who scrub is

    62. Wes


    63. IronBunky

      never lost an imposter game ever so yea

    64. Ticci Toby [creepypasta]

      jack: *has middle part* me: *fucking startled*

    65. Real_name_hidden 154

      Can you plz plz plz do another mine craft series

    66. Sam Willis

      11:47 that edit 🥺

    67. Deyton Clay

      Irish lil Huddy playing among us It’s a joke don’t hurt me plz