Ice Cube Takes Heat For Working With Trump

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    1. Ken Winters

      A Democrat will never give away anything it has to go into there corrupt hands then all the payoffs any questions ask California

    2. prml hrtbt

      I watched an interview w cube on youtube and he said the Democrats veiw black people as a kind of a side chick...just call on them when they need something and then just forget about them the rest of the time..That's a genius way to put it! Yes Cube that pretty much sums it up right there!

    3. Jimmy Davis

      Arrest the president the jam ice cube made looks like he changed his mind

    4. Your Mom

      Best quote EVER “your in this position cause you suck” lol.

    5. TheMotherReborn

      How do black people think that Trump is racist. He's the best President EVER especially towards minorities. I hope for 🇺🇸 sake Trump turns this around

    6. Bdbbejdjdb Snnsndndndn

      People are completely nuts. If you help people you are a sellout. If you don’t help them then you are hated for not caring. No matter what you do people are butt hurt over it. Unfortunately the majority of people in this country are oblivious to what’s going on around them.

    7. Survival Sirens

      "You know how hard we had to work for that." Bwhaaaaa...I just can't with them.

    8. Gigi Kent

      Imagine having a platinum plan for white people, and having Eminem working with it.

    9. victoria ross

      I really hope you guys do finally get through to your community because if you dont..something is wrong...with them...not you...keep up the fight..not for either color...but for the truth for the ppl..US..thx

    10. Pedro Alvarez

      The plan is only 2 pages long and sounds like an empty sales pitch that have already been compared to other failed attempts to build up black communities. He summed up all the issues of black communities in 2 pages only giving us what we want to hear and not how exactly that goal is going to be accomplished. In comparison, not that I’m a joe Biden supporter, but his “lift every voice plan” goes more in depth and provides more diacritics and more effective and complicated solution to a complicated problem.

    11. Walter Lotero


    12. SB1

      You sellouts can keep Ice cube on your team ahahahaha

    13. casey winters

    14. Truth Teller

      Here you have two High Yella Brothas talking about "The American Dream." Once they strip you of that American pacifier, you're going to cry yourself to shame.. This country was built on hate, murder, identity theft, slavery and oppression.. The roots are corrupt which means the entire system is corrupt. It will happen again because the spirit of this country is not a spirit of equality. Once they gain your trust and welcome you to the table, just as they did the Natives, they'll stab you in the back and strip you of everything. Didn't you two learn anything from history? SMH. Like Obama said when he left office in an uncertain manner, knowing Trump's ulterior motive... "Good Luck!"

    15. Brayan Lucero

      Can’t believe people sell out to a clown

    16. Mason Tonkovic

      TRUMP 2020 MAGA

    17. Kevin

      Who the hell would be stupid enough to vote for Biden.

    18. Free Hat

      i hate your into’s

    19. Michael Valentine

      Cube is one of my favorite rappers of all time and until recently I hated trump.... that changed within the last few months of actually researching trumps accomplishments. I don’t identify with either party but I feel trump is honestly better for the US. Sorry not sorry.

    20. Gabriel Bowen

      I feel bad for Cube, because everyone gets the facts wrong, including the Hodge Twins. Cube didn't go to Trump to talk about the platinum plan. Both sides contacted him to discuss the contract with black America. Dems said we'll discuss further after the election. Reps said their going to change a few things in their platinum plan.

    21. snapdragon64k-47 Orbital

      708 people's life suck 😂

    22. XLMoney26

      Man I rather watch your workout videos instead. Smh I don’t know why this showed up in my recommendation 🤦🏽‍♂️

    23. Black Dragon

      Donald J. Trump..VOTE EARLY AND IN-PERSON...

    24. H

      Jim Crow Joe lol

    25. Amy Hall

      Thank you Ice Cube a real man that understands truth much love and respect God bless you and your family God and Truth wins! We all bleed red!

    26. vk kon

      He's not a sellout smart man good job ..from Detroit

    27. casey winters

      I bet icecubes music that promotes drug use, sexual irresponsibility, and violence has done more damage than any racists in the last 3 decades

    28. casey winters

      It’s hard to even listen to him. Seems like he’s saying people alive today have suffered from slavery and need special handouts.

    29. Danny D

      I bloody love THT. Top boys.

    30. mike13899


    31. Iron Shamrock

      Cube is not a "sell out". He is a smart man. He is following the 💰. We 👄 about $500B. So you sit back and let others who already have 💰 work for you.

    32. Savhanna Deselles

      The thing is Ice Cube has done this all, taking his time and money to try to help black ppl and to make sure who ever is voted in takes seriously change in the black community. Look what they do to him bc he knows Bidrn will do nothing. Its freaking sad man, he isn't doing this for himself, dude is already set, he is doing this for his home community and every other black struggling community. Wake up ppl and see Trump is the only one that will make a difference. I dont fucking get how ppl do not see this. Are they deaf blind and dumb bc I just dont get it.

    33. Seljak Magnum

      These dudes are so fucking funny "YEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH"

    34. Jhason Wint


    35. Mr. Happy Banana

      🆈🅴🅴🅰🅰🅰🅷🅷🅷🅷!!!!!!!!!! 🦅🇺🇸🗽

    36. David Lee Roth

      Cube might have a better chance at getting a Senate seat than Pelosi if he moves to San Francisco...then wed get somebody interested in working with the president instead of against. 🇺🇸

    37. Pro 2nd

      Well I guess I'm a sellout again since I'm voting for trump again #trump2020

    38. brandon moran

      Cube got played, trump just wants the vote and will do anything to gain some color.. smh if he was about this platinum plan he would be done this ages ago. Why announce this weeks before an election?? Lol 😂 This is all about the black vote and nothing else. What has trump done for us thus far.. let’s see The first step act? Which freed some people (even though Obama did commute more sentences of minorities than any president & that’s fact) & at the same time increasing sentencing on crimes that overwhelmingly affect minorities, bringing back private prisons which gives judges a reason to give harsher sentences when prisons are a for profit business, green lighting stop and frisk which also overwhelmingly affects minorities or maybe you’re going to say SBA loans that literally only help people who’ve already had a business for a year.., not a bad thing but it does nothing for the average person.. or maybe you’re going to say what he’s done for HBCUs... giving them 250 billion but simultaneously cutting 1.9 trillion from the pell grant which is used almost exclusively by low income minorities. Trump’s got y’all fooled, he’ll dangle treats in front of y’all and do something to subvert the very thing you claim to be “good” for the black community.. fools gold and nothing else. Do some research on trump, I’m not saying Biden’s our savior but trumps no more better for you than cancer.

    39. Hue Jazz

      Aight, imma start listening to Ice music now

    40. Patrick Driskill

      Keep up the great work guys

    41. Onni

      "You wanna join the klan boi?" I lost my shit there xD

    42. ExelArts

      ice-cube's plan to just give money is dumb doesnt matter what community he wants to give it too

    43. Maurice M.

      Abraham Lincoln was Republican. Republicans have always been about empowering the people and supporting the American Dream Dems are all about creating divide, raising taxes, and keeping people dependent off their handouts.

    44. Charles Mangum

      Well, Joe told Ice Cube, "I will tell you my plan after I am elected."

    45. mary bartee

      I love you ice cube, don't turn are awesone

    46. Lynn Morrison

      The Demon-crats are mad because Ice Cube broke out of the Plantation. The Socialists love to see people in Cages. Why do you think they work overtime to keep the COVID19 Lockdowns. It was their way to keep everyone in their homes, which has become Prison. That way Demon-crats can take over the USA without a fight, but WE THE PEOPLE are smarter than any of them on the Hill. Break your chains by voting for Trump on Nov 3rd, and replace as many Demoncrats with Conservative Republicans.

    47. Robert Loyale

      Ice Cube was there during Joe Biden’s bs. Of course he’s messing with Trump.

    48. Phillip Macks

      here is a history lesson i was never taught The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party via @DE-news

    49. Andrew

      When we going to ask the whole damn democratic party to denounce slavery, and the kkk

    50. Travis Tassara


    51. K D

      The only thing I know is that the Bidens are a criminal syndicate and traitors to America.

    52. chris rocco


    53. KiceLee

      From the thumbnail I thought that was a third hodgetwin brother, then I realised it’s ice cube.😂

    54. Nytellem

      That mentally towards the end on why your are in your life and the cop pulling you over ignorance is like saying.....Tulsa Massacre didn’t happen because the ppl there was black! It happened because Black people was jus living! YEEEAAAHHH. Smh.

    55. Eddie Myler

      I miss possession endings!

    56. Eddie Myler

      Ebony or opal plan 😂

    57. Chris Andersen

      Hold the phone. Just watched a CNN interview with Ice Cube. He specifically said he reached out to Trunp AND Biden. Trump was ready to roll. Biden decided to wait until AFTER the election. He set the record and the CNN interviewer straight.

    58. James Battaglia

      I just realized I watch thier vids all the time and I'm not subscribed I just did. Make sure you show these guys support and hit the subscribe button and buy a hat to everything helps to keeps these two making good content!

    59. Nancy Kurpaitis

      You Two Guys are the Cutest Twins this old gal has Ever Seen!!!!! 👍👍♥️👍👍

    60. Wen Di

      Biden says he is sorry for the crime bill and he and Obama tried to put an end to it, but couldn't because the Republicans were in charge. Any truth to this? Even it true, I am sure Biden could have found another way, if he really wanted to.

    61. R Choe

      Am I and my wife a sell out being Asian Americans and voting for Trump? I am voting for Republican platform more than who is on the ballot on 2020.

    62. Unspokenlyte

      Y’all are great man funny and factual

    63. Jon L

      That ending killed me!!!!!😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    64. First Last

      jesus christ, RIP headphone users with that gunshot. >.>

    65. Common Sense

      Ice cube is not a sellout but you two twins are definitely sellouts. How many white folk buy those t-shirts I wonder?

    66. ehhserku moo

      I just hope that black people who call him coon and all that watch’s yal shows. They’ll learn it

    67. Pri T

      Let's be honest folks. We can never get past any major issues or have a that involves ourselves, families and communities until "We stop pulling each other down". (WE as in black Americans in general). We are always knocking each other down, taking from each other. There are those who hate to see the other "come up", those who take from other's and so forth, (poor, rich, young and old). Let the "Hustle" be a hustle for improvement and not a "take down" of someone else. Sell out?... I'm not a fan if Cube, but he is trying to help black Americans. The question should be, is this a plan for all blacks?

    68. McQueenPress

      Moses negotiated with Pharoah. Martin Luther King Jr negotiated with LBJ. Nixon negotiated with China. Sometimes uncomfortable conversations need to be had.

    69. George

      I need this on a T-shirt Merch, please: "B-Biden's L-Laptop M-Matters"

    70. Vinod Nair

      Call it socialist virus...