IF AMONG US WAS AN ANIME [part 2: purple, yellow, orange, black, brown]



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    you guys asked for a part two so I thought I'd finish the rest of the colors~! tell me your favorite map if you read this I really like the volcano one but my friends never want to play that one =^=

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    1. J Belda Pi

      10:34 Nooo you missed dark green too :"c

    2. Cipher Star


    3. J Belda Pi

      As a black player I disagree, I always do all my tasks at the beginning, and then if I finish them then I try to look at security or follow someone.

    4. lieN

      Who first tries the key card task

    5. Emmy

      Nobody: Me always playing as black: “well she’s right, no one ever believes us, I’m always voted out first =v=

    6. Breonna Damoth

      Browns name: Lexi or in game name beary Yellows name: John or in game name lemon. Blacks name: jammy or in game name little emo Oranges name: lulu or in game name eggs Purples name: mary or in game name voilet

    7. Your Anime mom

      Me: I would probably date yellow Lavender Towne: ma’am this is a Burger King-

    8. Jamaya Bedgood

      Can you do Cyan and dark green to that’s the two colors you didn’t do 😅

    9. Honey Bear

      Lavender: purple colors are very good at the game Me: *uses purple color while being a noob*

    10. Dehydrated Fruit :D

      I play as a yellow player and I can say the catching on to the imposters early on is definitely a thing that happens. I was playing with a few friends on the polous map, the reactor sabotage had gone off so I ran up to the reactor thing to see my friend there. I opened the thing and noticed it wasn’t activated, meaning my friend wasn’t fixing the reactor meltdown. A body was found not long later and I brought this up, everyone shrugged it off but turns out that friend was the imposter and I was right.

    11. Devil horns

      Wow aperantly I'm a babyby orange even tho the swipe card and siman says are really easy I just have orange on because my name is dinonuggt so I'm a range and I also have a bag hat because I'm a dinonuggt faling out of a bag and usually when I'm imposter I'm great at fooling people they think I'm a crewmate

    12. The hero of zero

      Purple is a trader

    13. Lingyun (Eileen) He


    14. pinkpatrol shoelamp

      It's funny because I play brown and I have no strategy whatsoever and when I'm imposter i dont vent or anything I just run away lmao and it usually works rlly well

    15. Izuku Midoriya

      Yellow: "parent of the group" Me: *clutching my child for dear life and being a cry baby*

    16. RubberHorse guy

      I main purple and brown, purple fits the role perfectly but maybe not brown for me

    17. Gummi Latte

      regular purple here! I'm not actually that strategic in the game however I am cautious when it comes to getting caught as the impostor, it is also very easy for players to trust me as a player as well even if I'm not really saying anything logical.

    18. Anna La frog

      Yellow reminds me of my sister, the male version of her name is Harry. (This is a name suggestion)

    19. Tayla HAWES

      Purple: Evie Orange: Clementine Yellow: Zander Brown: Olickha Black: Roxanne

    20. Monokuma

      when you always play as cyan and dark green :(

    21. ᗩd̥ͦяï̤ Pʟa̸ʏz̶

      the yellow should be leo

    22. Kawaii Cookii

      Girl I play yellow and I’m so insecure and I just think that I’m gonna die first- YoU’Re inCOrReCT

    23. Red Blood

      I'm green. but all the time no one believes me.

    24. Tams

      Brown: Pudding Yellow: Cyrus Black: Stella Orange: Lindsay Purple: Polly

    25. Noneyabones Personal

      How dare you ignore Cyan T.T That's one of my children....

    26. Red Fox

      I use brown because...poo hehehehe

    27. Eponine9

      I main purple, and by Jove you hit the nail on the head with my playstyle. Even down to the "can be a little bit cautious." Our ability to have a reason for anything, from explaining our reads to lying in order to seem more innocent, is our defining feature. I'd also say that purple players that I play with usually account that everyone is playing their best game, so playing with newer players or people not taking the game seriously can really mess up our calculations. Also I feel you on Polus; my favorites are Mira and Polus but most of my friends prefer Skeld ;.;

    28. ZayZ

      LavenderTowne: Browns supposed to remind us of earth and food Nobody: Not A Single Soul: Me: You Forgot the toilet thing

    29. Mist Tokoishi

      Name yellow chad

    30. Mia Peterman

      Cyan is the color that you are missing

    31. Isabella Pena

      orange looks kinda like lilypiku or ywonnie lol

    32. WhAt 69

      Well the browns description is true....half of it doe...i use brown always, and also i put a roll of toilet paper on top of my head...

    33. Cae the Acrylic

      4:20 this is quite literally my imp oc (minus a few minor details) so imma say scotty

    34. May Weibe

      As a purple main: yes.

    35. American Cheese

      I am main yellow n wear the lil witch hat. but I also like wearing the big sheriff hat

    36. Irene azreal

      I'm a blue player with a pink personality I cant play imposter;w; at ALL

    37. Ferlan Banhao

      Pls Part 3 because you miss green and cyan and you draw in part 1 is light green pls part 4 🙏🏻

    38. NoelleGaming _

      I am more of a brown player. Buttttt I sometimes go on cams.

    39. Cat-O -Rama

      You forgot cyan.

    40. Ayla Malkav

      huh... y'know, i haven't really played very much... maybe three games tops, but I didn't even know the card swipe was supposed to be difficult until I saw others have issues with it.

    41. Jorden 12 Swiss

      Since I'm usually yellow I think the name will be jayden

    42. Crimson

      What happens when you dont main any colours?

    43. Kim Bogart

      I play yellow and you described me as red

    44. BlaeceAelf

      I always play Black but I act like purple

    45. Lord of Love

      I'm always purple and your story is SO true

    46. A.J. Lewisxgxddog

      Yeah I play among us a lot my character's name Fox and I'm Orange

    47. alex the elf

      you forgot cyan hsjbhsdvbjsgdksbvms :)

    48. Lemon Milkbread

      Right after I watched this I got imposter and won by using one sabotage - I’m yellow

    49. Snail Garden

      Brown main here! :D

    50. I Do stuff :3

      So from my experience Basically all of them are completely accurate except for yellow i usually play as yellow and well i usually get cot super easy if like it comes to venting killing but one thing acrit is i usually when i'm a crewmate i don't get killed or voted off. but idk i'm not that good at this game-

    51. ArtsyAddict

      As a player who plays black, I can confirm that all of this is true, I die on cams a lot and I walk in on murders so much. I love the light sabotage and tend to manipulate my crewmates, I also tend to figure out the killer, then die

    52. lil_ kit

      I play as orange most of the time and I play a lot. If someone has picked orange I usually go for dark green or yellow.

    53. Weeb Queen

      ............. how did she know how I play- I play brown with the ears every time Literally she only got me right, my friends that play the other characters had a few inconsistencies but mine was spot on and I'm shOOK-

    54. Kate’s Clips

      Hey for anybody who wants to know what stereotype Cyan and Dark Green are I wrote a little description Cyan: Cyan is kinda like Yellow. He/she is the mom or dad of the group with Yellow and helps everyone with their tasks. He/she normally likes to group up with Yellow and also Orange(if needed). They know what they are talking about and have been playing the game for a long time. Like Purple and Blue they probably have memorized each map. If they are the imposter they are very deadly. Since they know the map so well Cyan knows where people are most likely to be and where all the vents are. Cyan is also really good at gaining people’s trust. Because if this they can normally kill someone easily by locking the doors then venting. They easily miss guide people into thinking they are safe and will then stab them in the back. They also normally pin the death on an already sus player or a newer player. They normally feel bad after they do though because they are like the mom friend. They will almost always, when they are done with their tasks, do detective work to find out who it is while with their friends. They are normally a very happy go friendly player and will have at least one pet. Dark Green: (This is the color I normally play) Dark Green is not normally a newer player. It’s one of the colors that blends in more with it’s surroundings. Dark Green is normally not very loud and won’t be shouting. They like to get their tasks down then go to security and check the cameras. They might pair up with Brown but won’t get very far. They’ll probably stop somewhere to do a task then lose them and never finding them again. They normally get voted out because they are too quiet and won’t have enough time to defend themself. If they are the imposter they don’t like to kill but go for sabotage all the time. If they do kill someone they will vent out and then walk back in the room and self report. They don’t gain people’s trust easily but when they do you’ll find a good friend. Yellow, Cyan, Purple, and Blue easily get thrown off by them because they are always by themselves and are so quiet. If they get voted off as a crew mate they don’t usually mind because now they can get their tasks done in peace. That is my analysis of the two left out colors! I hope I did them justice. And now a skit: Cyan: Why where we not in the videos. Dark Green: Because we got killed. Cyan: Who killed you? Dark Green: Pink! She seemed so nice. I wondered off away from Brown and she followed me, locked me in, and then.... BAM!! Cyan: WOW. Never thought Pink would do that. Blue killed me. Just snuck right up. Dark Green: Have you finished your tasks. Cyan: Yeah. You? Dark Green: Sure did. What are you doing? Cyan: Following Yellow and Orange. Dark Green: Cool. Cyan: Cool. Sorry this is so long I wanted to get in everything in one comment. I hope you enjoyed reading the analysis and skit! Have a wonderful day!!

    55. Just Slushy

      Nobody ; Me: I DoNt hAvE aN aLiBi bEcAce I wAs hIdEinG wItH tHe sNOw mAns (I play as white and cyan and I have a snow man hat)

    56. Orange!

      *does a backflip* “Im no baby, Im Orange.”

    57. Damian Chavez

      I play as black

    58. Happy Boba Incorporated

      i'm a big mix of orange and purple also i think them two would be so cute as a couple just sayinnngggg

    59. Toga Himiko

      Dark green as well

    60. MoreJamsThanJiminWillEverHave

      My sis plays as black sometimes and she checks security SOMETIMES (She calls her friends while playing) 8:27 *going to Walmart for the 50th time*

    61. gacha breadcrumbs707

      For yellow dadasus is a good name

    62. Vale Zamo

      Purple remembered me of FNAF

    63. Superc

      I main yellow and though I’m not to that point of experience, but judged on how similar what I do is to some of what Brett does (he is yellow and I shall call him Brett), I think that after I get more experience, that’ll be the route I go. I also really feel that you got most of not all of the characters right, and though I didn’t consciously think of some of these, I realized I was thinking them of them subconsciously anyway. Sorry for the long comment, and thank you for reading it.

    64. yali bit

      I am purple in among us and when I get in imposter I immediately tell everyone I'm the Imposter cuz I don't want to kill everyone

    65. [Marchie Cream]

      I play black a lot and the way you interpreted black was pretty accurate to how I play so nice. Love the art too, your a great artist

    66. cat life gamer hallett

      In the last video I commented about my friend using white I being black I think most of these are ture cus my friend ( white ) is always say skip but she's also orange I wait for her and I kinda hate task wins ( I'm black ) but I am a bit like purple as a imposter and I love politics and always start many arguments

    67. Andrea Gabrielle

      Its not light blue, its called "Cyan" and its not light green its called "Lime" ok?

    68. babysdoiiy

      am i the only one who found this video oddly calming?

    69. Nutella Fun - RBLX oldmankc

      Anime was the Imposter 0 Imposter remain

    70. Naif Almalki

      The "sus" clours: purple cyan red blue

      1. Gummi Latte

        idk man seems kind of sus to me