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If DaBaby was in your class



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    If Da Baby was in your class

    Am Vor 28 Tage


    1. loveliveserve

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      1. T u r t l E

        loveliveserve ur god

      2. TFC_yoboykey 1

        loveliveserve do if nle choppa or if nba youngboy was in your class

      3. kamite shadow

        Yo put the hat back on

      4. Ram Omar

        No cap

      5. Ram Omar

        loveliveserve you guys should do if lil baby was in your class

    2. drew mcclendon

      The answer to problem was 69😂

    3. TaJhuana and piere THORPE

      Lolllol Ll .

    4. Tah

      If XXXTENTACION was in your class

    5. Evan Gurrola

      If he had da grill he would’ve nailed the look perferct but he still did

    6. Hazard Tashawn

      If Chris brown was in your class

    7. Supreme Gangtacion

      If lil tecca was in your class

    8. iAmHawk

      3:36 the answer is 69

    9. 2kGrinda aa

      he look like da baby bruh 😂😂😂

    10. 50,000 subs with out any videos? Challenge

      1:13 The way he stopped lmao

    11. UI Goku Gamer

      This was the Funniest Parody every made make more pls :D

    12. Other quit 101

      *I wish blueface was in that*

    13. orlando johnson

      Why dababy look like a black mario

    14. xxi21

      lil durk

    15. Wet Water

      The Suge lyrics killed me 😂

    16. Wet Water

      Wth Lonzo never played with the Hornets I'm just kidding I know it's Alonzo Mourning.

    17. Crip -Series

      bro i used to live in charlotte and saw dababy at walmart

    18. Kaliah & Genesis

      Huh huh huh huh huh huh 😂😂

    19. Kolby Skeen

      I wish i could meet da baby

    20. L4NDRY

      How many times he said huh

    21. Bigchungus8583 1

      The only reason laughed at the jokes cause he was laughing by himself lmao

    22. Cool Gamer

      0:26 lol

    23. Cesar Chacon

      in 4:55 you can see that rhino looks high asf lmao

    24. Cesar Chacon

      this is my third time watching this video lmao

    25. Jake gentner

      483/7 = 69😂

    26. Chase Birkeland

      She like how I smell cologne

    27. CR Brown

      I go where I want HUH

    28. Janazhia Neal

      If lil peep was in your class

    29. Center DF

      Teacher: why are you sitting next to the trash can Dababy: I think about taking it out

    30. Metroo


    31. Gabriel Parrish

      Tuffy legit looks like dababy

    32. Overcooked PopTart

      Too accurate

    33. Overcooked PopTart

      Theeee AUDACITY😂😂🤷‍♂️

    34. B3TR4Y41


    35. Minion Game

      Noah's like my real teacher😂😂

    36. Jeremiah Hasogolmang

      This guy look like dafaq

    37. IxlIrishlxI

      Who is she lmao


      Blueface vs dababy

    39. Chevy Silverado


    40. FAKELOVEJAH17 999


    41. SileNce YT


    42. Miranda Allen


    43. 50,000 subs with out any videos? Challenge

      Me in math class 3:07 - 3:43

    44. Karson Stiefer

      I don’t have insta but I coped the merch

    45. Byana&Morgan Forever

      I was 😂😂😂 when DABABY was like huh huh huh huh

    46. ProModzz YT

      Rhino: What’s Goody it’s your boy rhino Me: Wow Same intro

    47. Anthony Stanford

      You suck a jokes

    48. Aniah Stanford


    49. Michael Putty

      Rhino looks like boonkgang

    50. Derek Parham

      If Trippe red was in your class

    51. bill seiler

      Am I the only one who laughed at the teachers joke?😂😂😂

    52. Anime Girl24

      Lol if a dann teacher watched this they'd be mad af 😂😂😂😂0

    53. GolemClapz z

      Do if cardi b was in your class please😀👏

    54. Scooby

      I looked up what 483 divided by 7 and it’s 69!!!!! 😁

    55. YoUr2 TrAsH

      L: Laugh L: Like S: Shit ?

    56. ScorpionKing 577

      If Kodak was in your class

    57. datboioo


    58. datboioo


    59. Landgang On 10

      This is how many times he say yah | | | | V

    60. Landgang On 10

      Im losin my shit

      1. Landgang On 10


    61. Quillan Nation


    62. Black Flames

      Dababy:U mad i know yea X:I’m sad u know yea I’m sad you know yea

    63. South Fork Fishing

      How does lls have people that can look like any rapper

    64. TWITCH-yury TWITCH

      If bob the builder was in your class

    65. jonathon white

      He is acting like da baby but he is da baby

    66. odeankj

      Dababy swag way to much you could see his underwear

    67. Justin Brown

      Noah is funny af

    68. QRG Clan

      483÷7= Huh

    69. Bendaboss 5555

      I get it 483 divide by 7

    70. Kamryn Fields

      “dA bAbY??” favorite part 1:35

    71. Raeshun Tomika

      Can you do a if you were in a class with DC Young fly

    72. Sang Nguyen

      How much times did tuffy say “ha”

    73. Cody Digbick

      Mr Noah: Who wants to hear a joke? Dababy: You have a hairline

    74. Cody Digbick

      I just realized that 483/7 is 69

    75. Jalen Garnett

      3:05 had me deaddddd

    76. Meme Lord

      Is it just me or did the thumbnail looks like a copy and paste

    77. Obnoxious Kool-Aid

      Dang he do look like him 😂😂😂

    78. Toxinix

      483 divided by 7 is 69 lmao

    79. Rebe Pho

      If lil tjay was in your class

    80. Versace Negro

      Daz not dababy daz danigga

    81. YNG CJ

      It’s 69

    82. Jayvionne Bogan

      Do if nle Choppa was in your class

    83. Deadly Aka Blakk Russian

      When dababy walk in class lol

    84. GG Nari

      This video mad corny

    85. Yassin Superstar

      Nobody: Literally nobody: DaBaby: Yea Yea

    86. ツElektro

      Da baby said huh 27 times

    87. Itz HurTz

      I do 483/7 in 4th grade

    88. Nikki Griffin

      2:22 that part killed me!! 😂😂

    89. Dat_Boi_Jo5h

      Who the girl in the video

    90. Skittles

      Do if logic was in your class

    91. Jeremy jr Ortiz

      She like how i smell clone

    92. Nyjae Tate

      He not funny💯

    93. Subscribe4 NoReason

      3:55 LOL 😂

    94. NotDark Ghost

      Well I just stand here and argue with you all class DaBaby:I'll slap the shit out you niggas I don't like to argue with niggas

    95. Ghosst

      I feel like they put those jokes in the beginning because they actually thought they were funny😭

    96. easy claps daily

      its mid day but the windows are blacked out?

    97. Thomas Parker Jr

      Huh pop on the mail it’s gone

    98. Rudofcooh


    99. TSEP_AlexanderGri /\/YEET\/\

      What is that on your desk Oh the new lls merch *_shows a hat_*

    100. youKnowMeMannn Sinacal