If Twitch Chat Makes Me Laugh the Video Ends

Wilbur Soot

Wilbur Soot

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    Filmed Live on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/wilbursoot
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    Edited: twitter.com/WeirdFsh

    Music used:
    Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

    Am Vor Monat


    1. Jaylen

      Anyone's sound cut out about 9:00?

    2. Otakus Lord

      please wilbur the current weebs know that they cant post BUT DONT PUNISH THE NEW WEEBS

    3. Yevgen4000

      7:24 the title says "Cat and dustsucker (russian for vacuum cleaner)"

    4. Noah Firth

      hey mom said it's my turn to be pined

    5. Sublime

      5:34 more whats up Djentys

    6. yeeterDude69

      Zoomers are 1996-2010. Wilbur was born in 1996 Wilbur banned his own kind from his streams...

    7. yeeterDude69

      Zoomers are 1996-2010. Wilbur was born in 1996 Wilbur banned his own kind from his streams...

    8. yeeterDude69

      Zoomers are 1996-2010. Wilbur was born in 1996 Wilbur banned his own kind from his streams...

    9. Barnacle Scum

      3:51 i've unironically watched that when i was like 7 oh my god

    10. Mike Florea

      Once again youtube made my comment disappear so I don't have a clue if the other one shows up or not. Let's just say, at 6:42, DO NOT freaking dare to make eye contact! :)) Eat your cereal.

    11. Joseph Patrick

      8:14 There's a gif of his Wilboner, if you will, on Imgur. Shhhh: imgur.com/oDbMk5A

    12. French Duck


    13. Landon Gillis (STUDENT)

      I made a challenge for myself to restart once I laugh had to restart at 6:27

    14. Frani Gaming

      *D O O R*

    15. Gyuuipa


    16. Feuerreiter oder so

      Can someone give me the link of the video around 5:00?

    17. Watermelon Pug


    18. parkodious

      im eating a breakfast sandwich right now. let it be known that at 11:01 i finished my sandwich

    19. Azure Randomness

      Ok Trying to do lineart traditionally with a pen while listening to this was a bad idea

    20. Gamer Playz


    21. JacobExCraze

      Mario and sonic kiss. Huh strange.

    22. Uninspirational Lizard

      6:29 when you walking to your parents room because you thought they were wrestling

    23. Halifox

      it was cumstard

    24. Hoodie Boi

      I’m sitting here dying

    25. ang burge


    26. Salty

      Why does he have a towel so close to his computer Wilbur why wildur IS THERE A TOWEL SO CLOSE TO YOUR COMPUTER

    27. ThAt's WHy i'M hEre mAN


    28. Woah Paradox

      Then xnopyt AAAAAA

    29. Black Attack

      5:24 everybody gangsta until the door starts speaking amx 50 semi automatic tank

    30. hyperLetalis

      Nobody: Chat: B I R M I N G H A M

    31. WolfWiz99

      That FMJ Thurston Waffles clip slayed meeeeeeeeeeee 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


      Sauce for 3:30?

    33. Semitex


    34. Introvert Weeb

      I need help finding the dog from the intro will you guys help me

    35. Smedwaseen 225

      Yeet mah man!!!!!!

    36. Melxn Gacha

      I should not have laugh as hard as I did with these

    37. Louis Boutry

      He lokks like Elon musk

    38. Sysmic Soldier

      Why does he always call me out in the rules, like bruh what the heck I don’t even watch anime

    39. SirDurtle


    40. dio brando

      Okay okay, I laughed at dildos

    41. deku

      i am going to be Switzerland

    42. Gamerguy

      Someone in my minecraft game said "i need to build a frick chamber" then the gayshlatt video played

    43. Lucky

      I’m a weed so what do I do{2:59

    44. spudgun the bot

      Its 6 am and ive been watching it since 1am

    45. Jaklaffobke

      What about never gonna give you up?

    46. mxntique

      all of that just to laugh at objects i have shoved up my ass

    47. Miles M

      He looks so much like a young Elon Musk it’s actually crazy

      1. Sonny

        He's so much better looking wrf

    48. Scooter Mcpeanuts

      this man has nerves of steel, just the slightest stupid joke was enough to send me into deranged hyena mode.

    49. CordingWater6


    50. DapperLomd

      9:21 lol

    51. Bionic Panda

      WilburSoot is eboi

    52. Cole

      4:45 i feel my heart crack

    53. Maddie K

      This man has made me loose my humor to the point where I would laugh at a remote control eating a burger with the caption "lettuce"

    54. haideliz manuta


    55. AppleInnit


    56. haideliz manuta

      2:20 footage of peter jumping of and dying irl

    57. Nooby

      he probably got skyblock ptsd at 2:19

    58. RED Engineer


    59. Porg-TV


    60. BL4CKFR4G

      Le chat m'a buté

    61. strider04

      Some one please tell me what that ms paint lonking clip was from

    62. anonymous the mystery

      According to rule number 9 porn sucks

    63. ReaverTheSurvivalist

      "You can't just blow a hole into the surface of Mars!" Doomguy: 5:23

    64. Line Bonderup-Knudsen

      Me sad

    65. Yeetfeet yt

      Some should jump scare him

    66. Starlad Reddits

      We need a version of this where Wilburs allowed to laugh. We jus need some pure boi laughing hours with some mediashare

    67. Nick Frutos

      The inevitable: *_D I L D O S_*

    68. Black Attack

      5:24 I literally got a 10 pack from laughing

    69. Childee43

      8:56 sound cuts off for some reason for a little bit.

      1. cece

        it probably had copyrighted music

    70. Kim Yes that Kim

      As if Mario would top