IIconics vs. Kabuki Warriors - WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, SmackDown LIVE, July 16, 2019



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    After Asuka & Kairi Sane picked up a victory over The IIconics in their home country of Japan, The Kabuki Warriors finally get their opportunity to challenge for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles.
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    1. Maisie Ireland

      I love the kabuki warriors just love them but I like the iconics at the same time

    2. Saul Teves Mendez

      Did you see Peyton slap its fake

    3. unpopular me

      *"they were outsmarted fair and square"* Me: *WHAAAAATTT DOOO YOUUUU MEANNNNN*

    4. MJ Smith

      I love how Page support asian wrestlers. My hero has always good taste.

    5. Vo Devil

      Oh look. Alexa Bliss, again. Sounds about white.

    6. Jäšmíñēś Thīčć

      Boo the cheated

    7. Kyawaii YT

      Wtf how

    8. I am Monika

      IIconics have held the WWE Women Tag Team Championships for almost 4 months now and they need to hold it for 4 more to piss all you off!!

    9. Jimbo Lee

      First title defense in like how long and this happens Trolololol

    10. JakeThe Gamer19

      Billie Kay and Peyton Royce's voices are like nails on a chalkboard.

    11. Deborah Scotty

      WWE, Stop hating Asuka, she deserves better!!!

    12. Payton Wright

      Or The Kabuki Warriors win the Women’s Tag Titles and then Kairi Sane wins the Smackdown women’s championship.

    13. Begüm Nur Dinç


    14. Cobra The Gamer

      Damn they haven't done anything since introduced... Wasting talent for no reason

    15. Dean Campz

      I could onli watch this up until 0:56. Billie Kay’s voice goes right thru ya 😖

    16. maeri_ :

      This was so unfair... Bring back Naomi & Askua..

    17. Mark Mark

      This is so unfair

    18. Potty Mouth

      What a waste of world class talent !!!!

    19. Markjefferson Eustaquio

      I love the iconic

    20. Kai Hu

      I like how they had Iiconics retain without getting pinned or submitted. Maybr a PPV title defense with the future. Always enjoy the pro-heel commentary or Corey.

    21. Hıdır Karasu

      Iiconics love to

    22. NightxKillaT_T

      I guess going in and out of the ring to reset the count is sometimes forgettable eh?

    23. Mathew Dewsbury

      Those IIconics are cowards.

    24. DanaBrooke Fan

      I love how you guys make it seem like it's the IIconics problem they got counted out. They are heels meaning they do anything to retain. Including DQ and Countout now get over it and enjoy the show

    25. Alex Hidalgo

      The iconic's were afraid of kairi sane and auska cuz they might lose their title that night so that's why they get a countdown Victory cuz they're afraid they should lose that title they never defended the only defended once a month

    26. RichardLind 1993

      Terrible booking for everyone in the match Billie I'm sorry for your garbage booking

    27. Alfonso Green

      Kabuki Warriors vs the Iiconics at SummerSlam 4 the divas tag team titles

    28. yasin sancak

      easy vaeat

    29. Metallic Twister


    30. sonoshock

      What just happened?!

    31. Saodaylb TV

      dony understand

    32. Deren Walkes

      The kabuki warriors are ugly shouldn't get a title shot

    33. Alumni Twentysixteen

      The iiconics are the new lay-cool

    34. MyStarX

      The 24/7 Championship is more active than the Women's Tag Team Championship. I thought these Tag Team titles have more impact than the 24/7 title since it was promised to be defended even in NXT, but, oh well, WWE!

      1. MyStarX

        @MUSIC REVERSED That sucks. 😑


        Because the women's tag team division is dead, yes there are about 8 teams that were formed in NXT/NXT UK but there are only 3 teams on the main roster

    35. SLJR23

      So we have Mandy & Sonya, The Kabuki Warriors, IIconics, Alexa & Nikki, plus whatever other tag teams you want to throw together to actually have a competitive women’s tag team division, yet this is what we get? Why bother having the titles if they aren’t going to be defended or you do nonsense like this?


        That's why Vince need to retire

    36. Diablo Pesina

      I know Corey Graves is supposed to be a heel commentator but my goodness whenever he talks I wanna mute my tv

    37. osamudiamen ejiagbonlamhen


    38. Mila Mcdonald

      I'm on the iconic team and page should get her additive checked the iconic out smarter them

    39. Isaac RodriguezMoreno

      The iiconic’s need to get real

    40. Silver 69

      All the damn yelling in the ring from the iconic is so freaking annoying!!

    41. Alayna

      The iconic suck. Like. They had pure luck getting the titles and now are cowarding out of matches to keep anyone else from getting the titles. Trash

    42. SoNmi


    43. Sonia Muñoz

      Me encanta todas las luchas

    44. fang wolf

      WHAT! btw i was expecting pirate empress

    45. X-zero

      Really should have let Boss and Hug hold them longer to establish them first. Right now Lesnar may defend the Universal title this year more then the IIconics defend the Women's tag titles. I believe as of this video they are tied at 2.

    46. Warmonger HM


    47. Jonathan Yates

      The greatest tag team Champions in the world!!

    48. D Ddd

      I liked the flying beaver lock !!!!!!!! ,The most devistating hold in wrestling .🤣 Hahahahahaha

    49. Kourin Tatsungai

      How did they winn


        Asuka & Kairi won by count-out, but that's not the legal win for a title match

    50. rushfan9thcmd

      Asuka destroyed their behinds in NXT and now Nikki and Asuka are in the powder puff division. Once upon a time the Charlotte/Sasha matches and Nikki/ Asuka matches were ground breaking and now are quality of a distant past. Powder puffs indeed. Such wasted talent. Sick of Kevin Owens but he has been right lately.

    51. a z

      Love it how they save this for summerslam 😆 It’s gonna be great

      1. Alfonso Green


    52. izeyah richardson

      We need a women’s us championship and intercontinental championship and a mixed tag team championship and I will be satisfied

      1. izeyah richardson

        MUSIC REVERSED well I mean I’m was just saying but honestly we need better champions !! A lot people deserve to be champ and never got the opportunity


        @izeyah richardson so do you want to convince me that Asuka was undeserving for the Smackdown Women's Championship since she was wasted throughout the whole title reign?

      3. izeyah richardson

        MUSIC REVERSED not if the right people hold them !


        they will all be wasted just like the women's tag-team titles

    53. Handsome Arabian Prince

      Lets be honest, if they let asuka and kyrie win, they'd book them terribly

    54. Rai Ami

      I love Asukamy

    55. シュレディンガーの猫

      ウム🤔 ……頭脳勝ち?w

    56. Thị Duyên

      I need Sasha Banks

    57. Thị Duyên

      I need Sasha Banks

    58. antikpo2clb fndm

      I'm feel sorry 4 peyton she better leave as single competitor. Billie kay is too bad she is slow in the ring and can't take too much bump, she can't sell a great kickout too.

    59. Jun Tan

      Wwe created female tag team titles, but there is not enough female tag teams and they still broke up teams like Riott Squad. Seriously.

    60. Ryan Ellis

      Women aren't getting any time for the past few months Its a shame

    61. mathieu bourgault aubert

      Kabuki Warriors should already be champions helloooooo...its better to happen at summerslam n stop the wastin time

    62. Sunomeow

      Let's be honest here. titles are never going change on a house show.

    63. PocketJord

      you guys literally have asuka and kairi sane and decided to put them in a tag team..... ica tn help but laugh

    64. Amber Albright

      I wish they would stop booking the IIconics like coward champions and have them be dominant heels like they were in nxt

    65. Ess Vee

      WWE.....wth you doing? Oh wait they're Asian -_-

    66. Wrestling Desire

      The Kabuki Warriors win the titles at Summerslam

    67. Matthew Goza

      When Graves open his mouth on commentary, it is really stupid. So glad Liv Morgan was able to shut him up for a minute.


        why are you all hating on Corey Graves, he's very entertaining and hilarious, he's far better than Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Michael Cole & Renee Young

    68. David Hanley

      The liconics r the best😍😍

    69. Rusty Wolfe

      Corey Graves is one of the most pathetic announcers in the entire history of wrestling announcers.

    70. Isaac Adeyemi