India’s Kavita Devi Sends Message to Aspiring WWE Superstars: WWE Now India



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    Kavita Devi talks about her journey in WWE, the significance of being the first ever Indian woman to become an NXT Superstar & what this means for the next generation of athletes who share the same dream
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    1. WWE Masala WWE DAMAKA

      Roman reigns in India

    2. Gaurav Kumar

      Women power of India Kavita Devi WWE power of India

    3. Archna Badoni

      Discipline ? Are wahi to nahi chahiye... kabhi Bhi kisi ko Bhi bhoon do.😁😁

    4. SadiqFarooquiVEVO

      Dsplin nd Hardwork? Seriously?? Have u forgot about Acting??? 🙄🙄



    6. Kiran Riar


    7. Oiyao Pegu

      No matter how many indian superstar joins wwe but the "Big Dog" will always be the all the time fav of every indian this man has a separate fan base in every indian's heart ... Believe that...

    8. Raman Tiwari

      The great khali is bhie dher sucess1

    9. Raman Tiwari

      She beated all the men wrestlers here Hamari chori choro se kam hai ke


      Bakwas Kavita


      Yeh Dana se bhi har Jay g 😂😂😂


      Funky dress

    13. Thamil Zharasi

      New Indian wrestler Yeah she is the first WWE woman to come in WWE ok now a Trivia Is Kavita Devi gonna come to RAW or SmackDown

    14. khiladi 786


    15. Tj K

      2 things: 1.Don't stereotype her, and give her a western outfit. 2. Atleast let her appear in a few NXT shows . For fucksake ! what are u doing with all the indian recruits?

    16. sab kuch

      Lets go kavita congratulations 😘 love from india

    17. have a Laugh

      wwe put this type of video so that there market should grow more in india....because chrisjerico is going to kick wwe from the world with the help of aew

    18. have a Laugh

      india is a best market for wwe but..wwe don't want any indian wrestler..,

      1. have a Laugh

        @Problematic Opinion not saudi

      2. Problematic Opinion

        No, Saudi arabia is .

    19. Gamer Boy


    20. technical nitesh

      Come on India WWE me aga laga do

    21. sanjaya pradhan

      kaun bheja isse wwe main ek bhi match jit nahi pa rahi he sirf har rahi he

    22. Prince Kumar

      Let's go Kavita from India

    23. Sachin C

      Well we'll have another Great Khali & Jinder Mahal developing!! Can't expect a guy to be consistently at top and be entertaining! So it will be another experiment for the WWE to use sadly!

      1. THE GOOD ONE


    24. Ravi S Ranjan

      Lauda mera itihaas... WWE fiction h... It isn't a sport. Though no insult to kavita....

      1. Ravi S Ranjan

        @Aiis shh Great short explanation bro 👍

      2. Aiis shh

        It's a theatrics bro, like a movie & the stunts wrestlers perform here are actual stunts & could be even fatal & history can be created here too 👍

    25. Aahil TANWEER

      East and west Roman reign is best believe that

    26. Chess Tv

      We are proud to be in India B coz of kavita devi Go India Fans Of India like this...

    27. gaurav kumar

      WWE is desperate for Indian support... Don't worry WWE.. Here comes the pain.. And almost all d**b marks gonna watch and save WWE... 😂😂

    28. Satyam Kumar

      We want to see you soon in raw or smackdown.good luck

    29. dhanraj biradar



      MERA BHARAT MAHAN 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    31. Aussie Rulz

      2 Lady Beggars 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Mega Showdowns

        Aussie Rulz why are you so racist towards indians?,nobody likes a racist.

    32. SUJAN JP

      Proof WWE only cares Indian and Saudi WWE fans. Roman is the best example


      I love my India

    34. Deep Dutta

      Proud of you Kavita davi

    35. Keshav Sharma

      When she will debut in main roster or NXT

    36. vishwajeet ALPHA

      Uska haal bhi Jinder jaisa hi hoga

    37. Akshay Raj

      I Love My India

    38. Karachi_Duniya


      1. Karachi_Duniya

        @Cringe videos by Nalin or india lun p charhy hahaha....

      2. Cringe videos by Nalin

        Pakistan ma ka bosada

    39. Dantani Rahul

      I Love My India

    40. ANKIT ROY

      great kavita madam

    41. Samarth Verma

      Continuously pandering to the Indian fans is just so cringey.

      1. Cringe videos by Nalin

        Say that without crying

    42. maxx thinks

      I hate in the ladyyyyyyyyyyy booooooo

    43. Aryan Tyagi Sketching

      Best of luck kavita You’re the future of wwe With love from India

    44. Niranjan Konwer

      Why all Indian wrestlers like Great Khali, Jinder, Kavita are very slow in the ring. It looks like some of their body parts are locked, they don't know how to jump or atleast defend when someone attacks. They do not seem to have body balance.

      1. Himamshu Aluru

        Cause Jinder takes so many pills(drugs) Kali doesn't have skill at all(he is just very big) And Kavitha idk(maybe not trained well)

    45. Aditya Pal

      All the best

    46. DEV STUDIOS#


    47. FUNNY GAGS

      Please WWE jise tum log Indian male wrestler ke saath ganda behaviour kar rahe ho vaise please woman ke saath mat karna

    48. Amin Limbu


    49. Roy Roy

      Brock again? Shame on you Vince and WWE. You suck to the core now AEW is gonna bury you now.

    50. my wwe family

      India's proud girl

    51. Unique_007

      India is a cool country with T-Series as DE-news king Indian 🏏 king I guess is some Kapil and currently I saw Kings won WOD So I wish Kavita Devi good luck join WWE n inspire all..

    52. Souvik Das

      Proud to be an indian..

    53. Akhil S

      It's very disappointing that she hasn't appeared in main roster of wwe

      1. Aditya Visave

        She's still learning the ropes give her some time!!

      2. Vikas Benoit

        She lacks skills stupid

    54. The Executer

      Kavita Devi vs Undertaker My dream match

      1. Mega Showdowns

        The Executer XD.

      2. The Executer

        @Niranjan Konwer 😂😂😂😂¿

      3. Changez-Taimur -Hitler-Napoleon

        @Niranjan Konwer 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🙏🙏

      4. Niranjan Konwer

        Why not? She would have broken the streak when taker was 100 years old if Brock didn't.

      5. Changez-Taimur -Hitler-Napoleon


    55. ziku murshed

      mo one cares about indian promotion.

    56. Harsh Tiwari

      only one message to wwe aspirants... . . . . . . . .be good at acting 🤣🤣🤣🤣 .

    57. T- Hasan

      💪💪India Very Strong Country 💪💪

    58. The heroes

      Indian🇮🇳👳 power 💪💪

    59. ruksana shaik

      We are so proud of you kavita davi 🙌

      1. Alexa Bliss


    60. SBS News

      Faad dege ye sabko ghee ka bdda h wo pizza h 😂

    61. Shubham Shrivastava

      Use me as a like button For our country's pride

      1. Samarth Verma

        But why you ??

    62. Saikot Biswas

      I love my India

    63. Abhay Singh


    64. Wrestling Reality

      Hello INDIA ☺ INDIA is Great Country 😊 😍 Hey INDIAN Fans ! ARE YOU WATCHING Money in the bank Highlights 😊

      1. YouTube Boy



        @Wrestling Reality Bro you are great

      3. Wrestling Reality

        @Aussie Rulz 😕😒? Take it easy Man 😏! Don't say anything of others country

      4. Mega Showdowns

        Wrestling Reality why i am seeing this comment for a 50th time?

      5. abhishek yadav


    65. Sarfraaz Khan


    66. Random Things

      4 views 5 likes 1 dislike


      Best one