Indian Truck Drivers Stay Awake for Days



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    With close to 8.5 million trucks plying on Indian roads, the trucking industry is India’s backbone when it comes to the supply of essential services. Indian trucks are also known for another thing - their fantastical art! For truckers in India, having a kaleidoscope of colours, art, slogans and symbols is almost a rite of passage. The bulky body of the truck becomes a mode of expression, not only for them but also for many truck artists in the country. VICE meets Nafees Ahmad Khan, a truck artist from Indore, a city in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. We also meet truck drivers stationed at Nafees’ workshop to understand why they get their trucks custom painted and what the iconography means for them.
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    1. Mikee

      This is more about painting trucks. A waste of time.

    2. Mel Trujillo

      foo that’s me Nd my amazon truck

    3. Rahul Magadi

      RGB inside trucks,not bad.

    4. Gabriel Germann

      Misleading Title. Vice becomes worse and worse.

    5. Shivam Sokhal

      For the people who came here for the big revelation - They're on Opium or Poppy husk.

    6. Ivan Jassi

      Whole lotta ice going on

    7. Matt Xon

      Beautiful language

    8. Dylan Parent

      why does indian just sound like asian spanish

    9. Attila Ambrúž

      More about paintings then how they deal with sleep deprivation.

    10. Natural Heel

      Coke, that's how

    11. Shubham Meena

      *So they copied Vox with same location and the same shop* I've been there, this video fairly old

    12. Eee Sss

      0:28 it’s not just the truckers that don’t bathe it’s all of them.

    13. abc

      I would hate to be a Muslim in India.

    14. Daniel Angelina

      Finally I got my bank debt cleared with the financial help I got from Maskoffweb,com they are so amazing

    15. Vel A

      This is a very hard job...Very tiring .. How to stay awake - I hear they fk anything that moves when they are sleepy!

    16. Arpan

      Another low for Vice. Posting old videos with new title. CLICKBAIT ALERT !! Missing the good old vice news!!

    17. Jrezky

      Easy, just don't have a family. Problem solved!

    18. Joost Kamphuis

      If their trucks weren't so damn slow, they might get somewhere on time and do not have to stay awake. Trucks here half the time do not go over 40km an hour. And worst of all, they have all found that the "fast" lane is the lane of choice..

    19. d d


    20. Terrill S Van Dyke

      4:48 .. "I am on the road for maybe 15 days a month, then I go home & rest." ... AGAIN ... U.S. truck drivers drive MORE than TWICE THAT .. .why are you making this story sound like ... the India drivers ... are SOO much more worse off than ... truck drivers who drive every day ... ( INDIA truck drivers ... get ... "15 days off each Month" ... times 12 months a year = 15x12 = 144 days OFF a year) ... COMPARED TO the U.S. ... where Truck drivers ONLY get 5 days OFF a year

    21. Terrill S Van Dyke

      STOP ... twisting the story .. That ONLY india truck drivers ... can not see their family on a regular basis ... How is driving a truck in India ... any more difficult being away from wife & family ... than any other truck driver ... in any other country .. .STOP ... twisting the story ... ALL truck drivers ... no matter their country ... need to deal with these same things .

    22. Terrill S Van Dyke

      0:38 ... "81 % of truck drivers sleep in their trucks" ... & 100 % of U.S. truck drivers sleep in their trucks ... again - you have a better deal .. & you are the ones complaining ??

    23. Terrill S Van Dyke

      If it takes you 3 days to cover ...500 km ... divided by 3 days ( = 72 hours) ... so using MATHS ... 500 KM divided by 72 hours ... gives us ... speed of 6.4 KM per hour ... the TOP SPEED of your truck is ... the same speed a HUMAN can walk ?? Horse-drawn wagons traveled at ... 20 KM/hour ... & you can't do more than ... 6 KM/hour ... in a modern vehicle ?

    24. Terrill S Van Dyke

      ( translation) ... 500 km = 310 miles ... truck drivers in the U.S. ( & Canada, Britian, China, Japan, the E.U., & Russia ) ... drive at 50 miles per hour ... so you are saying that you ... "get exhausted after 6 hours of driving" ... compared to the 11 hours of driving for a typical ... U.S. truck driver ... You are driving LESS THAN 1/2 the distance ... or ... time a AMERICAN truck driver ... drives each day (with-out complaining) ... so why are you complaining ; if you are getting a better deal ... than MOST of the truck drivers around the world ? )

    25. AC KIWEE

      Nice letterings✌🏼

    26. Looks a lot like Afghani jingle trucks... only thing missing is a picture of their daughter in the windshield that they're trying to sell to the highest bidder.

    27. soldier2152

      Thanks to opium

    28. Abhishek Thakur

      One thing to note here , " They miss their mother and children, but no one misses their wife"

    29. ndui kekelwa

      Funny how none of them misses their wives.

    30. Marcos Flores

      cities skylines

    31. John Crusader

      To all those who wonder how indian truck drivers stay awake due the video title - the title never said anything about it nor did it imply it should be answered by the video. And if you really wanna know then it is a mystery even to the truck drivers or in short - they just have to.

    32. forrest putnam

      500km is only 310 miles a day they must be doing like 5 miles per hour XD

    33. tommy

      Indian truck drivers are ruining the industry in Australia.

    34. Felix Cat

      Pakistani truck drivers obstruct their windscreens and door windows with paintings and decorations, all of which make seeing out particularly difficult! Adding to the problems are the incredibly low standards of driving and extremely aggressive driving by truck drivers. I believe these problems are higher in Pakistan than in India, but both have truly appalling road casualty figures. As a Westerner whose country has strict, enforced traffic laws governing keeping windscreens clean and unobstructed, I find it horrifying that truck drivers actively choose to obstruct large amounts of their cab's glazings with painting and decorations. Keeping good visibility to ensure safety doesn't appear to even make it in the equation!

    35. Ryan V

      Literally uploading old videos with a new title and hoping people don't notice. Great media company

    36. Edson Torres

      Refried video of Why Indian truckers paint their trucks...😒

    37. whooshkaboomie

      Indian Truck drivers stay awake regretting having their trucks painted by a Kindergarten artist.

    38. Si Fascista


    39. kookoo kurt

      Hopped up on that “cheese”, trust....

    40. MadamFoogie

      That guy has excellent line skills.

    41. Scott

      Vice Asia in 2019 uploaded this titled why Indians paint their trucks. Has nothing to do with staying awake.

    42. HunterShows

      "This is not a mustache!" '*shows exact image of a mustache*

    43. Jeremy Kyle

      $275 a month... Let me shut up.

    44. D *

      It was not mentioned, but stay awake is within PAINT VAPORS....Whole damn truck, inside and out...How long is required for the paint to cure? Stay "awake" and see......If you are behind a caravan of these we now call that "second hand wake".

    45. Mekato

      Yaba (WY) helps them.. despite their poor income source..the drug is very cheap and able to afford it for daily dosage, I'm not saying all of them take but some do

    46. aquari _

      somebody at vice watches bald and bankrupt

    47. Kyle 0


    48. bingo_fuel

      7:28 dude don't tell me that's not a mustache. i know a mustache when i see one. that's a mustache.

    49. Kaleem Ullah

      Truck painting really art of Pakistan province kpk others coppied them

    50. amar pinni

      This was just a repost 🤣🤣

    51. mohadser wisdoemrf

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    52. anant sharma

      @vice they didn't revealed the real truth how do they stay awake for days? And the answer is they take some kind of opioid drug to stay awake and drive for long hours.

    53. Ainsley Harriott

      I’m a minimalist and prefer trucks in solid colors but I appreciate the enthusiasm

    54. Alex 10,000

      Indian trucker: Drives 500km a day (310 miles) Uber driver: Hold my 5 hour energy drink.

      1. Prakash Kumar

        It's due to more traffic in India..

    55. Stones Jones

      That 'HORN PLEASE ' begs for some 'Y' graffiti.


      The answer I probably some very similar to meth pep pills that were legal here in the states tell the 90s but they still didn't drug test for them after that so they were still poppin um like candy that or plain ole meth now shhhhh its painty truck time

    57. dayofthedog

      1 minute and 10 seconds into the video they show the actual title of the fuckin video........Why Indian truckers paint their trucks

    58. Sandra Davis

      This reminds me of Dakar, Senegal!!! They paint their public buses.

    59. Tyron Simpson

      Only in Mother India. Or Father Africa this would surely happen. For them to be allowed to do this and put the rest of road users at risk of death through an accident 🙈

    60. Subliminal Lime

      500 km = 300 miles. 300 miles ÷ 60 mph = 5 hrs × 2 = 10 hrs Gas, eating, shower, etc... ~4 hours That leaves another 10 hours...

    61. neil nair

      For guys coming here to watch truck drivers taking meth/coke..they would have never even heard about those😂...its probably just tobacco

    62. ajinkya chavan


    63. Abdessalem LETAIEF

      This is a re-upload shame on you VICE !!, I was really excited thought VICE went back to the roots

    64. 1:27 that guy reminds me a skinny version of Chabuddy G from people just do nothing :)

    65. Roro Boro

      Most wholesome video I have ever seen. Proud of our Indian truck drivers

    66. U WUT M8?

      the secert....he uses Khat and bettle nut

    67. Nikk Grimes

      humm, i fee like i've seen this exact same one before but under another name.

      1. hsbrsb

        It’s a re-upload from last year

    68. SiGHT SMaSH

      Still unsafe for them and other people on road a limit must be set for such a heavy load

    69. K G

      Reposted video!!!!!!!!!

    70. Crypto Addict

      I gave this video a thumbs down for lying about the title..