Insane zero mile car collection! The Unprofessionals do Abu Dhabi Part 2

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Hoonigan Bonus

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    1. Pliant Impala785

      Brags about having all these supercars Hasn't driven a single one This guy needs to be shot

    2. Eric H

      yea this dude is rich rich>.< he has a ton of rares lol my god.....

    3. jolly lovehack

      recorded with a nokia 3310

    4. JarHead SS

      Wtf u took out the 2jz that's wack asf I'm out

    5. M M

      25:26. I wonder if that Camel is also zero mileage or if he's ridden it. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    6. Will Mulholland

      That collection 😟 lol there’s a guy in Florida near me that drives a Clk gtr same spec hard top tho and he randomly just rips it down the 95 for shit and gigs and it’s intense, saw him on the road one night, passes you like a blur

    7. Nicholas Johnston

      How are they making almost 700 NA

    8. Jordan Ball

      I think I saw my 97 Silverado in there

    9. zachary stotz

      I love all these cars, but maybe you should do some research about how all those guys obtained all the cash to afford those toys! They got it off the backs of the poor and desperate sucking all their natural resources out of the ground in their country. I can't wait till it runs out and you see them killing each other for every last dollar left on the desert floor.

    10. james rathbun

      Jay Leno wants to know your location.

    11. Gianelli Capone

      Love the f50. What does he do for a living?

      1. Alec Siegel

        Idk if you're joking but it's oil money.


      Jay Leno would like to know your location Also the camera Focus Geeks out when you we try to look at the cracks

    13. redphoenix0

      The audio is so terrible on this it's insane. All you hear is Hert booming and everybody else is whispering

    14. bruce jackson

      Google the Rainbow Sheikh's car builds and projects and you'll see there's plenty of passion and fun going on behind this collection. It's not just investment. They've got cred.

    15. cardboardorigami

      Can’t believe they called it RAMMUS instead of RAMSTANG!

      1. Blayde24

        cardboardorigami been better if they called it mustram

    16. tlt40s&w 70

      All this on the Good old American tax payer. This american money that bought every one of these cars. Oil people and America uses oil. That being said Abu Dhabi is running out of their resource and turning into a tourist attraction.

    17. Story Teller

      Wow... Cars that are meant to be driven that don't get driven. Sorry but that is a goddamn waste. The Corvette with 20 original .miles on it would be so much happier with 100,000 miles in it. Sure they look nice but what is the point of having cars if you're not going to drive them.? Just a goddamn waste.

    18. Dylan Paul

      Why did they allow this guy to review this immense collection. ??? Zero knowledge and zero appreciation. Lack of excitement for the privilege! 🤦🏼‍♂️ painful to watch...

    19. Adam Figueroa

      Most awkward showcase ever lmfao

    20. Monkey2312

      Am I the only one that got a headache from the lights in the show room

    21. Baba Booey

      NA 1000 horsepower!.................nope.

    22. The raddleman rider V4-rr

      If you sold all those cars it would irradiate poverty In Europe for ever

    23. Preston Hall

      Toys Story 5 needs to be rebooted in these would save the fast n furious franchise.

    24. liljoker_408

      Nothing more disappointing knowing that they are never going to actually drive one of these cars.


      4:29. Straight from the factory which is my cousins body shop next door hala!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    26. Iran Cruz

      I still cant afford this in GTAV

    27. Kevin Harris

      Dang oil money for the win

    28. TheTjearl

      Such an amazing collection. I completely agree with the other sentiments stated. What a waste having those two boneheads being shown what probably amounts to be the single greatest collection of cars under one roof. With the shittiest camera and audio recording. Ed Bolian doing a tour of this garage. That's what we need.

    29. Sean Carrell

      What’s the point... cars are meant to be driven, what an injustice.

      1. Matt Evans

        It's whatever, they're cars the ordinary people will never touch, so what they do with them is their own business.

    30. godver555

      this is the reason these cars are so expensive. Multiple of the same cars in one garage.

      1. Matt Evans

        So, it's not like anyone could afford them anyway. Let them do what they want.

    31. Dick James

      Awesome yet a shame at the same time

    32. Pixel 23

      7:35 OMG

    33. i23intheplace2b

      Cameraman sucks.

    34. pwally2714

      You show me your paycheck for $75,000 dollars, I'll quite my job and work for you. *Quits job anyways* I'll work for you.

    35. Moh Dabah

      Braces would only cost him 1/10000000000000th of one of those cars

    36. Chris Sean

      Oil money

    37. Mike Hunt

      Those poor fn cars! They must feel so lonely just sitting there not doing what they were made to do... makes me tear up just thinking about it. 😪

    38. Joshua Witczak

      Gotta love Daddy’s money

    39. robert webb

      Quite pointless in my opinion

    40. Julian Zalewski


    41. Benito Camelo

      11:28 He is just throwing out random numbers at that point. Lol

    42. chris foster

      Buy sell trade list it on buynsellcloud it's free

    43. 1true

      the rammus is proof that you cannot buy taste

    44. allmarinemaintenance

      Wounder how many of these cars actually start and run

    45. DJ GaFFLe

      So this is where the Instagram THOTS go to get shat on...

    46. dolan pls


    47. Dohn Joe

      Typical insane car shopping obsession paid with money from milking oil from the earth. They know nothing about driving them, they just watch them. The same happens with the weapons they buy from the USA. They own them but in case of war they shoot themselves in the foot or hire other people to use them. It's called rich stupidity.

    48. Yourgrannie

      You guys are embarrassing

    49. יובל לחמי

      i loved it❤

    50. Zaryab Qaiser

      This garage deserves a Shmee150 review ......this dude dont even know a freaking porshe or bugatti .. injustice to such a collection

      1. Aviation lover


    51. Marc Wareham

      Giving me a headache keep spinning the camera like that!

    52. o_homem_que_coiso

      No one is gonna talk about this in the background 20:09 ??

    53. FMK_27

      11:55 ah yes I also can't be bothered to design my very own chiron

    54. Al Borland

      What about the two generations of the Ford GT!

    55. Mario Comparan

      worst country in the world

    56. Rodney Wilson

      O my Rammus is awesome

    57. Vxyd Games

      What does he do for a living

    58. Eternal Depression

      I never try to hate on someone’s wealth and their stature in life, but if there is one thing that does make me mad here is how all those amazing cars won’t ever be driven or be driven by petrol heads who want to experience them. Especially the CLK GTR roadster, that is one of my favorite cars of all time and it’s just siting there on the other side of the world in a museum :(

    59. Vxyd Games

      Who’s the owner of this?

    60. Devin Miller

      I have like 10 subscribers, but you need a camera that has a way to adjust the shutter for LED flicker, they are everywhere now. Thanks for the video, amazing how much wealth one family can have.

    61. skyboundpilot

      20:13 ...... "We've learned a lot about the culture and it's a beautiful place"....LMFAO!!! WOW......Yeah....their ass-backwards culture is such a beautiful place. Suuuuure. You're an idiot if you think that place would tolerate Western culture if they didn't rely on us for the money. Hell.....Even then, they barely tolerate Western culture and will arrest you if you do something that happens to offend their sensitive feelings.

    62. skyboundpilot

      Just remember guys.....You can be arested for cross dressing in Abu Dhabi...You can get arrested for holding hands. You can get arrested for being discovered as gay. You can get in trouble if you're not married, and/or the same sex while booking a hotel room with one bed. Also.....Do a google search for "rules for women in the Abu Dhabi".. Go look how sensitive and ass-backwards they are. And then after learning all that, look how buddy-buddy the Hoonigans are with the damn Sultan.

    63. Matt Rezek

      Thats that arab oil money boi

    64. Dennis Gerald

      _This shit is disgusting. I have no words. Beyond spoiled._

    65. r86

      The amount of money over there is crazy all the oil profits and princes the money gave to them by all the other countries that use oil. It works as incentive to sell more oil and who to sell it to

    66. Mike Hundredson

      Zero miles on a car built for high speed performance is like not having sex with a perfect 10 model.

    67. Alvin Mercado

      Nice, gotta love oil money and it’s disgusting wealth. Different from a jay leno and Steve Harvey who actually worked a job once in their life.

    68. Pearcey111

      Where do people get the money to buy a car collection like that, this has to be the best car collection I have ever seen, love to know how much he has spent on cars great video

      1. 1true

        Look at how nervous the guy serving coffee seems. That says something about where the money comes from.

    69. Daryl Zero

      Nice cars but I can't help thinking about all the poor people you could feed

      1. Nino Ellison

        Daryl Zero EXACTLY!!