Installing a New Fuel System on the LS Swapped Huracan

B is for Build

B is for Build

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    In today's episode we're installing the Deatschwerks fuel system on our Huracan.
    Head over to for all of your fueling needs. These dual DW400 fuel pumps will push a total of 830LPH and sound nice and quiet doing it.
    Another huge thanks goes out to Ty Mullins for supporting us with the different electrical modules to help us get the Huracan turned on.
    Check out their site at
    And check out his episode tearing down a huracan here:
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    1. Adam Usmani

      What’s the song at 4:50

    2. pgr0104

      O is for Oscar

    3. Silent Champion Knight Rider

      Seeing how much the gauge cluster in my '98 J-body controls, I would not be surprised if the "advanced" one in the Lambo does even more.

    4. red or dead

      This huracan is so modified now its not really a lamborghini any more. chassis, wiring and engine all modified or non lamborghini parts. All thats left is the body.

    5. C. Alex Nelson

      Love the channel but wondering if you're going to go ahead and say go ahead every 30 seconds for the rest of time.

    6. Charles M

      I hear a lot of chatter about how great Oscar is. And they're right, dude rocks. But I'd rather weld (if I could weld like him!), run fuel lines and do it all laying on my back in a puddle of oil and gas, ANYTHING but trying to make that wiring and computer stuff work! It's a good team!

    7. Tomas Blaquier

      Im pretty sure you cant use 6061 Aluminum in gasoline, use 5057 instead

    8. Overland Underland

      are you going to put a member under the transaxle box at the rear where you cut the original chassis to take the box lower

    9. Mohit Surtani

      No sir. You havr NOT bored us to death. Youre an absolute maniac Chris

    10. rage5606

      Watching this build is like having a nightmare where you are at school in your underwear...

    11. De wizle

      What happens if you lose a pump?? Need to tie fuel lines together before the rail maybe an X-pipe type fitting with check valves that way the car will be drivable just with reduced power

    12. Abraham Alonso

      Nice you did it. Less talk more work

    13. Canuck

      chris who is this "WE", do you have a mouse in your pocket?

    14. zrulz

      My previous employer called their hose fittings "Field-assemble-able" and they are cool. But you want to do four things to make assembly smooth and seal tight. 1) cut hose with abrasive cutoff wheel so it doesn't pinch. 2) Blow out the hose inner tube and make sure no dirt in it. 3) On belt sander, chamfer the end of the hose outside slightly so hose bottoms against bottom of inside of outer collar. 4) Chamfer the inside edge of the hose (1/16-1/8" into hose). The chamfers should be 45 degree. 3) Put a little oil on the insert so it doesn't grab or damage the inside bore of the hose inner tube.

    15. Martin Moyo

      kudos on reaching a million subscribers!! you should do a special episode to celebrate that milestone

    16. TinManWS6

      Brave man using DW stuff lol. Notorious for failures in the LS community as well as not flowing anywhere near what they claim they do.

    17. Dustin Schroder

      E85 will eat the rubber on the hose on the sender.

    18. Revolution G.

      WTF u doing!!! U mad! U need new brain !

    19. JP8 8

      Wow looks your labor is going to run 70 grand alone. Great video you guys got brass ones I sure wouldn't try this.

    20. ELlTE74

      O is for Oscar, saving builds.

    21. Ronan O'Loughlin

      Why the fuck would you put a LS engine into a lambo, that Audi V10 engine is far more superior! Thats like refusing a hot chicks advances, to have sex with a ninty year old hagg..

    22. Green


    23. Ally Kerr

      It's Ally-min-yum ! not Alooninmum lol ! :oD

    24. as wqd

      B is for showing love not for oscar only,but for chris too!!

    25. Joseph Acker

      To hit 1000hp might want to have dual fuel pumps and a fuel sump or even a mechanical fuel pump.

    26. Thatguywithnopancreas

      Bro your channels editing and your work n ish is REAL I get lost and binge your episodes. Real talk..and I'm just well my mane says it all. But I lived my whole life working on cars man,and ..well got sick. Pancreatitis and didnt know. Any way we could chat about something privately thanks Joe, @thatguywithnopancreas gram peace thankyou

    27. 1frxns1

      B is for SpOnSoRiNg

    28. phat56pat

      Congrats on 1 million

    29. Timothy P.

      Keep an eye on the hose on top of the pumps. The fuel we get here (OR) ate thru the submersible hose inside my fuel cell in less then 2 years on my offroad truck. Replaced the rubber hose with aluminum tubing to avoid that issue in the future.

    30. Thomas Anderson

      Are there any bets going on if this thing burns or not?

    31. Bryce

      Injector Dynamics is better

    32. Patty

      I am not sure how your Venturi fuel system is supposed to work... How will you fill both of the saddle tanks at the gas station with no pump moving the fuel from one to the other?

    33. watahyahknow

      it might be an eazy weld but if it fails you be taking half the car apart to get to it

    34. Jeff Lee

      so you put a good engine in the single biggest piece of shit ever manufactured. well thats just fucking brilliant

    35. Who's That

      Spike in pressure, pressure transient!

    36. Who's That

      I hope the man bus fuse is right at the positive terminal. There are many options for placing a disconnect right at the positive terminal

    37. Who's That

      U need a drill press. Bridgeport. I'll watch all the ads since scotch is so nice.

    38. Who's That

      I love it when some random nice guy send help to another builder. Why it never happen to mez!. Jk

    39. Shain Andrews

      I"ll have to look into those fuel pumps. Certainly some of the quietest.

    40. Mark Massingill

      I may have missed something, but looks like you plumbed one fuel pump directly to one rail and other pump to other rail. Will they equalize pressure somewhere or will it be a 4-cylinder if one pump fails?

    41. Scott Thomas

      Those big of injectors with 5 gallon fuel capacity? 😳

    42. Jonathan VanderMate

      I realize it's two very different model vehicles, but I drive a B6 S4 that I bought not running due to a fried ECM. to get it running I replaced the ECM, ANDDDD when I did that I had to disable the immobilizer because, on my Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) vehicle the ECM, ignition switch / key, and the dash all need to match. I was able to re-flash the ECM's EEPROM such that it would ignore the immobilizer using the information in this link (and more): Again, these are two very different models with 10 years difference in their manufacture dates, but I doubt VAG has made their immobilizer systems less integrated into the vehicle as a whole in those 10 years. Maybe there's similar information out there for the Huracan's immobilizer system (it's likely a system that is shared across many platforms).

    43. Dead Reckon

      B is for Borghini... Again...

    44. Ben Whitney

      That aluminum fuel pump hanger is nice! You could have cut that thick aluminum piece with the smaller diameter holes down the center and drilled some holes for bolts to turn it into a clamp to hold the larger diameter fuel pumps....cause you know, everyone cringes when the zip ties come out... haha! but that is how half of my car is held together!!!!

    45. J Luttr

      You need two keys when finished and one set should go to Oscar. The man is a build artist. Invaluable!

    46. nogueirv

      Cluster, Keys and ECU share the same code for immobilizer, you need to have these 3 things coded or from the same car !

    47. vkturbo

      How are you not stressing about those carbon fibre panels? they are gonna take nearly your whole build time to do.

    48. Abelardo Rodriguez

      Injectors are licking back to drawing board 😂😂😂 good one.... this is going to be 🤯🤯


      nice sick of those lambos breaking down and costing 5k to service it every few months yea throw a ls engine it LOL

    50. ADAM KING

      Poor huracan. The only thing that made it good gets swapped.

      1. Ronan O'Loughlin

        It's not a lambo anymore, the only thing going for an LS is there as common as muck and easy to get parts for. Other than that, its not a high revving engine by nature (boring) because of pushrod design, burns oil and if driven to the red line will break apart..

    51. Ocean Man

      B is for Oscar Built

    52. Lavish Belle

      run hard lines from filters to the rails and from rails to the regulator.

    53. 1BCamden

      take one beautiful lamborghini tank/pump housing and turn it to shit

    54. e2thac

      More Oscar, the guy has mad skills

    55. Richard Martin ริชาร์ดมาร์ติน

      when I build, I put the fuel regulator on the return to tank line. that way I don't starve the engine.

    56. Ethan Macheras

      Great fabricating with the fuel pump, it looks good! The fuel cells look good now after cleaning and repairing them or whatever you did to them! Great job on fuel system and wiring!

    57. Fulthrotle73

      Oscar is a stud.

    58. Hendrik Viljoen

      great stuff

    59. clever41504

      Chris: I’m Building a LS swapped Lambo Correction: Oscar is building a LS swapped lambo

    60. Xxx Dodacion

      Hurrrdurrr LS swap so exciting

    61. Rick TheLDSlibertarion

      Incredibly interesting. Not at all boring.

    62. Jeffrey VanderKlip

      please redo that short fuel line. it doesn't look good and my OCD is on overload. LOL

    63. No Name

      Plesw for the exaust pipe use a titanium quad exaust

    64. Armando Vega


    65. Craig Bowen

      What’s happening with the front end? Where’s all the frames etc???

    66. Timothy Wachter

      CRAZY! I can walk out my back door and see Mullins. That’s freaking awesome

    67. Blinka Bot

      Texas Speeds build of Chris’ engine

    68. Michael Rivera

      Hey Chris you said that you were going to make a video showing off what the Datsun can do how to track do you know when you're going to make that happen I would like to see that video it's been a while since I didn't seen the Datsun

    69. Ernesto 8A

      Shouldve stayed with the lambo theme and got the edelbrock twin throttle body intake.... wouldve looked 100 times better

    70. Aircooled VW

      The new dash pod will fix your immo issues. All VAG cars are coded to the dash these days