Installing an Air to Water Intercooler on the LS Swapped Huracan

B is for Build

B is for Build

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    In today's episode we're building a cross brace and installing an air to water intercooler on the huracan.
    Huge thanks to our sponsor Metal Supermarkets, head to and find a location today!
    Big thanks to Extreme Turbo Systems for building our Air to Water intercooler. Find them at and follow them on instagram at
    And shoutout to Mullins Auto, find them here
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    1. Andries

      Imagine that beautiful glass rear hatch which you can see through to look at the turbo mounted nice and right in the engine bay, getting fresh air from side vents or a roof scoop.. but no they have to look like this...

    2. Canuck

      looks like once again everyone is asking to flip the turbos and again it wont be done, they make shields for turbos and yet he still thinks that mounting them backwards and diminishing the effectiveness of them is better because "its not that big of a difference in performance". tell that to cletus, he has been showing how ineffective turbos can be just by not having it mounted properly or having the wrong angles on just the tubing. why do you think he is rethinking and rebuilding the setup on ruby, because even though it works and looks good, its not as efficient as it could be. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, CHANGE THE TURBSKIE SETUPS!!!!

    3. Hidden NAme

      Honestly, gonna echo what everyone keeps saying about turbo placement/orientation. Look at the Murder Nova or The Crow for how to show off turbo properly. Mounting them in the front corners of the engine bay with a scoop running from the vent you're building into the fender flares would have been epic. In the end it's your car. Do what you want, but just be ready for tons of criticism on the turbos.

    4. Atanas Tripzter

      Turbos are flipped wrong :P the right one is spinning counter clockwise yet the compressor is configured to spin clockwise.

    5. Alex ###

      You can buy pocher 1/8 model car and look inside.

    6. Rick Foster

      Love what you're doing it is pretty awesome but Jesus Christ take a breather when you're speaking you talk way too fast lol 🇬🇧

    7. Criscitiello

      I'll subscribe after the turbos are flipped around

    8. Hatchell Dylan

      Chris the dislike of your placement isn't because of aesthetic its because of function. It will function best if flipped

    9. Callum Bush

      You look tired here (or stoned) or both! Go take a vacation!

    10. Asdrubale Girolamo


    11. Steve Sloan

      I’d like too see you do what F1 couldn’t. Use exhaust for full downforce.🤣😂🤣😂

    12. Steve Sloan

      delorean time machine look. Can not hand a man a grander titanium lobster back exhaust.🤜🏼🤛🏼😎🇦🇺🍀

    13. war pillow

      Love the turbo placement, and remember khyzyl saleem designed the car it’s supposed to be a bit EXTRA!!!!!

    14. Dilan Orrino

      Coming in a week later to still say the turbo placement is very silly

    15. Kaden Hoche

      Found out I had a metal Supermarkets like 30 minutes from my house and the service was absolutely amazing I was there for less then 15 minutes and got everything I needed

    16. mreslamibrahim

      Awesome job Man m really worried about all that aluminium weight on ur car

    17. Surgeon001

      This Lambo is essentially going to be a work of art, having said that - the placement of the turbos is "Perfect", everyone driving behind will be hypnotized by them (no one wants to stare at the exhaust side of a turbo). I'm sure you can squeeze a bit more performance by turning them and having roof scoops but this car will already be over 1k HP and we're not even sure he'll be able to put that to the ground, so people need to STFU and let the man do what he does.

    18. advanceddarkness3

      Fancy Corvette....

    19. Luis Rivera_1430

      I would’ve just ordered a custom body kit,that one doesn’t look that good

    20. Tom

      looking at the comments, i think you might need to flip the turbos...

    21. Dennis Estrada

      Leaving the turbos like that is going to restrict your intake and exhaust. Get the maximum flow for the maximum power. Don't throttle your setup with a stupid mistake!!

    22. Azaxruaiya 13luck

      Please flip the turbo

    23. Mikael Börjesson

      Really love your episodes but i have one question, what's the status om the boat you bought? / Mikael from Sweden!

    24. Josh Crutchley

      If this is a drag car save some weight by flipping those turbos.

    25. Maurice Warfield

      I think the car looks great pretty much however its CREATOR wants it. You don’t look at art and make suggestions 😩 people these days smh


      If you guys love outdoors, and action sports then give my channel and latest video a shot! Thanks ahead of time guys! SEND IT!

    27. Tyler Hendrix

      Flipped turbos, dual sesto elemento inspired roof scoops running to each turbo.👌

    28. skiysi4

      It’s fun to watch all these sponsored cool parts and all they build kinda fast forward style without thinking. It kinda seems like this build is gonna get lot of problems later. Nice welding tho. Also I would like to know electrical parts situations and some painting/fixing plans for bodypanels? 6 week goes and this will be 100% sure ”project car

    29. Edwin Perez-Clancy

      You must flip the turbos.

    30. Doug Kiphut

      B is for BOAT. B is for BOAT! (I'm not going to leave you alone until we get a boat update! xox)

    31. instagram NursultanMagauiya

      Exactly no one: ** B is for build: *Oscar* B is the Best))))

    32. deep void

      dude you look high! your eyes are literally stoner eyes

    33. Joshua Parton

      B is for Better be paying Oscar really well.

    34. Nina Blatchley

      How are turbos supposed to get air into them at 100mph facing backwards is there going to be some kind of intake duct maybe a small roof scoop that runs to air box filter for both turbos

    35. Finish Line Factory

      This car is coming together so nicely! Great job with the fabrication work!

    36. M_flores56

      Boat video?

    37. Ken Allistone

      It seems we all hate the ridiculous positioning of the turbos but we can rest assured that they won’t stay there long, the weight of the turbos perched like lollipops above the manifolds means the welds or the metal will crack very quickly and they’ll fall off. The extreme heat from the turbos will likely help our plight.

    38. Who's That

      Lay off the Truly while filming, mr glassed over eyes. Hahaha. Love Truly. You have no shirts that fit me. 3xl Long

    39. Sasha

      You should literally build your own full custom car, now that you have all this knowledge and know how !

    40. The Build Spot

      Apparently everyone hates the turbo placement from reading the comments. Regardless, love the build! Makes me feel like I’ve done far less on my builds as I fabricate little 😂

    41. Darren Smith

      Peace!!!! Nice job.. Your welding is not that bad... a little practice and you will be a pro.

    42. rp94cobra

      ETS supplied me with a bunch of performance parts for my turbo diesel beetle :) I miss that car :(

    43. Kai sanh Worrell

      Not a LS guy but DOPE build...

    44. Suh Dude

      Stfu with the turbo placement.

    45. Samuel Berry

      I still say it needs the B is for Build tag somewhere visible in the engine bay. Maybe have it lazer etched on the intake or on the air intercooler. I’d also think about adding some gussets to the bracing you made. Could be designed to help hold your exhaust away for parts that need to be cooler and serve as a small heat shield.

    46. Jack of NO TRADES

      B is for Build great content can't wait until you upload a new video! You guys have some great talent!!

    47. Framework Art

      Time for an update, cant wait

    48. ZManMD

      Clock those turbos so the output tube does not align with the exhaust hot inputs or outputs (90 degrees?). Otherwise the air-to water intercooler will be over whelmed by the heat from the exhaust.

    49. Christian Howard

      U bends can be very restrictive for turbos..

    50. Martin Pasley

      I really wanna see the out come And I like the fact that your trying something new and not what everyone else does 💯💯💯💯💯💯

    51. Glenncrx

      Just place the turbo’s in a normal spot........

    52. Sam Warder

      Buy a new project

    53. labicicura

      People you can place them turbos wherever you want, just build your own Lambo!

    54. Владимир Королёв

      B is for changing that turbo placements

    55. flying347

      Wouldn’t it be a lot better to fit those turbos right at the rear of the car 🤔

    56. 2007dalin

      why would you put a shitty motor in a nice car.. lmao what a joke

    57. Christopher Renna

      On a side note. Thanks for the shout out to Finish Line Factory. Great stuff great price, and fast shipping.

    58. Corey Gandara

      Dude, you should look at installing the exhaust with an X-pipe over the heat exchanger with no mufflers and exist out of the center of the car...

    59. darrell myers

      If anyone’s in Nevada looking for Steel go to Curtis steel!

    60. David P Edwards III

      As Long as you Like it?? All that matters👍🏾 best B build Yet!

    61. Luis Puerto

      A little concerned as to what you would do if you had to pull the motor or transmission with everything welded in where it is

    62. Tyler Morgan from East Enders

      I won't make a comment that directly says to "flip the turbos!" *Don't not flip the turbos!*

    63. Peter Bruno

      Should change to D is for Design... why doesn't anybody do any legit design / modeling BEFORE building?!? And yes... turbo location, running length, etc. is really stoopid. Can't wait to see how long the lag is going to take.

    64. Mike Metcalfe

      He said he's getting his air for the turbos from the air cooler. So it doesn't matter which way the turbos are facing. Anyone tried a super charger to turbos?

    65. Shailesh Suthar


    66. Greg Kollaeg

      Flip the turbos. Take the fresh air from the roof. Put the hot gas out after the turbos. Smal ways better cooling. Makes more power!

    67. KRAZY APES

      Dope. Also please do not change the turbo placement. It would be nice to see the practical results you get for this specific build, regardless of the theoretical hindrances other people are pointing out. I'm not trying to imply anything by the way. I'm strictly a facts guy.

    68. Matt Eveans

      turbo and exhaust idea is horrible

    69. Rui Kazane

      If there is only something like Metal Supermarkets here...I already finished a long-gone project of mini moto!

    70. Charlie Thorn

      Please invest in a CNC lazer cutter!!