Introducing The All-New 2021 Acura TLX



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    The all-new 2021 Acura TLX is Acura’s quickest, best-handling and most well-appointed sedan in the brand’s 35-year history. With a model-exclusive body structure and chassis architecture, all turbo engine lineup, and an athletic stance with bold proportions, the new TLX delivers dramatic gains in both style and dynamic performance.
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    1. O Dogg

      Do these burn oil cause u dont have the right oil and burn oil like your civics???

    2. R J

      I'll take the blue TypeS please!!!!

    3. cesar

      All the 400 dislikes are from people that are mad Acura is back to claim the crown 🤩💪🏼

    4. Brett Goldsmith

      Wow! Acura is back to what it should be: the reliability and tech of a honda and the passion and high end "passionate" sport prowess an Alfa Romeo. They even gave some power to the back wheels! This is the Canyon carving halo car Acura has been lacking for the last 10 years. I only wish they had the guts to implement that high-tech racing hybrid system the spent so much R&D on with the NSX. Especially if your shifter is just comprised of a bunch of buttons, you might as well take advantage of the low end torque and the possibility of better fuel economy than a 2005 Dodge Ram.

    5. Alive79311

      Ok so they made a car that “looks fast” and “more aggressive” but they put a weak engine in it? Sub 300hp? Why even make it, it’s not going to sell. What is this car being compared to on the market in that price range? Cost vs Value this car will get wiped out

    6. chaff5

      Great overall look but the tail lights don't quite match the aggressive front. They look muted and subdued compared to the rest of the car. It's like they were taken off the Chevy SS and updated... They also evoke a bit of KIA Stinger with that edge leading into the rear quarter panels.

    7. Akhmad Gutama

      Honda said to Accura: "lets make new model to be sharper by using accord frame then make better looks" Accura respond : "here TLX 2021"

    8. Temprest

      If it doesn’t have manual transmission it’s just another car that’ll be sold for 7,000$ in 5 years

    9. Shayan Amin

      Will 3.0 turbocharged v6 be standard on every 2021 acura tlx

    10. Soichiro Kato

      wow, I actually want this!

    11. Ricquee el silencia

      You guys need to start worrying about your soul, and Careless about materials, Jesus is coming back soon, everything will perish, his words will never pass

    12. Beautiful Star

      Why’d she

    13. True Motorsports

      I have an 03 type s with only 47k looks like she needs to go to collector so I can buy the new one

    14. theory816

      the new grill looks retarded!

    15. Blue Ghost

      They didn't hide the exhausts this time 😄👍💯

    16. Sam Sosa

      Not coming to the UK, boo!

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    18. rcysiFg2

      Dam they nailed it with this car, beautiful.

    19. Hookshot YT

      why is this an ad

    20. Aaron RIO

      Me watching with a 2003 prius 👁👄👁

    21. Christian Sincich

      I currently own a 2012 Acura TL with all the bells and whistles, and MAN that thing packs a punch for its age and in general! My local Acura dealer praises the car above most other older models they’ve seen. Can’t wait til I’m out of college and upgrade do a NEW Acura... (considering Chemical Engineering, maybe even the Type S!)

    22. Patrick Onofre

      I was watching an ASMR video to ease me into sleeping then I accidentally press on this ad and it scared the shit out of me

    23. Wong Elfski

      The concept was amazing. This is mediocre. Its 2020 you have the tech to manufacture the prototype but still worry and make a mundane sedan. I dont care about the new dimensions this is a subtly different tlx than the 2020. This is not a big step its a quick recovery from falling on your face. Build the damn prototype scrap this bullshit

    24. Michael Lajiness

      Very impressed!

    25. Phu Vuong

      Hmm. Just type S. I expect Acura will make type R for TLX but not... What the point for TLX type S then...?

    26. godfather_ part_4

      Shit. Acura is Back .

    27. Nochaser Guitar Channel

      Front wheel thanks. Pass

    28. Nochaser Guitar Channel

      The front grill looks like a genesis

    29. Tom Sparks

      Finally. Acura styling has been lost in the wilderness for a long time. No more forgetable, boring shapes and weird, ugly grilles. Now finish out the rest of the line, Acura.

    30. Samin Khan

      I am trading in my 2018 Accord 1.5 for this. I wanted to the get the Civic Type R but this is a fantastic car. Wow.

    31. HaoChen Jia

      actually looks pretty damn good, better than those lexuses.

    32. New change unlisted_viewer

      I feel 2020 is the start of a new age for cars. Hope to see companies making more enthusiast cars again!!

    33. AviatorRowan

      Ima buy this car

    34. Andrew Salvador

      This is my new dream car 🚗

    35. mb 530

      bring bacc the rsx and tsx

    36. pmk 2034

      I've always been a sports sedan guy, more for the sleeper aspect but even then this thing is bang on. And from Honda too? What a car.

    37. Z Ali

      what u think You would do with money when u earn Customers And their Money. YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO TAKE IT TO U’re GRAVE. this is all infact just About money nothing about humanity , it will all END Once and for ALL ITS ALLL IN A BOOK OF ALLAH

    38. Mark Phils

      Ooh yeah😍😍😍 she is sexy.

    39. Virg Demp

      Looks like an Audi A6 from the front and a Toyota Camry from the back... yuck

    40. S Gomez

      Cash money that Jason Ray 8:35 is the only one that actually had anything to do with hands on engineering! Others (especially Marc) is just taking credit on other team's hard work and is just regurgitating information handed to him. I've seen that plenty of times. 😒 I'll keep my Legend LS coupe.

    41. Artic_fox Gacha

      I remember when I had an Acura we had the same b-day same age same everything until when it hit a deer I wanted my mom to Get another on but she got an infinity ♾ and I cry’s this is real

    42. Landon Sagraves

      Idk why I’m here

    43. Daryl Cooper

      Can we upgrade the turbo i want more hp

    44. Ralph Perez Jr.

      I'm sold! Getting me a Type-S!...Did I miss the power specs for the Type-S?

    45. Hi Antifa, Bye Antifa


    46. GQ Suárez

      I want this car

    47. ҽղ տɑҍɑհ ղմɾ

      Finally a good looking FWD ACURA 👌🏼💯💯💯💯

    48. Lavar Ball

      Took a pretty shit car and turned into something special although the exterior rear could’ve been better the interior is great

    49. JLo

      272Hp? Weak.

      1. Troy Truong

        Most people want a fuel,efficiency vehicle. They dont want a 400hp sedan. Its a daily commute vehicle.

      2. cesar

        That’s for the base engine sir. They’re using more base power than 90% of their competitors. Type S will have turbo v6 with around 350-400 hp

    50. LUIZS_93 //

      the most beautiful cars 🤤 but acura why can’t you be on the mid 300s hp already

    51. GSHeverything _27

      Sweet car 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    52. Rich Natural

      Looks good but will still be overpriced and under powered so NEXT ✌

    53. Joshua Clavel

      How much $$$$$$

    54. Silent knight M

      Damn that looks nice

    55. Hookshot YT

      why is this an ad

    56. jukijunk

      That's it, I'm trading my gtr for this

    57. Dylan Durant

      Dam I love this thing

    58. Cryptic

      This WILL be my first car in 2025. Book it.

    59. Omair Sheikh

      Really want this TLX, just hope its not overly priced

    60. Justin Kuehn

      glad to see you guys going back into the performance segment

    61. Edward Schoenman

      Front overhang looks like shit and will get killed on Many US streets. Inside is way way too busy. Nothing in nature looks like that. Bling mobile. Keep it.

    62. mirahsan2

      Finally the internal infotainment system actually looks modern, borrowing from Honda I see

    63. Kevin Balboa

      I can’t wait to pre-order this this beauty

    64. zkum16

      Reminds me of an Apple launch video. This car looks great. Hoping a HUD is optional. Only knock is I wish the gauge cluster was digital.

    65. Amanda P

      So when do they predict this is coming out ?? It’s so exciting 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

    66. Spicy Noodles

      now bring back the RSX Type S/Integra Type R

    67. Icantbe abluebird


    68. Jaylan Pittman

      Acura said "hold my cup" European auto makers watch this...👀 so happy to back with the family!! Just left bmw for a 2.0t Accord touring. getting a tune soon😈

    69. nick faust

      Goodbye 5 series. I cant wait for this!

    70. TheamazingPK

      I have an Acura TL 05, absolutely love it, and I would love to have the new type-s! Looks sick!