Introducing The Freedom Factory's "BURNOUT RIVALS" Pay Per View Event! (with Vaughn Gittin Jr.!!)

Cleetus2 McFarland

Cleetus2 McFarland

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    1. Firefighter Dylan

      U need to invite 1320 videos to the factory that be so cool!!!

    2. Chris Martin

      I bought it the minute you put it up for sale sadly when the event came I could not log in I tried for 2 hours the night of the event and finally gave up I don’t mind paying more if I have to I just want to see the whole event please.

    3. Christian Adams

      There’s no other way to watch the burnout rivals? Missed it, had to work. Really wana watch it, huge fan.

    4. 69Dartman

      Well that was well worth the 10 bucks and a lot of fun to watch. The production values were a lot better and the summit promotion spots were well done and provided a discount code. Glad to help support the track and everything else you and your friends do.

    5. Matthew Mahan

      Best 15 bucks I've ever freaking spent man greatest content I have ever seen thanks to each and every one of y'all for putting the event on for all of us it was amazing to watch

    6. Johnny Vorobief

      Burnout sound please

    7. Jared Boosamra

      Can't even login thru Roku. Wtf


      Lmfao he ripped donnies hood off, I swear to yall, cleeter is my spirit animal 😂😂

    9. trx4ever

      Wish they would keep their mouths shut so we can hear the bald eagles scream

    10. Alleng Chakma

      you should have made it for free for people like me (14 yrs old ) whose parents wont allow to pay to view online !!!!

      1. 69Dartman

        You can watch it in a couple of weeks when they release it to you tube for free. They did the same for the Freedom 500 if you haven't already watched it.

    11. Brian Beilmann

      Can’t wait for the burnout rivals. Weather gonna be ok?

    12. JPringels

      Not looking for hate on this, and nothing against them, BUT: Please, please please- give your announcers some structure to go off of, or get a little more experienced ones. Honestly the only cringey thing about the freedom 500. Like I said not knocking them at all, but I ended up muting the last 20 mins of the freedom 500 purely for that reason. I think they could do a lot better the more they do, however I feel they need some clip notes to go off of or something. Like I said before not downing anyone, just my .02. look forward to watching any PPV you guys come out with while we're still shut down

    13. Jakerdude2 -

      WhistlinDeisel...race him

    14. Ahms Chouky

      Put some stock wheels on Leroy and full send it at the burnout rivals 👍👍🇦🇺

    15. blastbeatingjerk666

      That drone footage is so rad

    16. roy grohler

      Supra just went 6.99 h pattern stick shift . You all going to fix that.

    17. James Kidd

      Cleeter I can't pay for the burnout challenge. I paid for the last one and I try to reset my password and I never get a email help a BROTHER OUT!!!!

    18. LA DIABLA956

      Cleetus he called you out check it out heres the link

    19. Jason Scott

      Garrett, I noticted you upload about once a week on this channel. Im loving the small updates on this sidechannel to keep us informed on the smaller stuff that we all enjoy hearing about... Hense why we decided to subscribe here haha, you should try to make this a weekly thing! Even if its normal maintenance around the property. Show us what goes into owning a racetrack! Or maybe put alec up to the task of filming things he does there, thatd be pretty cool!

    20. Jeff Mackens

      Paid up! Git some

    21. colorado redneck

      Cleetus help ur home at pfi he needs ur prayers bro and some homie love. Dyno blast went wrong ....Dann go check just looking out ......

    22. NWI Josh

      Please let me bring my 16th box truck down for some freedom and burnouts ! ! !

    23. Cincinnati B&R Chris

      @Cleetus Matt from DEMO RANCH has been building a burnout vet!! Like so cleeter can see this!

    24. John2Moore

      Get Ronnie Mac

    25. DarkDeathStarYT

      Cooper would be a way better Announcer spicy Spence Announces like we’re 5 yrs old jst gonna throw that out there

    26. Solid Snake

      Yo. I have an idea for the show. Another beater challenge. But you buy the vehicle for the other person. You have a week to modify it as you please. Then do some challenges.

    27. Brennan Krueger

      Are we guna see toast finally hit the freedom factory!?!

    28. Matthew Waxmonsky

      Cleetus! You should send an invite to ChrisFixIt!!!

    29. Deven Coleman

      It would be so sick to have Ken Block or Travis Pastrana join the crew

    30. Justin Walker

      Cletus I’m out on call full time across that date. Will there be a release later on of the event on ur channel or is it ppv only

    31. HD MFG

      “Freestyle drifting” sounds a lot like red bull drift shifters. Love it!

    32. g8madness

      How do I get invited to one of these events?

    33. Pete Nahn


    34. Mike Larsen

      I will never pay a PPV fee so your going losing some of your hard core OG from the beginning fans 🖕🤔

    35. Jdmmike24🔰

      You should have itsjusta6 in on this as well

    36. Eric Stone

      Get Derick from Vice Grip garage to bring his red white and blue Chevelle. He’s been building it to take to one of your events anyway. If you guys got together for a collab it would be friggin awesome.

    37. espenevo

      @cleetus2 McFarland Cleetus, you should make a three part challenge format that combines drag, drifters and burnouts in a firm and repeatable format so we can have a way to enjoy and compare modified cars for street, drag and drift. Make it a package and invite friends, racers og bloggers to visit the FF to film and set a time. Sort of like a Top Gear track for bald eagle machines, with the point being to let drag, grip and drift cars post comparable times to solve the age old question of how good are those (other guys) really at (what I'm doing)"? Best part is - you have the components already! - Start with a street drive long enough to bring out trailer queen issues. Always fun to watch the excuses and wrenching :) - A quarter mile time, maybe they get a fixed amount of runs like best of three, sum of three out of five maybe. - A standing start track time at the FF, where you lay out a lap using the oval and infield to make a combination of wide and tight corners and have a target time of say 100 sec. - A dyno run. Preferably give the guys enough rope to make some interesting explosions. - A Cleetus rating where the contestant does what he can to impress Cleetus. Drifting, burnouts, cool builds, good guys, Mountain Dew chugging, crazy stunts, girl driver bonus... lots of options! Make a package where each component makes a reference score of 100 based on what Leroy can do, so that the highest total score wins. Then make a ranking like a high score list for the objective measurements and a cool guys list for memorable moments. Then as the participant list grows, invite previous competitors back regularly for new challenges. "Dirty dozen - the 12 worst performers get a new shot at glory" and "highest quarter mile speeds go drifting" and so forth. Make it predictable. Create basic requirements for safety, have rules for how much time and attempts people get so that participants can prepare, and so that bloggers and participants know that they will get out of it. If you decide to sponsor it, the Summit van is a great idea. Have Texas Speed enter a customer car. let 1320 videos invite some candidates and do a co-production. Let James dig into the technical side and ask those questions we all want answered The drones and commentator you had for the dirt race would be perfect for this format. You could have a number of participants each weekend and just cycle the locations. I honestly though this was going to be the thing you wanted the FF for - practical and reliable content production for you guys and for participants. Think of it as automotive MMA. Sure, boxers can punch but that doesn't matter because they can't defend a rear naked choke.

    38. Johnny G

      Freakin Fantastic!!!!

    39. Pete Crabtree


    40. m.w. Adams

      no offense guys..but burn out events are really only need the brain of a pea to do a burn do NOT need mad skills...

    41. Stan Davis


    42. what

      Lets gooooooooooo

    43. Adam Thompson

      You should also bring in just a 6

    44. fryrear technology

      4:34 JH who?

    45. fryrear technology

      Ken Block hoonicorn style starting with a massive chained down burnout in the shop, jumping on the track doing a massive lap, followed by painting the burnout pad black while smoking out the track!!!!..... I can see it in my head and it is awesome however it in my 2002 BMW Z3 M roadster with a SMGii 6 speed swap and 330rwhp/300tq S54 motor with 285/45/r17 rear tires shredding off mmmmmmm tasty

    46. ronald graham

      Sounds epic! Can't wait to see when you schedule events at the FF like east coast burnyard, better!

    47. Kyle Strayer

      Best idea ever for drifting

    48. Anthony Phillips

      Will it be on the tube??

    49. Stephen Mckee

      As part of the race to

    50. Stephen Mckee

      You need to take it into the dirt track

    51. mellender0

      gocart burnout would be the shit

    52. Robert Lindsay

      Hey Cleetus where is are aussie car's !!?? Are they coming !!? Let us know the update thanks !! Keep up the great work !!

    53. 3uvakind

      Would be sick if you could somehow get Jim Ross former WWE announcer to announce the event haha

    54. Brice Mason

      Definitely gotta have Matt come

    55. EffArDee


    56. NCHeel

      Getting boring watching the same handful of youtubers compete over and over.

    57. MrSkitzmotorsport

      Still waiting for your edited version of freedom 500. Hope you make edited version of this as well for us people that dont get to watch live due to work

    58. Jonnys project's

      Dude tells your boys at SUMMIT TO SEND WORLDWIDE stop being selfish summit

    59. Wyatt Foster

      June 20th is my birthday hell yeah brothers!

    60. Dustin Scharf

      thats wY too much money for bad camera footage love u guys but 5 is more like it its corona times no one is working

    61. Thomas Johnson

      Adam or Taylor need to take 2 cars and switch mid run

    62. Neil Reid

      Absolute fact: Ole Cleet and the FF generate 99.99% of the total fun in all of motorsports. Freedom!

    63. Ram Cam

      I can see Formula D event happening at the freedom factory in the future

    64. ben reynolds

      You're gonna have to upgrade your suspension on Neighbor. You know you're gonna jump the entrance and that keeps 'er reliable. Fuckin' send it brother.

    65. Anthony Morris

      @Cleetus2 McFarland have you watched this (leroy)

    66. Logan Wilkerson

      this event is on my birthday

    67. allan rickard

      Or you could soak your wheels into diesel for 2 weeks New Zealand style

    68. allan rickard

      Use magnesium wheels all the way bro don't forget the fire truck and steel belted radials soaked in jolnia put 2 l of water and each wheel and you might get a NZ burnout

    69. AudibleVisible

      Gymkhana X Freedom Factory Needs to happen

    70. eternallyunderground

      Daigo Saito needed