iOS 13 Changes Everything! 25 Confirmed Features!



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    iOS 13 is an absolute game changer! Dark mode, home screen redesign, new animations, faster, sleep mode & SO much more!
    ▶ Watch more iOS 13 videos:
    Also my first iPhone case! The Phone Rebel bullet series. What do you guys think?
    Thank you Mark Gurman! Source below.
    Max Weinbach, Jailbreak source.
    Why Jailbreak iOS 12!
    Where to Jailbreak iOS 12.
    Apple find concept.
    Wallpaper used.
    Jailbreak stuff.
    Theme used: Bohemic
    Tweak for volumeHUD: Ultrasound
    Tweak for LS custom icons: Jumper
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    1. EverythingApplePro

      Thank you so much for all the support guys, I can't thank you enough for bringing me here. I am actually releasing a REAL physical product with a submitted patent for the design, I can't believe it! Will be sharing more these coming weeks

      1. Mustafa Al-Saeedi

        EverythingApplePro what the name of the case

      2. Noureddin Alajjal

        Brian Palacio Where can we but it ?

      3. luisito NeymarEsNo1

        Get fucked dude your starting to clickbait like that ICUD guy saying this is the last jailbreak. Same you said about every iOS since iOS 9 I ain’t forget

      4. Kavon Treleven

        When can we get one of those sweet cases !?!!

      5. michael galeano

        EverythingApplePro that new case has finger grooves in the perfect spot!! When r you going to do an in depth review of ur new phone case???!

    2. jesusgodintheflesh

      The Alpha and Omega God revelations 1 he was dead and now I forever more Jesus Christ

    3. Eternity WithGod

      Still at 12.4 on iPhone 5s ;-; this was uploaded in May? ;-;

    4. Radin GeekGaming

      I hope the Find my iphone and friends app combined is called "iFind" or "Finder"

    5. Dejuannee A

      is there any update on the phone rebel case?

    6. SrJulio the 3rd

      4:44 it says Loser’s Juul

    7. Mugurel Teodor Andrici

      Those cats might jailbreak ur furniture lol

    8. Mugurel Teodor Andrici

      Cat mode confirmed. Yes.

    9. Charm

      Did he not notice the change look on apps?

    10. canal batman

      Porque esse vídeo ta no canal do febatista

    11. noah w

      EverythingApplePro I NEED THAT CASE

    12. Gustavo Zárate Topete

      1:55 when you look through your childhood ps

    13. areef shaikh

      Sir case price

    14. Saddy seid

      Omg!! Have always been waiting for this from ..Yay!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏

    15. Samuel Wu

      All these features aren't innovative. Androids One UI has all these things already. Have you even tried it? Fully customizable like its jailbroken, dark mode, alert for headphones, fast animation which the user can tweak how fast they like, etc.

    16. Mario Suter

      What’s the name of the pullover you have??

    17. Sean Sullivan

      Should you jailbreak still even with the snapchat banned?

    18. Lepe Guzman

      The home screen didn’t get redesigned on iOS 13 , the only new thing is the dark mode .

    19. ٰ ٰ

      *_RIP_* People i hope you remember me in good i was ready under your finger press from long time See you in another life

    20. Sean Thomas

      Thank god I didn’t watch this before the #WWDC keynote. It would have ruined my enjoyment.

    21. Bailey Ward

      When’s the phone case coming out?!?

    22. Chop

      4:46 wtf is that 💀

    23. Ashish Verma

      Anyone watching this after ios 13 was released?? How right he was so many features as predicted did come to ios 13....Great video!

    24. kalem bang

      "This is the most exciting IOS coming to your iphone" AHAHHAHAHAH. Every IOS update ever. like ever.

    25. Mr Siphiwo Sahluko Gumbi

      Will iPhone 6 get iOS 13 ?

    26. LaQueena Sterns

      I need to upgrade next year. This iPhone 6 is kinda painful to have. She’s held with me for a good 3 years, but I ima upgrade to the iPhone XR

    27. Valdson almeida

      Um s10

    28. Adrian Dixon

    29. Dimitrio Enciso

      Will pop sockets stay on the back of the case you’re creating? Sincerely, A happy pop socket user

    30. Q Anon

      How about receiving phone call? Does it still hijack the phone?

    31. Bruno Fernandes

      It does not change anything. It is practically iOS12 with dark mode. I am disappointed cause I was expecting a revamp.

    32. You are a Bird, not a Cockroach

      Nobody: iPhone 6 users who don’t have dark mode:🤬🤬🤬

    33. Роберт Фиэлдьс RRFIELDS65

      Alpha looks like Taylor Swift's newest cat from her recent video debut " Me " ... (Benjamin Button) ( )

    34. Your Queen

      Do all type of iPhone get iOS 13

    35. rishi jami

      Will apple remove 3d touch in 13? It is major thing where iphone crushes all other phones

    36. RaivisBlja

      These futeres was in 2000 - 2019 on androids. Good morning Apple!!!

      1. chase k

        RaivisBlja sucks lmao

    37. Mohammed Zakaria

      I want auto brightness to be fixed

    38. Yoshifan152

      Those cats are so cute

    39. dean lewis

      Still no split screen

    40. 19brownboy81

      For as much as these phones cost, you’d think there’d be more innovation. Most iPhones are rebrands of the previous year. That’s why I never upgraded from my 5s.

    41. Triven Govender

      Which devices will ios 13 be available for?

      1. Роберт Фиэлдьс RRFIELDS65

        This is what is on Apple iOS 13 Preview page , and I hope it is correct - because I just got an unlocked AT&T 128GB I-Phone SE SpaceGray proto for FREE! { iOS 13 is compatible with these devices.} >>>> ( ) Learn more about iPhone Learn more about iPod touch iPhone XS iPhone XS Max iPhone XR iPhone X iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus ( ) iPhone SE iPod touch (7th generation)

    42. Andrew Gallardo

      They said the same thing about iOS 9. Lol it was still jailbroken

    43. Min Yoonji

      I clicked on this video for kittens but I blinked and they were gone...

    44. Addison Gaming

      Is the iPhone SE getting the update for 13 to

      1. Роберт Фиэлдьс RRFIELDS65

        It says it is on their site, scroll down to the near bottom . ( )

    45. Caxtus Wolfie

      I love darkness also i am 9 years old i will be 10 at october 28 but i have a iphone 5se

    46. Mycemie

      Literally buying the iPhone 7 from the 5S when iOS 13 comes out

      1. Mycemie

        Jedi 365 You think I have a choice

      2. Jedi 365

        Get the 8 plus

    47. Kyle F

      I don’t want my iPhone telling me my music is too loud I do however want the volume on the phone to go louder! ....seriously!

    48. Bulldog

      I dont even have an iphone why am i watching this

    49. TheStudentDiaries

      It saddens me it took them over a century to make a dark mode 😂😂😂 but yet we still pay for every single phone that comes out


      Sad their getting rid of itunes:(

    51. philused21

      Apple need to stop getting customer hype over something they shoulda been gave to their customer smh

    52. Suso0123

      It’s starting to look so similar to Samsung - the features

    53. J Park

      ads ads ads

    54. Ubdae stancenation

      I wanna hear about the in coming call prison what they gonna do about that

    55. Saliva

      cant find the wallpaper, even thru the link

    56. Fernando Franco

      Ugly case and not the safest case from the looks of it.

    57. Adam V.

      SO ready for the case..!!👏🏽👏🏽 I’m sure it’ll do really well

    58. Alfredo Musse

      They should add a feature on find my iPhone that you don’t need to be connected to the internet when the phone is stolen

    59. It’s Hannah

      tbh the only thing i like it dark mode 🤷‍♀️🤣

    60. Delorean Glanton

      So.... It's becoming more like an Android. Lol

    61. Jesse Taylor

      It's gonna be hilarious when iOS 13 doesn't have dark mode. Glad I went to the dark side of Samsung.

    62. Aisha G

      I’m confused is this only for IPhone X


      So when it’s coming out.

    64. Kevin McAfoos

      Wow glad to see Apple dedicating their time to the real problems. People not using the default OS.

      1. W J


    65. dcentral

      Apple supposedly cares about privacy and security but won’t give us a simple option to require passcode to open specific apps that we don’t want others to open on shared devices. Like if I give my ipad to someone, I don’t want them to snoop on my photos or open dating apps etc.. The screen-time-downtime route on iOS 12 is very annoying.

    66. Andrew Bao

      Omg so many ads in these videos now

    67. Ramon Garcia

      Find my Juul 😂😂

    68. maklet901

      Stop lying about phone getting faster on latest IOS. How much you get paid to say that

    69. SaltyJerry


    70. Jo Nate

      What’s the name of that sweater