Is she Pregnant or Whatevah ?

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Bretman Rock

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    1. Tiana Melissa

      So much love and respect for both of you. I LOVE that mentality of ‘wherever I am, you will be right next to me’ because at the end of the day, we are who we are because of our family. Everyday of your life has shaped you into the person you are now, and Bretman sees acknowledges that in his family.

    2. Gisselle Flores

      In 5 years Bretmen should adopt a kid 🥺

    3. Johanna Hinton

      Tell princess that if she needs her hair growth to take her prenatal it's good for your growth of hair and nails 😊

    4. Bullrun

      Bretman having the black girls dancing with him is everything!! ❤️❤️

    5. 11Asher21

      Someone had comment this already BUT when they were talking about rings. Chris said “I’m giving you a baby,stop” AND PRINCESS GETS QUIET WHY DIDNT WE CATCH ON SOONER

    6. Lovelyreyna

      Besides plastic straw when you guys get soda when the plastic around it make sure to cut the circles

    7. Alicia H

      What is the name of the food they are eating??? On the other hand, I always get very hungry when I see them eating, am I the only one?😂

    8. 루LOU

      It starts with metal straws and ends with saving the world. Watch our crackhead generation save mother earth. BITCH 🌱

    9. Ma-Riee K

      Tell him to knock on wood lol

    10. Nicole Salazar

      That corn shit talk while they are eating lmaooo but hes right tho

    11. Ailyn W

      "idk how Vegas ppl be living there" girl me either im over this city

    12. Chris Fenty

      They should have a reality show !!!!!!

    13. Kaia Reichow

      Love you guys

    14. Yas0789

      This video is also a tutorial cause I'm learning how to break/eat crabs watching Bretman 😆

    15. Justine Rendon

      bretman: ask me about vegas princess: h- bretman: omg let me tell you

    16. Mauriz Stoddard

      Kinda love how bretman called out princesse’s manager

    17. Cheech’s World

      Its crazy how shes actually pregnant

    18. Jolianila Bustamante

      Bretman why are you staying in a apartment, you have a house right??

    19. _fighting.alone _

      Her kids are mine***

    20. LittleMouse 623

      If you think Vegas is bad try going to Death Valley!

    21. Bin

      Princess is so cute when she said I'm just Princess😊😍

    22. Jada Jeffrey

      "it's not good for the baby.." "what baby?!" ........😏

    23. Leila Alihodzic

      18:07 IT melted my heart

    24. Arisa

      1:26 that was a big ass hint right there.

    25. Klarizza Pacris

      I love you bretman but pls stop using plastic gloves ;(((

    26. Carmen Pyle

      I feel like Princess voice got deeper by like a tiny bit 🤷‍♀️

    27. Maritza Limon

      How can bret be this funny😭😭💀

    28. Jhoyce

      i think u two should make another youtube channel together ily both😍♥️

    29. Jayjay Llasos Campos

      Awww so sweet I almost teared up. You are always grateful to Princess and never forget how you got to where you are now. That's what makes you so likable ❤💋

    30. Mirella Magallanes

      I swear I laugh through the entire video everytime.!

    31. Btsarmy3017 _

      I love you guys so much💞 sibling goals❤

    32. Iamluu

      Just imagine have *that* connection with your sister that you dream she's pregnant right before she said she actually is

    33. mind of lucifer

      I thought it was burger

    34. Mia Perez

      Does anyone know the name of the place they got those crabs?

    35. Katie Wu

      Who’s here after princess confirmed her second pregnancy

    36. jiwoo kim

      Who's watching this back from bretmans recent video

    37. Tia Wesley

      Did anybody else hear chris hear chris slip in that he's giving Princess a baby?

    38. Ashley Springs

      Now that we know she’s pregnant you notice how many times she looks at her bf when Bretman mentions it

    39. shook

      bretman: ask me if I’m engaged princess: are you- bretman: UM SOO I THOUGHT YOU’D NEVER ASK

    40. Mariane Azupardo

      i laughed out loud when kiefer wiped off your sweat like his kid!

    41. Leah and Arnaud

      i love this channel x

    42. Kiley Cornell

      Who else thinks princess is so stunning 😍

    43. Kathya Ponce

      Keefar really went in i love him he is the best lol 💜

    44. AmandaBoo

      You should make that clip into a intro of every video

    45. Mubarakka Z

      Turtle intro was good but U ARE WEARING PLASTIC GLOVES, Plastic BIB/Napkin .. So 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ ??

    46. Ashi Kiru

      Bret was being a big bro when he kept on pointing out Princess doesnt have a ring yet

    47. Chimin

      *"cause without turtles, we wouldn't have turtles."*

    48. Kiwi Baby

      18:23 omg awwwwwhh

    49. Kiwi Baby


    50. Quetzalli Hernandez

      “Oh wait I forgot you guys hate chris. Everybody hates Chris” 💀😂

    51. Asuna Chan

      Bretman cures my depression! 🙃❤️🇵🇭🤙

    52. Uniqueka Vernice Perucho

      Ang Nakaraan eheeeee

    53. Pear

      Bret saying babbymae is my favorite thing

    54. Kerigan R.

      Oh i think having a dream about people being pregnant or having kids is a filipino thing because my mom had a dream her friend's son's girlfriend was holding a baby and said it was her daughter. Then the next day my mom said her friend called her and told her that her son's girlfriend is 3 months pregnant.

    55. Maryjo Tinker

      Bro I know how hot it is in Vegas because I live in Vegas

    56. Sieanna Alyssa

      I wished dreams came true...... Bretman:I know she pregnant

    57. Karina Vazquez

      Metal straw yas girl

    58. Sherry Sail

      Bretman- talks about how we don't actually digest corn n can later see it in our poop. Also Bretman *straight up swallows corn without chewing* @3:53

    59. Gabrielle Schurig

      “Cause without turtles there wouldn’t be any turtles.” So basically, would this be a mukbang?

    60. Briney De Leon

      That's the thing about us Filipinos. We're family oriented. Luv this.

    61. ALR

      So genuine I loved this❤

    62. NancyR.

      OMG THE FUCKING SMACK TO THE HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEAD!!

    63. Houa Her

      Dude!! Bret ! Your dream came true! Princess is pregnant!!! Lol

    64. Akacia Thomas

      Her smile when she shows her teeth was soooo cuteeee lmao

    65. FMC

      ❤️❤️❤️ this is touching first I’ve seen Bret this sweet to Princesssss

    66. Carolina Baxin

      16:43-16-53 PERIOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDTTTTTTT✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅🅿️ Bergman you’re my favorite influencer of all time🤩

    67. Rachel Latimer

      babe i think you shouldn't cut out the swearing cause were here for ylou and if people wanna watch u they gotta except the way you and pricess treat each other, just be u brett

    68. Shirley Simina

      The look princess gave Chris at 12:59...Someone please make it into a gif

    69. Nerdy Cookie

      Bretman looks like the kind of youtuber that gets into a lot of drama but like he’s chill.. abd im not mad about it..

    70. Denicia simon

      Video suggestion... Reacting to throwback pics