Is the 2020 Acura TLX A-Spec PMC Edition worth it or wait for the 2021 Type S?

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    This is a RARE TLX A-spec with it being only 1 of 360 being built. The 2020 PMC Edition TLX is built alongside the Acura NSX. Under the hood is a 3.5L V6 that produces 290HP & mated to 9-speed automatic transmission. Power is transferred to the ground through Acura's SH-AWD. The PMC Edition TLX comes in a NSX only color called Valencia Red, and features unique styling touches. In the inside you will be greeted to a special interior of leather and Alcantara. Is the 2020 TLX A-spec PMC Edition worth it or WAIT for the 2021 Type S?
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    1. DUNE YXZ

      That is a beautifully designed car..the shape is incredible. The front end is especially gorgeous!

    2. Norm T

      Not paying $40K for 182 lb-ft of torque from 2.4l Honda motor!

      1. Norm T

        @TheLittleAcura aka A-SPEC! got to the lowest output in the segment for a V6.

      2. Norm T

        @TheLittleAcura aka A-SPEC! up to $45K for 2.4 Aspec to be exact.

      3. TheLittleAcura aka A-SPEC!

        267 lb-ft from a 3.5...

      4. Raiti's Rides

        Thanks for that great input!

    3. RoyGNH

      Honestly from where and when I come from, there is nothing sporty about a sedan! Bring back the Coupe! My 2010 V6 Accord coupe with HFP body kit is 10 years old, looks sportier, sounds better and would at least keep up if not pass this $50k heavier Sedan. Imagine a 2021 styled 8th Gen HFP coupe with (proper grill), 3.5L Turbo and all wheel drive! A hands down best seller IMO. Bottom line is we have less choice now than ever before, while paying ridiculous amounts of $ for something that is quicker then a lawn mower, and does not look like a balloon 🎈 animal!’s sad... good video by the way!

    4. Steven Kreiss

      Better off buying a fully loaded Accord. You save thousands and get a much roomier back seat....

      1. Raiti's Rides

        That is a very good point steven.

    5. Marcusjj1973

      Wait for the 2021 Type S. The current TLX is a joke.

    6. Bayram Celik

      I used to have 96 integra I drove till 375000 mile without any single problem

    7. Ilir Cami

      Go for the San Merino red instead cheaper and looks just as good if not cheaper

    8. Deuante Kelly

      I mean when the pmc is 20k then yeah sure

    9. thomas4776

      Another good review Joe.

      1. Raiti's Rides

        Thanks my friend!

    10. Ambassador

      Wait for a new Audi A6...)))))

      1. Raiti's Rides

        I see what you did there!

    11. Gabe Hernandez

      What are your own thoughts?

    12. allo cromeau

      Looks like a boring car for that price My friend camry Trd is way aggrassive than that Especially he as the Aem intake and D3 tuner

    13. J1J

      Do you think the type s is going to be Overly marked up by dealers?

    14. Josef Suhonen

      Interior is ghastly. Exterior is gorgeous.

    15. Waled121

      Stupid question. Just wait considering no one knows anything about the Type S until it’s officially released. Stupid clickbait.

    16. 김찬연

      Exterior: 7/10 Interior: 3/10 The interior quality might be good but the design is outdated especially the second screen for the navigation it's just pointless since it's not even a touchscreen it makes things more complicated but that interior design is ugh reminds me of an old 2011 Elantra

      1. Raiti's Rides

        Thanks for that great input!

    17. Nick Jones

      So how much should we expect the type s to be if this is 50 grand?

    18. Gregory Davis

      Sorry but Acura just needs to stop making cars

    19. Isaac Fox

      Looks like Florida is back in lockdown mode.

    20. Rich

      If you had to pick between this and the CT4-V (AWD), which would it be?

    21. Marvin Rodriguez

      $50,000 for a tlx that has a top speed of only 125 and has an ancient interior .. yea save your money for the type s !

    22. Chae Rin

      ugly interior

    23. chigga25

      Clean rode but for 50 racks I need better tech n more powa!! Thx for the vid bro

    24. Mamta Banerjee

      Looks like Joe’s favorite car for one single reason that the roof is all black, because you always zonk the body colored roof. Lol

    25. Coals

      Lmao, the middle of nowhere is my neighborhood. Great video as always though!

      1. Raiti's Rides

        That is so very awesome.

    26. reon barrett

      sorry not best driver his wheel work not the best ..not fast driver so why push it

      1. Raiti's Rides


    27. 271 Represent

      The exhaust note is hilarious. Acura made an absolutely gorgeous car, but it’s so underpowered i would never buy this car

      1. Raiti's Rides

        I feel your pain! Hopefully 2021 brings some extra sound.

    28. WaVesOfKatrina

      4K Videos Please :) 1080p is out dated in 2020 lol

      1. Raiti's Rides

        Thanks man for the feedback.

    29. Jack Sparrow

      I’ll take the Acura legend any day over this

      1. Kai Ng

        Good one Jack!... I miss my Legend, good old days...

      2. Raiti's Rides

        I miss that car!

    30. Mr.English

      I’m just going to wait for the Type S. Hoping the Type S has more power

      1. Raiti's Rides

        Same here man!

    31. Acura NSX

      The PMC edition looks good! But 50,000 for a car that tops off at 125??? My 2011 TL can hit 140 in S mode with shifters...😎👍🏿

      1. Acura NSX

        @Mars Hall 🤣

      2. Mars Hall

        Yea because the average person is planning on going over 125 on the regular....

      3. Raiti's Rides

        I feel your pain.

    32. John L

      50k??? hell no.

    33. Broil Waters

      All the damn junk silver and plastic chrome needs to go! Gold , copper, or carbon fiber is the only acceptable trimming for interior and exterior on a PMC edition.

    34. 16 Pilot AEM 9AT

      Where is that Type S model? We need *power* (Edit: still the same circular 3 spoke steering wheel. My Pilot has a better steering wheel than that lol they need that NSX steering wheel in all the fancy Acura models)

    35. Anthony D'Annunzio Jr.

      Good review as always! Way overpriced however. Looking forward to the S!

    36. t g

      Reminds me of a TL

      1. Raiti's Rides

        I totally agree with you!

    37. t g

      Time for rogaine before it's too late

      1. Raiti's Rides


    38. xmyakaxxm

      This 2020 acura looks like it was from the early 2010s. Poor interior. 50k for anolog gauges? I will pass

    39. Daniel Hernandez

      $50,000 for this? Sorry. For that money I could steal a Dodge Charger or a mid-level 2021 Genesis G80

    40. bryan yaninek


    41. Jayy_z33

      160 on the dash, but governed to only 125?? Hmmm 🤔

    42. Savage 96

      Price what’s the price

    43. Charlie R

      If honda want these cars to be special just follow this two simple steps. 1st rotate the engine north to south orientation.2nd slap some turbos!...and then u can called it a P.M.C edition.

    44. Ryan millan

      Nice content. Unfortunately you are clearly a total sellout won't be watching more of your vids but make your money man 👌 good luck to you.

    45. Jeffrey Bishop

      in my opinion joe i would wait for the 2021 man i want the TYPE S !

    46. Victor Orion

      Cool cars you feature my friend. Shared your videos in my Group in FB Mind@BuyNSell...Waiting for more of your videos.

    47. Matthew Edgar

      I like how Joe always sits us down before telling us the price! 😂. Not worth 50k imo

    48. Arman M

      Gorgeous looking car, the color is really awesome!

      1. Raiti's Rides

        It really pops Arman!

    49. Gregory Afanador

      It’s nice, but with the Genesis G70 out there for the same price, it makes this car seem very late to the party. Acura is just not innovative anymore and it is very sad to see. Isn’t this the same 9 speed automatic that has been troublesome in the Honda Pilot Elite and FCA products?

      1. Raiti's Rides

        You are so very right with that.

    50. Philip Pernice

      This is really a class category that is not selling in America TLX/ cadenza/Azera/maxima/Avalon

      1. Raiti's Rides

        Wait for 2021 thought.

    51. Derek Anderson

      I like the fact that it has a CD player, so I can crank Steel Panther on disc. Maybe drop a 10-CD changer in the trunk well to spin the entire catalog while on road trips.

      1. Raiti's Rides

        I like the way that you think!

    52. mazda man 09

      Joe looks pretty bored driving this car😂

      1. mazda man 09

        @Raiti's Rides 🤣🤣

      2. Raiti's Rides

        LMAO! BUSTED

    53. C373

      I really hope you get tickets for the way you drive.

      1. Raiti's Rides

        HUH? That isn't very nice.

    54. zb d0g


      1. Raiti's Rides

        You may be right!

    55. Carlos Mac

      Love the sound of that exhaust.

      1. Raiti's Rides

        I am glad that you liked this one.

    56. Carlos Mac

      Wow nice test drive.

      1. Raiti's Rides

        Thanks for taking the drive with me Carlos.

    57. Carlos Mac

      i'm gonna have to go for the 2021 Type-S

      1. Raiti's Rides

        I totally agree with you!

    58. SeanScatpack Fallon


      1. Raiti's Rides


    59. Danny Fisher

      Nice looking car. But the 2021 model is CRAZY amazing looking. Pricing being fairly equal, I don't see the Acura moving a lot of 2020 models.

      1. Danny Fisher

        @Raiti's Rides hey...just to switch things up, how about mentioning a protein bar or some trail mix in an arm rest or cubby next time instead of Twinkies? Too many of my buddies are starting to pack on the weight and they like your channel. They won't listen to me, but maybe you'll straighten them out LOL.

      2. Raiti's Rides

        Thanks Danny for sharing your thoughts!

    60. Troy Burtwell

      The interior is embarrassing for a luxury vehicle. KIA has better interiors ffs

      1. Raiti's Rides

        You may be right!

    61. kingfarticusreturns

      Gosh I have trouble with the idea of a rare TLX. It's like Kraft making a rare flavor of macaroni and cheese. Maybe that's too harsh I don't know...

      1. Raiti's Rides

        Thanks for leting me share this one with you!

    62. Number Two

      At $50,000 this car is overpriced in my opinion.

      1. Raiti's Rides

        I can understand where you are coming from!

    63. Steve

      Car has Aged well but it is time for the new one for sure. The interior obviously has aged less well but there are things on it that I prefer over the new one. I do not like push button shifters, and I owned a TLX Elite for 4 years. It was leased and returned months ago. I had two cars with the dual screen setup, and now a car with the stupid tablet design and for me the dual screen setup is far superior, it just needed a better operating system and more power in it so it wasn't so laggy. The Screens weren't the problem, the interface was. I'm not a fan of alacantara and it will not age well. Sadly the new one has a push button shifter in the FREAKING DASH like a CRV!?!?!? and still has alacantara on the seats. The main problem with the 2015-2020 TLX is the 9 Speed Transmission, it was laggy and slow down low, and unreliable. The V6 is a refreshment over the turbo 4 bangers ruining the world. As a highway cruiser, getting well over 30mpg was very easy, and it's so quiet and comfortable. This car is not a "sports" sedan but somewhere in the middle of sports and Luxury and far better than the Accord touring I replaced it with. Sadly Acura's service is sub par and needs a lot of work. Currently waiting with money in bank for a Type S if it's priced ok and spec'd right. SHAWD is incredible, and so is that paint, but good luck getting that paint repaired.

      1. Raiti's Rides

        There are some special things coming for 2021.

    64. Vaidas Vaiduoklis

      Raiti: Is it worth it? Me: Might be. The question should be - is it special enough? To that I say no. It has the same engine and transmission as a normal A-spec. The interior does not emit a "WOW" factor.

      1. Raiti's Rides


    65. Adam E

      All this 'PMC' and 'NSX' talk and they come out with something a little bit faster than a V6 Rav4. The disconnect Acura has with consumers is laughable.

      1. Raiti's Rides

        Wait until next year!

    66. Jace’s Own World

      $50,900 for a car that is the slowest car in its class by far! Good job Acura 👍. Regardless of how bad this car is for the money, it was a great review Joe. Keep them coming. 🙂

      1. Raiti's Rides

        I feel your pain but I guess the good news the 2021 model is coming!

    67. Funky' Furballs

      The absence of chrome trim enhances the design... should be the "new normal" imo.

      1. Raiti's Rides

        I totally agree with you!

    68. Mannuel Egar

      Did u say top speed is 125mph?

      1. Raiti's Rides

        Yeah it's goverened.

    69. Undead Skill

      I’d you’re ever in NJ and wanna review my aftermarket intake 2016 Acura TLX V6 SH-AWD I’m down. More people should know what this car can sound like with an easy intake change.

      1. Undead Skill

        Yeah more people need to see what a little intake mod can do .. it sounds so good when that v-tech kicks in!

      2. igloo tanenbaum

        With all that extra HP from that intake, he just might have to.

      3. Raiti's Rides

        Thanks for that! You are so very right!

    70. jan novak

      Great car...

      1. Raiti's Rides

        Thanks man!