is the 2020 Acura TLX A-Spec V6 the PERFECT luxury sports sedan for the MONEY?

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    The 2020 TLX A-spec is the second quickest car in Acura's lineup. Under the hood is a 3.5L V6 that is producing 290 HP & mated to an 9-speed automatic transmission. The TLX A-Spec has unique styling that separates it from the rest of the TLX trim levels. On the inside you will find some beautiful red leather surfaces and a great steering wheel to place your hands on. Is the 2020 Acura TLX A-spec the perfect luxury sports sedan for the money?
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    1. John Barr

      9 speed with a Top speed of 130mph? Lmfao my 07 TypeS can hit 155 🤣👏 and I only have 5 gears

      1. Raiti's Rides

        I feel your pain!

    2. Yohanan Oloke

      What car do you use?

    3. burningknuckle26

      Interior is sweet

    4. ŠÂBRI M

      7:31 if u hear closely u can hear someone actually drifting 😂

      1. ŠÂBRI M

        Raiti's Rides ahaha thx

      2. Raiti's Rides

        I hear it! Good ears man!

    5. Travis Bruce

      I never understood why acura took this route with this replacing the gen 4 tl. Its smaller, less power, not as sporty nor handle as good but still a good car just not better than the car it replaced

    6. Frantz Bain

      He loves his snacks lmao

      1. Raiti's Rides

        Who doesn't? LOL

    7. LongLiveJuiceWRLD

      Personally I really fuck with the interior even tho it’s old

    8. LongLiveJuiceWRLD

      Engine sounds so nice

    9. Jay Lena

      I would love to know how you came up with the ZONK!!! I love it!!

      1. Raiti's Rides

        Great question Jay! I am a big fan of Let's Make a Deal. One review it just came out and it sounded good. So from that moment on I have using it.

    10. Will B

      290 hp?! it's the same as the 2015 model

      1. Raiti's Rides


    11. doug loudan

      whoever pays 44k for this needs to be examined. get a old school TL with 270 far better bang for the buck

      1. Troy Truong

        @doug loudan i hear ya. Im planning on upgrading my 07 tsx to 2018 tlx aspec. I like the styling.

      2. doug loudan

        @Troy Truong umm i have a honda/acura and owend a TL a spec and loved it. i also own a E55 AMG and the interior is still in great shape. and engine is good trans is great. i thank the Lord in heaven for my cars having no problems becasue i own both honda and MB. both are great cars. ting is its still 290 hp bleh. u wanna know where the cars will be in 10 or 15 years look at MB now. always setting the pace. i lik Acuras they are jsut underpowered. that car in a 3.5 or 3.7 liter needs to be pushing 325 to 340 hp.

      3. Troy Truong

        doug loudan its a nice car. $44k is not bad. Love the exterior. Interior is ok. Dont care much about the interior. I know the interior materials will last 20 years unlike the germans.

    12. doug loudan

      3.5 liters only 290 hp? should be like 325to 340HP. make it a sports sedan. 290..disappointing

    13. doug loudan

      junk, i love acura but junk, tlx sucks go back to the TL from 04-08 that 3.2 produced 270HP and came with a 6 speed. by far better then this junk. so sad. acura has taken a dip int he last decade. they have gotten away from the mojo. so sad. its why ive gone MB AMG way better but i still drive a honda and will get a acura tl type s with 286HP that looks way better then this.

    14. Sham Mirza

      my 08 tsx got better interior

      1. Sham Mirza

        @Troy Truong kinda am

      2. Troy Truong

        Are u high? Lol. Interior is fine to me.

      3. Raiti's Rides

        Not to sure about that.

    15. 271 Represent

      This car is by far the best looking Acura, but the interior is trash!

    16. Paul Macchio

      Thank you for this vid! It's most appreciated especially during these times!

    17. Troy Truong

      Can u watch videos on the main screen? I could care less for the navi. Is there after market video kit you can install so you can watch video on the main screen?

    18. BlackPinkInYourArea

      pity that the car is not offered in europe 😢

    19. Tom bago

      That V6 doesn't have VCM anymore right? Honda owners with V6 VCM should sue them world wide

    20. 2WIREG

      This thing is the biggest dissapointment. It's crazy how much better the accord isnkn just about every aspect

      1. Troy Truong

        2WIREG what? Honda exterior design is ugly. Especially the rear. Awful. Interior design only looks good on videos. When u drive, your eyes is on the road 99% of the time, so interior design is irrelevant. Never thought about that didnt u. Lol

    21. officer danky

      why’d it get slower my tl type s tops out at 156

      1. Harim baller

        officer danky it has a limit to 135 mph/ 215km/hr

    22. Michelle Jones

      Thanks for helping me make my decision! Now I need some Little Debbies ;)

    23. Kristopher Velazquez

      Rather grab a STI for that amount 🤮 gross inside of a car.

    24. Spiritcr1jsher

      Great well rounded car . If you have a family, need awd ,want a nice looking car that is really reliable and affordable. This is one of the best around . I have one and i hate the center interior area but the seats are comfortable and it so much cheaper to buy and maintain than any other car in its price range .

      1. Spiritcr1jsher

        @Troy Truong there are many ways aftermarket to watch movies on the screen but not from the factory.

      2. Troy Truong

        Can you watch video on the main screen? Can you install after market video kit to watch video on the main screen? I dont care about the navi.

      3. Raiti's Rides

        I am so glad that I could share this one with you!

    25. Azure Boy

      Very old fashioned very silly interiors and exteriors too pricy who cares of it , at 44k ill take a genesis sedan

    26. Joey

      I'm simply not impressed with Acura anymore. Nothin will ever compare to the 2004-20008 TL model....sorry Acura died after 2008

    27. R M

      Dated 👎

      1. Raiti's Rides

        Change is coming! Stay tuned on May 28th.

    28. Hamzeh Sabbagh

      Hands down the best car reviews ever. One thing for this video, we didn't see the trunk space :D

      1. Raiti's Rides

        Thanks my friend! Stay tuned for more!

    29. Sponge Bob

      I seems like the Honda Accord would be a better Acura. It has a way better interior

      1. Raiti's Rides

        I totally agree with you!

    30. Sponge Bob

      The 2013 Honda Accord has a better interior

      1. Raiti's Rides

        You are so right about that!

    31. JJ Realbay

      40k 😂👎🏾 get a Hellcat

    32. Brian Schooley

      No. Bring back the type S

    33. Heroes Never Die

      Is it just me or did Acura just copy a 2006 lexus is350

    34. dude

      The A spec, proof that looks CAN be deceiving.....and not in a good way.

      1. Raiti's Rides

        So very true!

    35. jonathan ngwolo

      Damn 9 speed? Wow

    36. bruins0808

      Great car except absolutely miserable transmission

    37. Moko Koco

      That dash is so old school. I hate that some cars are so nice on the outside but the dash either makes it or breaks it for cars

    38. t s

      Outside: 2020 Inside: 2010

      1. Omair Sheikh

        The outside is 2015. The upcoming TLX on the other hand is modern and sexy

      2. saagarjohn


    39. rocotheshaft

      what about the sound system ?

    40. mike cuyong

      Contrary to what a lot of people say, the dual screen is very easy to operate. I also love the fact that not everything is touch screen. Hate fingerprints so this works for me...

      1. Troy Truong


      2. C Austin


    41. Guşaw Elbruz

      Dostum tanıtım için teşekkürler, ben bir hediye istiyorum bana kim hediye etmek ister bu süper otomobili :)

    42. Billy Rodriguez


    43. Irksome Corsaire

      Acura has abandoned the sedan. So sad.😥

      1. Irksome Corsaire

        @Raiti's Rides Any preview other than the concept?👀

      2. Raiti's Rides

        Oh just wait to see what is coming.

    44. Hasan Z

      Biggest flaw: weak 9speed transmission. Next unacceptable flaw: Infotainment controls. 2004-2008 TL >> 2009+ TL(X)

    45. Chris Pham

      Man, Acura needs to change their dash board because it looks so ugly and plain. Kia and Hyundai make their cars better especially the interior. No wonder Korean Motor made a lot more profits than any corporations. Nice detailed video by the way!

    46. MrDave 777

      Acura TL 04-08 is it!!!! They have so much to prove going forward! Nothing compares to the aforementioned!

    47. Tony A

      I'm running out of car videos to watch!!! Starting back to posts from 2019!!

    48. Hector Collazo

      My 2017 Honda Accord has a better looking interior

    49. humbleoak85

      I'm praying too for that one screen lol

      1. Raiti's Rides


    50. Bo Han

      To be honest, the dual screen setup is actually not that bad. Once you get used to the interface and use it on a daily basis, it becomes very intuitive. Having a dual screen actually makes a lot of sense, as everything is not fighting for a single screen. I can always leave the top screen to display map, and still have control to everything else on the bottom screen. The new RDX with a single screen layout actually has very bad user ergonomics. The 1:1 true touch pad sounds good on paper, but in practice it is very tedious to use. To select middle icons, you still have to look down at the touch pad to know where to touch. It is actually worse than the Lexus remote touch. On the Lexus system at least you can randomly move the mouse to see the cursor, then make selections on the screen without having to look down. I'm curious what the 2021 Acura MDX will bring.

      1. Troy Truong

        Finally someone with experience and knowledge! Most people are keyboard warriors. They never owned or used any things. And they sit there trying to make comments like they own the car. Lol

      2. Raiti's Rides

        Thanks for sharing that great input and perspective!

    51. Adrian M Wyrzykowski

      those brakes are tiny LOL...great review Joe! It's a shame Japan really stopped innovating because they just can't compete with the German brands.

      1. Raiti's Rides

        I totally agree with you Adrian!

    52. Troy Truong

      I dig the exterior and interior. Interior is good not great. Not sure why everybody is hating. I know for a fact that the tlx's interior quality will last longer than the cheap plastic from bmw and mb interior(crack, peel, and deteriorate after 8 years!). I would buy if it wasn't for the reliability of the new tlx!!!!

    53. MrRobbieG88

      Not worth the $44K for sure, those idiotic push button gear selectors are something nobody ever wanted but Honda still put those in, good point on the garbage can lid as far as engine cover too, the 10 speed transmission is unnecessary as well, good 6-7 would be ideal, otherwise it's way too busy for everyday driving.

      1. Raiti's Rides

        Thanks for sharing that great input!

    54. Brandon Yen

      I just don’t like the double screens

      1. Raiti's Rides

        I am right there with you!

    55. Bonnie Bell

      Luv the front of this car..I hear Acura is a awesome car..Why didn't u kick that ride a little more???Like on

      1. Raiti's Rides

        Just didn't have enough!

    56. Diego Almeida Yépez V.

      That will be 25K next year.

    57. qvs787

      Wtf is zonki?

    58. hit wonda


    59. Dagoat100 West

      miss the regular TL look man the TLX don't do it for me

    60. Greg Henry

      Where did you manage to find turns in Tampa?

    61. Lucien L

      Mid to late 2000s center console design. Infiniti does the same shit too. Not sure why people are dying for these

    62. Cameron Adams

      Make it push 400 HP and it will outsell everyone

    63. Old Soul Si

      “Love the silver”

    64. Tom Kat

      Offer an awe Turbo version on the 3.5l and actually do a redesign otherwise I’d just buy a lexus

    65. Buzzwire

      Rather this over any Lexus or 3 series or c class even the e class....

    66. PNW Sportbike Life

      Wife and I test drove a 2019 SH-AWD and it makes cornering absolutely SICK. If you get one of these, definitely go with the AWD version. I believe the FWD has a LSD. Great review as always!

      1. Raiti's Rides

        Thanks for sharing that great input from your experience!

    67. Zbig T.

      Still beautiful and very reliable car!

    68. Miguel Popoca

      290hp for 5.6 seconds? 44,000? Front engine? Not thanks, that's why I bought a evo x mr, 292 hp, 4.9 seconds, awd.. for a$34,.500, with 12000 miles.. five years later, I'm still loving it... 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    69. SuperflyCookie

      Interior is so outdated! a 2019 Honda Accord has a way better interior and newer. 🤦‍♂️😂

      1. LongLiveJuiceWRLD

        Personally I love the interior

    70. Alex Vignola

      “You have a nice arm rest here, soft like a baby’s butt” 😂😂😂