Is Todd and Natalie's Relationship FAKE? - UNFILTERED #25

Zane and Heath: UNFILTERED

Zane and Heath: UNFILTERED

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    Heaths mom came into town. Our opinions on the Todd and Natalie situation. Is Scott’s House the New Denny House? Matt threw up in a Taco Bell Drive Thru. A Psychic Medium connected to Mariah’s grandpa.
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    1. Cemre D

      42:04 Heath’s “oka bitch um backk” is big vine energy

    2. Schonny B

      Yes parents weekend

    3. Yasmine Lylia

      I think todd likes Nat because she didnt fall for him like all the girls he met and he thinks its some kinda of challange

    4. Aubrey Cheung

      Zane wanna do a Mukbang

    5. Miriam

      Mariah sneezing 😍

    6. andreaa figueroaa

      matt can literally run me over with a car and I'd still lovee him 😭

    7. Nancy Lauffer

      I really just wanna marry Matt

    8. Arnold Palmer

      They kind of have like a middle school relationship 😂


      idk if i'm just from ny but here at least no cap just means that you aren't lying and if you think someone's lying you just hit them with a you're cappin

    10. Marco Villaflor

      imagine if i get the spot as audience then yoy fly me PHIL to LA

    11. Jessica Schultz


    12. the yan

      Out of all the fine guys in the vlogsquad, does it really had to be todd?? Oh pls nat, make up ur mind. He's ur friend's ex tho. Idc abt u, it's fuckin weird to date ur friend's ex

    13. Mae0126

      Y’all should have a medium on the podcast Oh shit just kidding kept watch Mariah said it.

    14. Sara Holdburg

      I would love to come sit in on an episode!!! I'd drive. :)

    15. Madacyn Time

      Am I the only one that wants jeff and Natalie together.

    16. Trisha A.

      Low-key got a girl crush on Mariah after this episode and I'm straight as a board! Her eyes looked absolutely stunning! Something bout your eyessss got me girlll 😍 Zane says "Mariah that was your best idea everrrrr" Mariah said "really? Ever" She looked so dissapointed lol Love you guys & everything you do! Even though im in Jersey and don't "qualify" to be a guest, I'll buy a shit ton of merch and put my address next door from yours 🤣😂 Stay safe Keep on keeping on xo

    17. ChocoGamin3


    18. Natalie

      When Heath freaks out at 44:00 😂😂😂😂

    19. Ur Mom

      Do y’all only drink white claw??

    20. Anahi Alencastro

      heath getting scared is meeeeeee i couldn't stop laughing!

    21. Emily C

      This is the first Unfiltered episode I’ve seen. It’s the only podcast that actually kept me entertained haha

    22. Johnnie Rae

      i’m now realizing how much i have in common with Mariah, i work cleaning houses with my mom and i also haven’t not met my great grandpa but i was named after him like her little brother except i’m a girl and my name is johnnie

    23. francine

      44:08 "Matt! noooooooo!!" 😂

    24. khanya ngaki

      The story of Mariah's family and the medium is like one of the episode of Long Island Medium! I'm actually sure it is

    25. KrazyKarl

      Dude I live for this shit like it doesn’t get better. I laugh at them the whole time even when they’re not trying to be funny I love all of them and their personalities

    26. The_ Niffler_

      Is nobody gonna talk about how they don’t no what no cap means!!!🤣🤣

    27. Clara Elizabeth

      The fact that Heath so easily brought up that they went to John Stamos' birthday. Like I get they know him, but it still blows my mind!

    28. Janie Gonzalez

      Are they not on Apple Music?

    29. Izzy

      what was their paranormal episode called ?

    30. Erika V

      Um Y'all.....In the sweetest way possible.....Where's the coffee at.

    31. Emma Gayet

      love it guys!! the podcast is my favourite part of the week! :)

    32. Sofia Corbett

      im so behind on these podcasts 😢😢

    33. Maria Muller

      Heath is so drunk🤣

    34. Chandra Toll

      Omg watching you guys drunk, while being drunk!!! I can't MHWAHAHA!!!!

    35. Abby C

      ok but a parents podcast episode would slap

    36. Bree Smith

      Am I high or does Zane’s outfit keep changing?

    37. Yara Mendez

      omgg they said no cap means "no shit"

    38. Korlidity

      That's 2 one billion dollars

    39. Korlidity

      @19:22 Matt's face LOL

    40. Jub b. Benson

      I was dyyyying at 44:08 poor heath looked so scared

    41. Emma

      I love Mariah 🥺🥺

    42. Paige Green

      Thumbs up for us wop head guineas babyyyyy! ✊🏻 and no. it’s not offensive because I’m Italian. bitch.

    43. Tomislav Georgiev

      I think Todd and Natalie bullshit is going to end vlog squad as we know it.

    44. Jenna Pastore

      I jus realized Matt talks so slow when he's drunk like baby GET ON WIT IT OMG

      1. Marta Rosales

        Jenna Pastore I read your comment in Zane’s voice

    45. Journey Stotts

      What the f%*k in a good way though

    46. Gia Ravani

      for the rice thing.... Zane puerto rico's KFC's have rice and beans on their menu😁😂

    47. Camille Nelson

      Bellingham Washington?!?!

    48. Kristine K

      wait why did i not know this podcast existed...

    49. Anna Walsh

      Drinking may cause death. Everyone:bye bye water Mom:drink some water Them: Zane and Heath unfiltered said it would kill me Mom: no it won’t people: Mariah said so

    50. Yasmeen Ibarra

      Mariah: "...because Corey washed plastic cups and saved money" My thoughts: "she used Honey"

    51. LifeOfA.

      Love you guys !!

    52. Kate Atkinson

      Why’s this the same crap me and my friends get to talking about 😂

    53. MsMviolet

      Go watch the last episode in gwenyth paltrow’s goop !!!!

    54. Kelsie Bouvia

      All i heard was they took her out and all i thought is YOU KILLED HER

    55. Amber Jones

      I wanna be a part of the live studio audience! I live in San Diego.

    56. Christina Hovnanian

      I actually do live in Porter Ranch lol... my brother saw Heath at Starbucks and I was so annoyed I wasn’t with him

    57. Luv_Tammy 32

      I’m pretty sure heath meant disinfect instead of desanatize lol

    58. Lisa Nguyen

      I was really hoping natalie and jeff would get together bc nat is so out of todd’s league lol

    59. Kimberly Wieczorek

      I love Zane! I would so marry him

    60. Morgan McFadden


    61. Morgan Leigh

      Best part of my week 🙌🏻

    62. Wexiican

      cant watch this i see plastic straws OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUP lol

    63. Laura Beth CoomerMusic

      I seriously love Mariah so much!

    64. Bo Olaf

      I just came because of the title...

    65. Maggie Aguilar

      Matt, Zane and heath give out a vibe of being very feminine.

    66. patricia del monte

      Carcudury hahhahahahahahhahahahaha Zane charcuterie

    67. Karimchii

      I’d pay good money to see a vlog of all their parents together going out 😂👍🏼

    68. D Mag

      no cap just means not lying

    69. Samantha Baldwin

      Your podcast should be on apple music! Love to just listen to you guys😂❤️

    70. Joss L.

      I would literally watch/listen to every episode if ya'll didn't have so many ads.