It’s a PRANK! || Funniest DIY Pranks On Friends And Family

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    We have brought you another set of cool DIY pranks to help you out through the day!
    Your friends will have no chance against you with these DIY Funny Pranks!
    Prepare for prank wars and many more prank tips!
    Which of these pranks will you try first? Be sure to share this video with all your friends and subscribe to our DE-news channel so you never miss one again!
    Stay tuned for this and even more funny prank hacks!
    Prank on, friends!
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    1. Xavi Neuman

      I cant looking at this

    2. Olindaportillo Portillo

      I love lilys hair

    3. Beresford Lewis

      Have Kevin heard about personal space not them lol 😝

    4. Parwiz Ghanezada


    5. Dhananjoy Das

      Can you please make video to pranks with cholate

    6. Sajani Simon

      I wish i could have shot hair

    7. Adil Ali

      Is that computer mouse real or not I think not because not wire is connected to the computer well awesome video I like Amy and lily and Lana these three are cute sweet and beautiful

    8. Lila Simpson

      I love 123GO.YOU GUYS ARE THE❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 STAY SAFE

    9. Rupa m c


    10. Coralie Claudel

      Where did all that steam come from?

    11. Suleekha Abdirahman

      i can not stop looking at this

    12. Jocelyn Dunstan

      Wow Sophia HOW DID U DO THAT MAKE UP 😮😮😮😮😮

    13. Nadia Mehmood

      I love your vidious💕💖💖💖

    14. seth Frederick

      Olivia should be Emily sister

    15. Lilian Mbugua

      I wish I could have long hair

      1. Sajani Simon

        I hate long hair

      2. Farhana Basheer

        Me toooo people say that I have long hair but it is short

    16. Maria Delgado


    17. skampen1


    18. Ngozi Nalu

      How long did lili get her coke for an hour

      1. Ngozi Nalu

        @Daniela Najera thanks

      2. Daniela Najera

        its lana

    19. Fasim creations

      Hey 123 Go your videos were so amazing.🥰 If you agree with this . Like this comment 👍👍

    20. Pajima Rami

      LankyBox is better 123 go

      1. Pajima Rami


      2. Pajima Rami

        Soooooo soooooorry 123 go LankyBox is better

      3. Pajima Rami

        i no girl LANKYBOX FOREVER

      4. Pajima Rami

        Yeah 😎 girl 👧

      5. Pajima Rami

        Yea I know

    21. Y5 Mt

      Lana poop 💩💩💩💩💩😂😂😂👍👍😂😂😂

    22. paridhasan b

      I love lala

    23. hudha manzil

      Amy said to keep the mouse in the jelly for a few HOURS and it just takes a minute to get a cup of soda this sounds crazy right

      1. Aqib Shafqat

        Afghan cndycjdgydvcg ghaib g.k rough test yad karo gi hvjhju

    24. The Wonderful World of Arri & Korra

      i love it 123GO

    25. Vanessa Tames

      I can't believe Lily put eax on Kevin leg I feel sad

      1. Reji Mashood

        YES ME TOO IT MAKES ME SAD 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

    26. Emma Peak

      How does it take like 2 hours to get another coke

      1. Joe Pacifici

        Because she went to the store and it must have been far away, obviously. Duh

    27. kaitelyn Sinoro

      Wow that's so cool to see haha

    28. Meriam & Mazen's TV

      6:59 Coke bottle is half empty 7:09 Coke bottle is almost full 7:12 Coke is almost gone *b r u h*

    29. Matt Compton


    30. juan garcia

      123 go this was so 😎

    31. Jewel Villapando


    32. Raq Flo

      Kevin's of Cry-Baby

    33. Kanani Park


    34. jayamol mathew

      wow nice

    35. Maria Elza Mathews

      these pranks are very cool !!!!

    36. MV MZ

      I do not do that or then i get no firend thats why pl do not do this your mom and dad and your firend will be so so so so so mad they will not love or illke you if you do this pl

    37. ITS ME

      Wow apparently it takes Lana a couple of hours to refill her coke bottle

    38. Aditya Chaudhary

      I love 123 go

    39. ThuyTien Le


    40. The Baggia Cousins

      Wow 😳

    41. Emma Grano

      Theres no way Lana was at the store for a few hours just to get soda

    42. Keisha Knight

      Gross omg did she do that 😂 😱😳 wow salty

    43. Keisha Knight

      Wow you guys rock

    44. Keisha Knight

      Hahahahahahaha ok you got me so funny lol ok love you guys 💓💓💓💓💗💕💕💋💞💖💖💝💘🥰😍🤭😘💓

    45. Nassim Alammadi

      123 go can you join me in your team

    46. Victoria Porter

      You’re the best Pranksters ever and you’re also the best thing in the world

    47. akhilesh bhardwaj

      Lily 10/10 Lana 10/10 Bella 10/10 Amy 10/10 Sophia 9/10

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      1. Da Al

        Her name isn't lily her name is lana

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    50. Fairy Kaitlyn

      I watch your vids all the time

    51. Zack cute

      Or you could put Nutella

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    53. Jessica Wareing

      That is not what happens on fortnight 😂😂😂

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    55. Amelia grace’s channel

      This is my fav channel to watch. I love it you guys are the best. But I would like to hear your real voices but it is fine. I love you guys to much to care about hearing your real voices

      1. Micah Colvard

        I just p you look 👀 is my favorite place I like this Cndncmc is a good game to get you to get to the

    56. Emmanuel Cruz

      0:02 it will be more scary if the pupil in the eye is white and there is a little white in the jacket but it is still nice 👍

      1. Katie Johnson


      2. Katie Johnson


      3. Katie Johnson


    57. Ron Camposano Jr

      i cant stop lauching with lana with fake poop hahahahahahahaha

    58. Fazila Bamg


    59. Beverly Baker

      Have a great day

    60. SilverGamingg

      Sophia was so cute

    61. Dhyan Rai

      thish is so funny

    62. Arquialaña Consolacion Tamises


    63. Arquialaña Consolacion Tamises


    64. P syamasundararao


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      We hate you guys

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      Sofía is funny😂

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      I love Lily

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