It's a wrap for Baker Mayfield after blowout loss to Steelers - Wiley | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

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    Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho discuss Baker Mayfield's poor performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 6. Hear why Marcellus believes that the Cleveland Browns will soon abandon Baker as their starting QB.
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    It's a wrap for Baker Mayfield after blowout loss to Steelers - Wiley | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF
    Speak For Yourself

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    1. Speak For Yourself

      Will the Browns bench Baker Mayfield in the upcoming games?

      1. FCE GAMING

        Depends on who the backup is.

      2. Ohio Against The World

        @Master U did you really write this AFTER his 5TD game where he completed 21 passes in a row?

      3. Frank's Classic Auto

        @Master U loser

      4. Frank's Classic Auto

        No way

      5. FCE GAMING

        They should and trade for Fitzpatrick before the deadline

    2. Yetimelly57 lor

      QB Case Keenum starts soon

    3. Yetimelly57 lor

      Baker fooled everyone. Can't win a big game.

    4. Leroy Jennings

      You guys ought to be benched

    5. Daniel de Lorimier

      This didn’t age well

    6. Frank's Classic Auto


    7. Josh K

      "The only difference between Browns and Steelers/Ravens- QB play" Because defense just doesn't matter, right? Lol

    8. Michael Wankewycz

      With all his best weapons injured, Mayfield led his team to victory with 5 TD passes and 22 straight completions (minus the spike) to end the game. Media gonna have to do some exorcist head spinning stuff to try and explain this. These are the same guys that proclaimed RG III a legit superstar even though he couldn't hit a simple 10 yard out.

    9. Michael Wankewycz

      Well, well, well...

    10. John Dough

      Who else is here after Baker’s 5 TDs against the Bengals?

    11. Wilbert Gross

      This aged well. Let's see how they walk this back tomorrow after Baker's performance today.

      1. Frank's Classic Auto

        @Josh K loser comment

      2. Josh K

        "It was just the Bengals. Anyone can beat a terrible team" prepare to hear that all week.

      3. Christopher Bushman

        Much truth to this. To be fair, the Steelers are REALLY good this year and the Bengals' defense has its own problems as well. I'm wondering if the combination of hard nosed running and lots of TE passing are going to be how Baker blossoms

    12. John Galbraith

      well they look like idiots now

    13. Boo Wells

      Seem as though the analyst spoke to soon. Yes Cleveland Browns needs to make some minor adjustments, the problem with Baker Mayfield, is that he does not need to be in a position where he has to throw the ball as much. That is a hindrance if he has to throw the football 25 to 30 times. They are in need of Hunt the running back to put more pressure on the defense with his running. With Chubb coming back it will make the biggest difference in the offensive play. As of now it's more of a coaching problem than anything offensively and defensively. The adjustment that needs to be addressed is, the best defensive lineman number 95 is being double and triple team. The defensive coordinator has to adjust to that type Of offensive blocking scheme. Even if they do not fire the head coach they can steal have a successful year.

    14. Shannon Collins

      He put them on his back. He just did everything you said he couldn't do. They all had the same coach. Baker has had several coaches and they need to trade odell. He doesn't work with Baker.

      1. Diego Alvardo

        He still hasnt proved anything you dont get credit for the bengals

    15. Henchman Number_1

      They do realize that the Browns are 5-2 in the first time since who knows when? The offense is averaging about 30 points per game. The defense has now given up more points than any other team not named Dallas Cowboys and somehow Baker Mayfield is the problem?

      1. Josh K

        I keep repeating this. The take that "the only difference is the QB play" is just lazy, weak and completely asinine. Like defense doesn't matter. Oh wait, that's right. The pundits also keep saying they have a solid defense, which is just a bold faced lie to further the "hot take" narrative against Baker. I wish they'd all be honest and just admit they personally don't like the guy and are rooting against Cleveland. They've leaned on the Cleveland Clown jokes for so long, they don't know how to fill space without it.

    16. Michael Wankewycz

      Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!! 22 straight completions, 5 touchdown passes, including the game winner with 11 seconds left. But Mayfield holding them back. Teams getting wise to Lamar and his inability to complete intermediate routes.

    17. Michael Wankewycz

      Lamar Jackson is a better running back than Mayfield. He's not the better passer.

    18. jesse smith

      This aged well

    19. Number 3 Stunner

      I said it before, and I'll say it again... put Andy Reid as the head coach there and the Browns are a legit super bowl contender - especially with a solid qb.

    20. Tim Kurtenbach

      Trent Dilfer did it and he just didn't lose the game. Thats all they need.

    21. Sunhawk

      Fitzpatrick would do better with this team

    22. Dillon Caughman

      Okay what has Beckham and landry ever won tho? They never win because they're divas that demand catches. They would never survive in New England with their attitudes especially beckham

      1. Ohio Against The World

        never heard Landry complain, he just wants to win games. and tbh, I've never once heard Beckham complain since he got there heh

    23. Sherrick Scott

      😆 bars

    24. Tammy McDaniel

      The browns need to trade for Fitz magic A.S.A.P

    25. Kenny Meyers

      If Baker was black he would have been on the bench or demoted to the practice squad

      1. Kenny Meyers

        @Ohio Against The World naw I'm that dude that know how to hit a nerve and make you respond. Now go sit on the bench with Mayfield..

      2. Ohio Against The World

        right because the NFL is so horrible to their black QBs. heh you're probably one of those BLM'ers that still think 40,000 black folks are taken out by LEO's every single day, aren't you

    26. Jason Knotts

      The biggest difference between the Browns and Pittsburgh/Baltimore is a consistent coaching staff. PERIOD.

    27. Jason Knotts

      Name one QB in NFL history who has had success with 4 different head coaches in his first three years...I'll wait.

    28. Jason Knotts

      Why would they bench Baker for another backup QB? Makes no sense.

    29. AC Williams

      As a Chicago Bear's Fan iI say do the Mitch. Sit little Bro. Down. Don't give up on him .. We Still Down with Mitch. We didn't Extend his contract , however we didn't cut him . Benching builds character. It's no shame to still be getting a King's Random., Sitting on the bench collecting Million's. Where's the Hurt, Slight,Offense, if you're well Compensated. Not aBad deal. Hurt feelings perhaps. You have to let others Talk And get Tougher Skin.. . It's The Not For Long League N.F.L.

    30. Sebastian Melmoth

      I think it’s time for the Browns to fire the O-line coach. Whatever Mayfield may or may not be able to do is impossible to tell when his O-line men (and backfield “blockers”) decide to let him get killed. That pass protection performance was shameful.

      1. Ohio Against The World

        wait... what? have you been watching any actual games this year? lol this isn't last year, their o-line is decent enough

    31. Rob Hicks

      This is what happens when a quarterback is drafted by the Browns. They can't get a decent coach. The organization is trash. Expecting a young rookie quarterback to come into an organization and thrive with a coach like Freddie Kitchens and then in his second year have a new coach like Kevin Stefanski is ridiculous. A good and experienced coach will find out his rookie quarterback's strengths and weaknesses, design plays that capitalize on his strengths and some plays that help him work on his weaknesses, have practices that help him overcome his weaknesses and give him time to develop and transition into a quality NFL quarterback. Dont't say that Baker Mayfield is a bust just yet just because he isn't doing well on a team like the Cleveland Browns! Especially when we all know that during the NFL draft, players are praying "Oh Lord please don't let me be picked by the Cleveland Browns"! 😁

      1. Jake Snow1

        3rd year, he had hugh

    32. Derrick J

      you know ive been supporting baker but im starting to agree with everyone else, hes hurting us im tired of losing to pissburgh

    33. Dante Kyle

      Ehh there 4-2. Its a long season.

    34. dmitriy skelley


    35. FCE GAMING

      Please trade for Fitz Magic 😂😂

    36. Chris Robinson

      Baker will be on the bench with TV commercials.

    37. Chris Robinson

      I can watch the show. Now shitlock's been gone.

    38. Amuurican

      Too soon to bench him but he misses his throws bad and often

    39. Amuurican

      25 turnovers in 20 games is really bad

    40. Sicko Born In Pain 1993 !

      And this was the Oklahoma QB I rely on? I'll pass

    41. Anthony Pfenninger

      Mayfield biggest issues are making his pre-snap reads and going through progressions. He is in year 3, there is no excuse should be able to do those things by now. I as a Browns fan is still going to give Baker till the end of the year to get better in these areas. If he does not then they may need to move on from Baker.

    42. PacManGhostButt

      Baker Buster Mayfield

    43. Addacus Finch

      In the 2 losses did BM throw 30 something points in interceptions in both games? No he did not, this goes deeper than BM.

      1. Mr Magic 1107

        Baker trash

    44. Brian Glasser

      I feel like the o line didn't show up. I was saying it when I watched the game. Every time he dropped back there was someone in his face or sacking him. He had no time I don't care who was back there they ain't winning with how the line played.

    45. Dirt McGirt

      4 and 2 .... he ain't getting benched ... they are stacked this year ... if they don't make it to the playoffs, then he might be in trouble

    46. Jack Adragna

      Emmanuel acho

    47. Mr Nice guy

      Rogers threw two picks and got whooped by Tampa!!! Tampa!!!!!! You wanna bench Rogers?

    48. ClipperTown In LA

      I think he is good enough to bench and let him sit and learn maybe keenum can help him focus watching an older vet

    49. Caleb Spencer

      Idk about benching him they are still 4-2 let the season play out then see if you should move on. The O-line is alright he be running for his life some games, but still should make plays for his team like a #1 pick should. Idk I'm a fan of Baker hopefully he gets it rolling! Also I got OBJ on my fantasy so he better turn in around! 😂

    50. Claudio Henrique Oliveira

      Jets os going to get a new qb🤔

    51. Kirk Johnson

      It's dumb to bench Baker

    52. Maddcapper

      I would never draft a Quarterback...

    53. arvi jeffery

      Baker, Let me help you out. Tell me if this is true. The fewer Baker commercials that are on TV, the better you play. If you agree, shut down the Baker commercials until you win at least one Playoff Game. You need to spend more time studying the opposition defense before the game. Your interceptions are due to lack of study time. At this point in the season, there is tons of good video on the opposing defense. You need to turn into Einstein. Also, with Nick Chubb out, OBJ needs to pick up some running plays (sweeps, reverses, trick plays) to pick up some running game load. The offensive line needs to prepare much more mentally to generate running lanes up the middle. Remember that Hunt is 20 pounds lighter than Chubb. It is very tough for a guy his size to run up the middle, unless the blocking scheme is excellent. D'Ernest and Dontrell need to get more running plays. The coaching staff has to work much harder and come up with clever, smart plays that exploit and expose the Raiders Defense.

    54. Troy Jackson

      BARS 🤣🤣

    55. Mike Lowery

      And crazy trubitsky numbers are better than him across board but mitch the bust

    56. Daniel Coxwest

      These people are absolute fools who don’t analyze tape with statistics. Compare Baker’s stats to that of the first 3 seasons of Roethlisberger, Rodgers, Brees, Stafford, Ryan and you’ll see that Baker is 100% on pace to have a fantastic career within this improved organization. Critical thinking guys.

    57. Messenger Messenger

      He was so uncomfortable in that pocket... Steelers defense is insane, unless you're a mobile qb they're gonna get killed against that front

    58. corey oden

      Browns: My bad Tyrod.

    59. Bob Johnson

      I laugh at all of these sports shows. ONe week Baker is a really good QB, then next week he isn't. Baker wasn't the problem against the Steelers, it was coaching. Right from the start they went away from their strength which is running. That allowed pressure to get to Baker. Baker had very little time to throw against the Steelers and his receivers weren't getting open. Baker was again having to try to force things to just make things happen. Stefanski is to blame for that game more then Baker. Baker was pressured on 52% of his throwing plays... thats the highest of his career. Look at Rodgers against Tampa Bay, he had 0 sacks against him until that game. He had pressure that game and was routed by Tampa Bay. Threw a pick six. Stefanski needed to find a way to protect Baker, find a way to run the ball and they might of run. Up until half the Steelers weren't playing great on offence.

    60. Quincy Melville

      The Brown should try to get Nick Patrick from the dolphins

    61. Jayjay Okoro

      When Acho and Wiley agree this much, you gotta know how bad the situation is.

    62. Marv Marv

      Not shocked.

    63. Lavar Stark

      Marcellus and nick wright would be a dope fit

    64. Chilly Charles

      Tyrod (and Hue) should have been given a chance like in Buffalo and San Diego.

    65. Ward

      This whole story sounds like RG3 in Washington 2012. The only exception is that RG’s O Line refused to block for him because he was getting commercial sponsorship.

      1. corey oden

        @Ward Facts.👍

      2. Ward

        @corey oden true that, my thought was that baker is going through the exact same thing, but his line is blocking & he can’t seem to get mr Always open OBJ the ball. My nephew had me specifically watch OBJ on every pass play, and how many of those plays he was open. Baker couldn’t deliver. That’s sad for a NFL QB to have that weapon and still can’t deliver.

      3. corey oden

        Naw. RG3 was actually good once. He led his team to the playoffs his rookie season and won Offensive Rookie of the Year. Baker? Well...

    66. Dramon Smith

      If the Browns are smart, they drop a bag of money in Cam Newtons mailbox this off-season and beg him to QB this team. Its a team ready to win rt now! Think about it, if they draft another QB next offseason, by the time he’s ready to QB a big time team to playoff success (2 to 3 years) Odell, and Jarvis are 30 years old and slowing down. They need a bonafide win now QB.

    67. B

      Yup still 2020. Cleveland Browns 4-2. Better bench that QB!! Guess Cam Newton, Garoppolo, Josh Allen, K. Murray, J. Goff, and to top it off since the Bucs are 4-2 they should bench Brady!

    68. Cory Benjamin

      They weren't necessarily wrong with their assessment but we're still 4-2 and if Baker can tighten up and get fully healthy I still see playoffs in our future.

    69. Terry Harris

      Them boys sharp but i still think Achoo killing marcellus in the suit game, he gone have to step it up. ✌🏾Ultra

    70. Roland Joseph

      They just lost 2 games tho? JUST GIVE IT TO OBJ!