It's Time To Move On...

Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

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    Thank you, we'll see you guys soon.
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    1. Shirley Charles

      Noooo! I'm actually cried

    2. Sophia Hernandez

      we love you and we will be here waiting :) go enjoy your life you have our support


      What are you gonna do for money 🙃

    4. Jacky ortega

      this video was so stupid

    5. Ms. Marvel

      You guys are amazing people! I will truly miss you but like you said, we have to let go, even when it’s hard. I look forward to seeing you guys grow and what your future will be, and I bet it will be an amazing adventure! I am very proud of you guys and support every decision you make! You guys are so wonderful and deserve the best, even your family, they deserve the love! See you guys later! We love you!!💗💕🥰😘

    6. Braxtyn Turner

      Can’t tell you how much I cried

    7. Elana Grace

      So I will never have an hour to sit down and watch this whole thing through and comprehend what happen can someone Like maybe summarize it for me or tell me the gist of what’s happening because I watch the first good bit but now I’m kind of lost

    8. Atreyee Bagchi

      It's gonna be okay in the end, if it is not okay, then it's not the end! ☺. Hats of to Shane for the help!!

    9. shifa javeed

      When are you coming back ??

    10. Gaçha Gráçe


    11. Aynsleigh Dilgardpadgett

      I am sorry that you had to go through all of this the most sweet and amazing people that are the highlight of my day should have the most amazing life everybody will support you and sure it be hard not to see you every week we will love and support you for the remaining time that you do DE-news

    12. Sudeshna Sharma


    13. ReekingHavocOnU

      Its time to move on... *Depression Clinic ads* : Oh hi

    14. malaine jolin

      Dang you guys got me balling my eyes out. Love you guys so much for everything you do really appreciate it.

    15. Kimberly Gomez

      god worked really hard on ur guys souls and then made u twins? MY GOSH jesus is gr8 and THEN momma and dad raised y’all so well ??! i love u guys my one & only fav twins ❤️ may u two get thru ur battles and well b here for u guys regardless

    16. Amanda Rush

      I think Shane was 100% right about being more real and starting to attract a bit of an older audience. As a 29 year old I really enjoyed this and just subscribed! And as a new-ish entrepreneur. I find your guys work ethic SO inspiring. Watching you find your next level and the transformation that requires is AWESOME. (I'm going through one with my business too.) I also saw the video you did with Jefree. As a fitness enthusiast I found your discipline with exercise and especially diet extremely motivating. Sticking to a strict diet is HARD and you guys just do it. 🤯👏🏽 It made ME want to be better with my diet. And for my final "As a" ... (lol) As a gay woman who normally doesn't give a shit about straight dudes (not a hater, just indifferent), I think you guys are really awesome. I love how you embrace the LGBTQ+ community and aren't afraid of "looking gay." You just act like yourselves. You seem like a couple of genuine, mature, open minded, hard working, creative guys who I would actually like to hang out with. Needless to say, you got a new fan! 😝

    17. Random Account

      don’t worry about becoming irrelevant. your true fans will always stick by your side♥️

    18. BrainDropppingsCarlin

      Omg...really! Can I have your purple couch?

    19. Carrot Stalk

      I know everyone will probably scroll past this, but hear me out. As part of humans, we all need a break, whether big or small. It doesn't help when you put on an act and pretend that you're all fine, but really you're not. In saying this, making a really tight schedule about uploading every week must really stressful, and I'm thanking you for I guess, uploading less frequently, if you know what I mean. As fans, we are all here to support you, whether big or small. Seeing my two favourite people being stressed out over youtube sh*t really kills me inside. Thank you for being generous to us, and putting our lives in front of you, we love you for that but please, there is no rush in uploading, just when you feel like it. Dont over stress yourselves and have a good as hella break, you deserve it. Thanks for reading my rlly sh*tty comment, love ya'll. Have a nice day/night.

    20. Abbey Smith

      ok so its late, my phones been broken for a while, and im tired, and in general confused. are they quitting youtube, taking a step back for a bit, or changing their content/channel? or is it none of the above?

    21. Krysalyn tes

      This video just truly shows how much both Grayson and Ethan appreciate every single one of their fans. Pure genuine love. And because of that, they deserve ALL the happiness in the world. (.) Yes they make us all happy, but their own well beings should always come first, cause at the end of the day they're humans too! After watching this video I honestly can't wait for whenever the upload next :)

    22. Ashley Pickett

      I just started watching them today and im already obsessed tale a break for as long as you need your guys mental health matters the most because if your ok and happy your fans and subscribers are happy

      1. Ashley Pickett


    23. Kameron Lucas

      this is so sad. wow

    24. breanna

      i feel so bad bc i been watching them less and less omg please im so sad i been watching them since 2016 :(

    25. Jasmine Sampler

      Ahh I’m glad you guys can take the break you need for yourselves ❤️❤️

    26. Shya ASMR

      It's perfectly fine take care the both of u. You guys should not have to fake being happy get better soon I understand why u probably need a break of course it's kinda sad😭 but take your time also is it just me or is Shane downson is like the therapist of DE-news😂

    27. Noah Uta'i

      Tuesday forever

    28. Jennifer Rivera-Henriquez

      You’ll be okay babies 🥺 I believe in you guys

    29. its me sina

      Please censor Shane's number plate on his car...□>\♤○《●♤{○}○¡ PLEASE

    30. beth brewster


    31. Karen Kissoon

      Change is a beautiful thing for those who thrive on it. Like me😌

    32. Katt Whittaker

      I like the lack of bleeping in this 😏

      1. Katt Whittaker

        I also almost cried 4 times. I hate that they’re hurting. I know exactly what you’re going through boys. Please take care of yourselves and take time for you! We love you

    33. Kiwi Baby

      10:25 finally get to the point, they don't wanna post every week lol.... but can I just say I Love the part of them meeting Shane 😍💜 Shane is so sweet and a good older figure for them.

    34. Cameron Harris

      omg i feel so sorry and i am so sad why now why in 2019 i have a friend in highschool and she has been doing it for 15 years every day and she still makes videos i really don't hat Dolan Twins to end not now.....😭😭😱😱😰😰and every one likes Dolan Twins. right?

    35. Virginia Baggett

      I never really watch them, but I do enjoy that they are at least sweet and fun guys. I don’t get that vibe from Jake Paul.

    36. Meadow Rose

      What kind of Porsche is that

    37. Emma Smith

      You help me to get through all the hard times with your dad you pushed me so hard I❤️you so mush

    38. eileen plett

      honey ive felt imprisoned, too. and now that I see this "workplace" how its always set up and the same.. and kina fake.. it makes me mad cause I wanted to see you liiiiive and feel like im living! even if that is filming and living with no formula

    39. eileen plett

      god I love you guys. especially when you're being real, and I find out who you really arrre! (underneath the funny videos)

    40. eileen plett

      I was genuinely happy watching this video. especially towards the end. and thats the first time in a long time that ive felt my heart thank you

    41. Crystal Snow

      "i swear if these bugs start talking over me" please focus on your mental health and live your lives. have fun and let yourselves be 19 year old boys. i hope you guys start to feel refreshed and when ever you do upload know that your subs will be here happy to see you.

    42. eileen plett

      CAN I PLEASE S E E RICKY AND KYLE??! in a video??

    43. eileen plett

      Shane. for you: i been watching your videos, I feel like maybe you have little bouts of anxiety cause you dont often find that people love you the way you are so good at loving other people, l i s t e n i n g to them and accepting them

    44. Briana .H

      I. LOST. MY. FUCKING. DAD. TOO. Im 18 omg wowowowowowwwowoowow

    45. eileen plett

      l o v e d listening to you guys think.

    46. Meli Geheim

      Proud of ya

    47. eileen plett

      idk anything about your family life so dont take me seriously but: if you're dad had trouble being real, and he just worked hard and just faked being happy while going through 10 times as much as you guys, is that the reason you have trouble being real? because he didnt show you how? again I dont know a thing or if im right, love

    48. Brooke

      We’re here for you even tho we aren’t there

    49. VAlfons Alfons

      If The DE-news community was a huge friend group Shane would be the mom

    50. Chakura

      I didn't know anything of the Dolan twins and what little I know I just thought they were kinda goofy bros but after watching this I'm in awe at how thoughtful and mature they actually are. The questions they have and self reflection is kinda amazing especially since they are so young and it would be so easily to fall into the trap of DE-news Fame

    51. Sarah Scates

      No matter what happens you guys are gonna be my favorite twins.

    52. eileen plett

      EXACTLY Ethan 33:42

    53. Ella Tif

      I skipped to the end so I’m kinda confused are they quitting yt??

    54. eileen plett

      20:00 ETHANNN, I wanted to hear about all those phases!!

    55. eileen plett

      16:00 Grayson saying that people will comment stuff like "this video helped me through sm".... I think that a video that is just comedy but doesn't deal with the real issues people are facing will never help that much. it can fix my emotions temporarily but its just happiness on the surface. and.. much less if the people making the comedy cant really laugh anymore either, ill reflect how they feel. so.. I think people going through stuff dont get through it by forgetting about it and laughing... but actually by dealing with it and hearing other people go through it authentically and relating.. so all that just to say, I appreciate authentic videos, and personally serious talking videos are great too, when the person behind the camera I genuinely love wether they're making me laugh or going through crap just like I do and talking about it, then I relate.. and you teach me to live a real life just like you do ❤️ keep going buddies, love you. get a life ;) ;)

    56. Jaylynn's DIYS

      Shane has been doing DE-news for 11 years. I think he is already the Dr. Phil of DE-news.

    57. alexandra

      This video made me cry so much😭💞. Love u guyss and be happy

    58. LittleLady4800

      I’m proud of you guys for doing this and opening up. I know how hard it can be to express emotions that aren’t happy, but (sorry if you’re not religious) God gave us emotions to express for a reason. We as humans we are social creatures (no matter how introverted we say we are). We need community and support to get through this crazy roller coaster of life. I’m so happy that you guys are reaching out to people!! Take the time you need guys!! Relax, find yourselves and express yourselves!! I can’t speak for your other subscribers, but you got at least one that’ll stick with ya while you take some time!! You guys are SO awesome and it’s an honor to even be able to watch you two.... shoot, it’s an honor to even be subscribed!! I can’t wait to see the real Ethan and Grayson and I’m willing to wait!! Love ya guys!! Keep being your real, amazing, unique, awesome, and cool selves!! I’m SO SO SO excited for what the future has in store!! *even if you guys (Ethan and Grayson) don’t see this comment, I hope everyone can take some advice from this!! Have an amazing day!! **Also Shane; you’re such an amazing person too!! I highly respect you as a person and thank you for everything you do!!

    59. the REAL Peppa pig

      Wait I’m’s the last intro but not the last video?!?!

    60. Jasper Francis

      So they are quitting DE-news? Can someone spoil it I didn't have time to watch an hour video

    61. alexandra

      Honestly shane is the best help you guys would ever get. Live ur life guys💞💞

    62. Emma Aaa1


    63. Adam Saleh

      Miss you so much

    64. Sarai Hernandez

      Are they quitting!?!?

    65. Sadtingz

      i really hope that in a few years youtubers could be more open bc it helps a lot of ppl i know it’s hard but just imagine ppl helping others in my opinion that’s amazing -i love the dolan twins i hope you guys are fine , take any time you want you could take a whole year it would be fine :)

    66. Lylee Jane

      This is like ur brake up video with Tuesday

    67. jiggy jaz

      it’s okay babies, you’re not letting us down. If you were to lose yourself trying to make us happy, that’s where the line would have to be drawn. Do what you need to, we’ll be here when you’re ready💙

    68. Brittany G

      Miss you guys :(

    69. Kels Run

      I’m so thankful for this incredible video! Y’all truly are so strong for doing something for yourselves and making a change for your genuine happiness! I am so excited for what the future hold with y’all and I love how vulnerable y’all were. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your realness because it really did help :). We are all still here and we want to support you on your journey!!

    70. Victoria mondragon

      wow now u guys have to get a real job