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    ITZY "달라달라(DALLA DALLA)" M/V
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    1. Brian Ou

      8/19 0.00KST 143,856,196 8/20 0.00KST 144,092,190 Today 235,994 views JYP Subs 13,554,656(+5,025) ITZY Instagram 2.1M ITZY Subs 1,559,524(+6,208) ITZY Twitter 711,440(+2,820) ITZY Vlive 532,952(+1,518) 📌 DALLA DALLA 150M ASAP 📌 ICY 100M ASAP

    2. Rip Cutluss

      Malijima!! Drop by to Icy as well folks

    3. 쿠양메리Kuyang Merry —

      I made an easy lyrics for this! Watch it here - Don't forget to subscribe!

    4. Handsome Oppa Taengoo Is Life

      Yeji's iconic "말리지마" 🥰🥰🥰

    5. Dalila stars


    6. Jelita Indah

      tebes itzy is good

    7. kitten kawaii

      Ryujin was stolen from yg y’all

    8. Free Yuju's Bangs

      100 M ✅ 110 M ✅ 120 M ✅ 130 M ✅ 140 M ✅ 150 M 🔜 160 M 🔐 170 M 🔐 180 M 🔐 190 M 🔐 200 M 🔐

    9. Free Yuju's Bangs

      144 M >146 by end of this week

    10. Mch Purpl

      Создали стиль

    11. Mch Purpl

      Any moonmidzy here???

    12. ITZY RYEJI

      HAPPY 144 MILLION!

    13. Jocon Simon

      150m goal

    14. 毒L女不死鳥Victoreon

      Icy = Comment Dalla Dalla= Like

    15. 顏蘊華

      *DALLA DALLA* 2019/08/19,PM19 : 26,TAIWAN TIME Vi3ws:144,052,891M _---> 150M Lik3s:2,230,381M _---> 2,50M >>> arget: 200 million

    16. Naomi Chan

      144M y'alllllllll

    17. KPOP FAN 2


    18. Sambo Khem

      I thought the intro included Tzuyu XD

    19. I'm Fine

      Это абсолютно бесполезно, но я напишу: Русские туть? =)

      1. Mch Purpl

        I'm Fine ру-мидзи урааа

    20. zyxzjs king of China

      *Queen's Kpop*

    21. Once Twice #4

      Lets get 150M Midzy !

    22. DGMachine

      wtf this mv is so good, that and the lyrics made me like the song so much more!!! i found them through spotify

    23. Rome TV

      Dislike.Chanel-is spice(drugs).U propagande drugs.Kizaru sharaut

      1. Shalewa Koleowo

        Umm wut?

      2. Ashley Shelton

        Rome TV what the- 😂

    24. J

      Yeji is so unique looking... very modelesque. I stan

    25. Britany Herrera

      I love myself

    26. Minsu Gu

      선견지명 쩐다 달라사라고 달라달라를 외침

    27. Tamara Xechumyan

      Песня супер я выучила танец это было легко

    28. Mireille Charles-felix

      150M here we come

    29. Mireille Charles-felix

      We only have 2 MV so it is easy to reach 200 m please Midzy and others supporters Srt£4m more



      1. Hikari's Dream Kawaii

        TXZY and BANGTWICE Wow 😯

    31. Rip Cutluss


    32. Emilia S

      Their lyrics are seriously so good. Makes me confident!

    33. nina

      we have no other choice but to stan 🤷🏻‍♀️

    34. Spencer Hougland

      I Love Korea and K-pop

    35. black tang

      cover bts love myself

    36. ateez_nuest ateez


    37. Minjun Sim

      맴버가 많이 없어서 마음에 쏙

    38. Hari Yeo

      Before 12 month , let’s make Dalla Dalla 200M Okay Midzy ?

    39. BTS Army 4ever

      Midzy we have 2Mvs so we can manage stre-aming well, So Let's Please stre-am more for this super girl group Dalla Dalla should get 200M very soon!

      1. Mireille Charles-felix

        Well said

    40. BTS Army 4ever

      Ryujin's hair reminds me jimin in fake love mv😢😍😭

    41. Asoka Wijenayake

      top of the car DALLA DALLA

    42. İrem Yıldız

      Who loves lia??

    43. Jimins Jams

      1:30 Ryujin went fuck girl mode 👀

    44. zyxzjs king of China


    45. xX 3wash Xx

      Why ryujin growing up so fast and become prettier more 😭💗

    46. 사얀가멜라

      Saw a video comparing Yeji to Lisa so I want to check out ITZY and it feels like I'm gonna love them

    47. 顏蘊華

      190818 ITZY lose 52 points today and could not win the eighth championship... I hate this gap. I don't know if you got the best help. Brush video MV and SNS live voting? Did you do it? serious? No.....we need to learn to vote, otherwise their efforts will not be glory. I hope that their efforts are worthwhile, so we have to learn something as supporters.

    48. Jihoon Jeojang


    49. Jihoon Jeojang


    50. Nattida Kensaloi

      YEJI Twins SOHEE Wonder girls

    51. Brian Ou

      8/18 0.00KST 143,591,198 8/19 0.00KST 143,856,196 Today 264,998 views JYP Subs 13,549,631(+6,799) ITZY Instagram 2.1M ITZY Subs 1,553,316(+7,594) ITZY Twitter 708,620(+3,421) ITZY Vlive 531,434(+1,733) 📌 DALLA DALLA 150M ASAP 📌 ICY 100M ASAP

    52. kpopmultistan

      What's their fandom name?

      1. JeonGoddess

        kpopmultistan oh okay

      2. kpopmultistan

        @JeonGoddessoh it means trust or believe in korean

      3. JeonGoddess

        kpopmultistan try looking it up

      4. JeonGoddess

        kpopmultistan i really don’t know

      5. kpopmultistan

        @JeonGoddess does it have a meaning??

    53. โล โค่ ช็อค


    54. QuAkInG

      Kind of giving me 2ne1 vibes

    55. Gourab Dutta

      Who is your bias??? Comment please For me,I just cannot decide.!!! I think my bias is ryujin...

      1. Shalewa Koleowo

        Gourab Dutta Yeji

      2. Elvia Vasquez

        My bias is yuna becuase she is super pretty!!

    56. itzy midzy

      MIDZY ICY :100m Dalla dalla :200m

    57. Giorgia Gnassi

      I'm older than all of them and still they make me feel younger with their songs and choreographies 🙏❤️❤️

    58. jighong kuning

      EWH SO BAD

      1. Sophia Jinn

        well thank you for viewing

      2. Sam Fullbuster

        Hahahaha 😂 funny

      3. MW

        Did u just looked into the mirror?

    59. vee vee

      Can you also support jyp himself?

    60. balqissoo

      I think this is their best title track so far

    61. C 3


    62. nony.

      “I’m different from the other kids, I’m different” Lmao why did r/imnotliketheothergirls come to my mind 😂🤡

    63. 테오제네스

      J.E.B Brought me here

    64. GachaLuna Unicorn123

      this song is the best debut song ever

    65. 코코앤치

      채려이 예쁘다

    66. Samsung J7p

      ITZY fighting 💪💪💪

    67. Erenex

      Her face at 1:57 killed me xDD

    68. Meldave De Guzman

      Dalla dalla means diffrent i think so

      1. Melvin De Guzman

        @MW thank you

      2. Melvin De Guzman

        thank you

      3. MW

        Yes it does

    69. Ban syiem

      damn this song kill it my sis playing this song everyday n dance at the sametime BTW from Meghalaya,Northeast india