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    James revisits his Annual "Man Favorites" ... get this video to 100k likes if you'd like to see Products he'd never buy again.
    xo's ~ Tati
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    1. May Belicious

      What’s wrong with his moustache

    2. Caleb Willow

      Isn't he a con artist?

    3. Crystal Stewart

      Roll your sweaters instead of hanging

    4. Carmen Witsken

      Fold your shirts lol 😊

    5. s S


    6. C.M. Bauer

      Not sure if anyone shared this with you yet, but hope it helps your sweaters! 1. Fold your sweater in half so the sleeves are on top of each other like they're clapping and happy to see you. 2. Lay your hanger on your sweater so the hook part is sticking out of the armpit. 3. Fold the sleeves and the body section (that have already been folded) over the angled parts of the hanger. 4. Hang it in your closet and feel awesome. Hope this helps! I got this tip from Brittany Vasseur. She's got tons of helpful tips.

    7. Devyn Yelko

      Love this!!! And he actually did a great job!

    8. Barron Maxxx

      you should stack your sweaters and when storing on a hanger pad your hanger with a trashbag.

    9. Christiane Meneses

      Enjoyed this so much..❤

    10. Tonya Renee

      Fold sweaters...no more hanger nipples

    11. Diana Mănăilă

      that's weird because I had the same problem with my favorite sweater this evening))) I just wet my hands a little and pressed that area, I was in a rush.. you could try 😁

    12. Suricata Liu

      98k WE CAN DO IT

    13. B G

      Use a wooden hanger instead of a plastic one!

    14. Whitney l

      Fold your sweatters- per my husband

    15. Maggie Alice

      "this stuff is hella expensive" 😂😂😂

    16. Keylin Canales

      He snores, he hates the product but HE LOVES HIS WIFE❤️

    17. mimi dumas

      He's so cute😂🥰

    18. Anne Munoz

      I know you probably won’t see this, but thank you. It’s obviously been awhile since this video was posted, but I finally went out and got the Lumify drops. Worth EVERY single penny. I don’t wear glasses or contacts, but I have sensitive eyes and constantly use drops. I itch a lot and has irritation a lot. I used these once this morning and my eyes were pretty much instantly white. I also just noticed that they aren’t itchy at all and no irritation. I probably will only have to use them once a day. Great splurge for me.

    19. Carolina Martinez

      So cute !!!! If he had his own segment on Tati’s channel I would watch it !!!

    20. Andrew Dominguez

      Hang sweaters inside out

    21. Zareena

      This video should totally have more views!! So under rated. I loved it so much!! You have a awesome husband Tati❤️

    22. Amit

      Tati, please do a men's makeup tutorial.

    23. Gold Aqua

      great job!

    24. Christina Probst

      What is up with the top part of that moustache? It's severely uneven lol. Hoping he's going to fix that in this video.😂

    25. erika reyna

      This was amazing !!!

    26. Nouran Yehia

      Lumify eye drops are THE BEST!

    27. Ally Terry

      If I could like this video a thousand times I would, him saying bougie is just the funniest thing ever. Thoroughly entertaining and appreciated, loved it!!!!

    28. Tina H.

      Came back to this video to look for Christmas gift ideas 😂😂

    29. Rachel Marie Beauty

      Those eye drops are the best!

    30. Robert Carty

      If you need to hang the sweater, I recommend using a pant hanger with the clips. What you do is; take a handkerchief (2) and fold one over at the bottom of the sweater, clip the clip over the handkerchief (this ensures you won’t have a clip mark on the bottom of your sweater). Repeat step for the second clip. Your sweater should be hanging upside down at this point. Now grab the sleeves and lay over the top of the hanger. This keeps the sweater from stretching. Sounds like a lot of work, but completely worth it if you don’t have room for folded items.

    31. Shannon Bunting

      OMG he is so adorable. 😍

    32. Karen Lee

      Try folding your sweaters instead

    33. Diva Anadria

      When he about to announce La Mer tho Jesus christ it’s hilarious

    34. Anne O.

      wow, well done

    35. Nouran

      I love how quick and to the point he was lol beauty gurus take notes 🤣

    36. Christea Hill

      Use a steamer on the hanger bumps on your sweaters. I lightly go over mine in the morning before I go to work and it usually takes the bumps out.

    37. Lzero7

      That thing with your sweater - use anti-slip hangers! I usually put the ends of the hangers (where they make those pokey things out of your sweater) on the seams at the shoulders. This make them less obvious and makes your shoulders look more "squared" ~ You should also hang your clothea in an "L" shape (if they don't wrinkle) - fold the shirt/sweater in half, then wrap the neck of the hanger with the sleeve and the bottom of the shirt/sweater hanging down on one side. The neck of the hanger should be at the armpit area of the shirt. I'm not sure if I'm describing it correctly but you can find images of it.

    38. Lzero7

      "What do you wash your face with?" "SoAp" LITERALLY EVERY GUY. I am a proud girlfriend that helped my man change his routine by successfully implementing sunscreen, proper face wash, shampoo, and facial moisturiser. You guys don't know how long and how hard I've come this far 😂😂😂

    39. Dania Castellanos

      The rock music while he does his man makeup lmfaoooo i feel like like I’m in an alternate universe

    40. babe zoom

      Would you do a young guy favorites with Taylor?

    41. Sarah Schopick

      Also, sweaters are supposed to be folded but a velvet hanger might not leave a mark

    42. Angelina 89

      Respect 👊😂😂😂👌 also the shirt may be to small dear....

    43. yayaroxs

      Loved this video!! He was so straightforward & his skin is flawless! I have experienced the eye drops issue he mentioned, he said Some have a boomerang effect & that’s so true! Def gonna check out the ones he talked about. Hope you make another video!

    44. Sarita Agront

      I think you might also enjoy DG stronger with you and replica by the fire

    45. Ally Giggans

      Just watched. So cute. Get the velvet hangers by Joy Mangano. They’re great!

    46. Madison Powers

      I really enjoyed this!

    47. moni2020

      OMG! You were so good. You were so good that you’re now probably going to have to do more videos. Also, I fold my sweaters instead of hanging them.

    48. Jennifer Mohler


    49. Olga Zuluaga

      5:34 OMG he’s so cute 😂😂😂

    50. Brianna B.

      fold the sweater in half in the way that the sleeves are together, put the ‘armpit’ part of the sweater around the hook part of the hanger and the body over one side and the sleeves the other. tada no shoulder lumps!

    51. Marresa Kazem

      LA MER SUNSCREEN never would've thought:D! I'm the same with breaking out from sunscreen but I love the Tatcha one! Doesn't break me out and it makes my pores look smaller!

    52. Maria O'Dea

      Fold your sweaters, do not hang them

    53. jordan dean

      I’ve smelled that YSL cologne on a man, and on my cat afterwards (love a man who will cuddle a cat) and is great.

    54. kae Mu

      Damn his face is better than

    55. Stacie Berry

      My mom used to always get onto me about hanging my sweaters!! You’re supposed to fold them lol! Thanks mom, never thought I’d be using this information 😂

    56. karole

      Beard mascara 😂😂😂😂

    57. Elizabeth Xu

      this is so cute! I love this video

    58. Big Momma

      Dude, you're totally rockin' the new haircut! ❌⭕️

    59. Elizabeth Johnson

      Sweater shoulder hack: hang all of your sweaters inside out

    60. Denise Crawford

      Those Lumify drops are in a lot of beauty subscription boxes lately!!

    61. Estela LP

      Hi! Great video. Change the type of hangers you are using for sweaters. They must not be metal hangers, they can be wood or hard plastic with round big corners (Ikea sells ones nice for this). I don’t know how to explain it... I speak Spanish and French so my brain is not very clear on explaining. Just check that the corners of the hangers are not pointy.


      This is soooooooo cute.

    63. Annie Raquelle

      The amount of love that he has for Tati. Geesus Effing Chlist. He's like a blushing schoolgirl whenever he mentions Tati. They're both so lucky to have found each other in their life.

    64. Diell00n

      This is awesome! :D

    65. emilyyvu

      I don't know why, but I get bob ross vibes from him lol

    66. Chris Young

      Do not ever hang sweaters! Too heavy and will stretch them out. Always fold them and put them in drawers.

    67. na tty

      why do you look like youre getting younger whats the secret omg 😭😭😭 is it halo???

    68. Amanda Baule

      dude. you fold sweaters, you don't hang them up! Just fold your sweaters and you'll never have hanger marks again.

    69. Sunnys Place

      Fold ur sweaters over the hanger instead of hanging them no marks!! Tada!!! Tysm for this video going to show my husband!

    70. avital Z

      The perfume mentioned has been discontinued 😰