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    James revisits his Annual "Man Favorites" ... get this video to 100k likes if you'd like to see Products he'd never buy again.
    xo's ~ Tati
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    1. emilyyvu

      I don't know why, but I get bob ross vibes from him lol

    2. Chris Young

      Do not ever hang sweaters! Too heavy and will stretch them out. Always fold them and put them in drawers.

    3. Frankie Pinckard

      i am loving this!!! so fun i love his positivity

    4. na tty

      why do you look like youre getting younger whats the secret omg 😭😭😭 is it halo???

    5. Amanda Baule

      dude. you fold sweaters, you don't hang them up! Just fold your sweaters and you'll never have hanger marks again.

    6. Sunny Plemmons

      Fold ur sweaters over the hanger instead of hanging them no marks!! Tada!!! Tysm for this video going to show my husband!

    7. avital Z

      The perfume mentioned has been discontinued 😰

    8. Gabrath Drae

      Omg, a man that will do anything (even if if he hates it) to stop snoring because he wants his wife to sleep...the sweetest!!!! Snoring keeps me up all night, it's an absofuckinglute nightmare. Snoring is a deal breaker.

    9. Miss Mona

      Here’s to straight men talking about skincare! 🍾🥂 P.S. His skin looks fantastic.

    10. Trixie K.

      What i do with hanger marks. Dab it with water, it will 'reset' it. I do it for my knits as well. Hope it works for you.

    11. Jonathan Tuitasi

      Bruh you are a genius. Can u do more men stuff

    12. Jonathan Tuitasi


    13. 2431music

      Use mascara or eyebrow pencil on your facial hair.

    14. Brandi VanHoose

      Can we talk about the giant Metallica box on the counter? Because I need it.

    15. Marina Rangel

      My first time to this channel and watching this video made me subscribe. Now im about to watch all Tati videos.

    16. Misha Nicastro

      So completely adorable. You should definitely do this a little more often. I got several ideas for gifts for the men in my life!!

    17. Heather Bernard

      The felt Joy Morango (sp?) hangers are amazing and won’t leave marks in your clothes

    18. Deborah Wilkinson

      Joy mango velvet hangers never any shoulder bumps

    19. Kira Koller

      How cute is he💜💜💜💜💜love this

    20. Gabby Newcomer

      Good your sweaters over a hanger instead of hanging them! I work at a dry cleaners & that works to keep the hanger marks out of the shoulders! Also you did a WONDERFULLY GREAT JOB 👍🏻❤️❤️

    21. Christopher Griser

      More of these videos PLEASE?

    22. Stringer Family

      He should make more videos! Girls are drawn out and he’s to the point and funny..

    23. BB

      Please tell me he is wearing a bit of makeup. How can his skin be so beautiful ?

    24. Sara South

      Love this video! I love how real he is on this show!

    25. Penny G. Gray

      Very good job awesome take over. Fold the sweaters hanging them stretches the yarn pulling it out of shape

    26. Karla Summers

      Why didn’t he list out his list 😭

    27. robn92

      Don’t hang sweaters. Only fold them. 👍

    28. yikesmj

      felt hangers might help!

    29. Tessa Maye

      "I love this stuff (sniffs perfume bottle) it smells like food!"

    30. Andjelka Misuric

      You could attach pads on a hanger to avoid your clothes get deformed, it helped me a lot with sweaters...:)

    31. Krystal Eriks

      You can get the hanger marks out by dampening the marks with a little bit of water before you put the sweater on and then when it’s on, flatten the fabric to your skin and it will dry good as new 👍🏼

    32. Morgan McNally

      The Laura mercier fragrance is discontinued:(((

    33. Jennifer Buchanan

      i did a great good. I just put a little water on my bumps and they go away.

    34. mistral 111

      Cute video! Cute Guy! Question: do you tweez your eyebrows?

    35. Jenny Boyle

      You can literally tell he is a successful business man with fantastic sales techniques! He got me convinced I need alllll of these 😂😂 even beard gel stuff!!!

    36. MG MG

      Um can we talk about his background choices? Metallica Master of Puppets? Yes!!!! 🤟

    37. Jennifer Green

      For the hanger marks try hanging them inside out!

    38. Katlyn Owens

      Flip your sweater inside out to hang! Then you don’t get the marks! :)

    39. Jakki and Bud

      How much for the toothpaste and mouthwash......that's a weeks shopping for me...🤪

    40. Andrea Hennig

      To prevent the hanger bumps in the shoulders I hang my sweaters by putting the waist through the middle of hanger (won’t work if you hanger only has arms and not a triangle) so the sweater is basically hanging upside-down. There maybe a better way but this is how I’ve done it and works for me. To get the bumps out when you need to wear that sweater, I usually spray the bump with water and let it dry while it’s on. You will need a coupe extra minutes before leaving the house (or dry with blow dryer) so you don’t have weirdly wet shoulder but they usually dry flat!

    41. Jess the glitter boss Webb

      Such a handsome man . Ugh Tati and him are actual goals and will have the most beautiful children

    42. Noora Markous

      Why do I love this so much 😂😂

    43. Mavis NLH

      He is so cutee and sweet to Tati

    44. Christopher Alexander

      Where did u get your black sweater

    45. Caresse Blankenship

      Velvet hangers is what you need.

    46. Asena G.

      Use Code DAD20 ... You’re welcome 😇 that’s so adorable 💗

    47. Maxine’s Crafty n’ Stuff

      Great video. Qq- any non gmo or organic products u use that’s for men?

    48. Brianna Bravo

      So idk if someone has said this yet and this doesn’t really prevent it, but what I do with the sweaters shoulders is a dampen them a little with some water and the fabric with re dry straighter than before. Hope that helps!

    49. Olivia Knack

      He's glowing! I love this!

    50. Miralola R


    51. Selena Davis

      Get Joy Mangano hangers from HSN. Won’t leave shoulder bumps in clothing.

    52. Marisol Emeree

      Did Tati do your make up?😂 she is probably standing behind the camera 😂

    53. Nancy Beauty

      So adorable and interesting!! Such a beautiful and real couple.

    54. Sandor Kocso

      stp moisturising and trim those orchid stems :))))))))) jk, i love these vids

    55. FTWTexas Stephens

      Loved this video

    56. Shelby C

      I wonder if those snoring strips actually work. Been looking for something for my bf to use because he's a really loud snorer and I just end up sleeping on the couch lol.

    57. Dani Matt

      I showed my dad this video and the whole time he was like oh yeah I have that and he asked if he had a DE-news channel

    58. Leslie Penney

      Lol even he knows mostly women are watching this to find things to make their men prettier

    59. Voet Groteteen

      Do they have childeren?

    60. Chantel Pokorny

      For the sweater!! I fold my sweaters in half, and drape them through the hanger.

    61. AJ The Blue

      That clap was so loud!!!

    62. Alexandra Idalski

      Get felt hangers. They keep sweaters in place and don't leave behind marks!

    63. Lizzie Luxe

      Use a velvet pants hanger and fold your sweater over the pants bar OR fold your sweaters like Marie Kondo recommends

    64. Jannae Sweetz

      I'm super stoked about the toothpaste! I have to try it out.. he did such a phenomenal job he's adorable and straight to the point such a guy! And I love all his bougie products especially his touch up secret for his beard that was awesome

    65. Jocelyne Garcia

      why is he such a preCIOUS MAN I CRY

    66. Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes

      Oh look it's the dude who loves the camera. Yuk. I just barfed in my mouth a bit.

    67. Sara Perez MUA

      so cute! lol I loved this so much. But frfr this actually really helped. I'm still in the process of getting my boyfriend to use better/more products, so I'm def taking notes. Good Job Tati!

    68. Alissa Eames

      Dont hang your clothes warm. You wont get hanger marks

    69. Aliyah S

      Best video

    70. Anna Grounds

      Please can Taylor do this man favourites 🙏🏻