Jax Jones, Mabel - Ring Ring (Official Video) ft. Rich The Kid



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    "Ring Ring" is out now!: JaxJones.lnk.to/RingRingID
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    Music video by Jax Jones, Mabel performing Ring Ring. © 2018 Universal Music Operations Limited

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    1. Lhbib Lhbib


    2. mythic

      *RING RING*

    3. Spirit

      Dude the ending fucking killed it!

    4. Car Chaser

      If u don't like this u have obviously not woken up

    5. Stefani Hector

      Jax Jones is the cutest with his dance moves :) I love this song & I'm addicted to this video!!

    6. Steve Deona

      Fantastic 💋

    7. Abdelilah Fethen

      2 0 1 9

    8. Abdelilah Fethen

      Hello? You there?

    9. zaniya

      I love this song I’m always listing to it❤️

    10. Leanne Wilson

      hi Dear

    11. سوسو مومو


    12. حيدر جاسم

      Can you like

    13. gokhanozkaya1978@hotmail.com

      Harika bi şarkı

    14. Okan Ekici

      Ring ring 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🙂


      0:55 mabel:look at my baby hair

    16. the whip girls

      her voice is on fleek like woah 😍😍

    17. Bilguun Bilguun

      Ring ring is normal song

    18. free fire-Melih


    19. Andre Tönnissen

      She like phones😂💗

    20. Slender

      Why pay $10 a minute when there is a local women that wants to fuck me

    21. Pizza Lover

      It’s not Jax Jones without the watcha watcha gon do

    22. Angelo Granchelli

      Ring Ring HELLOOO!

    23. Daniels Jurkovs

      Mabel:Ring ring Dua Lipa:Don't pick up the phone Ariana Grande:I'm pickin' it up Adele:Hello it's me Anne-Marie:Ciao Adios I'm done Ariana Grande:Thank you next😂😂😂😂 And yes it was not my idea i did this just for fun

    24. Montassar DRIDI

      _Rich The Kid_ *killed* this song

    25. We A am

      very nice

    26. ̶ b a d g i r l

      50 milions

    27. Rob Crusoe

      The little boy is like the worst musician in human history

    28. Sibel So

      JAX JONES has turkish origins by the way :)

    29. Etem Fatih Cihan

      TÜRKLER yorumlarda aradığın TÜRKÇE yorumm🤗

    30. Cian Mac Mahon

      great xxxx

    31. L G

      I like the choreo

    32. Daisy K

      2:45 Was that Anne -Marie?😂

    33. ecem dağ

      Torrente 4 rin rin rin😂😂

    34. Christina Evangelidou

      If you now Elena Paparizou(greek si ger, she wons Eurovision in 2004) Mabel is exactly like her!😋

    35. Vika Krivosheeva


    36. Humza Mohammed

      Ring ring are you there

    37. morphinesong -

      내일 태풍온데서 들으러옴

    38. Elly Eric

      She's pretty

    39. αρετι καλοφωνου

      america is so great place...

      1. Бумажная фабрика

        I want in ametica

    40. αρετι καλοφωνου

      Hello sweet Mabel and Jax..I loved so much your videos!!

    41. Personne

      She looks like demi omggg

    42. bro r pro Gaming

      49 views but not even 1 forth likes😣

    43. afrodith Grfld

      Mabel ring ring 💜 Mabel don't call me up 💜 Rosalia con altura 💜 Ariana grande boyfriend 💜 Nicki minaj megatron 💜👇👇i love this Song 💜

    44. Gulden 777


    45. Mappi


    46. paula motta

      Just 49 milion? This song is so perfect

    47. Kori Downard

      This whole album has been advertised to me all week. And it’s trash.

    48. Nova Neo

      90s aesthetic

    49. Karine Buinier

      French spoken PÉTITION contre l'expérimentation animale ici : 🇫🇷♥️🇫🇷 www.30millionsdamis.fr/jagis/signer-la-petition/😸😀

    50. ilk on bin

      She is sooo pretty

    51. Fatma Kılınçarslan


    52. اسلام خان


    53. Simona Toader

      2019 and I still have no idea how rich the kid looks like

    54. Youtube Viewer

      0:02 Wow, she is the image of her mum there! I thought it actually was Neneh Cherry.

    55. Seda Seda

      She reminds me of jennie from blackpink just me ok

    56. weronika Sz

      I love this song , this song is so catchy

    57. ramiz raza

      Mable reminds me ravina tondon.

    58. ̶ b a d g i r l


    59. Mina Ashraf

      Who is listening now

    60. nfjdhdhrh jdjrnhrhdhf

      Türkler ses verinnn 🇹🇷

    61. xavier claire

      J'adore 💕

    62. Caribbean Sunset

      Dua Lipa vibes???

    63. oprea anis27

      Is the true idea about Mabel's true addictions with the phones even în her song Don't call me up!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙂💓

    64. aamna hanan

      With her high pony from a distance she is giving me ariana grande vibes

    65. Made in Chinа

      *2018: Ring Ring* *2019: Don't call me up* *2020: Alo Alo* *2021: Уou me love* *2022: Watching do me* *2023: What?* Watching me Mabel on 2023 on clous music...

    66. 10000 subscribers with no content challenge lol

      Who's still watching this absolute banger in 2019???? ❤️💕💙💜💓💖

    67. Grace Cheriyan


    68. Sarka Sperlova

      2018:☎️☎️ 2019:dont pick up the phone

    69. ALMA Forever

      At 1:22 they are sooo cute together awwwww And how she dances at 0:50