Jelly Roll - Bottle And Mary Jane - Official Music Video

Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll

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    Jelly Roll - Bottle And Mary Jane - Official Music Video
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    "Bottle And Mary Jane" - Produced by: Still Matthews
    Jelly Roll has always been one thing in his lyrics - honest. He sees his music as therapeutic, not just for him, but for anyone who comes in contact with it.As genuine a modern day outlaw as you can get, Jelly's music incorporates influences ranging from Southern Rock to Dirty South rap. With his latest album, A Beautiful Disaster, Jelly Roll draws you in with his ability to tell a story that you didn't even know you were a part of. With songs like "Creature", "I Need You", "Nothing Left At All" and the dark, haunting love story "Suicide" along with features from the likes of Tech N9ne, Struggle Jennings, Krizz Kaliko and Lil Wyte, A Beautiful Disaster gives you a direct link to the life of Jelly Roll - the trials and tribulations, along with the celebrations and victories.

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    1. Katie Ryan

      whiskey in the jar

    2. Kyle Battisto

      I love the song but the video sucked. Not even gonna get into why. But yeah. Still love ya tho.

    3. czar m

      Been following jelly for 10 years now, love seeing him grow. Would love to see a collaboration with yelawolf

    4. Gavin Cody

      This is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥real music people.

    5. axial wraith spawn

      Good fucking song!!!! Excellent work jelly keep killin it!!

    6. mrajentman

      first time hearing the dude, holy shit this is great

    7. Matt Clark

      Jelly been the shit for years...keep it up brother your helping a lot of people

    8. Kenneth Abels

      1.2k dislikes, man wtf I get it if this isn’t your brand of whiskey but how could a person feel like this is worthy of a dislike.

    9. Nikki Lee

      Dude...I heard my neighbour blaring this as he was washing his car just 10 minutes heart hurt listening to now I have found you...NEW MEGA FAN!

    10. King Tuck

      Underrated artist! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💯🔥

    11. Rick Smead

      never heard of you and just found you tonight while doing some drinkin.... been trying to quit but its tough. I watched a few of you vids but wanted to comment on this one.... seems you got a decent amount of subs so I doubt you see it but you got a new fan today. great music and I hope you lose the weight again.

      1. Joel Wacker

        I encourage you to explore all his music! I guarantee you will find some top notch gems.

    12. Steven Roberts

      Been with jelly since riding all alone

    13. Heather Hauck

      Accidentally came across Jelly Roll about a year ago and I cant get enough of his music..

    14. Teddy King

      Congratulations on1 millions

    15. Josette Villarreal

      This dude nails my feelings every fucking time I put one of his songs on

    16. Sharie H

      You don't understand addiction until you understand this song. Your words speak to the trials and tribulations I go through on a daily basis. Thank you for helping me get through it. ❤

    17. Michael Lemons

      Keep ‘em coming Jelly

    18. donnie lanyon

      Dude hit home kinda been feeling this way lately great song guy

    19. Jayson Adams

      He needs a salad and sum talent

    20. Elizabeth Van Niekerk

      This song is the best and reminds me of life and Jelly your my Idle and really love your music

    21. Dalton Pressley

      Jelly roll is the fucking man

    22. Timothy Wilson

      This is my life right now

    23. Patrick Hatley

      Oh jelly roll is up with that one.

    24. Dunnoahhha

      8 months sober.

    25. Th3 T4k3n

      Here before he's famous

    26. Nathaniel Moore

    27. Michael Williams

      It's at this moment when you realize you've done listen to the song over 200 times and you just now realize that you accidentally hit the dislike button I want to smack myself cuz I love the hell out of the song but let's be honest phones do their own freaky things sometimes

    28. probro 123

      Shits fire man...keep it up! Haven’t heard a song from the past few months that U have put out that I do not relate to... Thanks for the therapy my dude

    29. Nick Heppner

      Definitely hits home, lately.

    30. Chase Moorehouse

      No wonder he got denied because who the hell mixes margarita mix (strawberry at that) with whiskey?

    31. Corrie Wilkins

      I found jelly roll tonight and its the best therapy ive had Realest Keep it up

    32. jerry bristow

      His music helps me live another day every day cuz lifes a struggle and we all have somethin to try and deal with this world but as long as jelly keeps makin tracks the world should be ight

    33. Dustin Leet

      Dope 😎❤

    34. Juanita Rogers

      Dam! This song is on fire!

    35. Jason John

      I have so many favorite songs from Jelly, but this is definitely at the top of the list.

    36. Gordon Stansberry

      Love the fact that Jack Daniels and Chattanooga whiskey was represented in this vid!!

    37. Andrea Burleson

      “When I’m wrong is the only time I feel right” hellllll yes!! I felt those words👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    38. mikoss 2325

      Woa 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    39. Robert May

      A man of convictions Damn these additions Just can't be tamed..... So lately I'm drowning my pain, With a Bottle and Mary Jane.

    40. CoolRon B

      I was today years old when I heard this & it's fuckin awesome even the hood gon feel this 1🔥🔥🔥🔥

    41. Eric Smith

      When I'm wrong is the only time I feel right.... Damn feel this song too much.

    42. Angry Blonde


    43. Kenneth Morrison

      👍 song

    44. Austin Klein

      Just listened to it 25 times relations to every word. Fuck

    45. Introvert Beats

      This is officially my new favorite song!! I do drum covers to a lot of your songs but this one has thrown me for a loop. You show your talent here because I feel like this is not an easy beat to rap/sing to. I'm struggling to keep the beat when I'm drumming to it but I'll figure it out. Amazing song Jelly!! You just keep exceeding my expectations and I love it!!!

    46. Christopher Johnathan

      Was that stews I.D.?

    47. Ohio street preacher

      REPENT JESUS can't set you free from your bondage and chain's

    48. Two Pink Peas


    49. Marcus Ralius Reeder

      By far this is one of the best songs hes done so far.

    50. juggalo mike

      Truthfully I listen to more jelly roll than any other artist.

    51. Mike Johnson

      The only way out is finding God and seeking God everyday, and reminding myself im totally powerless if I pick up

    52. Katelynn Miller

      I'm lost but on my face the pain dont show that's my day love your music it's the truth what's noone what to say

    53. JJD1913

      JR Sounding good Brother ... ^5

    54. Lacy Holland

      I love this 😍❤️ jelly roll always 💯

    55. B-DROP

      Me too Brother im 10 toes down

    56. Troyboy 1987

      Great song ✌️😝

    57. Tapes-One2

      Man this is a masterpiece. Voice is on point!

    58. arman757

      You look like some type of cartoon character with all that ridiculous ink on your face and useless metal in your mouth

    59. RideTheNeonBull

      Holy crap why aint this on the radio

    60. Brian Frasemer

      Hell yeah spit that bro

    61. Sandy Losoya

      I salute you Jelly ..i was in the same struggle its a very dark place i found my way ..its good to see you found your way back..nothing but love from the 509..

    62. Ted Green

      Nice bro

    63. For Posterity

      R kelly's getting work?

    64. Samantha Marshall

      God damn jelly! You killed it again. All your songs hit so close to home for me and my husband. We love you and it's about time your getting what you deserve! We love to see the real mfs winning!!!

    65. Dylan Townsend

      This is a masterpiece

    66. Nsp Record

      Votre video est sur deFrance. Felicitations. Pour me contacter sur

    67. Mason Monroe

      Jessica say jelly roll got that Flow m

    68. Ashley and Chris Watson

      This song hits my heart hard !!😔😔😔 truth is everything looking myself in the mirror is a damn sham

    69. Matthew Stanger

      Can't believe I haven't heard of this dude.