Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart goes on a tear against Bellomo in rare Hidden Gem



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    Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart clashes with Salvatore Bellomo in early ECW action from 1992 in Hidden Gem: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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    1. Ghost Protocol

      WWE trying be sneaky here leaking AEW footage for free on their DE-news Channel.. 😂

    2. Vaughn Baskin

      The Eastern Championshp Wrestling as in pre Extreme y'all!

    3. Ricky Espinosa :v

      First times of ecw original

    4. Your Face


    5. Mike H.

      Rip Jim.

    6. Bgs god -not- I'm trash

      Rip anvil

    7. Vintage_ Vontae

      Fun fact: They both passed away RIP

      1. Vintage_ Vontae

        Caine Te Whare ikr Rest In Peace

    8. Jalen Payton

      I hope they didn't choose Natalya to fight for the RAW Women's Championship because of her father's passing. If so, that's so stupid.

      1. MBM1117727

        He died a year ago...

      2. Kain R Heinlein

        @Jalen Payton what gimmick or personality does Naomi have to offer for a promo against Becky though? Natalya just had a good segment against her, they should keep her like that and maybe turn her heel or tweener. Maybe since those 2 women have had segments together, they might have Naomi next after

      3. Jalen Payton

        @XXXTentacion Fan Jahseh and beyond That's fine if you feel that way. I'm getting bore of Becky too sadly, but Natalya is even more boring and would have rather Naomi face Becky for the title at Summer Slam.

      4. XXXTentacion Fan Jahseh and beyond

        Jalen Payton What??? We don’t wanna see a Raw Women’s Championship of terror with Becky he’ll I would rather see James Ellsworth as Raw Women’s Champion than Becky reign

    9. Imran Imran

      I'm WWE big fan 😍😘

      1. XXXTentacion Fan Jahseh and beyond

        Imran Imran Yeah right

    10. God Snipez

      Wtf is this,I could tell it doesn’t look like our modern times

      1. MBM1117727

        Read the description, it's from one of the first ecw shows in 1992.

      2. XXXTentacion Fan Jahseh and beyond

        Kabir vlogs It’s because your probably a kid and don’t understand how modern tapes was back then

    11. Md Sameer


    12. Md Sameer


    13. Md Sameer

      Wwe please upload the match of brock Lesnar vs goldberg at wrestlemania 33

      1. XXXTentacion Fan Jahseh and beyond

        Wrestle Head1 Dude what’s up with your voice

      2. XXXTentacion Fan Jahseh and beyond

        Md Sameer Uhhh?? They already did what are you smoking kid

      3. Wrestle Head1

        sub me

    14. Chris Sharma

      I miss all of them

    15. Jake Furness

      The Harts will always be remembered as legends

      1. Devesh Manral

        Except Natalya cause she married a jobber and has become one too

      2. XXXTentacion Fan Jahseh and beyond

        Wrestle Head1 Lol let’s be honest not much people watched WCW when It was becoming a joke in the 2000’s

      3. XXXTentacion Fan Jahseh and beyond

        Jake Furness True just like the Von Erich’s well not a lot know them but I surely do not just because a lot of deaths in the family literally only 1 standing and he’s keeping the family alive with Next Generations

      4. Wrestle Head1

        over nwo, thank you canada

    16. Rhenan Mario/ TOP-GAMES

      third to watch the video

    17. Hardy Brand

      Rip Anvil 🙏🏽💕 Nattie will win at SummerSlam and make him so proud once again! ❤️

      1. XXXTentacion Fan Jahseh and beyond

        @Jalen Payton Yeah she's pretty athletic

      2. Jalen Payton

        @XXXTentacion Fan Jahseh and beyond I'm sorry but Natalya is boring and Total Divas sucks. Naomi is the Total Diva I like and I think she should have won.

      3. XXXTentacion Fan Jahseh and beyond

        Km Metheme Yes because Becky’s reign is boring just like Kofi’s even tho I love him

      4. XXXTentacion Fan Jahseh and beyond

        Wrestle Head1 Uhhh??? When was you born they been had a TLC match together back then your late kiddo these man don’t have enough energy to put there body on the line for us there like 43

    18. jonathan Siikarla


    19. Wrestle Head1

      jim best tagged with owen hart in the late 90s but his early 90s was with bret hart, he was the better half. real powerhouse, shot put champion , glad to see natalya keeping the hart name alive, its sad to see them leave us when DX stays. he even was in WCW, watch those matches IM HYPED

      1. XXXTentacion Fan Jahseh and beyond

        @Wrestle Head1 okay

      2. Wrestle Head1

        @XXXTentacion Fan Jahseh and beyond bulldog had more body builder but anvil was like a strongman . rip xxx , sub me g

      3. XXXTentacion Fan Jahseh and beyond

        Wrestle Head1 I would say British Bulldog was powerful than Jim just my opinion and anyways It’s sad how literally almost all the Hart’s are gone Stu Hart,Owen Hart,British Bulldog,Jim, What next Bret hopefully not It’s like the Von Erich curse all over again

      1. Wrestle Head1

        2nd, sub me