Jimmy and Kim Kardashian West Freak Out Touching Mystery Objects

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    Kim Kardashian West and Jimmy take turns sticking their hands inside boxes filled with mystery objects that they have to identify without looking at them.
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    Jimmy and Kim Kardashian West Freak Out Touching Mystery Objects

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    1. Hitesh Kumar

      Box of lies with will Smith was deleted. In that will whooped Jimmy's ....

    2. Nodrodsky

      How is this remotely entertaining ?

    3. Nodrodsky

      That ass is disgusting.

    4. LaToya


    5. Jimmy Aleman

      I didn’t except him to be like that haha

    6. Zoe Mcw

      Kim is gorgeous 🤤

    7. Non Ego Lifting Natty

      I feel so, so sorry for the people who find the Kardashians entertaining. To those who are watching in 2069, yes, people 50 years ago were fucking morons.

    8. Madeleine Macmillan

      My goodness what is that from her waist down is it a growth poor darling she's pretty but wow that looks painful 😩

    9. Glothy Francis


    10. 20,000 Subscribers With No Videos?

      When you have a crush, you gotta be extra extra to make yo crush get turn on you feel??

    11. Connor Patrick


    12. Kolton Slattery

      Bitch I thought you said you wasn’t a hobbit?

    13. Hey It’s Me

      Kim isn’t showing any cleveage. Strange.

    14. NaturalBeauty321

      Jimmy is so extra 😂

    15. Jesus Loves You so MUCH

      ok she definetely looks like an *ant* ??!!!! like the color and her butt is the thorax?? LOLOLOL

    16. Emergency Bearcedures

      She is famous for having a rich dad and getting fucked on tape by a Z level celebrity. Let that sink in America. Trump didn’t ruin America. You idiots did by actually giving this person attention. And no I didn’t watch the video.

    17. K E

      Wow he's annoying af

    18. Hamda Qaisar

      Jimmy is getting cringer and cringer every show

    19. Devon Gutierrez

      Rip the girl with hand sanitizers job

    20. Arohoni roro

      She is so pretty ❤

    21. Athena

      7:32 wtf he literally went crazy and attacked her chest and touched her boobs lmao

    22. Haris Tsiras

      Ιs her butt hot? Seriously? My grandmother has a simular one.. So funny.. Americans are so of middle class taste

    23. Basma Suger

      I love Kims scream so much

    24. Jacob Lefler

      Jimmy kimmel is ten times better

    25. Ross Well

      I would love this but fucking hell that man needs to calm the fuck down

    26. Wayne Brown

      I need to take whatever drugs Jimmy is on

    27. Ross Well

      This man is so immature does he have learning difficulties or something?

    28. Ross Well

      Omg Kim looks *incredible*

    29. Wayne Brown

      “I’ll literally... die” KIM LMFAOO STOP

    30. Caleb Hastings

      Was anyone else having trouble keeping they eyes up?

    31. Plui K

      Jimmy was so obnoxious and annoyingly fake. This was disappointing.

    32. Niklas Polvora

      Jimmy you are só fake ahhhh

    33. THE HIPPO

      Jimmy is like faking an Orgasm 🤣

    34. Chester Bennington

      У Клик клака спиздили идею

    35. Schuy Reign

      What a cute beardie

    36. SniperGang Kodak

      Calm down Jimmy

    37. 창연 Clara Park

      LOL I love how Kim screamed the loudest after seeing the announcer

    38. Bobby Brown

      What’s more faker jimmys acting or Kim’s butt

      1. Datwolfbruh


    39. Emma Stein

      Jimmy being extra just make me cringe lol

    40. insert name here

      litter ally die.

    41. Rackal

      Um, what is that giant tumor on her gluteus?

    42. Olivia Grasso

      This would be more enjoyable to watch if they actually tried to do the challenge rather than just poking at the object once and freaking out.

    43. Bel J

      I used to really like Jimmy but he's kinda...yeah...

    44. The Stop Gobber

      4:49 is where I realised there is a bigger drama queen than Kim K

    45. Jessica Rodriguez

      If you cover the sides of kim's huge hips she looks gorgeous 😮

    46. noa oranim

      I wish I could keep that bearded dragon ❤️

    47. Stephen Arellano

      Jeez why fallon over reacting

    48. Josh Atkinson

      Jimmy is a child lol

    49. Kay Kay Is Cray Cray

      Jimmy sounds like a girl🤣

    50. Depperse

      Her body would be drop dead gorgeous if her butt was just like two sizes smaller. Shes insanely beautiful but she went over the top with the butt. I honestly think she's an okay person though and a wonderful mother.

    51. Amanda Archuleta


    52. Veronica A

      The least amount of views cause nobody gives a fuxk about kim kardashian😂

    53. Mark Youneva

      i can feel my brain cells committing suicide as I stubbornly continued to listen to Kim speak. someone should study why certain people speaking causes this physiological reaction.

    54. Angela Jividen

      OMG! I just posted a comment about KIM’S natural look. I was using talk text, and posted before I proofread the comment! Somehow, something came out about roof work??? The comment was to read as follows, “the futuristic look is cool but it takes away from your natural beauty.“ Totally apologize.

    55. Donut Girl

      I wished she said *ew*

    56. Palms are sweaty Knees weak

      Kim is Thicc 🍑 🍑

      1. Datwolfbruh

        It aint all natural tho its plastic surgery

      2. Datwolfbruh

        No shit sherlock

    57. Bobby O

      She probably has a plastic vagina

    58. Bobby O

      She’s as fake as jimmy. She looks plastic with her plastic butt

    59. Toreba PH

      Jimmy aint extra. It's really scary to not know... Just like life

    60. Donkey Kong


    61. Ina Ric

      DZ one was so so funny I really loved it

    62. Floppi


    63. StacyJane Alex

      The only one real in that video is the lizard. Rest all are fake

    64. 959

      Did anyone else feel vicarious embarrassment?

    65. 959

      Jimmy is more a drama queen than Kim. Kim is fake from head to toe but I like her somehow. She seems to be nice. Am I wrong?

    66. KR TV

      Bearded dragon is so cute sleeping 😴

    67. Squizzle

      7:45 Kim screamed at his ugliness

    68. Mill Maroon

      Why JF makes such a fake act of getting feared.. I mean fake fake fakest to the core. Kim much better.

    69. Hiya Gada

      When u share ur dirty sanitizer.

    70. Ravis Maximus

      Fake kim should lose those hips is she a truck Her sister is doing all the fake shit now Look like a donk car or whatever 30 inchs rims on a small car

    71. Rerexm LOL

      everyone is saying that Jimmy Fallon is a drama queen AKA faking lol but i love it :))))))))))))))))))))

    72. Djlenz 409

      @3:56 why is he so extra

    73. Fletcher 1

      Omg Jimmy is so fake

    74. Scarlett Silva

      7:33 Me: Stop! get some help

    75. Amira B

      Maybe he has phobia of touching something he can't see

    76. Lo Martins

      She said “silence” and everyone was dead quiet

    77. Ramsiing

      Her body faker than jimmy lmao

    78. Jimmy Benyoucef

      Kim getting a squirrel cutest thing ever! ^ _^

    79. Mohammed Jazeem

      Jimmy is more fake than that fake squirrel.

    80. Harry Appleby

      harry._.appleby instagram hmu

    81. Angela Lian

      melodrama who?

    82. deniizdepies

      Poor animals

    83. Hassan AKA Sunny

      Jimmy is doing way too much. I can’t with his fake ass.

    84. lady bug

      Her body so fake....thou

    85. Ronnie Rioux

      Wtf is up with her hips? No weird.

    86. stephen dresler

      Jimmy's fake overacting is, well, fake and way overacted. Or that's what society and his bosses have turned him into: a real, out in the wild SJW snowflake and Gillette man. It's kinda sad to see. That's what a human male has to behave like to placate the muddle-brained masses? Someone just kill me now.

    87. stephen dresler

      Dang. She's had some serious body plastic surgery done. And don't try to tell me its because she's had kids. That body is weird, fake and disgusting as hell.

    88. jeremy sella

      Over acting.....I mean Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

    89. Ivanna Montella

      Eughh I hate Kim

    90. Sachin R

      She got a big ole butt

    91. II Benito II

      When I have to touch my homeworks


      Hey Jimmy Fallon, I have a request. Please add a skip and mute button whenever your face is in the camera. Sincerely, a person who is tired of fake enthusiasm.

    93. Shez

      A Kardashian plus an OTT Fallon... #nauseating

    94. Aman Agarwal

      that ass looks so unatural !1

    95. Eric Hwang

      Her ass is fake and I wouldn't touch it... 😂😯

    96. Steven

      I just want to punch him

    97. Miranda Summerset

      Look up Nick Cannons interview on her, he said she 100% has had more plastic surgery than anyone, so why does she lie about it?! ODD girl

    98. Sim One

      Fallon ...Please!... stop with the Fake reactions. Between you and the implant surgery Queen.....Can't tell who's made more plastic.

    99. Steve Barrios

      This is why i dont watch fallons show ... Her claim to fame is a sex tape with no talent!!

    100. hbrt335

      So fake