Can You Feel It? - Jimmy and Kim Kardashian West Freak Out Touching Mystery Objects

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    Kim Kardashian West and Jimmy take turns sticking their hands inside boxes filled with mystery objects that they have to identify without looking at them.
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    Jimmy and Kim Kardashian West Freak Out Touching Mystery Objects

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    1. Ahmad Zaleb

      His reactions are way too much exaggerating 😂😂😂

    2. Colonizzatore Italiano

      Madonna che curve che ha kim

    3. Purvesh Panchbhai

      That was my favorite episode ever 😆😆😁😁😁😂😂

    4. Alex Bouras

      That overreacring tho

    5. Jane Maguire

      Me: **sitting outside randomly stroking skink** Jimmy:**falls to ground yelling about lizard** Me: hah, wimp (jk Jimmy love ya ❤️)

    6. Conner Panichkul

      Why is jimmy acting so weird?

    7. Ella DeMore

      I clicked on the thumbnail because I thought Steve Higgins was Josh Gad 😂

    8. Tim Smith

      Most worthless woman in the world

    9. صفصاف سعد

      I just came here to look at her sexy ass nothing else

    10. صفصاف سعد

      They're not funny

    11. EdunchiVEVO

      This show is pretty much youtube in 2013

    12. Abiral Acharya

      The tonight show starring overreacting shit!!

    13. The Golden king

      I think jimmy forgot about Robert from Australian soo

    14. lia walsh

      I have a bearded dragon aka lizard they’re so friendly ones u get to know them

    15. Joshua Lukas

      Kim’s screams are hilarious lol

    16. kundan kumar

      Want to learn overacting?then this the video for u

    17. Shobhit Ranjan.

      The girl have good figure 👏👏

    18. AparichitKills

      those drums....hhhhuuuhhuuuuu


      Did u want how Jimmy proved that this is not a really guessing game ??answer:: he touched the lizard on it's backside and tail but not the face I did not touch it at all so,fake proved

    20. SJ GAMER


    21. squid. whore/

      Kim Kardashian is me " is it an animal!?? "

    22. Wafi 31

      Her ass has more plastic than my Honda

    23. Estelle Lauzon

      That fat transfer though

    24. Harolyn Zeitz

      Kim has no personality

    25. Trixy Clout

      I own a bearded dragon

    26. MultiTHEJOKER

      how fake was that

    27. Nick white

      There not leg there claws you get it girl

    28. Jhay Cee

      poor squirrel ... 😔😔😔🐿

    29. AlexRocks

      Poor bearded dragon just wanted to sleep.

    30. Apple Lemonade

      fuck sick look it she ass man it's killing me

    31. Leona Gj

      Kim's body tho🔥

    32. Aryan Salunke

      first time i saw kim so free & transparent in an talk show

    33. Sibu Jose

      kim looks like a python who just swallowed a deer 1:23

    34. Always Flying

      Come on Kim that's not the first sweaty head you've touched haha

    35. Cham Cham

      Her butt

    36. Rosa Sinesis

      WTH Mr.Jimmy be a man 😂 Even kim is more brave than him

    37. 박현숙

      Jimmy and Kim are acting like silly school children. Jimmy is acting so different. I think Jimmy likes Kim...

    38. Jack Kildron

      0:05 Jimmy is hard

    39. Meedoo z

      Jimmy biggest over reactor

    40. apotatoflewaroundmyroom

      *Robert Irwin Has joined the chat*

    41. leocbv -

      Kim k the bitch

    42. Hesse Fkn

      I was way to busy looking at Kim’s curves

    43. xxxxxGRANDxxxxx

      4:19 KIM: let Me see somthing ME: let MEE see somthing 😉

    44. Ruby Bhatia

      Why Jimmy overreacted at last


      Kanye home watching be like... Wait till she gets home....😂😂😂

    46. Luxury J

      Kim rolling like a living hour glass

    47. NONIE PADIE.

      What happen the butt of kim so biggh is not normalll to much

    48. Woods


      1. Woods

        Cowboy Jesus ARE YOU SURE

      2. Cowboy Jesus

        Woods well not anymore

    49. Neekah Tijiri

      Jimmy is the worst person to play this game with. I would have an anxiety attack 😂

    50. Mary Julienne

      Kim actually looks gorgeous in this ! What the fuck ? Like she’s glowing !!!

    51. Matthew Garcia

      It’s king crab claws...

    52. Jose Chairez

      She said “SILENCE”🤨😂

    53. Laurie

      That ass CANNOT be real!! Why does she even find that attractive???

    54. Yofavv Sisterz

      Dang Kim is thick

    55. Ckxlv31147

      Nobody: Kim K: 3:08

    56. Tania John

      Aw u can tell his finger never healed properly

    57. Delia Leticia Ramírez Andrade


    58. superstarrr121

      I think it’s ridiculous she needs ha d sanitizer every time comes considering she lays in bed with Kanye West every night .

    59. Izv Isv

      That lizard is so chill n cute tho haha

    60. Izv Isv

      Jimmys Favorit

    61. Preetha Pramanik

      Jimmy was just craving to have her in his arms 😂😂

    62. XyPaC

      fake woman there

    63. sajit sudarshan

      First of its kind spoilsport on Jimmy's show

    64. A* V*z


    65. ксюша ,


    66. whatisthisrightnow

      Kim really said: ⏳

    67. Let Me Die

      I will never understand how people find bearded dragons scary

    68. Sharon Horsfall

      It would have been more funny if Steve actually bit Jimmy

    69. Alfonso Contreras

      God damn, it's hard to ignore that ass!!! She literally looks like one of these big butt porn stars. It almost looks fake, lol 🤣😅 🤣

    70. IllusionOfTruth

      Bloody hell the cringe is real