Johnny Gargano & Twan Tucker bamboozle Adam Cole: WWE NXT, July 17, 2019



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    Adam Cole’s plan to embarrass Johnny Gargano trainee Twan Tucker in an NXT Title Match goes awry when Tucker lets the champion know that he didn’t come alone. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.
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    1. Krystian

      Twan is a legend i mean he put over gargano instead of taking the Opportunity lol

    2. Saul Garcia Jr.

      Johnny has to win at Toronto, HE NEEDS A LONGER NXT CHAMPIONSHIP REIGN, also I wouldn’t mind him being the 3rd 2 time nxt champion

    3. hiroshi heroes

      Jonny GarganoROLLINS NXT

    4. Dr Person

      When Vince gets Gargano there will be protest at wwe shows when he gets buried

    5. thorne asylum

      give this feud a golden up! cant wait for the trilogy at Takeover Toronto...damn this has been well put together

    6. Day Day

      Hey WWE I'm going to be the biggest super star when I get in WWE and NXT because NXT and WWE is the savages home and me and my cousin will kick out all the people that disturb because we are the chosen savages to do the job and we are not a heel or a face we are the savage's

    7. Killian Sermonat

      I like adam cole and gargano 😊😀

    8. Berbla DOT COM

      Why do they both look like little girls with beards

    9. • Ted•

      That's the same Adam cole who use to come down the ring with alot of people and a bunny? Or that's someone else who name is Adam cole?

    10. Tammy Stewart

      Adam Cole can't win without his buddies out with him. Johnny is more a WINNER than Adam will ever be

    11. pk_1

      This female commentator is so cringe! Almost as bad a Renee young sort it out WWE!

    12. Maniachael Productions

      Even made him tap out 😂😂😂 take that!

    13. Joe Mendez

      Im a huge fan of adam Cole but i feel like they took the title off Johnny way too soon. He is underrated as hell.

    14. RaZe Judgement

      Who’s twan?

    15. Neder Neder

      Adam cole is pro wrestler

    16. Rachel's Town

      So nobody gonna talk about how Adam Cole just lost his tooth at 1:47

      1. Seb J. Whoever

        Pretty sure it's a chewing gum.

    17. H J

      UE: "We've been tricked, we've been had, and we've been, quite possibly, bamboozled"

    18. Miguel sixONEseven

      I'll go out on a limb and say Adam Cole is the best performer in all of WWE. He is the most well-rounded player in the game today. The only thing he doesn't have is size but he has no control over his genetics.

    19. ToeClawDan

      Bamboozled? Simon Miller: "on the next episode of no one talks like that"

    20. Herrings the Series

      Whenever I look at Adam Cole’s head, I think of Payton Manning.

    21. KindredNewAgeDracula

      Bamboozled lol


      Glad cole is still on NXT and not the main roster they would have ruined him already 💯

    23. Takaii Sashima

      Anyone else see that cutie with fries in her lap? 👀

      1. Takaii Sashima


    24. BACHUR


    25. Furry Donkey

      So Johnny took Twan's title shot ......


      Johnny Gargano Will Be Win New Nxt champion

    27. Bruno Nascimento

      " You got bamboozled, look at you "

    28. sulaiman Mohammad


    29. HaL3


    30. Zain Naveed ACBB

      It's going to be 1-1 at takeover when regal comes out he will say no disqualification then the undisputed era will attack Johnny gargano

    31. Wrestle Shrine

      Adam Cole is a fricking treasure to the NXT. Awesome stage presence and fight

    32. Connor Dowdy

      Johnny better come up to the main roster after summer slam imagine all the possibilites gargano and styles nakamura Seth Rollins. Just imagine

    33. Deborah Pernambucanas

      Luta muito boa

    34. Louis Marko

      Wow that This is Spinal Tap reference from Mauro.

    35. Justin Wang

      1:46 uhh what came out of his mouth?

    36. Ted Jarman

      Am I the only one that realises how bad Beth Phoenix is as a commentator? I'd bring back Percy Watson in a heartbeat!!

    37. Micah Bishop

      Please never call anyone. All you will do is ruin them.

    38. A WrestlingFan

      Adam Cole Bay Bay! Always entertaining to watch

    39. Mike H.

      Adam’s plan backfired!

    40. Dire Wolf

      Gargano’s Takeover gear is going to have to be a break from the norm....either he’ll do the Joker, so not marvel, or a random Marvel character that doesn’t have a film out soon (Spiderman was done recently by Ricochet), maybe a Canadian hero, Seth Rollins did Deadpool like 2 years ago at Summerslam, Rey Mysterio did Wolverine at All Out....

    41. mosar

      Heckin bamboozled

    42. Wally & Tony !!!

      Twan Tucker? Did the person coming up with that name a member of the Teila Swan cult? Twan Tucker has to the most stupid name I've heard this month.

      1. Seb J. Whoever

        Afaik it's his real name. I could be wrong, tho.

    43. D. Anthony

      I want to see Adam Cole vs AJ Styles

    44. Robert


    45. kingofbrawl3000

      So why is Gargano getting a title shot?

    46. Lincoln Jacdonmi


    47. MuscleManMalcolm


    48. Jimmbabwe

      magine finn balor joins the club, then you get Undisputed vs The Club on main roster, and then boom adam cole turns joins the club. so on and so on

    49. 41Brother

      Who the hell is Twan Tucker???

    50. Dasurio

      Iike Twan Tucker

    51. Devrajsingh Balyasra

      Cole look like cm punk

    52. Abhijit Bhattacharjee

      i m getting a feeling that Ciampa will return at takeover toronto😍😍

    53. redexx13

      NXT better than aew

    54. Marty D

      Getting bored of jonny now its like he's getting the roman push

    55. Luke cologne

      Bamboozle got some Mirage over here

    56. i switched acounts

      At least cole os not a wussy he stayed and fight

    57. TheoKabala89

      3 Stages of Hell. 😱

    58. Martel Renteria

      The old nxt was better the one from 2018

      1. Niklaus Mikaelson

        This is same nxt. The old nxt is from 2010-2015

    59. Nep TalHunt

      Is it me or Adam Cole really seems to be the Loki of NXT

    60. wendysboi12

      Why save the good music for end of nxt videos lol

    61. custard akintola

      twan tucker did nt do anything

    62. Andrew Keck

      Dumb move by twan who just gives up a title shot.

    63. RockMusicFan92

      This is the perfect story, Cole is the perfect smarmy heel to go up against such an underdog like johnny

    64. Araf Zaman

      Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano is happening for the 3rd time and I am not even bored.Storylines and great matches do make a difference.While in the Main roster everything is a mess

    65. Connie Sleeper

      I'm pretty sure Johnny knocked a tooth out of Adam's mouth on that superkick

      1. baked beans

        It was gum


      adam better not lose the title but i got a feeling hes getting called up soon

      1. gZTheNeXt

        I also have that feeling.

    67. Tim

      You see 1:46, looks like Cole lost a tooth

    68. Jesus Burgess

      That's a hecklin' bamboozlin' if I ever seen one

    69. Black Chicken Curry


    70. king of pro wrestling

      Hope this isn't gonna turn into reigns vs learner situation