JuJu Smith-Schuster "Welcome to the NFL" Rookie Highlights

JuJu Smith-Schuster

JuJu Smith-Schuster

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    This is my official rookie regular season highlight tape for my first year with the Pittsburgh Steelers! Have a mini-movie coming soon...
    What is your guys' favorite video on #JuJuTV so far?
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    Am Vor year


    1. JuJu Smith-Schuster

      Which one of my videos so far do y'all like the most? Also give me suggestions for some videos in the future comment below

      1. NinjaNate13

        I am speechless you are the best football player your insane please reply Insane football player🙏

      2. Jared Morrow

        Juju is the G.O.A.T

      3. Ana Bower

        Hey Juju I went to the Steelers vs jaguars game Jacksonville I saw you when you were giving autographs but I did not get one I really wanted one because you are my favorite player I don’t know if you saw me but I was on my dads shoulders you were wearing the leapeard spot tux LOVE YOU BYE❤️❤️😍🥰😘😍🥰😘

      4. Cody Locke

        JuJu Smith-Schuster bro ur self made ur a boss bro I have seen u play 2 times ur my hero bro

      5. Jose Flores

        You a beast. Let’s go PATS!!!!!

    2. colin

      Dude juju has come a long way

    3. Eduardo Lopez

      Ju ju you’re the best man seriously. 💯💪🏽

    4. Phill Kerin


    5. Jean Gaud

      Low key, best claim ever: 1:22

    6. Hyper X

      Ok I’m sorry but I need to know the name of the music

      1. Arlind v2.4

        Use shazam

    7. ZakR

      So happy that you weren't afraid to include the Burfict hit

    8. Max Arebalo

      Where’s the hit on burfict after doing AB dirty like that?

      1. Max Arebalo

        Ele Peni thx

      2. Ele Peni


    9. PAT14K

      Seki uce! From AUS 🤙🤙

    10. Ethan Wicks

      I love how he put the hit on Burfict in his highlight video

    11. BH Music

      Crazy how two great wide receivers, Adam Thielen and JuJu Smith Schuster both are number 19

    12. Stay Jay

      I want to be like you 😁

    13. u finna get THIS CRUSADE

      what else you do i the bengle game ;)


      Hey juju you probably will never see this but I think you are a great player and should be in the HOF one day

    15. HandleMyBallz HM

      that kick off return was cleannnn 👏🏼👏🏼

    16. Gta car Scene

      A lot better than Antonio Brown

    17. Flip Squad

      My favorite football team is the Bears but you are by far my favorite football player

    18. maurice Robertson

      Whoz better u or AB I think its u

    19. Payton Dvorak

      Great job Juju!! Your amazing, stay humble! Give thanks to God for what he gave you!

    20. Nykell Heyward


    21. Jayson Connor

      I went to the 1st president season game and I cam all the way from Indiana and I wanted u to sign my jersey but I get why u did not but I bought a ball with ur signature on it its was lit

    22. creative goat

      This made me smile

    23. Holbrook life

      Juju ty for laying out 55!!! He needed that so bad! I know you caught bs over it! Trust me we all loved it! You taught him a lesson and ty so much!!! #19juju

    24. Carrie Peel

      Remember me

    25. barrafam /

      Yo this beat is hard and goes good wit the viedo love it🔥

    26. Shugar Burke


    27. An0n Trixx

      Why were you such a high number pick

    28. Lisa Ueckert

      Ju JU I love ur vids

    29. Thunder Nick

      I know why you destroyed number 55

    30. Strokaveli Basketcase

      His speed .... And catching ability.....

    31. Hayzins Hezekiah Gonda Kamalamalama

      Juju you are my motavation for football

    32. cole gelpi


    33. Daniel Stevens

      You are very good for your age juju i play football I’m 11 and I’m the best one one my team

    34. Cristhian Martinez

      What's the name of the beat Juju ur the best brother

    35. Kharth

      What is he doing at 3:28 ?

    36. Kasim Finch

      Last clip was the best

    37. TJ Glosser

      Gotta give respect to the quater back thoo for all those beautiful passes

    38. Jared Morrow

      Juju is the G.O.A.T

    39. Samson Bellu

      Rookie r of the year juju Smith no?🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈


      They was really boooo'n

    41. Spedward Trianglepants

      62nd pick???? He was a steal.

    42. Football Pro

      Juju I hope you keep being Epic Be humble and don’t turn into Antonio brown

      1. Jeff P

        He went from Steelers to raiders to patriots

      2. Jeff P

        AB is a hopper

      3. Gay

        Football Pro AB fame went to his head and ended up like that

    43. Colston Cumberland

      Way to go Juju! Blow it up beast. I though you were in the NFL longer than that

    44. Volxanics

      Bad ass

    45. Seabass Ramirez

      Your a really good player at football in the NFL and college

    46. Seabass Ramirez

      For my football number I asked if I could be number 9,19 or 84 and you were one of my inspirations to play football so thank u

      1. sKulll playz

        @Seabass Ramirez ok Thanks

      2. Seabass Ramirez

        And he went to USC

      3. Seabass Ramirez

        sKulll playz because that was his number in college

      4. sKulll playz

        May i ask y 9?

    47. Juliana Hoenisch

      I love you juju I love your team my brother likes the team and my dad loves the team thakes for all the touchdowns

    48. Fortnite Strucid

      Much love bro I was watching when you got drafted

    49. huntercolt 1

      I have you on my fantasy your doing great

      1. Mr. Gamer

        Wdym he’s no good in fantasy this year

    50. Emma Carlock

      hi JuJu this is cj

    51. Cristian Lozano

      Make a video wher you rad fans coments

    52. Cristian Lozano

      I am a huge fan i want to be like you when i grow up i hope i get drafted like you did i hope to meat you wone day you inspier me to ceep reching for my nfl carer

    53. Mutemountain 422

      Don’t dance in my end zone now

    54. Jordon Bracken

      JuJu to raw..🔥🌬

    55. Margot Bowers

      2019 anyone?

      1. FNG Powgamer

        Margot Bowers I’m 2019

    56. contest of man

      JUJU big ben ab and bell woulda been this best si sad its over

    57. Presto Hickory

      Your the goat juju

    58. W Noel

      hit them with that kamehamehaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it

    59. XxELitE_ UKnoWnxX

      ʟᴏᴠᴇ ɪᴛ ᴍᴀᴛᴇ 👍🏻👍🏻


      The greatest nfl player in history

    61. Drew Macy

      Brooooooo when he got drafted he wasn’t even old enough to drink yet and he was out there making veteran players look stupid😂😂😂

      1. Kyrptin dude

        Well when you're younger your body has more energy

    62. Bartholomeus Jordaan

      You are just amazing!From South Africa a boertjie but love you man!Being an inspiration what I would like to do for my towns’sss and country!!

    63. OldManSkimpy

      I like when he sat down and pretended he didn't know what happened and then got excited

    64. prime shit

      Rookie of the centery

    65. մղʂէօրրმჩlε

      3:42 The Boss himself

    66. The Life of Derrick


    67. HyperMous3

      We’re coming for that 7th ring soon!

    68. skids

      i got you for my fantasy team, don’t let me down brotha!!

    69. Master 101

      Bro...loved the part when you peel back blocked 55.... let’s go Steeler Family

    70. Kiddd

      Da goat