JuJu Smith-Schuster "Welcome to the NFL" Rookie Highlights

JuJu Smith-Schuster

JuJu Smith-Schuster

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    This is my official rookie regular season highlight tape for my first year with the Pittsburgh Steelers! Have a mini-movie coming soon...
    What is your guys' favorite video on #JuJuTV so far?
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    1. JuJu Smith-Schuster

      Which one of my videos so far do y'all like the most? Also give me suggestions for some videos in the future comment below

      1. kevin babu

        Love em all 🙌

      2. Courtney Spicuzza

        Love all

      3. Epic Adam


      4. chuy inzunza

        This one is the best so far lets gooooo!! TeamJuJu

      5. Christine Nazarian

        JuJu Smith-Schuster all of them!

    2. Oliver Graetz

      i love this video, keep making your highlight reels

    3. Zurexr Plays

      Hey JuJu! I’m a big Steelers fan, I also live in Pittsburgh I tried to get your autograph but you couldn’t hear me. I just wanted to say just be you and you will have a great NFL career!

    4. janet Whitaker

      I am a browns fan but like juju

    5. Lil Chief

      Punt return gave me chills

    6. Jesus cortes

      Juju you're the best, hope to see you this next season

    7. Jeremiah Medhow31

      Juju best

    8. Angel Flores


    9. Brenna Gallagher

      I wish AB never left

    10. Tully Keefe

      Bruh I love you JuJu. You are an amazing player

    11. Jaylen Pierce

      What's the name of this tune or song or beat

    12. Wesley Mckinney

      It’s so sad lookin back when juju and Ab were great friends

    13. Figi Yt

      Steeler nation where u at P.s juju ur the face of the franchise at wr

    14. Kyrelle Akalu

      What's the song when it showed him getting drafted?

    15. Kasen Tench

      my favorite team is the steelers

    16. Kasen Tench

      you are good at football

    17. Beej da Deej

      Man do I wish the Colts had drafted him instead of Quincy Wilson

    18. Anton Bommel

      Geiler Typ :) Grüße aus Good old Germany

    19. Danny Solis

      Niner fan here but much respect for this young fellow! Proved all those teams that passed on him wrong! 👏🏽

    20. Jc Bonds

      Everyday is LEG DAYS

    21. Pam Mccoy

      Gucci gang

    22. Brett Grinnan

      you a legend

    23. floraxl

      Not a Steelers fan I’m a hawks fan but love juju ❤️

    24. Nesian1

      Awesome Highlights UCE, from downunder...

    25. Garrett Carter

      I am such a big fan of you .You inspire me

    26. Grayson Nichols

      No cap if doesn’t win a super bowl the NFL is rigged 😂

    27. Vignesh Anand

      Let's be real, 4:47 is what y'all came for

    28. Fishing for Life

      Your a boss dog keep it up

    29. Malakai Tran

      Juju your the best. Your a good WR

    30. Mason Maggs


    31. Bansenshukai9

      Hey JuJu - I know now that it seems unlikely, but I’d love to see you as a Raider one day. That organisation needs players of your calibre over there.

      1. Marty Mcfly Williams

        Dumbass raiders fans so desperate after ab got ripped from them 😂😂

    32. Royal Flush Royal Flush

      I had no idea who this guy was football is not popular in my country, but I watch his workouts on Snapchat

    33. Gnasty G

      @JuJu Smith-Schuster Can we get this same production out of you next year man????

    34. Kelp city

      YES SIR

    35. Mairo Amador


    36. Renee Tucker

      I will always be a Steelers fan

      1. Renee Tucker

        I have your jersey

    37. Eric Welden

      beast mode

    38. Michael Rayray


    39. Valarcity

      JuJu deserves a better team after the fails of 2019

    40. Tamás Horváth

      You killed it bro like a fucking seashark dam 😉

    41. Bruno DeFranco

      juju when brown gets traded wait what i miss did not miss a pass

    42. Bruno DeFranco

      good year ju ju

    43. Bruno DeFranco

      big steelers fan went to the rams game

    44. yøuñg Møñtŷ

      good shit for all ur plays juju

    45. Braxton Alden

      I dare you to make a one hand catch in one of your games

    46. G and J Productions

      2017 steelers fans:” juju is okay. 2018 steelers fans ‘’ HOLY CRAP JUJU IS BEAST!!!!!!!

    47. BKis2Fly

      That stiff arm was vicious. LOL

    48. Michelle Punch

      Juju is the best

    49. ColtonWoodward28

      You are a star I have a jersey

    50. Gage Whitley

      Remember when he tipped it and then caught it in but the ref called it out

    51. Victory _Hall

      Juju, in my country, football isn't played at all. We play soccer majorly and a little bit of basketball but I've been watching your clips the past week, from the prank videos, the wedding surprise, the prom, the christmas gifting to kids and all of those and you've made me want to understand football and watch and share the love and energy that you have. You're great man! Bless!👐

    52. Noah Cross

      Hey juju

    53. Rob J

      Keep shining bro.

    54. Mark Nethercutt

      JuJu future Hall of Famer. I can see it.

    55. Amir Harris

      Ju Ju your the Man!

    56. Leonardo Emiliano Ramos

      U are the best in the game! Congrats 🎊 champ Saludos desde California.

    57. Monz Toko

      what a freak of a player i started watching NFL koz of juju big fan from all the way SYDNEY AUS

    58. Ayson Frady

      Back when AB wasn’t a clown

    59. Bean G

      62(th) pick lol

    60. adam MONTERO


    61. j g-m

      Your insane

    62. Martin Gamble

      juju I like u but I’m a ravens fan

    63. Rebecca Hunt

      Your one of my favorite wr

    64. Fruit Gum

      As good as these catches were, Half of the balls were thrown behind him.

    65. Evan Endwardsons Blitzball

      I definently subscribed. If your not subscribed,subscribe and turn on post notifications! If your subscribed like my comment! #JuJuTV #TeamJuJu

    66. Edwin Picasso

      Beast 🤬

    67. WuPiDu

      I know he didn't just did a "hadoken" with the football lol

      1. CR3ED_ Hawk

        WuPiDu lol it is cool too though 👍

      2. WuPiDu

        @CR3ED_ Hawk I guess I like street fighter better! Lol

      3. CR3ED_ Hawk

        WuPiDu ryu doesn’t take that long

      4. CR3ED_ Hawk

        WuPiDu kamehameha fool

    68. Fortnight master Bradley

      Juju inspired me to go in the NFL when I get older

    69. Fastball Films

      Vontez burfict felt that shit

    70. Dan Nguyen

      2:35 oh my god you faked the shit out of that corner