Noah Cyrus - Topic

Noah Cyrus - Topic

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    July · Noah Cyrus
    ℗ 2019 RECORDS, LLC/Columbia
    Released on: 2020-05-15
    Composer, Lyricist, Producer: Michael Sonier
    Mixing Engineer: Joe Grasso
    Composer, Lyricist: Peter Harding
    Mastering Engineer: Eric Lagg
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    Am Vor Monat


    1. Sahara Barton5678

      I’m afraid of change

    2. Valeria Z

      So, remind me again, why is the song called July?

    3. Victoria Lorraine

      I wish this would have been around during my troublesome years of depression, instead of allowing 90s grundge to influence how to heal a broken heart.

    4. Asmae Kh

      Bixby brought me here

    5. Iota Senpai

      "u remind me everyday im not enought but ill still stay" i felt that mwahhaa hi fam and friends

    6. Miranda niesman

      When your birthday is in July

    7. Jurkechová

      I don't know how I came to this but I love it 🤍

    8. volt vevo

      how can she sing like she knowes our emotions

    9. h3llo kimmie


    10. Kolbi B

      This reminds me of my dad

    11. Summer Vigil

      Omg beautiful voice😍😍

    12. Angel Babes

      Personally Noah's way better then miley

    13. Colonel Cornflake

      this was my calm song back when i needed it.

    14. ruth reid

      Happy 4th I know it messed up but still... love were you live ❤❤❤godbless

    15. The big potato

      The worst part is I'm thinking about my family while listening to this

    16. Luke Morris


    17. Alyssa Galloway

      I'll just say your exs are stupid.

    18. Danna Cas

      Cada que me siento triste escucho July. Me gusta mucho. Gracias por su atención.

    19. Shannon

      Listening to this on the 1st july 2020 n I’m obsessed with it like it’s such a pretty song

    20. // Unnatural Child \\

      cutely slides in before it hits 1m

    21. hayhay 4430089

      “Cause u remind me everyday I’m not enough but I still stay” this song is a vibe. It makes me feel worthy also and I wish everybody could always feel worthy and confident and amazing everyday Bc this world will let u down but just remember to keep ur head up!

    22. A F

      HAHA 420 YOLOF

    23. Jenna Esteves

      ive been listening to this song nonstop and I never get tired of it. this was me and my ex's song. I used to sing it to him and on valentines day we danced to it . now im sitting here just thinking what happened to that . but lol this song hits different !!!

    24. Jazmine Reyes

      so my ex jus broke up w me today and i don’t know how to feel. haha

      1. Sierra Flanigan

        Mine broke up w me last night too i hope ur ok tho

      2. Chiara Carangelo

        i literally don’t know you but please stay strong. you’re not alone. the right person will come and make you happy. pls just remember you’re absolutely beautiful, strong and i love you.

    25. Madison Busch

      I just found out my crush has a girlfriend.. and I really like him and I've been crying ever since

      1. Hannah Duque Rios

        The same thing happend to me and I learned boys/girls are just a waist of your time they come and go and there just gonna break your heart anyways and now that boy to me now decides he wants me back but guess what nope you really think I would date or like a jerk like you after all that he did to me. Just move on with your life Madison you dont need a boy/girl to live your life! ❤❤❤❤

      2. brianna brito

        it'll get better I promise🥺 itll hurt and its okay to cry but don't cry for to long.. you'll find someone so much better than him itll just take some time

    26. Jerimah Stonebreaker

      this lady is a good singer I love the song it did hit me hard when I first heard it

    27. pkll pkll

      while listening to this i was researching my family. the person i was on was my great grandpa he was a artess and so am i. it really hits home man i am sobbing

    28. Leila Roseing

      This Song describe's Me PERFECTLY

    29. Kirsa Asa

      How can anyone say they didn’t know Miley and Noah are sisters? Their voice are the same 😂😂😂

    30. Ajha Messick

      I just sit here and listen to this and vibe and it’s made me just know myself ✨🥺💖

    31. Arianna Worcester

      My sad song

    32. Aleksandra Koza

    33. Jhonathan Maymon

      Fav song, from now on

    34. TNS Spinks

      This song is now my favorite song

    35. Bcab Bcab

      I'm having an afraid Of self restraint ignoring text department in me and need to show excitement episode again

    36. aursela

      This is.. Calming, Aesthetic, Depressing, Sad, 🦋😔 Why are you here🥺😔 Are you ok? Talk to me in the comments Your not alone💛 Stay strong 💛 Don't give up💛

      1. crybaby _xo

        @hi unicorn theres an app called "two cups." its a free app where you can talk to an online therapist for free, if u want :) gl

      2. crybaby _xo

        @Nina G.D hopefully she gets better!

      3. Ashonda

        @Eleanor H I don't know you and I'd miss you.

      4. Ashonda

        @hi unicorn are you still there? ♡

      5. Peachy_ Clouds

        hi everyone!! i'm here too, for anyone that needs it. people love you, maybe you feel like you haven't found them yet, but you found me <3

    37. Angelica Vitalerio

      I was born of July:)

      1. nishttha dutta

        @Reaghan Moore samee

      2. Reaghan Moore

        Angelica Vitalerio same ;)

    38. Kayna Burrows

      I'll actually listen to you 😆❤❤❤❤❤❤

    39. UmbreonErick

      i *used to think* this was a Billie Eilish song, but to think it came from Noah Cyrus... *I LOVE IT!*

      1. UmbreonErick

        @GachaFire_ did you just like your own comment? that's so childish

      2. GachaFire_

        how could this sound like billie eilish!

      3. Mimi Mimi

        Reyanna Wilkins 100% agreed

      4. Reyanna Wilkins

        @Mimi Mimi i have never agreed more. I think that she's also gotten a big head over time too what with openly stating that its because of people that she hates her fans or something like that. And honestly i think that her saying something like that and people still falling in with her music and constantly playing it is what still makes her feel entitled to say what she wants despite who's feelings it hurts. Plus alot of her music sounds the same in my opinion

      5. Mimi Mimi

        Billie is so overrated at the minute

    40. Kloey Miller

      Just found this song and I put it on repeat it is so good

    41. UńKńOwN

      Who else did the air guitar?

      1. Crissy Jimenez

        OMG thought i was the only one

    42. Slavka Jakubišinová

      Amazing voice and song❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    43. Angie Hernández


    44. Christopher Lewis

      I listened to this for the first time and I just love it. Noah deserves just as much love as her sister Miley.

      1. kaja kajer

        agreed. this is one of the most meaningful songs i’ve ever heard. it describes lives of a few people!

      2. Jasmin Corona

        Or more

      3. Kookie El Assaad

        you are so right

      4. Mimi Mimi

        100% agree. She even deserves more because this is just beautiful

      5. Anahi Sanchez

        This whole time I new them I didn’t even know they were sisters...

    45. moivouz


    46. hartini liam

      i love thissss

    47. Shezz Calvert

      You’re voice is just ...... wow

      1. Keira Richards

        Yass babe!!!!

    48. Febyona Amandha Simarmata

      I'm going to take a cover of this song because it is sound so good Edit : Finally I did it, you can check on my channel, if you want.

    49. Hanny Gabriela

      te amo aaaaaaaaa

    50. Irie La'Che


    51. Giselle Silva

      More people should listen to her she has an amazing voice! 🤧

      1. Mimi Mimi

        Agreed 100%

      2. Keira Richards

        i know. shes so under rated!!!

    52. Maria Tuluca

      i just adore you and your music!!

    53. Aly_potatoh_100 UvU

      Love this song ^^

    54. Maya López


    55. Lana Ayman

      Lyrics: I've been holding my breath I've been counting to ten Over something you said I've been holding back tears While you're throwing back beers I'm alone in bed You know I, I'm afraid of change Guess that's why we stay the same So tell me to leave, I'll pack my bags, get on the road Find someone that loves you better than I do, darling, I know 'Cause you remind me every day, I'm not enough, but I still stay Feels like a lifetime Just tryna get by While we're dying inside I've done a lot of things wrong Loving you being one But I can't move on You know I, I'm afraid of change Guess that's why we stay the same So tell me to leave, I'll pack my bags, get on the road Find someone that loves you better than I do, darling, I know 'Cause you remind me every day, I'm not enough, but I still stay If you want me to leave, then tell me to leave, and baby, I'll go You remind me every day, I'm not enough, but I still stay

      1. Lana Nguyen

        Lana Ayman I have the same name as u hahah

      2. Kumar Jagdish

        thank u so much!! u re amazing dude!

      3. Juliana Galimendias

        Ik thx tho

      4. Lana Ayman

        @Rai Todoroki Thank you! 💙😂

      5. Rai Todoroki

        You are amazing! 😄

    56. Katie

      This is how I fell about that one person who fucked my life up when it had started going good again

    57. Klementina Aczél

      I love this song..🙂

    58. Natalia Camino


    59. Ophelia 's Tears

      was here before millions!

      1. Angela B

        Facts!!!!!! 💕

    60. melissa penagos

      Como que solo hay dos comentarios!!!????

    61. Dayane Tafur

      i really feel all your songs, your music was with me when my life went to shit, you´re a genius and your music is art I hope you read this comment

    62. ZHC Crafts

      You’re so underrated that it hurts. Loved your music so far. Dare I say “Queen of not having a single bad song in her discography