Kanye West and Rocket League



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    i love kanye west and also rocket league
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    Kanye West and Rocket League

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    1. Exploding Crow


    2. Vasu Maharaj

      Big Lion drinks the Chocolate Oreo Shake as water.

    3. Thomas Madden

      Eynak East

    4. khris


    5. Matthew Avdoulos

      "ayo! look at this phone!", literally my favourite callmecarson video clip, second only to "South America!"

    6. OooohColorz!!


    7. Chez

      yo is that pikmin 4?

    8. MellowChello

      Holy shit I’m doing the same math as Grunk rn

    9. Henna Kaiser

      Damn thanks for the rule I can use that on my next test 👍

    10. Charlieisbored

      I’m fucking crying at the Oreo chocolate milk shake holy shit

    11. RandomContenter

      when yoshi helps you cheat in your math class

    12. Kaleb Poirier

      Bro why do I like all of the controversial rappers lmao

    13. Trumps Missiles

      just go ask

    14. Vic Rose

      The crustacean in the shake is impurities from seaweed if anyone's curious

    15. Djay Meijer

      9:45 pigman be like

    16. JohnStudios

      I can tell this was streamed at night during an hour when their brains are reduced to mush

    17. Glass cup12

      Yeah sure on the convo. Is intristing and stuff but as a rocket league grand champion after watching this in gonna shoot myself

    18. Purple Apricot

      BIG NUTS 700 SCORED!

    19. T J

      I went back and watched it a few times and Kanye never says ayo look at this phone lmao which makes the bit so much better

    20. lakesalpal

      "look at this phone"

    21. M Flynn

      Is there a lunch club or what we y’all are podcast??? Someone reply to thus

    22. R6K8N

      This video is way too funny

    23. Zombie Cashier

      what the heheckheck?

    24. Poultski05

      2:17 who's face is in the reflection on the phone

    25. Bees ?

      I’m doing the same math as grunk

    26. VVVibing

      Where is the vod of this stream????

    27. Angle_Xc :3

      My phone fell into my cereal bowl as I was watching this

    28. fing

      It's Grunk's Big Day!

    29. master

      carsons actually good at rocket leageu wtf

    30. Phyco Buzzaxe21

      Carson doesn't have that many feet to shoot, y'all better fucking sub before he runs out or some dads are gonna become moms

    31. Nathan Loring

      Family guy funny moments

    32. Prav33n Jay

      who's this carson guy that grunk is playing with?

    33. Akulazz

      i just saw that it was a plat tornament

    34. Jacqueline Sueko

      the crustaceans might be from sea salt???

    35. Christian Finch

      What isn’t this shake

    36. Truck Talks

      Go into the description and press yoshi

    37. Potato Salad

      These duel clips are actually terrible. Good thing they are funny.

    38. Queen of Bread Noice

      U think that maths hard try algebra 3

    39. Isaac Belina

      "No, it was funny tho" is Carson's excuse for having a youtube channel

    40. Collin McLaughlin

      Carson I am from 2040 Kanye is elected president Everyone and everything is dead

    41. Gold Saiyan


    42. Blake Steigman

      8:53 garage

    43. that one stock photo

      The only stuff that I truly got from this video was West with da phone and XXL Oreo shake with crab

    44. Alejandro Trevino

      9:10 anyone want to talk about how the score is 14-0

    45. Tanksear Industries

      Grunk, who I'm assuming is a college kid, shows his homework And it's mf quadratics

      1. Charlie Smith

        nah I think he's in like highschool

    46. Spencer Miller

      As a math-lover, that method of teaching math hurts my soul. American K12 doesn't encourage enthusiasm for anything, but math gets shafted every time.

    47. antonio longobardi

      YOOO, why nobody is talking about that miss at 13:00

    48. Pogmaster V3

      My favorite Acappella group 2:55

    49. XXttvbtwXX

      That shake has over 3 pounds of salt

    50. TwisT Serpent

      I like how the video cuts from them having one goal then to them having fourteen goals and the other team has zero

    51. Gianluca Walker

      I feel like the joke at 10:50 is under appreciated

    52. Me, not you

      HaHa yes!!!!!!

    53. Me, not you

      i hope Mr. Big Day Grunk finished his homework on time! Would be a shame if he failed!

    54. RedPixl

      haha now i don't have to buy pool hall fall collection

    55. yung wheezy

      for the life of me i don’t understand why carson laughed so hard at 2:38

    56. James Proctor


    57. xTrvSx

      actually kanye had 6000 votes in kentucky it was awesome

    58. Roo


    59. Cental

      they are like a news channel but more stupid

    60. oompa sause

      When did carson get black market decal slipstream

    61. Alex Gee

      grunk remember FOIL

    62. QuarkTellyBean


    63. Mun

      This is so unfunny

    64. OooohColorz!!

      hey Carson, rawr

    65. Andrea Perez

      Holy shit this was fun

    66. Andrea Perez


    67. Chaos Kid

      6:40 spelling error

    68. Tob

      Good job gunk on homework

    69. Bloop Smoot

      I work at Baskin robins and they have an Oreo Cappuccino Shake and I am scared for the customers that buy that

    70. Most certain A human

      I had a bloody ptsd attack when I saw that homework