Ken Block Drifts A Dually! 8,000 lbs. of Diesel Powered Ford F-450 Tire Shredding Action

Ken Block

Ken Block

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    Will It Drift? Good question, and we all know there's only one responsible way to find out! In this weeks episode, we take the 8,000 lb. Ford Super Duty F-450 Dually - and guest host, Hoonigan's very own "Mister Zachary" - back to UMC (Utah Motorsports Campus) for an afternoon of rowdy diesel-powered tire-shredding action.
    It may have taken a few tries to get things figured out, but the Hoonigan Racing Division's "workhorse" can definitely slay tires and we ultimately got what we came for ... so now it's someone else's turn to show us what they can do.
    Hert, you're move!

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    1. xOCxGAMINGx

      Unless it was part of the script, Whoever that camera guy is obviously doesn’t work on or know cars.

    2. Fred Mull

      Broke the damn escort smh

    3. hottap

      hm a dual lay drifting exactly what you don’t want a truck like that to do

    4. Jason Humphrey

      That’s bad ass

    5. Aaron Drader

      Would love to see someone do a f150 5.0 . That was awsome

    6. Zach McIntosh

      Ken should start a new thing called “Will it drift” and he tries to drift different stuff

    7. Matt Klin ski

      Diesel trucks are so underrated I’d put any tuned diesel against any new car except the hellcat lol

    8. SpazaTron1998

      Is that truck stock!?

      1. SpazaTron1998

        Why yes. Yes it is.

    9. D R

      Дрифт на спарке!Царю и не снилось!

    10. Ali Sonson

      Damn it boy

    11. Gurry l.

      Тень луны

    12. Gurry l.


    13. DapperDak

      Hoonicron number 3😏😎

    14. swift pk

      Dude this man can drift a dead dolfin

    15. Dominic Dallessandro

      Next gymkanna vehicle

    16. Zalmen Stern

      It's like a jet

    17. Diego Rodrigues

      Legend has it that Ken Block can drift anything, even planes.

    18. Liam Leyson

      Well dont drift your stock truck at home. It will roll over like a bear tripped and fell.

    19. BRVY

      What’s the tread lookin like

    20. Lucas Smith

      Ford: this car is meant for pulling, built to be tuff. Ken: ima drift this big ass truck

    21. Tyid Sr.

      Ken sounds drunk

    22. Max Moovin

      My Lord. First for me, seeing a drifting Ford dually. Sikkk!

    23. Ivan Hippert

      WOW BOI I LOVE u

    24. Chaz Ferrell

      So in the next omaze giveaway its going to be one of these F450s right?? Cause I'd enter for that one as well. Kinda bummed I didn't win the raptor lol

    25. Payton Castor

      Hoonigan f450👀??

    26. Mcbear 291

      You guys need to go rip the freedom factory

    27. Novian Nugroho

      ken I want to be like you ,, I'm from Indonesia, I also want to have a car like you have, but unfortunately I don't have money, because I'm not rich, just enough to eat alone, I hope you're always healthy ken's,👍

    28. bobby boulders

      The whole time I thought Ken block had a blinged out lower tooth, but I guess its a lil gap. I thought damn hes pretty bad ass having a capped blinged out tooth

    29. 60Fps-Finesse

      Has to be the crocks

    30. Cody Nelson

      Double 11s 😎

    31. Christopher Webb

      Drifting duallys is pretty standard practice in the sticks.

    32. JOSH

      Next up, ken Block will drift a peterbuilt with a trailer attached. seriously, I would like to see Ken drift a semi truck🤘🏽😁🤘🏽

    33. Jeffrey Carver

      I can do that that's easy

    34. Danny

      Lol dude you are making Greta cry....

    35. opel921650

      Давай на КАМАЗе а лучше на КРАЗе :)

    36. Angel Buelna

      Hope to see Ken do content at the freedom factory someday

    37. Halia Wilson

      dully drift truck

    38. Hayden Pate

      anyone notice at 6:26 they have another truck lmao

    39. Gabe Tidyman

      Dually are supposed to have increased traction right? 😂

    40. Евгений Житников

      купи себе стабилизатор. смотреть невозможно.трясется все

    41. BumbleBolt FPV

      If you ever want some wicked drone chase footage of this instead of shaky stick cam footage gimme a holler.

    42. yung 601

      Poor Zac😂 got setup for failure

    43. tactical running man

      Where can i find the sunglasses that zac has on cause they bangin

    44. J.D.Esco


    45. Ladosligese

      This cant be possible :D .. drifting a damn truck :D

    46. Ladosligese

      I also want a damn kitchen in my Garage :D .. wife wont "let" me :-p its not money .. nono .. its the wife .. sure :D

    47. Ashur


    48. Jorge Marquez

      mk2 is done. Really hahaha

    49. TINES UP


    50. manofrock07


    51. Chris

      y'all def need to build a massive drift truck. I know y'all just built the f100 but a legit dually drift truck would be badass af

    52. Promotional Inc.

      You should partner up with whistlindiesel

    53. Jeffrey Barrett

      When the truck you drift instead is more expensive then the drift car on the trailer

    54. Dénes Pozsgai

      Shameless people.... they deleted my post. "Why are you ruining the environment, this pointless show this pointless burnout the pointless drifting with a 3 tonne of truck what is burn 30 liter of gasoline... why? Why we cant see "planted trees by Hoonigan" to keep the nature balance at least... what do you do with the tyres after use? Sorry I'm a petrolhead too, I love Mr. Ken block gymkhana it had entertainment, but not any more, please respect the future of the young generation and do not ruin it. You should protect and support the nature. DO NOT DELETE THIS POST. Thabks

    55. Zues Xir

      SI Quema Cuhhhh...

    56. Ask to seduce Miss

      Watch him try to drift a semi truck 🤣

    57. CROFTAHK

      cleetus McFarland needs to take lesson from ken ! :D Ken should build a burn out car and get hektic at freedom factory !

    58. leoaleromm

      The truck being like: please, someone tell me whats going on😫. Never done this before🤢

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        i'm not surprised that the shafts on the car broke it's chained down too tight lol, you just need to keep the car from rolling off the trailer

    59. Yuda Prastowo

      Legend says he can drift a steamroller when he want to.

    60. Jacob Pierson

      Booooo ford(doesn't deserve to be capitalized)

    61. soinhu foitu

      He’s just calmly drifting a dually.

    62. Slow Gang

      Why does it sound like a V6?

      1. soinhu foitu

        Dude has balls of steel

    63. Johnny Hammersticks

      Ken's driving skill is inhuman, anyone else would have rolled it. Sounds like a freakin jet.

      1. soinhu foitu

        Can you drift a airplane ? 😂

    64. Adam Reno

      Your gonna have problems with the wiring harness later on. The alumadutys are known for it.

      1. Adam Reno

        The e brake does something to it when you use it🤷‍♂️

    65. Jürgen Wagnerbauer

      Besster DE-news

      1. soinhu foitu

        Watch him try to drift a semi truck 🤣

    66. Doni Sahputra

      All Right. Here is the real challenge for him Try to drift a airplane without taking it off the ground. Hahahahha

    67. Sebastian Baker

      The noise canceling of that cab is insaneeee

    68. Tallguygamer

      If the mk2 is supposed to a race car built super durable then a bit of hooning be a real test?

    69. jason lavoie

      im sure he really wanted to say fkn zack broke it lol cant touch anything lol give ken a shopping cart he can drifft it lol dame nice truck

    70. Charming nowhere to hide

      He’s just calmly drifting a dually.