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    School is tough...getting these done in the mix is tough as well😞but I’ll try and keep up❤️💫

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    1. Arthur Harvey

      Part 2

    2. Wolflover

      I hate videos like this I love him but he raped me ,I love him but he makes me cry ,I love him but he beat me , you saying I love him is bullshit

    3. Gacha Glitch

      It’s called Stockholm syndrome

    4. Jamila Fatima

      omg hi panda I still haven't found your Roblox Chanel and I wanna se meeeeeee

    5. makayla jackson

      Imma predict something... the police guy will be in your second video after this

    6. makayla jackson

      Does zavier have stokholm syndrome?

    7. Izel Estrella Casas Renteria

      PART TWO PLEZzzzzzz

    8. Hayden Tam

      What music do u use?

    9. love love

      Why does they cheat and fall for there capture. ....

    10. Rebecca Slade

      Stockholm syndrome.

    11. Xx fallen_ Angel xX

      How the hell are "you suppose to make him feel okay"if you just kidnapped him!!!???

    12. OwO z

      Not tryna hate or anything but... Was he forced to be gay..?

    13. Max1mka DFS

      *w h o o p s*

    14. Jora Maddux

      Weird but still cute

    15. Maria Jimenez

      No offense but it kinda didn't make sense.How the kidnaper hurt him and he still love him???!!! 🤔

    16. Katie_Eco


    17. Kittysoftfur

      Hate wjen u use music to express their feelings

    18. Ernestina osornio

      I wish he has a 👸👰

    19. Josy MM

      Me: there stepping on a dead body 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    20. Just a kid Who plays games

      If I was kidnapped I would kick them in the face break thier neck and scream bye bish

    21. Marshmellow_ Fudge

      No Offence... THE MUSIC IS TERRIBLE!!!

    22. Hell_girl xxx


    23. XmochiX Gacha

      ( Stockholm syndrome ALERT!)Like im only a kid and im watching this and im very devastated And i found it on my recommended list.

    24. Mochi Gacha Sisters

      SooooOOOo tell me whos bottom 😏😏❤️

    25. Alice Webber

      Dippppppppp i wish you were not gat 😷 ewww sorry

    26. Cute pastel Gacha

      _gacha Logic_ -You will fell in love with the person who kidnapped you-

    27. Chobani Yum

      Most of your videos are NOT family friendly so can you change that please???

    28. Itz Dumplin

      Hmmm........ Stockholm Syndrome..... Interesting............

    29. Immy. C

      I like it!!!

    30. Phon Huawei

      انت ؟ عربي لو كنت عربي حط لايك

    31. Jaliyah Brown

      How do you fall in love with someone who rapes you then keeps you locked up for the rest of the time

    32. horror plays

      I hated the end

    33. CaityBearSillyA Kormanek

      Aww I wish they he wasn't gay ☹️

    34. Sara Diaz

      TF IS DIS

    35. Sara Diaz


    36. Gacha_ Savage

      I dont hate gays but this was the worst I've ever seen before I hated it

    37. Hope Vezner

      Oh my god the guy kidnaps him and the kidnapper is mad at him for not being attracted to guys and rapes him and then he’s like “Why aren’t you in love with me?” This dood has issues

    38. UwU

      I wish there was a part 2

    39. Winx Winka


    40. AUB

      Billie Eilish is all want to say

    41. CaramelApples! MSP

      “You held my brother hostage for 5 weeks U MONSTERB” “WHAT A FRIKING MONSTERB” “FRIKING MONSTERB “

    42. wallie jam49


    43. gacha booked

      Wait no it means ahhhhhh

    44. gacha booked

      Slut means stop

    45. AET tomato

      Wait wait wait there a part 2 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺please make a part 2

    46. NoobnPickle Animations

      Jigsaw:i should of came early.

    47. Shirley

      Stockholm Syndrome. Disgusting. Also, why didn't the cop shoot him? He had the right to do so as he was posing a threat and approaching him.

    48. Felley fam

      He was abused and raped and his kidnapped gave him happiness 🙄

    49. kelly banana bus

      Hope you live in hell for this you pervert

    50. Kia Ratoo

      I mean... umm... you see... I'm usually all over gays but um... didn't really feel it like that didn't feel right and um stuff... sorry to be 'that guy' but um ya...

    51. Robo Riley

      Kidnapping is serious. What we witnessed here is called STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. It isn't a joke. If you made this to raise AWARENESS about kidnapping I could understand it. But this... just.... NO

    52. Retro Fox

      This is practically the reason why people are starting to hate gacha more. People who fall in love for no reason. Sexual harassment has gotten this dude to like him. Stop making illegal mini movies for people to watch and then comment their opinions on it making you wish you had never even made the glmm in the first place.

    53. Calli Wirth

      Love your vids

    54. Hey_ItzNighty

      Not being mean but....Stockholm Syndome

    55. Raymorii

      What the

    56. Nick Gur


    57. Im Cold Dre

      Stockholm syndrome??

    58. simon's stupid gacha life sheet

      Not to be mean but gacha life is twisted and HOW THE FUCK DID HE FELL IN LOVE WITH THE PERSON THAT HAS KIDNAPPED, RAPED, HURT HIM AND FORCED HIM TO BE GAY?!?!?!?!??!?!?! and Stockholm syndrome still no hate

    59. Faded_. Rose

      It's really hard for me to ship them when he literally raped and abused the one he ”loves”. I'm all about gay couples but this is just a nope...

    60. Dustyzoid

      I diagnosis you with Stockholm syndrom

    61. Angela Jones

      this is the dumbest thing i ever watched who will fall in love with the person who hurt u and do stuff to u i would end myself i wouldnt care

    62. crazy_emilymaker Martinez

      Instead of saying "NOT" you spelled "NTO"

    63. Lonely Wolfs

      Part twooo pleaseee

    64. -Pengu Artz-

      Uhhhh...making a video with someone with Stockholm syndrome is bad, i heard the beauty and the beast creators almost got sued because belle fell in love with her kidnapper. But I’ve seen this in many other gacha stories, which I have to say, don’t make sense because of G A C H A L O G I C

    65. Almasah Aljawiny


    66. Gacha wolf

      No it can't be over!!!!!!

    67. GalaticGamer Aura

      sO is he Bi

    68. Stormy Lover

      So they have that yata yata and now eventually he LOVESSS him

    69. Migdaliz Mercado