Killian Dain smashes Riddle through the entrance stage: WWE NXT, July 17, 2019



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    The Beast of Belfast returns to NXT with a barbaric attack on Matt Riddle after The Original Bro’s match with Arturo Ruas. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.
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    1. random gaming

      Bro goldberg is way more better than this blondie matt riddle bra this rookie better stop talking trash about lengends

    2. Chris Thomas

      Well, just had to see if riddles comments could be backed up by his wrestling. Short answer, nope. He is a bad seller and isn't fluid in the ring.

    3. Stone Harper

      Congratulations to Killian Dain on his promotion to NXT!

    4. jamious goodious

      Whos the moronic child "Boo'ing" trying to ruin a great impact by Killian Dain....

    5. michael murillo

      Yet eric young is just rotting on the main roster.

    6. Morris Reigns

      So I take it, it's Wolfe the one that's left WWE and is the result of no more Sanity..?

      1. Khaleel Mohammed

        Hes in NXT UK.

    7. Joe DiNenno

      So glad hes back

    8. Hương surii

      I hate Killian dain

    9. Dan Vokillist

      MAMA MIA

    10. Davi Gamer Br

      Push arturo ruas 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    11. Mr Foster

      I thought that was bray wyatt

    12. Soham Dutta

      Who thought it was bray watt in thumbnail

    13. Niles Ayer


    14. Colonel Quail

      This is awesome better than raw/smackdown/aew/

    15. OmegaMan

      WTF is he wearing under his jeans that extends all the way up his back? A leotard?

    16. Ben Dassut

      Pro wrestling

    17. Jake Tieri

      Who else clicked on the video just because dain was wearing a Tool shirt

    18. NerdHerbs

      Killian Dain wearing thongs

    19. Jonathan Mendez

      No one gonna comment on the TOOL Shirt he got on lol. FREAKING LOVE IT!!!!

    20. derrick robertson

      Rocking the TOOL t-shirt makes him a few degrees cooler even than he was before. 👍

    21. Snookville

      "Get out of there Damo". Refs been watching the indies.

    22. Tony Stanford

      Taz and bambam did it better but props to nxt for trying

    23. 송태환

      Whhaahahahahahahahahahahahahh~~~!!!😂😂😂😂 *censored*ing brutality~!!

    24. A S

      Lame stop with the mma In pro wrestling it looks stupid when taker does it and even dumber when these jobbers do it 🤦

    25. Grant Murphy


    26. Matthew Salazar

      Totally missed riddle 🤣🤣

    27. SilverAle

      He couldve broke a rib, you made huge guy fall 5 times on lighter weight one and through set thats legit pain

    28. Charlie Allan

      Killian Dain vs Matt Riddle At NXT Takeover in an extreme rules match

    29. 『ᏟᎠ』 ⲨⲀⲦⲞツ

      Sanity after Slipt Up : alexander wolfe : joining the imperium faction on NxT UK Nikki Cross : having feud with Bayley Eric Young : Chasing And Attempting To Catch The 24/7 championship from Truth

    30. ScaryCheese62

      +100 respect for the TOOL shirt!!!

    31. Danielle Cowell


    32. Daniel Bunner

      Would've sent him to NXT UK to help Dunne and mustache mountain against imperium imagine having to look for a fourth partner in war games and it turns out to be Dain the look on Wolfe's face would be priceless.

    33. MetalPlague666

      Welcome home, Damo!

    34. John Rice

      They need to make that guy shave his back that’s nasty as hell

    35. Jipsu mies

      Luke harper should return to NXT too

    36. Bryan Danielson

      Yeah, maybe going back to NXT was best for him! MAMAA MIAA

    37. Devesh Manral

      Killian Dain: smashes riddle through the entrance stage Braun strowman: Am I a joke to you ?

    38. Jonah Lafountain

      Matt deserved it

    39. Samzy Shaq

      I thought it was Bray Wyatt in the thumbnail

    40. Taylor Carter

      Arturo ruas vs Matt riddle?🤔

    41. BJK 13

      Thank you triple h for using the superstars that Vince Won’t use

    42. Diogo Freitas


    43. Ghost InTheMachine

      Thank goodness! I missed Dain on NXT.

    44. Joe Martinelli

      WWE announcers... snap mare OOOOHH, hip toss OMG!!! leap frog OOOOOHHHHH sunset flip OMG OOOOOOHHHH

    45. Frankie aka Waifuwallcosplay

      Get riddle some boots

    46. Ahed Haddadin

      Kylian Dian needs a new finisher

    47. Nico AlNegus

      That looked like a very awkward bump, I wonder if Riddle is okay?

    48. SukebeKun

      i thought he was Bryan Wyatt

    49. Kohai Jo

      I thought it was Bray Wyatt

    50. YEAH IGHT

      My boy Tarzan

    51. Prescott The Bulldog King

      Yo Killian needed to come back down to Nxt since became a full out jobber. Now all we need is Alexander Wolfe and Eric Young

    52. Ashley J

      Please stop staying "mama mia", it's as bad as "ohhhhh my"

      1. Eljunior Cen

        Ashley J they should stop saying yowie wowie it’s outdated.

    53. Asterisk2011

      NXT should just become a third brand already

    54. SmackDown Salmon

      I thought it's Bray Wyatt in the thumbnail.

    55. Whyt Manga

      yowie wowie chants?

    56. Tan Man Vlogs


    57. Judy Chen

      1:48 so it in playback speed 0.25x

    58. Justin Turner

      Am i trippin or did Killian Dain lose weight?

      1. jbfarley

        He looks good, yeah

    59. Cody Prickett

      Big damo with the tool shirt

    60. Loh Chao Siang

      Looks like bray and did the running senton like bray

    61. K G

      they cheered "yowie wowie" 😂 i love it.

    62. Fall Senseless

      Yeah no, maybe I would be more inclined to invest in him a few years ago when he should have been big. Also not the biggest senton fan 😂

    63. Daniel Black

      Wait. Is sanity not together anymore? I know eric young is going for the 24/7 title but were is Alexander wolf?

      1. Eljunior Cen

        jbfarley yep IMPERIOUM

      2. jbfarley

        Nxt uk, part of an awesome group

    64. Sergio Zamudio Jr

      Man that was good

    65. Blizkid

      Ew when did Renee start doing nxt 😭

      1. Blizkid

        jbfarley oh well she sucks too ...I haven’t caught nxt lately I tuned out of wrestling cause it’s been so drainingly bad recently ...but it’s getting a bit interesting again

      2. Eljunior Cen

        jbfarley lol just here responding to people who don’t have a clue what’s happening? Too

      3. jbfarley

        Not her, dummy, that's Beth Phoenix

    66. Johnny Walker

      I would like to see Matt Riddle get speared by Goldberg 😂😂

      1. Eljunior Cen

        Johnny Walker “baw gawd he’s broken in half”

    67. TheXxeminole66

      Come on bro

    68. Babes & Board Games

      They just did this same spot on Raw a few nights ago with Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley. This is why WWE sucks. Nothing new happens.

      1. Babes & Board Games

        @Eljunior Cen it doesn't matter which one happened first, you Mark.

      2. Eljunior Cen

        Babes & Board Games this was pretaped though it happened before the Bobby lashley and Strowman.

    69. Martel Renteria

      1:20 is killain wearing a weird little looking thong 😂

      1. Eljunior Cen

        Martel Renteria singlet

    70. blue skyz