King Von - Broke Opps (Official Video)

King Von

King Von

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    1. Deontethegamer Kid


    2. ItsToonBruh

      No 63rd comments?!?!? We not from 63rd

    3. Kendall Johnson Jr

      14512 Fam OTF

    4. L.A. Hensley

      Handsome man.

    5. Jerry DanDridge Falcon

      When the Falcons sign Todd Gurley Dante Fowler Hayden Hurst Laquon Treadwell AJ Terrell Mar Davidson⚫🔴DBN4L Riseup💪

    6. cray 3K

      Its crazy how many famous rappers came from their block

    7. frostyvxk

      After the vlog I had to see this song

    8. xx gamesforfunxx

      Omg god

    9. Dakota's World

      Why the heck is he wearing a furry coat in June😅

      1. Dakota's World

        @Benally TeamAK oh

      2. Benally TeamAK

        DAKOTA'S WORLD this was in May.

    10. Noonie_11 ASL

      Asian brought me here. Sherm was dope🔥🔥🔥🔥

    11. Nick King

      King von shitted on the ops in this song

    12. C.J. Taliban Customs

      Thanks homie

    13. Reon Trills

      Is he related to LA Capone ? Anybody know ?

      1. Rockstar Skinnys

        Nah but they were close friends

    14. Moneybag Flip


    15. Young King

      Is this a diss track

    16. Jayla Marie

      VONNNNN!! You keep messing it’s “my gun don’t punch it kick get with this shit get hit in yo shit ,BITCH” you keep forgetting the bitch part😭🥴

    17. BIIG CESS


    18. LilBam SBM. ENT

      Hope out and I'm blowing it's rented

    19. Ernest Lewis

      Von stop killing we cant lose u😭😭

    20. Craig Daub Beats - Rap Instrumentals

      See all them people on the other vlog vid like he was giving money to a bunch of ungrateful bums. 1. Those people probably made sure the area was secure so he could come in without any issues. 2. Many of them are probably family or like family and probably looked out for him growing up and coming up. 3. They were also being paid to be in this very music video. 4. It's a business expense and therefore a tax write-off. Those same type of people that were talking shit on the vlog are the same type of people that get rich and forget where they came from and who looked out for them growing up. People are so quick to judge what they see in a video not even understanding a fraction of what's actually going on in it. I mean nobody fully does unless they're there. But most people with common sense can put two and two together and get 4 which is that he wasn't just giving them shitloads of money for no reason. And even if he was, who cares? It's his money to do with as he pleases. He earned it. Not you, not me. Hell if he wanted to go out and hand stacks to the homeless people would be talking shit. The fact of the matter is, they're either going to invest it, or blow it. It's that simple. Once they have it it's on them to do what they wanna do. I'm sure that was life changing for some of them which is fantastic. There needs to be more people like Von out there changing lives. He's even great in interviews. You can tell he's grown as a person over the years. Not a lot of people can do that. Most people tend to stay stuck in their ways. And yes still a young man and has a lot of years to do a lot of great things. Anyway, that's about all I have to say. Keep grinding up everyone!!


      Went to hard to crazy $@£UTE"!.😎🥇🏅

    22. Richard Ouellette

      Von #1 out of Chicago in my opinion with polo g right behind him at #2. Dude is as real as it gets and his storytelling is unlike anyone else I've heard. Dude is a beast no wonder why durk signed him.

    23. Kings P

      Does any one want king von to be in the 2020 cyphers.

    24. Aryana Watkins

      I like this song ❤❤❤

    25. Grandmaster

      Pull up and get um He know I'm official All dat Woodfin and shit boy you know I'm a get cha. Was nobody wit um Wear a 9 and can't nobody fill um. Nigga kilt ya homey you don't even come outside Fun yo bitch on purpose Wow.....go hard af

    26. vaww ;-;

      get me to top comment and i will rickroll everyone say "that video is crazy" or something

    27. rzongler


    28. Chachi G

      Congratulations on your accomplishments in life stay strong and focused 💙West🏚Side💯K-Town

    29. princess zari

      Dis hard asl

    30. V tarik

      King Von a real GD🔱

      1. MJF.

        Tf u talkin bout he ain’t a GD

    31. S Boogie

      0:35 this nigga jus walk like a str8 killer

    32. ONDAT AZZ!! In the first 30 seconds of the video, Dr. Judy Mikovitz says that COVID19 is a lack of interferon alpha in the body. And all natural remedies for this are Chlorella or Chlorophyll; Reishi Mushroom powder or tincture/ extract, Liposomal Vitamin C, Astralagus, Coenzyme Q10, Gingko Biloba, Milk Thistle or Bonaset. Get ya'self 'bout 2 or 3 a these here for COVID19 yeah. Look it all up ya'self and thank GOD. for home schooling, k-12 and some college courses too. Get your kids started in computer programming ( for robotics engineering, etc.) on Scratch or, since 47% of all jobs will be replaced by robots by the end of 2021.

    33. Jalesha White

      I luv You King Von❤

    34. Isaiah agma

      not certain: coronavirus certain: KING VON AINT from 63rd

    35. zap gaming


    36. Twilla Twaun

      This shit go too Krazy on Dave 🔥🔥🔥

    37. huh mf

      I gotta give to this young king him an durkio the hottest rappers out of Chicago.

      1. huh mf

        @Rasheed Lewis Montana 300 nice i just dont rock with everything he do.

      2. Rasheed Lewis

        And then there was Montana 300....oh no we got a lil Common..but I'm an old ima shut up

    38. Danny Aquilar

      King von shouldn't be in Chicago rn hes too talented. Get out of there bro

    39. Cameron Conner

      IDGAF if it's on duck page this shit trash

    40. Almighty Juune

      This is what obama was listening to when he got in office

      1. Shwn


    41. Romeo Janis

      Like for every time he says "VON"

    42. KJ PATRICK


    43. 3AM

      I'll keep my seat warm

    44. Lamont Strong

      Man your music make the real getup bemore careful you already

    45. Thomas Davis

      Slim certified ✔️

    46. 50 WESTWARD


    47. LMT95

      “My niggas they too official, send a txt they a Get right with you” that line gone go over some heads....

    48. Delwin Stewart

      Good job

    49. The three Stripes

      Anyone notice that dying light beat tho ?

    50. BigDaddygoroh

      King von is probably the most hard ass rapper ever

    51. Stretch Armstrong

      King Von > Rondonumbanine

    52. ObeyOn60fps Obey


    53. ObeyOn60fps Obey

      @king von add me on fortnite

    54. Amhrye Sea

      I was here first day No capp

    55. murda murda

      Put this song at 1.25 speed and this slaps differently

    56. 478TV

      That boy said designer Givenchy like gah damn 🔥

    57. Anthony Goodwine

      Here before one million

    58. Kringe


    59. Raymond Green

      Here b4 a million. My dude on this music shid

    60. nmoney Savage

      I literally watch this everyday 🔥🔥

    61. Rich The kid


    62. 100summers x

      Dude out here looking like the hood sub zero in that blue.

    63. Luis Burgos

      I really don’t care what anyone has to say King Von is a problem !!! Wouldn’t try him #FuccTrolls🖕🏽

    64. moneybag

      levon james😂😂

    65. Hi Five

      This is one of the hardest songs of 2020

    66. Nazir White

      School shooter music 😂

    67. Kareem Hafez

      “And it’s a Glock, and this bitch sound like a missle”

    68. just me

      Music sounds great move 👌 and concentrate on the money lives to short

    69. Bryan Briwn

      He need to make a song with polo g

    70. Moctezuma Monteon

      “If he can’t break bread he fake” RIP La Capone

      1. Devin lee

        stfu nathan

      2. Nathan Hernandez

        Devin lee can’t get no more 50 cent cakes 😂

      3. Devin lee

        I had one mo buck on my plate, it was me and bro we was in the store and each of us got 50 cent cakes

      4. LMT95


      5. Moctezuma Monteon

        Ayyo kayy yuppp