Kofi Kingston accepts Dolph Ziggler’s Super ShowDown challenge: SmackDown Exclusive, May 21, 2019



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    The WWE Champion has a simple response when asked about Dolph Ziggler’s Super ShowDown challenge.
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    Am Vor year


    1. Hershell Bennett

      Dolph Zigler Bertalice Kofi Kingston

    2. Daniel Martey

      Kofi you do all

    3. jayswift3601

      WWE is so predictable. Think about it Big E is hurt, when he came back a few weeks ago he was attacked back stage and they were saying it was Kevin Owens but Keven Owens denied it. Remeber when Big E debuted on the main roster who was he aligned with? Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee. I see Big E turning on New day and Kofi loosing the WWE Title.

    4. Nabil Abdulkarim Jawad

      Is kofi were crying?

    5. Antiwan Bell

      Why people doing sneak attacks they can't beat kofi while he is at 100% they are some losers

    6. Superduper K

      Don’t want to be mean but wwe have to do something really good before AEW grow big and take over the main wrestling show from wwe

    7. lilslockk -_o

      Dolph broke Kofi

    8. Kira Man

      Ziggles is a big fool greedy idiot

    9. Mathan Lal

      5 star match Dolph vs Kofi

    10. SuL-AE

      Smackdown is fulfilled with cry babies

    11. Gabriel Snyder

      Kofi or Ziggler will hold the other ones hand up but Brock will ruin that beautiful moment

    12. Mamadou Aliou Diallo

      koffi koffi

    13. Mamadou Aliou Diallo

      koffi vs dolph

    14. GrizzlyDippingHick

      It’s just a match where they give Brock the belt back

    15. Imran Ali

      Winner by Kofi kiston super so down

    16. Christopher Valentin

      Glad his neck is ok. Super kofi confirmed

    17. Danielle Simms

      oh-uh Guess What Dolph Ziggler WWE Champion Kofi Maina is Ready For a Fight At Super ShowDown & He Won't Go Down Without a Fight Top That.

    18. Niko Bellic

      Happy Birthday Rabid Wolverine, Um. I shouldn’t say his name.. but happy birthday.

    19. Ravi Mishra

      Big spoiler from wwe If kofi vs Dolph then brock will conformly choose seth on raw

    20. Last of a Writers Creed

      hope big e & dolph go on another run like they did when he was aj lee bodyguard

    21. Antoine Lawson

      So WWE you allow any superstar to attack a champion and get a title shot. Randy Orton deserves a title shot, why not Roman, so ziggy comes back attacks kofi and is number 1 contender. Shocking Kevin Owens didn't help sight to make it triple threat. Wait knowing WWE Brock will cash in after a brutal championship match to get a easy win.

    22. Bryson Sabun

      Dolph Zyidiot did something so stupid and he must pay a price for that I wish the whole new day team gets a brutal and a massive revenge on that coward.

    23. Buze Oromo Sultan

      I'm angry why Dolph ziggler Attack Kofi why 😡😡😡😡

    24. EIM World

      Dolph is crying to be Kofi,loser.

    25. Roemello Williams

      Was he crying wat was he crying about

    26. Jonathan Oscategui

      I'm so sad for Kofi!!!!!! I'm afraid Kofi will be the ultimate destruction of the New Day because he is being put through the trials and hardships of being a champion!!!!!! People that are his friends have stabbed him in the back like Kevin Owens and Ziggler not because they hate him but that they are obsessed with getting the gold or WWE champion!!!!!! I have a feeling that Kofi will stop singing and dancing and become a more skeptic critic and stop trusting certain people and eventually will turn on his brothers Big E and Xavier Woods!!!!! I think that when Big E recovers, the New Day will challenge Daniel Bryan and Rowan for the tag titles and win and become six time champs!!!!! But upon celebrating the Authors of Pain or AOP returns and surround the ring!!!! Kofi grabs a chair and stabs Big E in the back with a chair and Xavier Woods in shock gets viciously beat with the chair!!!! Then AOP comes in and destroy what's left of the New Day!!!! Then the following week Kofi comes out in a suit with his new body guards in AOP and tells the WWE universe that he didn't want this to happen but had to in order to secure the WWE title which he feared would be taken by his brothers of the New Day!!!! He explains that part of this happened due to the fact that he was a Target of people like Owens and Ziggler who he thought were friends stabbed him in the back and caused him to go through hell in which Kofi had to go at it alone without big e and Xavier!!!! Kofi admits to being a changed person who only cares about upholding his legacy as a true becon of Hope and will go through anyone to uphold it and keep his title!!!! This will eventually lead to a triple threat match for the WWE title between the New day and this will lead to Big E long awaited push!!!!!!

    27. young hardy

      All Dolph had to do was ask, him and Kofi go way back.

    28. Actual Clutch

      What’s your response Kofi: Yes

    29. God

      Just me that wants dolph to win? Yes? I’m sorry...

    30. Luke Jones

      Well we alll know who brocks cashing in on now dont we

    31. facebook.com/nabeel.jahangir.3

      kofi vs zigler ??? brok lusner will win this match,,,, but why the hell super show down happening in saudia, why greatest royal rumble is not happening in saudia

    32. Shimul Sk

      all the best king.. Love you💜💜💜

    33. Marcus Tavarez

      Kofi kingston was crying because he probably got the news that big e is going to turn heel on him at super showdown

    34. Charles Whittaker

      I guess that says it all

    35. Renaissance

      Dolph you never ever as the jericho said first undisputed wwe champion you will not beat kofi kigstone for the wwe belt

    36. Miguel Gomez

      One on One will be great

    37. Qoiroh asyiahwadatin Wadhatull Akiyah

      kofi semngaT 😍😍😍💪💪💪💪💪

    38. Random Comments

      Pls drop the title on Ziggler, he deserves it too.

      1. Random Comments

        @Lovely Minx probably yeah, bless for you my lady.

      2. Lovely Minx

        @Random Comments I'm Amazing

      3. Random Comments

        @Lovely Minx youre just lovely i wonder how you are on bed

      4. Lovely Minx

        Nope lol he's only getting the title shot is because Owens isn't going to the Supershow

    39. thehmph1

      He should drop the title soon cuz his time has run out, the new day is the old day now.

      1. Lovely Minx

        No one cares what you think.

    40. Great Cornholio


    41. Jr Garcia

      Cathy you so gorgeous

    42. Paul B

      Head up buddy this is what it means to be a top champ.

    43. -Dynamite-

      I believe in u Kofi

    44. Palace_Pro


    45. Jacob Dominguez

      Poor Kofi 😞

    46. Kuqii-_- YT

      Kofi sucks

    47. Claudio M.J

      What a fight😲

    48. Pol Allen Ballesteros

      That plastic bag has a gold fish on it.

    49. Choice Username

      Did anyone else find the awkward silence funny or was it just me

    50. Re'Chard Jeffery

      Big E gonna turn heel!

    51. Isaiah Ogbolu

      kofi reminds me of booker t

    52. ishwar deo

      Ziggler is best

    53. Javier Torres

      Dolph quit wwe and now want championships he is suck caugher

    54. Just Be You Performing Arts

      wow i never seen kofi cry before

    55. alishehzadpaul

      But why is he crying?

    56. Broke Frog

      these matches will be amazing.. we're in for a treat boys

    57. Got_Dayumm Fiah

      Kofi will beat dolph ziggler at super show down he's gonna prove to the world that he is a better champion than mr.ziggles

      1. Got_Dayumm Fiah

        @Lethal Creed that's true but dolph is a done deed brah you know this his career is over and kofi Kingston is just beginning

      2. Lethal Creed

        Kofi compared to Dolph is nothing,Dolph don almost everything if not everything

    58. David Eboma

      Why is everyone after Kofi championship? Kofi has been defending it ever since he won't it but Rollins has only done a defence twice. Pls allow Kofi enjoy his reign

    59. CPA

      They always have great matches.

    60. JonnySuite13

      Looks like the pressure of being champion is starting to get to him.

    61. Darriet Clark

      Is dolph ziggler still on raw

    62. Prakash Magar

      Kofee fan like here

    63. elvis perdana

      i think dolph will win and brock cashing in money in the bank

    64. YBG

      Kofi is mr. 24/7

    65. BC Glock

      Dolph did what he had to do

    66. Big Ears Glenn

      This is a Grand Slam Rivalry-They flight over IC, US, Tag and now World CHAMPIONSHIPS

    67. Geo Lunatic Ambrose

      So is Dolph a heel?

      1. Cory Snyder

        Isn't it obvious?

    68. khaled alotaibi

      One ☝🏽 Of The Best

    69. RithiKRockZ


    70. RithiKRockZ

      mark my words kofi will win, ziggler is just a replacement for kevin owens as he has made himserlf unavailable for the super showdown in saudi arabia.