Kygo - Could You Love Me w/ Dreamlab (Official Audio)



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    Kygo’s Golden Hour available everywhere now

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    1. KAMOHELO Kamo

      This song makes me so happy

    2. Kimi Yansa

      i really really love this song so much since this genre is my ultimate genre

    3. Oakley Trades

      This track is fire 🔥

    4. Diego Jordan

      Yo Kygo you change lives just w/ ya melodies. THANK YOU!!

    5. Vinícius Silva

      O melhor dj da tropical house🔥🎹🎵

    6. Deep Music

      If you love tropical house music pls give me a chance, listen to my latest track 'Waves'

    7. Alexander Sutnga

      A love it man

    8. Diana ANGEL


    9. Zezz

      Such good vibes !! Kygo we want more!!!!

    10. J Wang

      Tropical house is 🍕

    11. Santiago !Aebeb

      cheers from Namibia

    12. ThePopZMusic

      All love for your stil avicii

    13. Jenn Infante

      GMR could you love me, with all my crazy? ♥️

    14. Evelyn Ortiz Garcia


    15. Selim Mohammed

      Kygo kygo kygo long live dude😍😍

    16. Filippo Beltrami

      This is the authentic lovely tropical Kygo’s sound ❤️ 🌴probably the best track of the new album 🙌🏻

    17. X niute

      Could you never stop filling my playlist with your songs?

    18. Mackenzie Murley

      1 lb 3.1 oz

    19. aeroeau

      I'm falling in love with Kygo like I did with The Beatles

    20. Ephemeral Q.


    21. Royal Relle

      I can listen to the beat&music🎶🎶🎶alone by itself it hits hard

    22. Lukhman Thufile

      It's sad that some people don't feel the magic that kygo's songs have. If they did, songs like these would be more popular

    23. Lisa Conroy

      👌 absolutely class every tune should be a number one wee summer tune ryt there💯💥

    24. Musical Banda

      On my Way remix by me

    25. Musical Banda

      SO happy to see kygo Album golden hours. Best album of year with Lauv How I'm Feeling.

    26. DankBudz 96

      Loving these old school Kygo vibes!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    27. Millor Legend

      Thanks Kygo👍.... Thanks for song🔥🔥 inspiration.#Guiassar#Mayotte..

    28. radio459

      Yooo i remember some years ago Kygo post the song in the chorus on instagram he finally drop the song Amaazinng 😭😭😭

    29. Dikshya Shrestha

      Golden hour album is so amazing❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Love you kygo💖

    30. Emily Allstot

      Could You Love Me? What Would Jesus Do?

    31. Dewa Pambudhi

      Reminds me for summer, here we go aha

    32. cheryl tomasauckas


    33. Brown

      Ufff! ♡

    34. ZedK

      05/18/2020 06/18/2020

    35. akhil shirwaikar

      Kygo best...hope IL meet him one day..😍

    36. DVS

      Best music of the album!

    37. City Patrolman

      i"m from MOZAMBIQUE, this is what i like to hear when it"s all fine

    38. osobliwynick

      So far the best one of the new album.

    39. TheDakeZ

      I love your music, keep it up and you will reach the top

    40. Muhammad Vicko Adingga Rahman

      avicii legacy!

    41. UMER _07

      Kygo backwith his old edm like 2017 I love that

    42. TAVA Thims

      This reminds avicii. I could be the one

    43. Alec Villa

      WOW! Check out my new Tropical House song:

    44. Mr.Shark

      I have found my new favourite track from Kygo

    45. Petitee P


    46. Thubah Mlobane

      This is Great!🙌🏾😍

    47. Monaru

      Kygo 🌴🔥

    48. Nuke GlitchingHD

      Had this when it got leaked

    49. Ayan Singh

      Kygo- Firestone Kygo - raging Kygo - remind me to forget Kygo - fragile Kygo - riding shotgun Kygo - carry me Kygo - oasis Kygo - stay Kygo - stranger things Kygo - stargazing Kygo- stole the show Kygo - carry on Kygo - it ain't me Kygo - born to be yours Kygo - higher love Kygo - happy now Kygo - think about you Kygo - not ok Kygo - family Kygo - forever yours Kygo - like it is Kygo - I'll wait Kygo - freedom Kygo - lose somebody Kygo - truth Kygo - could you love me Kygo - how would I know Kygo - follow Kygo - beautiful Kygo - broken glass Kygo - feels like forever Kygo - say you will Kygo - someday Kygo - only us Kygo - hurting Kygo - don't give up on love Kygo - to die for #GOLDENHOUR ❤️ Kygo is love ❤️ favourites 🙌😍


      Golden Hour gives me the old KYGO vibe truly

    51. Kevin Kc

      Good vibes 🌴🌞 ❤



    53. Techy Animals

      Tropical house is back 😄😄😄😄

    54. chillax4592

      Chills kygo chills everytime. Fan 4 life

    55. BucaVideos

      Ohhhh my goooood, i lovee thiiis song!! Itss happy song for this sommer 😍

    56. years years

      Mds não consigo escolher uma msc favorita AAAAA

    57. Gis Escala

      I'm deeply in love with this freaking song!!! I love you my Kygo.

    58. Love

      Could you love me.....

    59. Shax H

      Reload baby.. 😍😎

    60. Vincent So

      The drop reminds me of Avicii. Avicii would be proud to hear this~ Also if you close your eyes , I hope you can see and hear the waves crashing to the beautiful beach 🏝

    61. WÈRÉFÁ KíÑGz

      This is my fav❤️ song out of the album... Reminds me of why I liked kygos songs in the first place😢💔

    62. Maria Magdalena Valdez Cuellar

      Wow kygo transmite mucho ...en especial en esta canción 💓💓💓

    63. Rawan R

      Perfect song. Also it reminds me of could go back by jonas blue

    64. Elite Channel

      Damn right.... LIKE CLOUD NINE 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😐

    65. Chimuka cubaru Moonga

      This is my favorite song on the album 🔥🔥

    66. モラレスマイルズ

      Old Kygo feel

    67. Laeke

      The golden song from the golden hour, NO FUCKIN WORDS KYGO. Spent all night listenin to the album specially this song, love from ethiopia man

    68. Hamdan Oktoriq

      This is the best one of kygo's song, beetween another amazing song too👍

    69. YOURS TRULY Undersigned creator

      I'll love you for your crazy. I love you for what you do to my poems and my silly ph re assault I jot down on the daily. Come see me baby I wanna tell you I love you in your ear and swear u wont let you leave me again.

    70. Raul Rayletz

      Kygo & Alan Walker & Avicii - Could You Love Me