Kyrie Irving’s championship-sealing three needs a deep rewind | 2016 Cavaliers

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    The 2016 NBA finals gave internet commenters a simple, easy reply for any situation: “The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.” Oh yeah, and it also gave Cleveland its first championship since the ‘60s, quieted LeBron haters, momentarily broke Steph Curry, and gave Kyrie a moment of glory after he had been promised the world and then had to hand that world over to LeBron. Remember? The Cavs were like “sure we’ll build around you Kyrie, you’re our guy” and then LeBron said he was coming back to Cleveland, and then the Cavs were like “what’s a Kyrie???”.
    The 2016 Finals were so good. I mean, it went to seven games, which is exciting enough! But there was so much more! In this video we relive every single part of the series, and everything that lead up to it too - from the Warriors’ insane record-setting seasons full of threes to LeBron’s chasedown blocks to the playoff groin shots. That’s right, groin shots, plural. Draymond Green was going through a stage.
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    Written and produced by: Clara Morris
    Directed and Edited by: Ryan Simmons
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    1. Secret Base

      Thanks for tuning in, and thanks to everyone out there who requested this moment for a rewind. Now, personally, I prefer the moment that came two years later to end game one because it is hilarious and I am a dimwit. If you're like me and want to enjoy that, well, here you go: As always, if you want to chat with us more directly, feel free to join us over at where there's some very familiar pieces, some stuff that's a little weirder, and a whole lot more Jon. xoxo, Will

      1. Deepak Varghese

        Could you please do Sean Elliot’s Memorial Day Miracle Needs a Deep Rewind?

      2. Peter Ikenye

        Do a rewinder in Kawhi’s shot last year. I know it’s not been that long but I would love to see that.

      3. Revanth Yalamanchili

        Do the AFC Wild Card game 2015 between the Steelers and Bengals

      4. Jason Pircio

        Or if ur looking for a challenging one to research, Havlicek’s steal

      5. Jason Pircio

        We need a mj flu game rewind!!

    2. ccwkex s

      Klay Thompson has a season-ending Achilles tear. Just after sitting out last season with an ACL tear. Is this the end for the Warriors era? Get well soon Klay, the NBA needs you

    3. Angelo Teodoro

      I love your voice

    4. Heart Break

      You could never do this moment enough justice when you rewind the clock.

    5. j s

      If you were to tell me you would finally play the clip after teasing it so many times at the last minute I wouldn’t even watch the whole video but you explained everything so flawlessly and well even though everytime the clip was brought up without tease finishing it was annoying well put video

    6. Tom Socia

      Best baseball game I’ve ever seen. It was a battle every min

    7. countof3everybodyOD

      Worst narrator ever. Cringe

    8. Iggy's Kicks

      Most exciting and most competitive NBA Finals series ever.

    9. Wobba Fett

      that narrative is a lie "I'm really good at basketball" 3-6-1 and 1-3 against tyrion curry

    10. Wobba Fett

      if anyone discounts 2015 then so did 2016 pick one reality, fatherless bronsexuals

    11. Wobba Fett

      we got to see that play out both teams full strength in 2017 4-1

    12. Space Vacuum

      Welcome to a moment in history just hits different

    13. American Fitty

      Draymond being suspended, Stephen fouling out for the 1st time in his career, Kyrie's shot, Lebron's block on Ig...I'm not even going to attempt to spell his last name and there you have...a Championship for Cleveland 💯🤪

    14. American Fitty

      Bagram, Afghanistan 2016 US Air Force (Sep.) When Kyrie hit this shot I was stunned because for atleast 2-3 minutes prior neither team could score and don't get me started on "The Block."

    15. wolfsta encrypted

      That block in game seven by LeBron James made me an instant fan and I was a strong hater

    16. Flávio Barbosa

      But what defined that game was the LeBron block...

    17. Ryan Hastie

      Lebron is so lucky. He gets to wear two of Wade's rings one of Kyrie's rings and now has one from AD. Too bad he couldn't be the man and win one for himself. The league did everything they could to get some chips for the chosen one. Ten chances and 4 rings makes you a loser overall. Goat talk is hilarious.

    18. Cam Brumfield

      Is that Doris Burke 🤣

    19. Deivias

      I still have game 7 on my desktop, probably watched the last 5 minutes over 100 times since 2016.

    20. Jubilant Aidan

      Do the Miracle on Ice game between the US and The USSR

    21. Osman Bonfim Costa

      Can you please rewind to 1994 World Cup, where Brasil won in penalties against Italy thanks to a Roberto Baggio missed penalty shot?


      So y’all are gonna paint Draymond as the bad guy for doing what u are supposed to do if someone steps over u. Lebron knew what he was doin. He knew damn well they were gonna lose the next game if we were at full strength so he had to do sum🤦🏽‍♂️

    23. MetdzQLife

      That shot was the shot that blows warriors fans in the arena

    24. Drake McNamara

      Draymond has left the chat to recruit Kevin Durant..

    25. Ender Wiggin

      Who is this?? I wanna marry this lady

    26. Jack McCann

      If this series took itself 75% less seriously it would be incredible.

    27. Lilbluepenguin10

      Love the story telling

    28. Quincey Bissonnett

      Not a chase down block, a chase down goaltend...and I was rooting for Cleveland

    29. John Camired

      Y’all should do Sergi robertos goal vs Psg In 2017 to make it 6-5 aggregate in the champions league

    30. Mc Flurry

      I was looking forward to this video but this narrator isn’t easy on the ears. I’m pretty sure she wrote the lines here or at least contributed, but please let somebody else do the reading.

    31. TayTheWhatAndWho

      2016 really had the best championship games for every sport i ever seen in history

    32. JYLN

      2016 was a great year...

    33. J

      Steph Curry: about to win championship Kyrie Irving: *IM ABOUT TO END THIS MAN'S WHOLE CAREER*

    34. Ladarius LaQaun the 5th Jr

      He’s still not the goat

    35. Carter Flaer

      fun fact: the “fan” that curry threw his mouthpiece at was actually the cavs owners’ son lmao

    36. newthrash1221

      Lol you sound like my mom. Can’t tale this video seriously.

    37. MrProlific

      Not sure if Doris Burke or..

    38. Jeesh hseeJ

      Not a fan of the voice of the director

    39. nat_zero_six

      Kd ruined this rivalry

    40. talla ajao

      That was painful to watch as a Warriors but next year bout to be crazy😈

    41. Shane Ramsey

      Mass effect 2 music in the background? I like it

    42. Ben Griffey

      The greatest finals block of all time followed by the greatest finals shot of all time. Blessed to be a witness.

    43. Travis Thornburg

      I'm sorry, but this persons voice is very annoying

    44. Andrej Knezevic

      Yall finally did this, nive rewind

    45. Jonah Trill

      I think Steph Curry’s 3 in Kyrie face in game 5 of the 2017 finals needs a look back too 😉

    46. jaden ツ

      I've been waiting for this

    47. K.I.D. Cray-z

      Michael Jordan's game winning shot in the 1982 college championship game deserves a rewind.

    48. McDice5

      do the 2008 brazilian grand prix

    49. Dude Litte

      King 🤴 james Danny green 3s

    50. Morgan Poston

      Like usual, you're delivery and professional wit is on point! Although, I always find myself harping on the fact that Lebron held a conference to get the refs to look at a play and get Draymond suspended. Lebrons great, but it's hard to forget stuff like that...

    51. imVNUTZ

      Nice video

    52. PettyMyNetty

      Wouldn’t it have been easier to just take 30 seconds to say “yeah it was rigged” and move on?

      1. Voltaire

        The NBA rigged that shot to go in, brilliant

    53. Greg Harper

      Iggy gets Way too much credit for “stopping” Lebron! He had no damn help! So he was forcing shots that he otherwise wouldn’t take

    54. Zacharias Leonidakis

      I was skeptical after they switched the person doing the rewinds but I really like Clara Morris, she's very nice to listen to

    55. J D S

      Why you gotta do the raptors like that? Lol...she just said the Cavs won the eastern finals in 6 games...didn't name Toronto (she named Detroit and Atlanta for the previous rounds) 🤦🏻‍♂️ Awseome vid though. This game was amazing

    56. King Trawal

      Cavs had to get Dray suspended and then get key injuries to Steph, Bogut and Iggy in order to win. L46ron got lucky. plain and simple. 4 wins out of 10 tries... not top 5

    57. Gun Murat Ilban

      Oh come on, this one should've come from Seth Rosenthal.

    58. Brian Melendez

      A shot that will forever be etched in my memory

    59. Brother Panda

      2016 was a crazy year in general

    60. Texas Sports TV

      Oh my God, what happened to the other people. Doesn't even have to be the original dude. Make it the other woman that actually knows what she's talking about, doesn't spread false left wing nonsense, and doesn't have an annoying voice.

    61. Rad Blogger

      I must agree Draymond does have a punchable face.

    62. SC

      I will give two with KD for this one..73-9 with championship and Curry as Finals Mvp what he should be year before..unfortunate

    63. Jetanium

      That constant fake ass confused voice used in this video is kinda annoying.

    64. mrkev 0118

      One of the most rigged NBA Finals ever. Dont @ me

    65. bilinas mini

      video as always 👏🏼

    66. Lucas Bissell

      From a Warriors fan perspective, this series is easily the best example of competition I’ve ever seen. This series also reminds me of how much better life in 2016 was compared to now😔

      1. bilinas mini

        Absolutely love this narrator -- awesome job, Clara!!

    67. Irving Henderson

      Don’t like this narrator!

    68. Benj Bermudez

      do the spurs chammpionship on 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      the day curry got got and the 73-9 greatest team of all time died.

    70. Pop Flip

      I feel like this series should be the pilot of a new series. Maybe the reverse of Collapse. Call it Redemption or something. Just leave out 2017 and 2018. -Reminiscing Cavs fan