LA Lakers vs Boston Celtics - Full Game Highlights | February 7, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

Ximo Pierto

Ximo Pierto

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    Boston Celtics vs LA Lakers - Full Game Highlights | February 7, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season
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    1. Ximo Pierto

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      1. Christian Togle

        Ximo Pierto

      2. Christian Togle

        Ximo Pierto

      3. Christian Togle

        Ximo Pierto

      4. Christian Togle

        Ximo Pierto

    2. 이형주

      is there someone who watched this in a live? it shouldve been excited lol

    3. Keondre 542

      129-128 Lakers win

    4. Ronandrei Atunay

      Nooo they lose

    5. alanhighdef21

      I told you to keep it up Ximo!

    6. Clark Bucher

      1. The Lakers were 6-11 when LeBron was out with the groin injury. 2. The Lakers are 6-12 since LeBron's return. 3. The Lakers are 1-7 since LBJ activated "playoff mode" 4. 2017-18 Lakers after 66 games: 30-36 2018-19 Lakers after 66 games: 30-36 *I thought LeBron made everyone around him better????

      1. LeTamper Blames

        Clark Bucher as much as I dislike Lebron James as a player I honestly have to say he does.. the ability to shot create and give his teammates open looks is pivotal. It’s not his fault that his teammates usually don’t capitalize his ability to find easy shots for them.

      2. Clark Bucher

        +LeTamper Blames - again...isn't LeBton supposed to make everyone around him better? Does he need help? Or does he make everyone better? Can't have it both ways..

      3. LeTamper Blames

        The 2017-2018 lakers were healthy throughout the season... we only got to see a full healthy laker squad for 23 games. Lakers were 15-8 those 23 games beating teams like the blazers, warriors, and the nuggets (during the early part of the season) How do you expect the lakers and Lebron to win when he has to play with g league players and Luke Walton having to make changes to the rotations every second

    7. Turtle IBad

      Luke Walton better be fired

    8. Mary grace Panlaqui

      Omg😱😱😱id almost lost my breath for last minute I couldn’t imagine without james...unexpecting hahahha

    9. Nova Gaming


    10. Priestley Megan


    11. John Raven Paduata

      it happend twice

    12. Alex Cyr

      Celtics all the way

    13. lil mike

      Like for Celtics Reply for Lakers

    14. Eop24holla

    15. 가물치가물치튜브

      how amazing!!!!

    16. Shehan Weerasinghe

      Rondo thamuse pissek ooiii !!!

    17. La Tinta Filosofica

      Maldito juegazo ahi no gano ningun equipo ahi gano el tiempo!

    18. Lucy Kay

      Lebron was way out of bounds on 8:30

    19. Bot :P

      This was posted on my birthday 2 weeks ago TwT

    20. Myrandomvideo' s

      Dang I started thinking they were at the lakers home stadium just from the crowd

    21. Deon Jugmohan

      Wow at the last second

    22. maria cath

      I love you,lakers!!!!!! ;)

    23. Prithvi Sundar

      What a game! Great comebacks from both sides! LeBron went clutch to pull Lakers's win and that last second shot saved the day!

    24. uma pessoa qualquer .-.

      Lal porra

    25. takaa e

      rondo nasty

    26. Aiozard


    27. SAIYAN HUB


    28. Doinikins V


    29. anthony handley

      Rondo gotta start shooting more often let dat hoe go cuzz.

    30. Raphael EMC

      THAT DAGGGERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!........... HAHA!!!

    31. TheOmegaone007

      Talk about a nail biter!

    32. Xinwei Xiong

      Lebron still the boss

    33. Queen Ace

      Plant your garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.

    34. jonald gobaton

      Rondo. Was a boston celtics player wayback. Lol. Hahahha

    35. naveen Kumawat

      My video is best then your video

    36. Red XL Dirton

      Lake show baby

    37. Jolzkie Arellano

      rondo and lebron

    38. Jolzkie Arellano


    39. David Sengi

      Lakers been my forever team if they lose it is still my team no matter what 💯 let's keep it down low Lakers Lakers Lakers !!!!

    40. David Sengi

      Lakers is my forever team #lakers

    41. Mr. Hades

      leBron is GOAT

    42. Lil Glock

      Roundo felt young again lol

    43. Vetti


    44. jhovanni santana


    45. Malick Avila

      Rondo became a celtics then he became a lakers and crush the celtics team

    46. Kobe Bean

      Long live ximooo

    47. Philip Lombardo

      Victory none the less... well done.

    48. Ningsih Wawo

      rondo is the best

    49. Mii Sticks

      Rondo will be included in the compilations of the buzzer beater winners

    50. P o w e r s

      Lakers sons of Celtics

    51. star India

      What is This???? Disclaimer: Monetization disabled on this channel

    52. Bdnh Snsnne


    53. Terrell Richard

      That was beautiful basketball 🙏


      why were the announcers so quiet they barely said anything


      1 point win with a half second !!! OMG!

    56. MisterOrange Gaming

      Atleast it was Rondo, anybody else then I would have died

    57. Mustang 760

      Can’t stand Lebron crying a hole James

    58. Kozella Firms

      Take Lil ty back! Celtic since '90 I don't care who stay or go..

      1. Kozella Firms

        Keep the spitting Lil cobra too!

    59. death dreams

      This Lakers So Busted And Dumb I Hate Lakers LEBRON You Will Know YOur IDiot !!!!!!! .....

    60. Tyler Gantert

      TIME TO GET REVENGE! #LA #Lakers This game felt like SBLIII if it was actually good and was very competitive

    61. Oslec Jr.

      Stupid ingram

    62. RaFACT Beneeatesh

      I'm here for rondo

    63. Skylock

      Kyrie FTW

    64. Karl Macolor

      1The game was lit and all. But why they gotta make the jerseys and floor boards the same exact tone of green?! lmao they're camouflaged

    65. einar coronado

      Lebron is fantastic¡¡¡¡

    66. NYG_DBONE 10

      Lebron sucks

    67. We Sing PH

      Who's watching from the Philippines?

    68. Lionello Sacchi


    69. arcrish40x castillio

      ang galing na amn ng nba

    70. Jayson Barbosa

      LAKERS > 76 SICKERS lose at home to Celtics without kyrie

    71. Ph Stories 666 Channel

      that's why Lakers will win 2019 NBA FINALS😎

      1. Nicholas Jandrue

        you uh sure about that one?

    72. Jonnel Abad

      syang talo na dapat lakers ehh

    73. tainoybbor

    74. DonRicos DeLeone

      Blood. What A Game. How many 3pt shots they were getting in. Lakers was like 20pts behind. How the hell they win this. The last quarter was very tight right down to the last dribble. Great Game. Cant wait 2 come see this Live!!!!!!!!

    75. TheDurhamBull

      I am so over Lebron's cryptic BS... #enoughalready

    76. Kerrie Phillips

      Everybody hates on LeBron but when he retires the league will be boring.

    77. PLAY LIST

      Hello, I'm new to youtubing... Can I have subscribers please☺️

    78. Alexey Nebula

      Amazing !!!

    79. Marcus

      Naming my son Rondo.

    80. BrentGaming_YT

      Rondo save Lebron legacy right?

    81. Renz Carlo

      Oh yeah yeah!

    82. S&D

      Like 👍🏻😊

    83. Basil Ramel

      Breath smells like shit. Fucc Lebron an his liberal bullshit. Black Republican.

    84. Hung Wei LI

      OMG that last shot was insane!!!!!!!

    85. Hasib YouTube

      Damn this game was oof

    86. Eli-jed Tamboong

      The YES guy...yeah..

    87. josh chigurh

      3:44 that was a cold blooded 3

    88. carla villarino


    89. Ike Frazier Jr

      This was a good ass game

    90. Brxken bxnes

      You know lakers is trash without lebron when he has his name on points,rebounds and assists on the final stats.😂😂😂

    91. Top BG MOMOLAND

      Ata boy rondo. Momoland comeback song coming soon

    92. Radical Highway

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    93. Blue-eyes sage

      fuck you celtics and lakers fanboi!!! this was the best the match so far this year!!!!

    94. Peter Paul Brillantes

      Even tho I’m a kyrie fan I have to admit that was epic

    95. striker 411

      2019 nba finals?

    96. blucky999 gamer

      He is no beatiful

    97. trosdes tructor -iErixxoi-

      No entendi un carajo

    98. trosdes tructor -iErixxoi-

      No entendi un carajo

    99. Jai jai Lam

      Jr haha