Lakers Champ Anthony Davis on Winning First Championship, Kobe’s Legacy & Parents in the Bubble

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    Anthony talks about the journey to become a champion, Kobe’s legacy, LeBron telling him he was going to cry after winning, “partying” after the game, having his parents in the bubble, and his future with the Lakers.
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    1. Trailer City

      Just signed a max deal baby!!!!

    2. Daniel Martinez

      AD is one of the best signings that has ever happened for LA. He's a well deserved, hard working guy who has met his accomplishment as a player , better yet as a Laker. Winning a world championship.

    3. Chester Sims

      He deserves it... Truly deserves it..

    4. Big boi eats big things

      I feel really happy for anthony davis just look at that big smile

    5. Dodger Blue

      No one else noticed the reflection on the trophy? 😆

    6. Bad Bleep

      My friend says I look like him and I’m a girl...

    7. Lakers2020 Champs

      Anyone else notice AD’s legs reflecting from the trophy XD

    8. Kriskills

      Miami deserved it more

    9. Prenell White

      Anthony Davis going to be a Laker

    10. hansome91b

      Congratulations L.A.🛐💯👍🎊🎉💜💛💜💛

    11. cyber6sapien

      Still think the Lakers gave up too much to get him?

    12. Defext Official

      All that money and he refuses to shave the unibrow.

    13. Ruth Wright

      LAKERS !!!!!

    14. TheeMr2Toys

      I just want to know if Bron gotta beef with Jimmy Kimmel. I don't think he's ever been on there. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    15. SupermanHopkins

      I just hope Lakers fans stop with the whole "LeBron's not a REAL Laker!!11++" nonsense. As a Bulls fan, I'd roll out the platinum carpet for the best player on the planet, not try to make it "us vs them."

    16. Elliot Eisler

      I’m a Knicks fan and not a lot to cheer for there. I’m also a fan of greatness, and truly enjoy watching Lebron James play basketball. Bc of that I watched a lot of Lakers games, and you can’t help but fall in LOVE with a player, and the MAN that is AD! Class act, and glad he got his first ‘chip!

    17. Nova Cartwright

      I’m happy he finally got the champion!

    18. Hash Moncrief

      Thank you Anthony Davis for the championship, if it wasn't for you we would not have made it, thank you for caring LeBron James 🏆

    19. Chat Factz

      Dude so relax he did this interview with one socks on....

    20. Wagner Filho

      LMAO, Cook is so irrelevant that they forgot him, OMG

    21. Karam Karam

      Lol does anyone see that he isn’t wearing pants in the reflection of the trophy?

    22. Jeradiah Williams

      As a Spurs fan, I can't stand the Lakers............but I have mad respect for them! Anthony Davis is one of the best big men in the NBA and I'm happy for him winning his first ring. As much as I enjoyed watching Duncan play ball for 20 years...........AD is Duncan 2.0

    23. sweetlogo



      This guy is just kool...easy, humble and genuine to the core. Lakers, Lebron, AD and the rest of LA Lakers crew, thank you for all your love. My journey with Lakers started in 1978 and I have never regretted. I lucidly remember their hit song while going to the top: McFadden & Whitehead's 'Ain't No Stopping Us Now.' True to form...Ain't No Stopping Us Now!...we are on the move...

    25. Franz Pacis

      Next time sir get Dwight Howard, or Caruso or Kyle Kyzma, who is very hot figure/talk about in social media... Congrats Jimmy!

    26. GraysSkies

      I’m all for us boycotting playing the Magic 😂

    27. Jon Poon

      The 2 biggest smiles in Lakers history: Magic and AD

    28. Rarest Form

      The amount of hypocrisy is astounding. Hi, I'm Anthony Davis. a top 5 NBA player joining a 2 player in the _other_ biggest city. Most of our team was not LA drafted -- but life and weather is good! CONGRATULATE US . Asterisk - Warriors

    29. Aaron Paul Leabres

      Guillermo should be with the Lakers' brass when closing deals with players. LOL

    30. MO BUCKS

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 the Buffoonery

    31. MO BUCKS

      Straight up Disney

    32. Steven Dolleris

      AD is a goat I’m happy for him best teammate of lebrons ever

    33. Eddie rabelo

      Relocate the orlando Magic for 2 seasons lol

    34. Thanos

      “Sign 5 more years to LA AD” *Ad laughing cuz he knows he leaving them for chicago*

      1. Brady Souder

        Imagine thinking that lol

    35. ctwwtc

      Is jimmy still shedding his tears of white guilt MAGA

    36. ANDLE

      Wins a championship, but can't afford a decent mic. LOL

    37. Billy Yang Films

      COME BACK AD!!!

    38. Sam Farhady

      As a Heat fan there’s no other team I would’ve rather lost to. Always loved watching Bron and AD

    39. BrooklynEwms32

      Where at the BarberShops!!!! Lakers Rule LA for LYFE!!! Ship For KOBE 8/24....GIGI...2.......

    40. Jabrony

      I still need a AD Jersey

    41. King Higgins

      I'm a part of Lakers nation I've been bleeding purple and gold since I was a baby Since Phil Jackson was the head coach of la Lakers Kobe Bryant mamba forever I am 22 year Now Congratulations again AD along with president Jeanne buss Frank Vogel Along with king lebron James 17 championship its sound sweet Looks sweet as well

    42. Jerry Smith

      What you and the Lakers did In The Bubble is a huge accomplishment. Great job and Lakers fans are looking for the repeat.

    43. wikedwun

      AD & Rondo comeback. Lakers 3Peat!!!

    44. Fizure

      167 Clipper Fans dislike this video.

    45. Anthony Davis

      My dude AD!! hell yeahhhh!!!

    46. Marquez Johnson

      I was on Jr's live. It was funny. Quinn Cook was like turn the bus around. Lol

    47. Renee Lopez

      Pave the road to #18 please

    48. Lambert Guadez

      Congratulations A.D. bringing LAKERS NBA World Champions..will be Watching you for the next remainder of your career here in LA!!!Lucky Nos.. “18” 2021 just around the corner NBA World Champions... Make it happen!! Yes you can... it can be done!!!!

    49. Joseph Rodriguez

      I Like AD, 2021 MVP

    50. Kevin Crane

    51. MARKAVEL1

      LA loves you AD

    52. Cesar Sanchez

      So y Jimmy hasn’t invite lebron to the show??

    53. Jay Farro

      Not enough credit is due to LBJ as much as respect as I have for AD I hate seeing everyone else get credit and not LBJ for god sake LeBron is the champ not AD give credit where it’s due for god sake !! Yall miss him when he’s gone !

    54. Mysterious Laptop

      AD well spoken, good on him!

    55. heykmeal

      Well, he’s actually a pretty likeable guy

    56. VS9050909

      I love the positive energy AD has, I never meant him, but that energy he has with his teams is awesome.

    57. Adonis Blandon


    58. Ben The Window Cleaner

      Davis did it only for lebron not for himself Davis needs to go to Chicago to redeem himself lebron was the one that got all the credit

    59. Steven Coffman

      Davis is not leaving period end of story

    60. heydude1643

      Without LeBron, could AD win a title with the exact same Lakers squad?

      1. Kevin Garnett

        No and lebron would not win without ad either

    61. Pietyyy ONS

      AD 🖤 you a good dude

    62. sb82

      Jimmy Kimmel live is one of the best shows on the planet and he is a smart interviewer. I enjoy all his interviews with celebrities/personalities and this is one of them.

    63. Baba Hathrangi

      AD is such a nice guy! He seems to be genuinely a nice person. Good for Lakers they managed to get a nice man + superstar for the future.

    64. Joel Dela cruz

      That 156 dislikes came from skip bayless,and his bunch of loser homeboys😂😂😂

    65. Hull Style Productions Change the World

      I could careless.

    66. Cody Keenan

      Guillermo is the 🐐🐐🐐

    67. ComboBreakerHD

      AD isn't wearing pants

    68. Carlo Raso

      I've always rooted against the Lakers but I'm happy for Anthony Davis winning his first title.

    69. pico gram

      uk owns the nba

    70. PieterK

      Yeah go AD aka THE Brow✊😁👍