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    Any way you slice it, it's delectable!
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    Am Vor 11 Monate


    1. #RenewAnneWithAnE

      Me everytime they take a bite and i cant F U C K Y O U

    2. Nikki Craft

      My brain when watching this video: _bitch lasagna_

    3. Garfield

      i like


      Excelentes preparaciones

    5. CoCo B

      Can yall just make lasagna....

    6. Rikk Kazz

      Excellent and creative ideas. And the bass and drum loop compliment it well. Thanks! 👍🏼

    7. nomnom jadee

      7:35 (so I can remember for later)

    8. Wisdom Pangman

      Alvin and Alix are my favourite tasty producers

    9. John Giron

      So no one likes lasagna

    10. krevek

      Italian sausage, italian sausage, and italian sausage... What is italian sausage, and how to buy it outside USA and Italy?

    11. Nessuno

      O mio dio no, siete dei mostri

    12. Marilyn2401

      Question: how much time do you cook the meat before adding the tomato sauce?

    13. smuggims

      Teflon pan + wire wisk = 😣 I was loving this video up until that point.

    14. Lorna May Vizcarra

      i was just here to scroll down if anybody comment bitch lasagna

    15. pastel girl 2007 army

      Bitch lasagna

    16. Patrick Ordaz

      NBC no o

    17. offical- dn

      9 year olds be like : doing your part I see

    18. Sioned Northeast

      i'm literally a vegan why am i here

    19. Anisah Khan

      I love Lasagne❤️

      1. Leila Vizcarra

        Anisah Khan u mean bish lasagna

    20. Proton Zed

      K this is good but I wanna know how to make bitch lasagna

    21. Hey It's Van

      bitch lasagna

    22. firstname iskowitz

      Bitch lasagna

      1. Eleet Tabboo

        many people have said that already!

    23. Oracle Love Light

      If your reading this right now I hope something wonderful unexpectedly happens to you this week💚

    24. Owen Privee


    25. Nathanael Choo

      Or Bitch Lasagna 6 ways

    26. Nathanael Choo

      eat bitch lasagna

    27. Mangboi 101

      Who all thought of bitch lasagna while watching this😂

    28. Maisha Mumtahina Islam

      Where is Bitch lasagna? #Pewdiepie

    29. oh god please no


    30. Crystal Lacy

      Lasagna roses. The most romantic rose

    31. Chad Lawhorn

      It would have been great at the end, if it said "subscribe to pewdiepie"

    32. 200hennry200

      Am I the only one who is annoyed the video doesn't fit the screen?

    33. Latina _FANOfMGK

      Spinach do NOT go with lasagna 🤢 spinach is gross!

    34. Latina _FANOfMGK

      My nigga ricotta cheese is disgusting!! That do NOT go good with lasagna! 🤢

    35. Latina _FANOfMGK

      *Italians left the chat*

      1. Eleet Tabboo

        i'm italian and i've not left shhh

    36. Latina _FANOfMGK

      You ALL ruined lasagna!! My Italian friends won't be pleased 😑

    37. Panshul Upadhyaya

      i made lasagna and fucked it a day before this came out

    38. Food for Dude

      Great work that looks so tasty.

    39. Ronanj Molina

      *bhic lasagna*

    40. King Chaotic

      Where is Bitch Lasagna?

    41. Weii Weiik

      i'm craving for some wamen and lasagna bitch

      1. Eleet Tabboo


    42. Alex747

      T-Series has left the chat.

    43. sarahshinhs

      lol anyone else thought the rose lasagna on the thumbnail is a smiley face

    44. Sirius Black

      We just want *B I T C H L A S A G N A*

    45. Wooft


    46. Aakash Sahani

      Horrific clips: Food Company making Music Company cry without cutting onions.

    47. I wanna smash my face in Wonho's tiddies

      T-series is shaking

    48. Anime Is My Life

      Why am I here? I don’t even like lasagna that much

    49. Rainbow Unicorn

      Helpers: How much cheese do you need Producers: YESS

    50. lira

      where’s the bobs and veganas lasagna

    51. RobloxGamerExpert 134

      *Carbs have appeared* What will you do? You: *Eats the lasagna*

    52. RobloxGamerExpert 134

      Next time: Can you create a meal with a curling iron.

    53. Steve Scott

      Hi can you please tell me what are the types of your stove ( brand's name ) ?

    54. pxkev

      Im sorry, But this lasagna at most took 20mins too Prep, Mines takes 40 mins for the sauce its self as Ive perfected my recipe :)

    55. Hieu Mai Xuan

      Bitch lasagna

    56. •tsuki•

      me at 10pm: old Minecraft gameplays me at 3am: *lasagna 6 ways super yum*

    57. Curiously Skeptic

      Wow very creative 👍😍🤩

    58. Mia

      Ey u forgot about bitch lasagna

    59. xXTheNoobPro Xx

      This channel has forgot a very important lasagna recipe...... B*TCH LASAGNA

    60. Pump King


    61. Rick Sanchez

      WTF is that?

    62. 5hree

      Bitch Lasagna is the most delicious way!

    63. Jiahstrike

      *PewDiePie would like to know your location*

    64. Lra K

      naaaa...bitch lasagna is way better af

    65. sād bøys傷心的男孩

      9 years oldz

    66. Vage44 47

      Nah,can you give me bitch lasagna

    67. Raditram

      *Italian Grandma Has left the chat*

    68. Christopher 2609

      When you just watched Pewdiepie’s Diss Rap

    69. Lucas Mo

      Where’s the... B*tch lasagna?

    70. Shrimp Shrimp

      Make bich lasagne pls