LEAKED FOOTAGE of Lonzo & LaVar Ball FIGHTING Over the State of Big Baller Brand



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    I have never felt more empathetic for a basketball player in my whole life. It really seems like Lonzo Ball has 0 control over his NBA Career
    Lonzo Ball's Transformation: de-news.net/online/video-oxM_zXFqHIE.html
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    1. TheFlightMike

      Lonzo Ball's Transformation: de-news.net/online/video-oxM_zXFqHIE.html Personal IG: instagram.com/michael_moradian/ Instagram: instagram.com/theflightmike# Patreon: www.patreon.com/TheFlightMike Twitter: twitter.com/TheFlightMike Facebook: facebook.com/Theflightmike Snapchat: Monstermeatmike

      1. jordan carter

        I don’t think you were being over dramatic you do fam I love the vids they have straight heat

      2. ba Khem brutal Knowledge

        You're a dumbass and suspected racist. Lavar is not controlling his son. He's just trying to get him to calm down and stay focused. The point he's making to his team, that everyone seems to miss, is, despite the setbacks, 'don't panic'. Like all new businesses they have some things to work out and some hurdles to get over, but if Lonzo does his part and balls-out, Big Baller Brand will start to flourish.

      3. sofyan el y

        TheFlightMike song?

      4. Shawn Kemp

        The white boys have no Talent black people pay your bills. You made a video on more black people

      5. YForever4400

        not dramatic that comment is offensive and never should have been said but thats their family im still with the bbb no matter how it go #lonzonextyaw sleep

    2. almmmaaa. lara

      Why is he actin like he made em ? 🧐 You make me look like shit

    3. Julien Norman

      Your overdramatic

    4. Bryce Gillette

      Notice how their brand is dead now

    5. Kyle Cohen

      Yo next time stfu and stop talking n jus play the vid. The vid was watched too see the vid not hear u talk the whole time.

    6. SNK

      I knew it was a scam the moment I saw the lavar barking his ugly looking brand

    7. Amari Brown

      I liked having lonzo on the lakers, I mean he had his up's and down's, but when they traded him that gave him a chance to improve witch he did

    8. Jon Hawkins

      This isn’t leaked you fucking dumbass it’s on there reality show

    9. Anthony Manera

      I don’t think anyone came here for your commentary

    10. Henry V

      That dad of his only cares bout himself

    11. Sean Wheat

      Let's face it, like him or not !! Without his father's marketing skills and pushing his boys to be the best. There wouldn't be no Lonzo Ball or Ball brothers or Big Baller Brand, period. At least the man was around for his kids. People make mistakes all the time in business. No big deal, you just learn from it and move on. The father knows that the general public loves Bullsh..t Tv and gossip. He just capitalizes on it for his sons. The footage was leaked. He knows people like to watch drama TV and he put a performance on for the public to watch. Lonzo is a decent player if he doesn't seat the bench and the father is just the pitchman for Lonzo, that's it.

    12. Coding Source

      Lonzo: What is your opinion? (points to one guy) Lavar: I don't need his damn opinion. Lonzo is a leader; Lavar is a boss. BBB will go further with a leader.

    13. Chris Wright

      The father was probably in on the million dollars being stole from the brand!! Hopefully those boys will realize that they all need to get away from him

    14. jayriggz

      8:24 PREACH

    15. lily1212

      You can say lavar is tough on his kids but you can’t say he doesn’t want the best of them

    16. Jose Ramos

      WacK video dont know what he saying

    17. Patrick Conners

      LaVar is a narcissist and psychological tyrant both mental illness’s. Lonzo should cut this guy off at the knees economically and not contribute to this dumb “brand”.

    18. Froylan Contreras

      Bro lavar ball is so fucking anoyying always saying some stupid shit

    19. Roy Remigio

      Those kids are going to the NBA anyway so yeah I would definitely take a chance on BBB. Pride in ownership

    20. Roy Remigio

      Bro do me a favor and let ball facts Cover the bar family

    21. Corey Lew

      His dad is in his life that's all that matters

    22. Truth Hurts

      Get a life Fuck all the ballers Ball on my sack


      Who created the Brand??? If there is no creation and vision; there is no Brand!

    24. Toy Murillo

      Common now not everyone thinks BBB is trash bc of what Allen foster did! 🤨 To be honest you shouldn't believe everything you hear bc Lavar is more to blame than Allan... Lavar is using Allan as a scapegoat, that's why Allan counter sued and lavar is shaking in his boot's!

    25. Cee Jay

      Misguided Power to put it kindly😉

    26. Prophet Ascending

      The father wanted more for his kids, and had a vision, a dream. Yes, he's pig headed and won't listen...but many entrepreneurs and innovators are like that. I have huge respect for LaVar, especially as a black man, who is often absent, and who raised his sons with a work ethic and values.

    27. Joseph Castellanos

      I get it man it messed up its his company’s too, I just wondered if it was the other way how Lavar would act😤 facts

    28. Jesse Clark

      Hey at least lavar had a point surprisingly

    29. higherthan u

      cant lie at the end there lavar said 1 good thing if it wasnt for lavars bullshit lonzo wouldve been a regular player in the worlds view probably

    30. MA

      Yeah, his son is right. It is wack and he’s finally waking up about it.

    31. Pecalj Đorđe

      What is the melody/music in the backround?

    32. Quinn Richardson

      Lavar a great father don’t get it twisted only one page to this story😷


      Lavar you should be more like a father in this matter don't be greety

    34. David Steele

      Bbb all day stay in your lane boy lavar built s***anyone that argues is a moronhis boys could have been in a bloody gangs without him they could be deadthey are all living their best life don't criticize no body criticizing the way your father brought you even though people would not agree with the way he brought you up

      1. David Steele

        @Godku you know what the go is he is building generational not just for his kids for his kids kids kids kids if you ask me that is a true man

      2. Godku


    35. Big_Whiskey13

      Ya well bbb made 4million over that argument with trump, more cash than u’ll ever have 😉

    36. Kamran Karamooz

      That wasn’t a parallel... that was messed up calling him damaged goods. Lonzo should have stood up to him and hit the back of his head 👋

      1. Kamran Karamooz

        Hahaha that’s why he was under his dads thumb. His father is delusional. Looks like Lonzo is doing his own thing now.... by the way Hebrew king, you get respect when respect is reciprocated. A father should never kick you while your down. “Fatherless ass?” Really? I assume that your under daddy’s thumb....

      2. Hebrew king

        Unless your fatherless ass he has respect for his father. Thats why he did not do it

    37. Mari White

      Mannn shut the fuck up and play the clip. Its not even leaked its in the show. Waste of time.

    38. OmNi _ShuaX

      Name lonzo to Alfonso 😂

    39. Craig Wright

      You being a tad bit overdramatic man stay out of that

    40. Benjamin Rock

      Lavar always starts off his sentences with “I”. He’s a narcissist

    41. Benjamin Rock

      He should have never said that Zo would just be a regular old player without him.

    42. Benjamin Rock

      Melo in the back videoing them 😂

    43. Benjamin Rock

      Lonzo owned 51% of the company he should get to make some of the decisions about the brand.

    44. kaigee wong

      Alfonzo lmao!!!

    45. PolarBear Dee

      What’s this song in the background I forgot?

    46. Anish Krishanthan

      for some reason i AGREE WITH LAVAR

    47. Jerry Slivka

      Leaked?? Rude

    48. test channel

      Lavar is a dick

      1. Godku

        Who lead his sons to a better lifestyle that I’m pretty much sure they love to have and wouldn’t trade it for anything. What have you been doing?

    49. cesar montenegro

      Nah you over reacted that's just a dad and a son solving their differences

    50. NAS

      I knew eventually he would grow up and get tired of his dad talking so much

    51. A cool

      How many people wish they had a sneaker company.

    52. Cheryl Naylor

      I still think they're going to find out it was lavar who embezzled that money

    53. Hustle Game22

      Hate when parents try to control their kids' money. Just look at history....Never works. Lavar is just an arrogant idiot.

    54. Farmer Larry

      That motherfucker talking to his kid like that. Damaged goods? Fuck that stupid piece of shit. I’m so happy he is starting to stand up for himself. My dad was a lot like Lavar, but not a stupid loudmouth. It’ll take a while for Lavar to grow up-Lonzo is already more mature than him. I hope Zo takes Melo under his wing, once his time comes. Lavar has lost millions of his sons dollars-AND he is calling his son damaged goods?! W/O Zo, Lavar would just be another loudmouth on disability letting his wife take care of him. FACTS! Zo’s gonna be fine. When it’s all said and done I firmly believe he will have 6-7 AS selections, and be like a 15/10 dude for his career.

    55. StarWoors

      I don't know why, but the FIRST word that comes to mind whenever I see LaVar Ball is DENSE... It's a visceral response that I have every time I see him and I don't know why...

    56. Tony Reynolds

      Lonzo needs to tell that no talent bum to stay in his own lane! If Lavar doesn't have the access to loot Lonzo,s bank account he's just another deranged asshole trying to improve his lot in life by brainwashing Zoe to think he needs Lavar,s worthless ass to make it in the league. When it's more than obvious he has the talent to excel on his own. It's sad that a man will go to any length to get his grubby paws on his own kid's $ STACKS $ (Stay Strong Lonzo, You Got This)

    57. Stonecoldmaxin

      I love your vids, I subscribed because of the She will Instrumental hahaha. Keep it up bud

    58. Manny DeRosa

      After watching this I gotta lot more respect for Lonzo. Say what you wanna say about him, but that took guts to stand up to his father. I can tell he was always the outspoken brother, meanwhile, the others were too scared. Makes you wanna what their life with their father before the cameras

    59. Callum Ratcliffe


    60. Callum Ratcliffe


    61. Song Monette

      His dad is whacked, ego manic! Narcissistic JERK!

    62. Leon Archer

      Crazy dude it's called a family affair, stay out of it.... It's black people business stay out of it

    63. TheOneBehindTheRows

      Did you know sephora adds effect my skin ?

    64. Surprise623er

      Damn he considers his son as just somebody?

    65. Gualter gutierrez

      This Big bocazas bitch Gon end Up bad

    66. Mistah J 2

      Brand failed! Zo is playing much better since it failed

    67. Paula Phillips

      LaVar has a vision and this is what America should stand for! Create your own reality! LaVar has insights that the boys can't vision right now!


      Has anybody outside of the ballsack family actually bought a BBB anything?

    69. Tomas Romanos

      All you guys just dont understand , he and his wife built these kids and the brand , all you dumb asses are seeing their family parting ways because of the kids . The dad is handleing his..yall just fools

    70. Universal Powder

      Lavar built them them going to the NBA is their gift BBB is the least they can do for lavar at the end of the day BBB isn't just for lavar