Leaving My Girlfriend With ONLY A GoodBye Letter...

Sebastian Bails

Sebastian Bails

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    Leaving My Girlfriend With ONLY A GoodBye Letter... The video ruined everything and backfired on me. Goodbye Lauren... I'm so sorry! WATCH TILL THE END TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS!
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    1. Sebastian Bails

      What are your predictions? Do you think lauren will fall for this breakup letter or do you think she will assume it’s a prank and not believe it ? 🤔😱

      1. Alexis Beasley

        That is mean 😿

      2. Jaci Anderson

        She will believe it

      3. Linda Torres

        that one was a good one that was a good prank

      4. Meggy Navarro

        7th and you can't do that with your girls my God how dare you say that my will go era

      5. XxunfuxzyduckxX :-3

        Yeah I saw the intro

    2. Unicorn Unique

      Your so cute omg 😆

    3. Just Fiona

      Who cried

    4. Jeff Smith

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    5. Denise Novelli

      I follow you on Instagram

    6. Zflame

      Why do you where make up

    7. Alex Garcia

      You are the most ANNOYING people in the world just stop making videos you suck

    8. xx- liketodraw-xx

      I am eating bubblegum

    9. Unfortunately Dear

      Soo sad for you I just cry at last when she huge and cry.

    10. Hanan Algaithi

      no effence but you are way batter than her

      1. Hanan Algaithi


    11. A Aa

      When you and her were hugging i was like crying literally my heart broked me

    12. Crazy_Cat

      The thing we do for yt these days😂 Also kinda bad bf cheeeeck!😡

    13. Barnab Longoria

      Why did you do that to Loren sorry loren😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😪😪😭😭😭😭😭😪😪😪😪😢😢😰😰😰

      1. Barnab Longoria

        Why did you do this why🤔🤔🤔is this a prank

    14. Keeley Rose

      im sorry fo her

    15. Keeley Rose


    16. Keeley Rose


    17. Mary Jasseryl Natuel

      Yeah it's a prank

    18. Alexis Beasley


    19. Alexis Beasley

      My PayPal

    20. Alexis Beasley

      Alexis Beasley

    21. Alexis Beasley

      Done ✅

    22. GamingWitA Goat

      Yes yes yes yes yes yes 👇🏾

    23. Allie Hoffman

      Why are you wearing makeup 😂😸

    24. Allie Hoffman

      Whey are you wearing makeup

    25. Destiny Lopez

      From a pen

    26. Destiny Lopez

      Ew our is that writteing

    27. Destiny Lopez

      Is that a tatto on your arm

    28. Gabriel Burbano

      Omg that was so rude I am mad😡😡

    29. Reman Osama

      Can’t believe that you always write the thing that ended all or like my makeup ruined everything you need to stop click baiting🙄. And stop messing with her feelings if I was her from the beginning of the relationship I would literally break up with you Jesus crisis dude.🤬

    30. Amelia Titus


    31. Rachel Jang

      He has nice hand writing?

    32. Bella and Leo diacoloukas

      OMG 😱 😮

    33. girls kimball

      Can i get a shout out i did them all

    34. Sergio Garcia

      I am sorry for the girl who is not

    35. alexa Perez

      😎😎😏😏😏😎😎🤣 ok

    36. Annzlli Adkins

      I feel so bad for lorain 😭

    37. Aprilia Anehall


    38. Brooke Whitsell

      omg this is so sad!!! i feel bad your mom got called!! like...ooooooooooof

    39. Malik Lawal

      I cried a little

    40. Nichole Solis

      I think she's gonna fall for it

    41. Vibin Vibes

      Can we just take a moment to talk about that handwriting

    42. Beatrice Anne Cecelia

      I feel so bad

    43. Lovl Mei

      Sudan you are soooooooo stupid 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    44. Allie Hirt

      Should u be doing this

    45. Isabella Lockhart


    46. Emily Brock

      Love the sad

    47. Natasha Ramkissoon

      I hate u u dum dude tell loran I love her

    48. KoolioPhi

      I would do this to my boyfriend

    49. Grace Wood

      This has me in tears 😭

    50. Grace Wood

      This is soooooooo mean

    51. Marijayne Howell

      Better for the

    52. jenna swallow


    53. Kayla Woods


    54. Diantha Exclusive

      Your girlfriend suck

    55. Edward Jasmin

      Bro sebastian you cant cry it's just a prank

    56. Chris Carbino

      She fell for it😮😮😮

    57. Mrpotato Potato chips

      Is this real

    58. Mrpotato Potato chips

      Is this real that there breaking up

    59. Hailey G Meneses

      Why do you were makup

    60. Gia Villagomez

      When laurel called subastian’s mom it was so sad

    61. Gia Villagomez

      You are so mean to Lauren. She should break up with you🤣😏💩🥳🤪😭🥺😡

    62. Keely Broussard

      That’s so sad It is so hard to watch without crying

    63. Anna Moresco

      im literly crying for her!

    64. Kennedy Voris

      Hahah sad

    65. serenity edits

      you guys are so cute!

    66. kairaly melanie

      I Love Your Videos

    67. reyanne bowler

      Omg I feel so bad I was crying 😭😭😭

    68. Ariella Kozar

      so sad im crying

    69. Sophia Reyes

      😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 He said why did you have to do this