Leaving My Girlfriend With ONLY A GoodBye Letter...

Sebastian Bails

Sebastian Bails

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    Leaving My Girlfriend With ONLY A GoodBye Letter... The video ruined everything and backfired on me. Goodbye Lauren... I'm so sorry! WATCH TILL THE END TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS!
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    1. Sebastian Bails

      What are your predictions? Do you think lauren will fall for this breakup letter or do you think she will assume it’s a prank and not believe it ? 🤔😱

      1. Marshmellow Gaming!

        500th reply

      2. Victoria Ruiz

        Not cool.

      3. Allyson Vang

        I cry :(

      4. Morgan Leys

        I think she will fall for it btw I luv u so much

      5. sandra and mias channel lovely

        I did everything💖💖💖💖😆😆😆😆😆

    2. Paige Rennie

      How can she still fall for pranks ??

    3. Gaming Kittycorn

      I followed you on tiktok! And i love your videos!

    4. Kenia García

      Please I have subscribed and touch the bell I don’t have Instagram so yeah but I love u and Lauren

    5. Isla McNeill

      she gonna fall for it

    6. Genesis Sorett

      Why did this look fake for a second

    7. Heidi Harrington

      Plz can I have a shout out u subed liked and hit the bell and follow u on inst

    8. Anni Bernice

      OMG you were probally (bad spelling sorry) so dead after that

    9. Verriah Walker

      Awwww this is so sad leave a like if it sad😥

    10. daistan landicho

      i criy 😭😭😭💔💔

    11. MonsterTZ Yt

      I love this fito

    12. Ayvah Massan

      This is how many people feel bad I I V

    13. Mia Gallegos

      This made me cry

    14. Chase Cowling

      This is how many people did ⬇⬇⬇⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇

    15. Crystalgirlpwr ashe

      Who cried After this But ur not his GF🤣 but This is a good prank 😀

    16. Alpha Cat

      This is how many times he pranked her 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

    17. Angela Resendez


    18. Walker Family

      *U made her cry

    19. Walker Family

      U mad her cry 😭

    20. Tonee Bullock

      You told me to but I would love to see your pranks because I don't know how Prince beautiful but I act like I do

    21. forest moreno

      Stay strong both of you

    22. disismei

      Why you do to far

    23. Samuel Thomas

      Lol horrible acting

    24. disismei

      Oof i hope she happy Again!!.

    25. disismei


    26. Daily Vlogger

      This is zooooooo fake

    27. Portia Aldridge


    28. Gabriella Ferrer

      She is going to think it is real

    29. Charlotte Kempton

      I cried😭

    30. Kinley Robison

      I love your guys's videos.

    31. Claudia LPS


    32. Sylvia Catapia

      I don't feel happy right now

    33. [{:xXcrystalclearXx:}]

      aww you guys are so cute

    34. Amazing New Acts

      You look so good with makeup and don't let anyone else tell you different

    35. Joraysa Bautista

      Aww i think your fined a nader girl☹️😢😢😥

    36. Mariangely Morales

      She cry for your foult

    37. Mariangely Morales

      Stop ok stop dat ...dat so bad she cry for you STOP PRANKS

    38. Potato OoFers

      Who was walking in the background

    39. Itz JustSerena

      Im Crying You Should'nt do this to her IM CRYING

    40. Isabella Vince

      I hope that never happens

    41. Lilly etc compagnie


    42. Georgia Boiter

      This is so terrible, I couldn’t even imagine

    43. India Mccarver

      This is how many times she got pranked 👇👇👇

    44. Physique Of Giants

      You're so mean Sebastian 😈😈😠🙍‍♀️🙍‍♀️

    45. James Charles Oof

      I ❤️your ticktock

    46. Julianne Silva

      I was almost of cry omg poor lauren. Thanks God that your mother don't take the chancla. Love you lauren and sebastian ❤❤❤

    47. Victoria Scheffler

      I love your tic toc

    48. Mayra Santillan

      I cried my eyes out😭😔

    49. Brianna Jackson

      At this time he knew that he f up

    50. wario in waluigi show

      LMFAO he said I'm tired of all the hate and be calling orange 😂

    51. wario in waluigi show

      Why you yelling for no reason we right here

    52. Grace Gonzalez

      atleast she. forgived u

    53. Gavin Keller

      See going to fall for it

    54. Foxnub UwU

      Awhh poor Lauren!

    55. aesthetic løver

      R.i.p Lauren

    56. Yokshana Maran

      The video was soo good but sad for you both

    57. Jennifer Marie

      Team bails 💙

    58. Danielle Shearl

      Don't you the prank cuz it's so sad inside my salon for you to prank her is for your DE-news channel I get it you guys are cool and hang out

    59. Elda Hermandez

      Poor Lauren and i think i that she will know it is a prank but nope

    60. Kitty Kitty cat LOL

      I cried😭😭😭

    61. Maria Quezada

      I follow you in Instagram and I follow you in DE-news and I like everything of your videos

    62. Deep.fried.noob

      Omg I feel so bad for Lauren like I’m crying bc she is crying it makes me so sad😭😭😭😭

      1. Deep.fried.noob

        I feel so bad for her😭💔🤞

    63. gacha series

      Uhhh.i don't have an insta

    64. [. Kawaii Cookie.]

      13:29 **Lauren kicks box**

    65. Jordyn’s World

      I did all

    66. Solen Voundi

      Sebastian:She won’t believe it Lauren:Why would he do this to me!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭

    67. Enya Larsson

      I actually started cry

    68. _кιмвєяlу_

      I like how shes not even crying real tears

      1. Audrey -.-

        _кιмвєяlу_ it isn’t zoned into her face, there for.. You don't know do you?

    69. Alliyah Marie Eguna

      I think she's gonna fall for it.

    70. Eclipse Moon

      I feel so bad